Lupe Fiasco - Jump Lyrics

[Lupe Fiasco:]
Gold medals, them my role models
Rollin' old models, lowered old schools
Flowin' cold and goin' gold follows
Flower bearin', call it petals to the floor
Power sharin', call it devils to the door
Power, power, 'til ain't no devils anymore
Flower, flowers, they be droppin' at the feet of my sun
Move a thousand miles per hour down the street of my slum
And who do I meet, to the beat of my drum
It was little Susie Uzi, she sold crack and was a killer
All bitch dope tip, wasn't trappin' with no niggas
Had a long money, minor do that action for them figures
Her influence fully automatic, crackin' off the Richter, yeah
Walked up to my ride, asked me could she get inside
She pointed at her pistol so I properly replied
Told me, out here in the streets, she ain't have no competition
And with me up on them beats, then we shared the same description
With a blunt between her lips, she said, "Now here's my proposition:
You just write a bunch of raps for me and I'ma go and spit 'em
Then we take 'em to the radio, the DJ better spin 'em
Then we take 'em to the record store and sell a couple million"

I already got the money, already got the bitches
I see these other niggas, I'ma do it how they did it
From a trapper to a rapper, trapper to a rapper
Trapper to a rapper, now nigga, make it happen

[Lupe Fiasco:]
Tell me call up Soundtrakk, have him send a couple beats
Not that "Superstar" shit, she wanted somethin' for the streets
Said it might take like a month, she said it better take a week
Gave my arm a little punch and then she pointed at her heat
Said, "I saw that thing the first time, you don't gotta do it twice
But I need a lil' more info on exactly what I write
Some details 'bout a female, 'bout your life and what you like"
She said, "My life is like a bitch, and I'm just like my life"
Then pow-pow-pow-pow-pow, yeah them niggas started bussin'
Like that boycott was over and that we had overcome it
She said, "Nigga hit the gas," went from zero to a hunnid
Now we runnin' from some killers, I was so sick to my stomach
She was hangin' out the window with that thumper she was dumpin'
Had a look upon her face that made me think that she was cummin'
We was swervin', jumped the curb
And ditched the whip and started runnin'
Tried to jump over a wall, but it was a little tall
So we ducked behind a bush and that's how we got overlooked
I was shook and breathin' hard
And she was sittin' there smokin' kush
Then we both started to glow, we looked around like "What is this?"
And then we looked up and a light came down
And pulled us to a ship, like, "What the fuck?"

I already got the money, already got the bitches
I see these other niggas, I'ma do it how they did it
From a trapper to a rapper, trapper to a rapper
Trapper to a rapper, now nigga, make it happen

Well now this the shit I'm talkin' 'bout, the shit that I've been on
Yeah lightyears outer space, but still a bitch feel right at home
Now where the bitches?
Get them intergalactic asses to clappin'
Break down some of that candy and roll it up in a wrapper for a rapper
Now I could never go back to trappin'
And who needs Atlanta when you're on Saturn gettin' a lapdance
With a lit match in your left hand, and your right hand is a gas can
And at any given moment, I could burn this shit up
Why you standin' there just lookin', nigga? Turn that shit up
Hop in some of this alien pussy, let me know how it work
I'm just sayin', I'm gon' be there and I ain't in no rush
Nah, nigga, nah nigga
I ain't in no rush

[Lupe Fiasco:]
Ayy I thought you couldn't rap, when'd you learn how to do that?
Then what you need me for if you already know how to flow?
Ayy fuck that, we gotta go, wouldn't even be in this ho
If you told me from the jump we wouldn't be on this UFO
But I think that I can fly us, stole a key so I can try it
Never thought that I would ever be a flyin' saucer pilot
But first thing's gon' be first, when we get back to that earth
I'ma go back to them raps and you can go back to that work, nigga

[Gizzle & Lupe Fiasco:]
I already got the money, already got the bitches
I see these other niggas, I'ma do it how they did it
Nigga we're goin' home, home!
From a trapper to a rapper, trapper to a rapper
Trapper to a rapper, now nigga, make it happen
You can kill me, I don't care, no!

Ayy look, the basic thing is, you can do whatever you wanna do.
Like I ain't 'bout to pass up on all this shit, you see this? Like we time jumpin' and shit.
You wanna go back and do what, just rap? You can rap up here!
Yeah nigga, just rap. No you can't, nigga, this is space. You can't, fuck that, we goin' home. DROGAS!

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Lupe Fiasco Jump Comments
  1. 천성호

    비트가 넘 좋아..

  2. Amnestria

    Huh no credit to gigi d'agostino huh?
    The song in the background is "bla bla bla" by him. 😒

  3. Lorita Adams

    Cool lit song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. HonestlyJustJo

    this song is sooooooo dope!!!!!

  5. L DJ

    how y'all ain't know Gizzle was a chick?? lmao, that's just cray

  6. American Defender

    This track is terrific!!

  7. Anthony L


  8. Ninja Please

    Yee yeee

  9. 22 Skido

    Tried to jump a wall, but it was a little tall 😂😂. straight 🔥

  10. abdul s

    now u tell me who is ur fav rapper! am sure u had one b4 u got here 😂😂😂

  11. 박은빈


  12. Aurora Diaz Butterfly


  13. 마파두부

    이거 듣는 한국인 있니
    모닝콜로 이만한게 없다,,

  14. Chris Miles

    Yea so ima lupe fan and i wont feeling this

  15. Joser Thoo

    Ok ok Lupe with that heat 💪🏽💯🔥

  16. 싸움광

    Wasting beat... So sad 😥 😥

  17. Alex Win

    this should've been animated

  18. Simran Matharoo

    One of my favourite running songs
    When I dont feel like it ☺️ totally helps woohoo
    This song is a celebration to feel like you are the bomb
    These little mini celebrations are gonna keep us going we gotta keep the momentum going with more mini celebrations and avoid people who dont treat us as such
    listening to this song and remembering the feeling of being a boss and knowing your opinion is valuable and being your own cheerleader and imagine lupe and his song cheering you on as you conquer uncharted territory
    As we step in to our power and have the courage to believe and ask for what we want and need... Also keeping the patience and belief in knowing it's already ours and has already started making it's way to us. We have to be gently hoping to receiving

    There are so many times I give up so early or start feeling defeated. BUT NO! WE SHALL TAKE OUR POWER BACK IN EACH INSTANCE that we give it away

    Stand up and breathe and feel a whiff of your awesome self 😀❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💃🏼💃🏼🕺🕺🕺🕺👑👑👑👑👑👑💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫❤🧡💛💚💙💜 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Inspire this feeling forward and pay forward

    but this song amongst other amazing little happy inspirational moments are an encouragement to keep leaping forward.

    Channel your inner samurai ninja gladiator God goddess Lion Lioness 🥳🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤❤👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

    No matter what your going through just remind yourself of your unlimited power intuition and inner strength. Pursue self loving acts personal spa days, tell yourself you are awesome and deserving of everything you desire.

    Protect yourself from people places things actions that drain you and defend yourself!

    Self love in all kinds
    Self encouragement
    Self protection
    Asking and feeling deserving for what you desire 😘💜

    What we can perceive we can achieve 🥰😘😘🥰😘🥰😘😘😘

    I know it's hard I'm on the same boat but keep the momentum going

    A little goes a long way

    Write out and hammer into your head that you are awesome!!!!!!

    Resistance will come up and then push through it all with I am forever awesome and unlimited energy potential.
    I can find solutions to any problem! 😀😀😀😀😀🧡🧡💛💛💛

  19. Mr 3000

    I can do whatever I want can you

  20. tammy deetz

    This is how todays stuff should be all real flows and bangin beat. So loving this right meow ;-)

  21. Shawn Smallwood

    This is not lupe's best work.Its a quite shame actually considering how good he really is.

    ImjustSayin 32

    First verse was still dope.

  22. Frank the Ant

    I wasn't a fan of this song when it was first released, but I can't stop listening to it now.

  23. El InformadorMex


  24. The Khallil

    Need For Speed Heat

  25. Garron ah

    This shit slams. The beat, the flow, the background sample... Underrated as fuck.

  26. Eric Echeverria

    Well damn I must of been on mars this whole time. Just discovering this song in 2019! RIP to my speakers

  27. Robertas Petkevicius

    you know whats whack in this? lupe. the gigi dagostinos samples and the track production is fire. props to soundtrakk. mute the fiasco.

  28. Ski Mask The Ugly God

    so underrated

  29. Rayyan Mistry

    Lupe going as 2chainz for Halloween

  30. Vaughn Gainey

    This shit go hard.

  31. 송민준

    더블케이 싸이퍼가 나를 여기로 이끌었다..


    that song sounds like all the other rappers songs of today...respect

  33. Mother Kara

    Man.... Lupe made me bust a New Orleans Twerk! 😂 This Man is over many heads. A thug, but intelligent too!

  34. Mitko Donev

    Why he is so underrated ?

    king barry

    no one can figure him out
    I personally love him more than anyone but have to go on a Lupe break every so often because I change so much

  35. Larik Pool

    Я тебя падла 4 часа искал, чего только я не переслушал, но эта ап ап ап ап пейн блять, не выходила из головы...

  36. Michael Barnard

    Never thought the song they sampled would be ruined for me. Rip Gigi D'agostino

  37. Christian Johnson

    Found my Walk up song

  38. Giovanni Vieira

    I knew i heard something like this before, this sounds so similar to a milli by lil wayne

  39. Koby Owen

    Lupe dope af

  40. Emily Steiner

    This is the video??? This song tells such a great story and this is all they’re doing? So annoying.

  41. Mister Chew

    Funny song. Does anyone else wish they made it like an animated adventure that follows the song lyrics? Hahaha

  42. studbunny

    wish this guy would get back into the game.....feels like he has not had a hit in awhile

  43. Duke Da Man

    This is cold af. I miss lupe

  44. Hadzo

    2019, still in my playlist for hip hop party´s

  45. haywood banks

    I love this song, and hate this video... I honestly just found out there was a video and I am so disappointed I wish they had gone full weirdo and just made the video follow the song for scenes of some straight madness but I guess they went the safer route

  46. Aubrey Liebrecht

    Is eneyone in2019

  47. Alyona Wiseman

    Is griz gay?

  48. Delight.

    They're killing it

  49. A.I.Life

    Just 1.7 million views???

  50. Oded Yaish

    Super flow lupe

  51. Gergely Basa

    Miert nincs itt egy kurva szoveg?

  52. LRZD

    My homie Lupe really sampled Bla Bla Bla

  53. Tony Lee

    Someone should make a animated video or a video period of what they doing

    Matthew Mitchell

    That would be raw, like some Rick and Morty shit

  54. Uzi XP

    2018 anyone??

  55. Sleeper_3.0

    Future reaally stepped his bars up!! NO but really Lupe looks like future now. A side effect of having similar hair, perhaps, but damn it feels like he's dressed like him too, wth

  56. davidtheone92

    Gigi D'agostino?

  57. Eddie

    Lupe is a top 5 rapper in my book. Legend status.

  58. Hardeststyler BR

    That sample goes so well with his flow!!! 🔥

  59. Random Awesome

    I swear this sounds like NWA over a trap beat!

  60. Paula Voando

    Como é o nome da música de fundo?

  61. Marque Martinez

    so underrated

  62. Gina Garvey

    Good beats spit some more

  63. GamingWithDK13

    Why am I only discovering this song now...

    Lit tune keep it up🔥💪🔥💪💯💯

  64. Luigi Cozzolino

    Gigi dag like per chi è italiano

  65. Devyn Snyder

    His swag is so futuristic

  66. Tristan Leung

    came here because of Double K

  67. Lxxrt

    Actually lyrical and catchy. Only Lupe fiasco, childish gambino, logic, J cole, and Eminem can do this.

  68. AWA

    Lupe fiasco feat leikeli pleaz

  69. Blk Knight

    Lupe the g.o.a.t.

  70. STARS Fashion Art Love


  71. Infinite Mindset

    This the hottest song on album

  72. Gabriel Menchaca Esqueda


  73. Clayton Johnson

    Why is this song so dumb... a song about a trapper tryna rap. Ok...... then theyre in a spaceship wtf...

  74. Adrian Armstrong

    He’s back 😀😀😀

  75. Poke Crack


  76. ShizuKurak

    "I'm bout my green like string beans and beings from Mars"

  77. kas 87

    Damn he fell off idk what he was even talking about


    Don't worry it's just this album... Hopefully. I wasn't feeling the direction he went with DROGAS Light but it was apparently previously recorded unreleased tracks. DROGAS Wave should be dope but if it isn't then he probably is gone, but have faith in Lupe. Remember he is a god

  78. bread90

    wow lupe

  79. Hamilton Mcgregory

    For anyone wondering where the beat comes from. (Gigi di agostino- bla bla) alot of newer beats are coming from old school techno songs.

  80. VicDoom

    Does anyone know if this is based on a true story?

  81. Salman Ismail

    Gizzle looks like lupe

  82. Salman Ismail

    This whole time I thought the songs name as grizzle.

  83. Nol li

    Thank you spotify

  84. Rasal Saeed

    How does this only have 1.3m views?!

  85. X x

    What a wasted opportunity for a trippy weird animated music video. Why waste time and money on a lip sing video where u just flail your arms around... Song is still super hella dope.

  86. keon sloan

    Great song video suck

  87. 김건후

    이거 쇼미때 더블케이 양홍원이 싸이퍼때 했던 비트입니다

  88. เหมียว น้อย


  89. Berkay

    Came here from Kick Push, disappointed

  90. J.H. Parker

    A Milli, A Milli....

  91. gorrilaunit99

    Not lit enough for me, sorry not sorry

  92. ThatBoyBernz #420

    Lupe looks really different, love it

  93. Andrewjudgetv

    underrated song

  94. VicDoom

    I love how Lupe has to explain at the end that space isn't the best venue for rappers.

  95. Malek Bellaouar

    the beat is fire