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It's Hirst/hearse verses and Murakami/murder coming rhyming
All my raps is (superflat), all your raps is super wack
Tell him that the future's back, DeLorean rolling down the block
You can call it shooting craps, and my roof is back
And my wings is up
Kingda Ka without Kahlua, so you ain't got to pour the king a cup
Young Yakuza but, none of my fingers cut
So I can still sip Red Zinger with my pinkies up
Made/maid man, you can call this cleaning up
I'm OCD, I never think it's clean enough
That's what defines me, I never think it's mean enough
Lines deeper than those waiting on a sneaker, cuz
You gone need two heads like the King of Clubs just to figure out the meaning of
I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinking blood
This is what it feels like to be in love

I mean come on, I mean look at what I'm dropping here
Do this for the block and the blogosphere
No, you ain't ready for the heavy, so I'll keep it light as jogging gear
I don't want the throne, I want the helicopter rocking chair
Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear, but be clear I'm not the air/heir
I'm the water, fire and the earth
That means I'm doing dirt, spitting flames and quenching thirst
And plus the real God has been on my side since birth
I hope that he forgives me, I hope I do his work in every single verse
Now I might do a dance, I might even jerk, tell them niggas don't hate
Only God is great, Enemy Of The State

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Lupe Fiasco Popular Demand Comments
  1. Thomas K

    joint is a classic

  2. Ace The Outsider

    Lu turned into the Avatar @1:40 lmao

  3. Hesh Tx

    love how old this song is but only real lupe fans know it! haha enemy of the staaate


    I remember bumbin to this heavy in High School.

  4. Henry Henry

    Lupe fi fucking asco. My dawg

    Hesh Tx

    Henry Henry Lupe fiasco aka my dawgggg

  5. sir samuel

    real rapper right here my brohers

  6. Edvard Czerniavski

    Old School for life

  7. Brother Obi

    Stay Out of son/sun way like u drinkin bloooood. MEAN!

  8. Marlon Small

    This song should be called "How to rap on a beat, By Lupe Fiasco."

  9. Leonardo da Meechy

    J. Cole gives him a run for his money! In a friendly competition way of course.

    Lefter Mc

    Leonardo da Meechy they both were discovered by jay

  10. Brother Obi

    Only GOD is greeeeaat. Enemy of the staaaate.

  11. bizzle2424

    So stay outta son way like you're drinkin blood

  12. D will


  13. ramubamu21

    thank God. i was tired of being the only person i knew that caught that

  14. Xaltus

    I feel like every since he hit mainstream, he's been losing his original smooth style. His flow is still good, but his beats are a bit rougher now to match that of the mainstream.

    Take Paris Tokyo for reference. Now that was smooth as hell. He should stick to stuff like that.

  15. Ceezus Walks

    I don't want the throne, I want the helicopter rocking chair/
    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear/
    But be clear, I'm not the heir (air)/
    I'm the water, fire and the earth/
    That means I'm doin' dirt, spittin' flames and quenchin' thirst

    You cannot deny this man his talent.

  16. bigu236

    love this instrumental

  17. Eziokilla9595

    I like this guy. I didn't think I would like you, because of the hostile beginning of our conversation, but I like this guy. Thanks. And, I'm sure these guys thank you, too. They could always use one more supporter.

  18. Eziokilla9595

    Thanks. Its true. Thats what I love about these guys. They aren't afraid to be introspective, but their skill is so undeniable they can spit with the best of them. And, please buy at least a few of these albums. Unlike a lot of underground MC's, these guys actually deserve your money.

  19. Eziokilla9595

    Shad might be my favorite rappers. All of these guys are in my Top 10. Shad's best song is I Heard You Had A Voice Like An Angel. One Be Lo's is The Ghetto. I don't know about J-Live, because I just started listening to him. Elzhi's is Talking In My Sleep or Memory Lane.

  20. Eziokilla9595

    There has actually been some great Hip-Hop going on behind the scenes. Heres some suggestions:
    1. Shad (Albums - When This is Over, The Old Prince, & TSOL)
    2. One Be Lo (Albums - S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M., The R.E.B.I.R.T.H., L.A.B.O.R., & K.I.C.K. P.U.S.H.)
    3. J-Live (Albums - The Best Part & All Of The Above)
    4. Elzhi (The Preface, The Leftovers: The Unmixed Tape, & Elmatic)

  21. Eziokilla9595

    Damn, I actually happy to hear that you're level-headed enough to realize that. Most Lupe fans are still convinced that he's still flawless, but his label is forcing him to use wack beats. It makes my happy that you see that his lyricism has gone down too. When was the last time Lupe spit like he did on Failure? As a Hip-hop fan, I'm done convincing myself that music is good if it isn't. That's why I only listen to Em and Nas' old stuff. Same reason I hate Canibus.

  22. Eziokilla9595

    I wasn't talking about diss tracks only being curse words. I was referring to how you need DOPE punchlines. I know Lupe has deeper lyricism, or at least he used to. I know Lupe is deeper than Royce, but thats the same reason Lupe would get eaten up in a battle against dudes like Vakill, Royce, Em, Redman, Locksmith, Crooked, Chino, Reks, Copywrite, or Ras Kass. Its not his style. It all comes down to personal preference in the end, though.

  23. Eziokilla9595

    I'm not saying Lupe is better than Royce, and I'm not saying Royce is better than Lupe. Here's what I'm saying:
    1) Royce killed THIS BEAT harder
    2) Lupe Fans need to stop being such assholes
    3) How else is someone supposed to craft a diss track?

  24. Eziokilla9595

    if you think that, you just dont understand what Royce said

  25. Eziokilla9595

    See, THIS is what I hate about Lupe fans. They have this mentality of "If You Don't Like Our Track, You're Too Stupid To Understand It." I get what Lupe said. I'm just saying Royce took this same beat and mutilated it. Lupe did his thing, but Royce killed it harder. Better flow, and his punchlines were more fluid. Lupe is one of my favorite rappers, but you don't need to be so condescending about it. Quit riding Lupe's dick for two minutes, and understand that Royce went harder. 'Nuff said.

  26. Ahmet Tahaoglu

    The dislike bar is as big as Lupe's ego

  27. Nr4747

    @KleoSupreme Please also note that Lupe puts the elements in reverse order the 2nd time: Water, fire, earth - doing dirt, spitting flames, quenching thirst.

    He really is that twisted to even do all those little things perfectly.

  28. xXGhettoBlasterXx

    @tybreezy1997 When Does Food and Liquor Come Out ?

  29. Chris Lopez

    I'm the water, fire and the earth That means I'm doing dirt, spitting flames and quenching thirst.



    "but be CLEAR, I'm not the heir" prior to that. 🔥

  30. Eziokilla9595

    Royce da 5'9" went wayyyy harder...


    I love it cause its soo funnnnnnn :D!!!!!

  32. Kleo

    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear, but be clear I'm not the heir
    I'm the water, fire and the earth
    That means I'm doing dirt, spitting flames and quenching thirst
    And plus the real God has been on my side since birth

    Too Basty

  33. Nr4747

    @lupeemperor11 The lyrics are right there in the description, if you need further help, type "Lupe Fiasco Popular Demand Freestyle" into the Rapgenius. com search-engine, they are normally pretty spot on in their explainations.

    This is one of Lupe's less complex songs btw, just try listening to it a few more times and hopefully you'll understand a lot of the great metaphors and similes.

  34. thechosen9278

    I'm not an english speaker, so some slang makes me difficult, so, what he tries to say here: "Young Yakuza but none of my fingers cut, so I can sip Red Zinger with my pinkies up." I know what Yakuza is and their custom of cutting fingers of the betrayers but i don't understand the "pinkies" and Red Zinger thing...thanks.

    Christopher Maundy

    thechosen9278 if you're in the yakuza and you do something disgraceful you get your fingers cut and in turn it would be hard to hold a cup of tea (Red Zinger tea), plus the Yakuza usually start with your pinkies because it loosens your grip on a sword. Lupe can still drink with his pinkies up (fancy/elegant/graceful) so he's never been a disgrace

  35. Driz

    @KiferKriss Thumbs upx20. That goes over sooo many people's heads.

  36. Ant718100

    "Young Yakuza but none of my fingers cut, so I can sip red zinger with my pinkies up." Who comes up with shit like that?

  37. Luke Summers

    "You ain't ready for the heavy so I'll keep it light as jogging gear, I don;t want the throne I wan the helicopter rocking chair" - Genius.

  38. Aust1nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    You gonna need two heads like the King of Clubs just to figure out the meaning of, I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinking blood.


  39. Zuhair Mohammad

    This is the Lupe I loved. Food and Liquor 2 has to be sick.

  40. Tommy Klingel

    "i dont what the throne i want the helicopter rockin chair"

  41. wearelasersxd

    Superflat is a postmodern art movement, founded by the artist Takashi Murakami


  42. Nr4747

    @CertifiedSmartass The Cool is incredible too, though, just listen to "Intruder Alert" or "Streets on Fire", amazing stuff, not to mention "The Die", "Put you on the game" etc . . . . the whole album is just as much gold as F&L in my humble opinion !

    And it's not that Lupe himself changed, Atlantic forced him to do catchy meaningless hit singles and he hates that part of Lasers himself, he stated that numerous times and also that he is proud that he managed to "sneak" in some substance.

  43. Amanda Carter

    love this beat

  44. Ayo

    L-U-P the man

  45. Josh Ramos

    noo one is on ortiz level havent found a better version then ortiz version.. lupe still good buht joell is a monsta

  46. zapdos2

    lil wayne steals lupe's metaphor about being clean and a made/maid man -_____-

  47. bigu236

    great beat

  48. Fr3edOM919

    I don't want the throne, I want the Helicopter Rocking Chair..... #EARRRRRRRLY

  49. carlos luna

    u should listen to cyhi he beasted on this beat

  50. LovesLoser


  51. SavageGenius135

    Only God is great, Enemy of the State.

  52. xXGhettoBlasterXx

    @4ziATiC i been heard horn synth, but its not a full song

  53. xXGhettoBlasterXx

    Why doesnt Lupe And Pharrell Collabo Like They Used To

  54. Ben S. Cisse

    no motherfucka is touching these verses. (comment below me) Malice ain't touching this shit.

  55. Alan Michael

    why does this beat sound soo familiar...

  56. NateForHeisman

    Plain and simple, 1 Person Has A Terrible Taste In Music, That's All.

  57. Jack Dwiggins

    how is this a freestyle?!?!

  58. Neerdway

    1 person is a freaking douchebag!!!

  59. Nr4747

    @ADAtl11 And please note, that Lupe puts the "doin' dirt, spittin' flames and quinchin' thirst"-line in OPPOSITE ORDER from the elements named in the related line - water, fire and earth !

    This is no coincidence, this is just Lupe Fiasco for you !

  60. Alvin Canela

    I don't want the throne, I want the helicopter rocking chair/
    Jay gave me a co-sign like I was RocaWear/
    But be clear, I'm not the heir (air)/

    i think i got these lines but can someone explain it to me to see if i do
    much appreciated

  61. MorningSirMilo

    @iDESiiRE i fucks with cyhi but you my friend sound like a fool saying that, dont get me wrong cyhi is beast but lupe is a metaphor assassin

  62. Quizno1124

    @5word5linger because the people who listen to all those garbage rappers are ignorant to most things beyond sex, drugs, and violence. They don't comprehend these types of lyrics.

  63. Nr4747

    @zapdos2 *All my raps is superflat" - of course

  64. Nr4747

    @zapdos2 Actually. it's about two superflat artists, Hirst and Murakami are their surnames !

    The line ties together with Lupe's "all my is superflat, all your raps is superwack" - line !

  65. zapdos2

    "It's Hirst verses and Murakami rhyming" hirst is a english surname and murakami is a japanese surname

  66. Jurel, Jurel, The Deity †鬼❻❾❻鬼†

    fuck this im gonna go listen to soulja boy......

    lupe just blessed my ears.....i wasnt ready for it.
    i dont deserve his music.

  67. Nr4747

    @KidZanzagun But don't overlook that Lupe LOVES using homophones A LOT, so a lot of lyrics found on the net are either wrong or incomplete - not on this song, though, but the "made man/ maid, man" - line is a great example of Lupe using homophones !

  68. AnteHipHopWins

    that 1 cat who voted down can suck my balls thru my draws

  69. runescrap177

    @6996k09669 Yeah, Is he in it though? .___.

  70. Keep Fear out your Heart X

    "young yakuza" lol that the BIGGEST japense gang

  71. NateForHeisman

    For Those Of You That Don't Know The Definition Of "Untouchable" "Lyricall Genius" Or "Sickest Rapper Alive" Look In The Dictionary Im Sure You Will See 3 Pictures Of Lupe Fiasco 1 For Each Term.

  72. NateForHeisman

    @0Aksel0 Dude. I don't know how to tell you That you are an AMAZING person for Interpreting that!

  73. NateForHeisman

    @BusterEason30 LOL You Just Described My Whole Musical Life In 8 Words. Thank YOU!

  74. Aksel Rasikas

    wow 1st verse is nutss:It's Hirst/hearse verses and Murakami/murder coming rhyming . 2 ways of interpreting it he is Jesus.

  75. prince koolcat

    lupe is going hammer

  76. Ginga


    Love that line. How many rappers explain their similes on a track and still blow your mind? Lupe is ridiculous.

  77. Megatype

    Anyone else think the Intel tune after listening to this even by itself or is that just me?

  78. KiferKriss

    I'm the water, fire and the earth
    That means I'm doing dirt, spitting flames and quenching thirst " fuckin dope

  79. ryan suggs

    @KyHearts wiz kahlifa has the best flow in the game but lupe has lyrics with a great flow wich in turn makes him the best out right now. crooked i is right next to lupe with consistent music that is fire

  80. jaylynn221

    young yakuza but none of my fingers cut
    so i can still sip red zinger with my pinkies up??????

    god damn lupe...

  81. Ather Ahmed

    You're not the only one.

  82. brooklynboiz


    Its better when you ride it.

  83. HangGrenade01

    this is my shit, "lines deeper than those waitin on a sneaker cuz u gone need 2 heads like the king of clubs just 2 figure out the meaning of". this guy is rediculous.

  84. Ben S. Cisse

    @monnie1988 He said both.

  85. Ben S. Cisse

    @iluvutube420 He's saying stay out of his way. (Son way as in Lupe Fiasco). And other rappers are vampires because they have to avoid the sun to survive.

  86. Daryl Samuel

    Lupe's got to be the wittiest nigga EVER!

  87. Nr4747

    @genthin1992 Well, judging from comparing the 2 Popular Demand "Freestyles", Lupe all day - tough I don't really have a problem with others not sharing that opinion. . .

  88. genthin1992


  89. Nathaniel Hamlett

    I just cant comprehend how amazing his rhymes are, lyrics, meanings, flow, all in one package. Word.

  90. Jesse Clifton

    @BusterEason30 i know lupe is talkin about you need to heads to comprehend what he's sayin but is he also reffering to having to be the king of clubs (like mainstream music) to be succesfful or achieveing buzz..............cause that would be the illest shit ever.

  91. Jonathan Olive

    Goddamn that went to hard. Lupe is way to good no one touching him. theres too many tough line s i cant quote them all.

  92. ado king

    Lupes the fucking best rapper EVER... i just got that line "tell em that the futures back, Delorean rollin down your block" (thats the car from back to the future) sheeessshh

  93. ado king

    @BusterEason30 lmaoo

  94. Ginga


    Agreed. I've found only the true great song can channel the instrumental as they rap.

  95. Ben S. Cisse

    @waytoogangsta who is Hirst?

  96. Kalemosk

    him , cyhi , and slaughterhouse killed dis beat

  97. K. Fings

    Did Lupe diss jay-z when he said and plus the real gods been on my side since birth?

  98. K. Fings

    This song is super duper hot

  99. crzbassmaster

    @4ziATiC yea. jay z said that lupe was one of the greatest authors of his generation at one of his concerts

  100. dav1ll3

    @jesseclifton he jus sayin he want 2 chill comfortable above erbody else