Lupe Fiasco - I Don't Wanna Care Right Now Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm not a turtle, Imma turbo
Haters pray to god that I turn slow
Like I’m sipping on purple
But I ain’t on your globe
I’m in a whole ‘nother circle
Trying to keep it clean like church clothes
Said that respect was something had to work for
But that ain’t gonna work though
Get your respect, but lose all my worth, no
You can get that, get a hearse, go
Don’t leave 48 you’ll find a killer in the first floor
It was me boy, to commercials
Feeling out of place like PETA at a fur store
So I left with a couple dozen fur coats
Said I could never break away from your hold
Watch me, turn though
Said that I blew it like Turquoise
Just mad hear it all in your word choice
Know it hurts but I really don’t care though
Let me rub it in, get it all up in that ho

I can see the morning creeping up on us
It’s like the world’s in my hands now
I’m feeling so rebellious from all of the envy crowding around me
I don’t wanna care right now
I don’t wanna care right now
No I really don’t, really don’t, wanna care right now

[Verse 2:]
Oh-oh Go-Go-God over everything-thing
You fly but stars over everything-thing
And I’m one of them, yeah one of th-the-them
Oh I’m not o-o-one? Well I’m a hundred th-the-then
I’m a hundred mother loving stars
You’re no lights, you’re an undercover car
I’m an ambulance, and a fire truck, and some strobe lights, tied up!
Shining all in your eyes, all out of yours and all into mine
Lights and stars is all intertwined
And I’m feeling like Malcolm looking all out the blinds
Any means any means, and you can do anything anything
And the flow tight, skinny jeans skinny jeans
Hit you like Pacquiao, Philippines Philippines


[Verse 3:]
Ya’ll know I'm the little homie Lupe, yes sir, who they
They yester, and I’m today, and tomorrow, hooray
Can I get a hip-hip for the new K-I-N-G, nigga I-AM-HE
Got the game in the clutch like I am G
You ball little boy, But I N-B-A
With a hand for the world, you a boy band with a dance and a twirl
I’m a rockstar with a band so thorough
Big ass tour bus that’s jammed full of girls
T-t-tell em what it do, holla from the bottom, yell it from the roof
T-t-tell em what it do, I don’t care about your curfew
I’ll tell you when I’m through boy


Tell em what it do, yell it from the bottom, yell it from the roof boy
Tell em what it do, holla from the bottom, yell it from the roof boy
Tell em what it do, holla from the bottom, yell it from the roof boy
Tell em what it do, holla from the bottom, yell it from the roof boy
I don’t wanna, I-I don’t wanna, I-I-I don’t wanna
C-c-c-care right now
I don’t wanna, I-I don’t wanna, I-I-I don’t wanna
C-c-c-care right, c-c-c-care right now

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Lupe Fiasco I Don't Wanna Care Right Now Comments
  1. DCaple0013

    I liked this song when I initially heard it. But when I saw him performed it live and he was throwing water bottles and the crowd was feeling in it in Little Rock, AR or was fkn incredible.

  2. Mark Starks

    So dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 2k19

  3. Anthony Lee

    Hit u like Pacquiao Philippines Philippines
    Cant wait till his new fight this week

  4. MarkusBoldCatering in real life

    New year's Eve 2018

  5. Jilliian Willis

    That how i feel right now

  6. Trent Severns

    Anyone listening in 2018

  7. G Shmoker

    This album so fucking underrated. You have to know the back story to truly appreciate how and why he made this album the way it is. Constant set backs and changes that higher ups wanted to do. Told him to change his style, make lyrics more basic etc.

  8. Jeff Norris

    2k18 Lupe the shit.

  9. Zakk Official

    I love Lupe, but my god, that is the most radio disney sounding chorus i've ever heard.

  10. kavee man

    only good thing about this song is the chorus

  11. raed kooli

    00:29 my jam *-* xD

  12. Kristin Crumpler

    on my gym playlist .

  13. Elizabeth McCoy

    I'm not a turtle I'm a turbo

  14. suporthiphop702

    The audibles are dope ass producers

  15. peppe


  16. Ammar Ghias

    Who is here from chuck?

    DoNii GP

    same ;)

  17. Lakeisha Oliver

    the beat is very energetic. great song to exercise too.

  18. Lakeisha Oliver

    I blast this song like crazy.

  19. chipcrk

    most underrated party song

  20. K. Grossman

    Still listening in 2k16

  21. trex dinasour


  22. Jake Timba

    what does he mean when he says "tell her what to do, holla from the bottom, yell it from the roof"? or is he just throwing those lyrics in?

  23. Jessica Grigorashchinko


  24. Nick Ammon

    he is all about that positive pump up rap my parents hate it but I love it

  25. Life and Time Podcast

    Damn I forgot how bad this song was LMAO.
    Its fun fluff music. Lupe hated this CD and this song is proof why Smh.
    I won't dislike because Lupe I just won't Like.

  26. KyMani Fisher

    The music is nothing bad just encouraging 😀😄😘positive rap and don't say WTF K....👍

  27. Mike Hollins

    No I really Don't!

  28. Rain Bergeron

    love it....

  29. roxoras

    look at the haters, this life is real and they cant amount to it


    this beat is trash wtf

    Lidya LK

    HEYGUSY its fucking dope beat. go listen to pop music


    dont put a rude comment just stfu and click the fuck off

  31. chodetime


  32. Johnathon Ski

    okay song 

  33. Solxce

    Lupe's a genius his music is about more than sex weed liquor clubbing

  34. Naxhije

    Ohrwurm *~* ♥

  35. El_Oso_Gigante08

    @Deeway No dude, the album is LASERS. He took the word losers, and made it into lasers. If anyone isn't illuminati, it's Lupe. Everyone knows that.

  36. alpha wolf

    im with Lupe i hate lies and the Government, i stand with you Lupe!!!, we be losers together!!! :)



  37. TragicHappiness94

    My "i couldn't give two fucks" theme song

  38. floris vinke

    So i'm pretty sure that's just an album cover and to other people its a double meaning. The A is not only to make the word lazers but also anarchy to make a statement about his non acceptance of tge goverment and there way of thinking also als a european i do not fully understand and approve of either. Please excuse my spelling english isnt my first language so it isnt really that great.

  39. Mshamba

    So I'm pretty sure this video is a compilation of his performances, one of which was at Purdue (Elliot Hall of Music). I remember this concert!

  40. Random Nobody

    epic XD

  41. KAYbrothers

    Chuck Fans?

  42. Deeway

    Well aren't you a ray of was more of a cynical theoretical statement..but you go ahead and take your anger out how ever makes you feel best..

  43. Mind Breaker


  44. Mind Breaker

    Sumer is such a n00b. He deleted his comment. #whatafail

  45. HMSConduct

    It means Anarchy you fucking Moron

  46. Anthony Jones

    If you listen to his lyrics, literally everything he raps about goes against the industry and other rappers, the government and pretty much everything the "illuminati" would represent.

  47. Phii'shee the Khajiit

    I think it mean anarchy

  48. Marie Cav

    Fuck yeah.

  49. Deeway

    Tell me another story pls, this time with more dragons.

  50. Aidan Kendall

    dude the freekin illuminati is FAKE!!!!

  51. Brandon Martinez

    I don't blame him for not respecting the government but I think his Anarchy sign is for a smaller meaning like rebellion

  52. Jay Hendo 813

    The A represents anarchy. It's the same A Jimi Hendrix used on flags that were at his concerts. It represents Lupe's lack of respect for the government.

  53. inksish

    Ya’ll know I'm the little homie Lupe, yes sir, WHO THEY
    They yester, and I’m today, and tomorrow, hooray

  54. Hamza Muhammad

    OK! Its not illumanati at all you dumbasses. Its the words "Losers" Turned into "Lasers" Mabye to promote self confidence? No illumanti shit there.

  55. Hamza Muhammad

    Lupe is Muslim. <3

  56. Deeway

    Believe me i do know about what Lupe is about. people that don't know what he's about dont listen to his music.I also, know about the Illuminati Which is why i was making that observation about the A in the circle being a triangle crossed out aka Eye of Horus crossed out, it was part joke and part( why not ) .-. glad theres always ppl on youtube to take the fawkin fun outa everything.

  57. Deeway

    No im not crazy? or no it cant be another meaning? or no its not the illuminati eye in a Circle crossed out?

  58. Hamza Muhammad

    He means gravity is pulling him down and keeping him on the world.

  59. Hamza Muhammad

    The description.

  60. Vanessa Angulo

    Where da fuk is da lyrics

  61. Deeway

    I might be crazy..and maybe lookin in too far but do yall think its possible..that the LASERS Title of the album..with the A in the Circle could be a double..meaning O_o
    Cuz that could also Be the illuminati-eye-Triangle Crossed out x-x xD im going crazy..BUT MAYBE? xD

  62. Bob TheHumanBeing

    What lyrics. I don't see shit. Fkn liar.


    Bob TheHumanBeing r you that fucking stupid check the description.or r you to stupid to do that

  63. Habeeba H

    this pretty much sums up my life right now

  64. Baby Spice

    I don't wanna care right now!!!!!

  65. Baby Spice

    I feel so much like this in School when I do work in school :)))

  66. Kent Tran

    I don't like I love !!!!

  67. alexis allen

    like it!

  68. Shawn Brady

    I was just joking since he asked if there is someone who is keeping him on this planet :)

  69. Joel Moya

    what do you mean about well gravity

  70. Joel Moya

    i dont wanna care write now

  71. Matthew Richardson

    jusssst sayinG!

  72. Johnny Limbo

    68 people are choochoos, not tugboats

  73. Shanice Saliba

    You ball little boy, but I NBA

  74. Shawn Brady

    Well... gravity?

  75. Holly Days


  76. Andrew Harris

    Sorry, Is someone keeping you here?

  77. Waltie White

    Shut up Tay shezzy. Dumb ass. You prob think ur cool or something for saying that. Move outa ur moms house an get a job. And I'm lovin this song

  78. Jaft8

    Childish is a boss, all his stuff

  79. MrBifocles

    He had fun wit this one

  80. Shawn Denning

    fuck bitches get money

  81. MrLilRajje

    Thumbs up if you came here cos of Chuck

  82. Steve Janik

    I don't wanna live on this planet anymore because of people like you.

  83. Mahtabul hoque

    I love this song and by the way I'm using an iPhone 4S

  84. Bootychins

    i pooped today...

  85. Chris Graham Jr

    the hook sounds like taio cruz

  86. Sean Shaffrey

    The lyrics do mean something. Lupe has never Dumbed it Down. People are too lazy to actually pay attention

  87. Actionsfor Power

    Listening to Lupe high is amazing. It doubles Lupes awesomeness while making the beat insane.

  88. Vio R. Atman

    Best song EVEEEEERRRR !!!

  89. rover781


  90. Rocky Sean

    best song 4 workout in the gym

  91. dimitric12345678

    there in the description

  92. OgProliferous

    i was there too great show

  93. Michael Kleiman

    i was there too!