Lupe Fiasco - Coming Up Lyrics

This one goes out to the baby girls
In a rush growing up in this crazy world
Yeah your brother on the road and he never home
I know you feeling kinda sad now that daddy gone
You can't let it get you down, gotta carry on
We only lose things because it make us strong
You always had my love, and now you got a song
From the biggest biggest fan that you've ever known
I know you won't be little girls, not for very long
And you ain't gotta have a man if you don't ever want
'Cause I'm gonna make sure you got two of everything
That you ever want, every time, like your very own
Not to make you hard to respect
Just really really really really hard to impress
It's a whole wide world for you to go and get your hands on
Until then, just come and get your dance on now

I see you coming up
I'mma give you the lowdown
You will never gotta worry about nothing
Just as long as I'm around

This for everybody feeling good
You know who you are, or you misunderstood
Never had money, or you living good
If you from the burbs, if you in the hood
Recognize where we come from
In my day, mane, I did a little something some-
They like "How come you don't rap that?"
'Cause that's a backtrack and I ain't tryna back back
I'm only moving forward homie that's that
Direction, a lot of shoulders lack that
I'm just trying give it to 'em like sat-nav
Now I know I'm gonna make out like a fat rat
That's cool as long as they don't trap crack
Graduate from school, and still let his pants sag
Never catch a case, know how to let his cash stack
Welcome to the (map go anyway tap that back?)

I see you coming up
I'mma give you the lowdown, down, down (alright, alright)
You ain't never gotta worry about nothing (you ain't gotta worry)
Just as long as I'm around, (as long as I'm here) round, round, round

And if the floor falls out
I'mma be there to carry you
And if you want that star
I'll go get it out the sky for you
If you gotta shed a tear
I'mma dry your eyes
Just to let you know it'll be alright

I know it's like a whole lot going on
Things going right, things going wrong
Maybe baby, I've been waiting for you so long
Know that in this world you're never really on your own
God got a number get him on the phone
He'll never put you places where you don't belong
Put you through the pain, to put you on the throne
And I know that from the bottom of my corazon
And if they looking at you sideways
You just wave right back, tell 'em hi hater
Mad you ain't hanging with 'em in the driveway
Nah we going to keep it moving to the highway
(Strong's putting on?) week's all over like Friday, chilling
Shout out to King David for bringing in philly
And I'mma put the independent women in the building, let's go

I see you coming up (I see you coming up)
I'mma give you the lowdown (down), down (down), down (all the way down)
You ain't never gotta worry about nothing
Just as long as I'm around (I'm around), round, (yeah) round (yeah)

I see you coming up (I see you coming up, I see you coming up)
I'mma give you the lowdown (down), down (down), down (all the way down)
You ain't never gotta worry about nothing (don't worry about a thing)
Just as long as I'm around (I'm around), round, (yeah) round (yeah) round

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Lupe Fiasco Coming Up Comments
  1. Ben Cisse

    We still here 2020 🤧🔥🔥🔥

  2. Shawn Orr

    This song speaks straight 📠

  3. Florica Uno

    August 2019???

  4. Vincent Chen

    2019 ? anyone ?

  5. Shade753

    Sense this song is about the afterlife
    FUN FACT: Jeremiah 3:14-19 proves fornication in the afterlife. it says the saints will reproduce in the millennium and we wont have the law that includes the marriage laws cuz the whole chapter was about marriage. so this is fornication

    and before you say it
    1) it's only talking to the saints the unsaved are not mentioned.
    2) our glorified bodies are described as eating food and wearing cloths implying genitalia. we're not spirits just spiritual. Revelation 7:13-17
    3) cherubim are said to cover themselves implying genitalia and we know they don't marry so they have to fornicate Ezekiel 1:11

    with a change in priesthood must also come with necessity a change in the law.

  6. Japs Is Cray

    Whos here march 2019!!

  7. kendodubbag72

    Bad quality tho

  8. KermTheGamer

    Still bumpin this 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Anthony Marlow

    Wow wtf? This man got slept on.

    Justin Caldero

    Anthony Marlow didn’t blow up cause he’s not an illuminati puppet and didn’t sell his soul

  10. Bright Light

    the bridge is Pooh Bear, not MDMA

    Shane Jones

    Same person 🙃

  11. Poly_G

    That piano groove 👌

  12. Nolan S

    still fresh

  13. Rooneyboiii

    2017 and still a banger

    Nolan S

    Rooneyboiii 2018 and still a banger lol

  14. jay girl

    Need a song that makes me feel so ontop of the world, just like this one. Any suggestions?

    Ian Henny

    jay girl v

  15. luna c

    Great song!

  16. OG Blinx x

    This song is still fiyyyyaaah 🔥🔥🔥🔥 :)

  17. Xenatro

    Mr Hood bitte tune meine Roller :D

    Deutscher Patriot

    da geht keine wheeely

  18. S K

    lekka track cheh boi

  19. Gabby M.

    someone that meant a lot to me dedicated this song to me a long time ago before we stopped talking he was a big brother to me and even though he probably won't see this I hope he knows how much I miss him. To Gino Colon From Y.G.C.M.

    Tom G

    +Gabriela Black Awesome :)

  20. J'Brahm snogarD



    awsome beat

  22. Mi Papi

    fuck the nwo

  23. The_one cam cam

    good song

  24. Enheritance Derrico

    lupe knows how to make any type of song and make it BOMB. cant believe ive never heard this song smh

  25. Hotantik

    Memories <3

  26. Chantel Zavala


  27. Ohiostate Buckshot

    That laugh at the beginning made me think lil wayne was in the song

  28. instantramen

    This song is so catchy, reminds me of the good ol' 90's even though this was produced in 2011

    Scarecrow 777

    Reminds me of Tupac


    instantramen exactly my thoughts. this proves you can keep it feeling classic in this modern age

  29. Nelden Myers Sr.

    yeap! nice

  30. Ali Buckets

    I enjoyed this album

  31. Emily Davis

    Inaccurate lyrics.

  32. WunderwafflesDG3

    definitely feeling the bass! you gotta love that groove! :D


    LIKE !!!..

  34. danceAtWill

    There are so many mistakes in the lyrics. It's like you tried to decipher them yourself.

  35. FREEDOMsound productions

    Check out the Lupe style beat on my channel!

  36. Monopolee Munny ENT

    i enjoyed the whole Lasers project....

  37. FeelAlive

    not bad

  38. Sho Omar

    Dude, your lyrical content isn't even the same class as lupe's.
    Lupe talks about good and being real, you seem to follow the general genre of girls, money and drugs.

  39. Tinitus


  40. Thomas T

    hoyl fuck been looking for this song for an hour, FOUND IT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  41. Noraarendur

    Lupe what up

  42. BRBallin1

    Why didn't I discover this awesome song before :(

  43. SOJOA

    hhhuuurrrr dddduuurrrr

  44. Rome

    nice catch

  45. Jonny-k Productions

    oh shit, gotta like it to get it off of 666 likes. *phew* fuck that coulda been close

  46. Ben Vallee

    just my opinion, thanks for stayin classy

  47. Konstantin Viongradov

    Cause that's a backtrack and I ain't tryna back back <<< I understand :D

  48. Matthew Nancarrow

    FTW (For The Win)

  49. yazi1954

    Uhh idk

  50. James Guild

    How lol?

  51. yazi1954

    You're messed up

  52. James Guild

    Thats messed up

  53. yazi1954

    no but seriously my my comment is top comment stupid

  54. James Guild

    lol nice try tho

  55. yazi1954

    um shut up

  56. yazi1954

    thanks for making me top comment :D

  57. nick price

    this song just puts me in a good mood lol

  58. BruceLee1121

    put this song on his Highlights #gameover

  59. Chris Andrade

    this song is for his sisters lol

  60. kim kardashian

    I know that theres a whole lot goin on, things goin right, things goin' wrong!

  61. BruceLee1121

    this song is just for LeBron James #heatallday

  62. dan josias De la cruz torres

    lo mejor ! ...

  63. Cometa Reyez

    Lyrics.. Soo off Lol

  64. CoDesEnt

    I fucken love Lupe. he's so diverse, it seemed like I was listening to pop , hip hop, and 70's disco all in one song.

  65. yazi1954

    lol its a good song right

  66. SoUnderRated

    me too :)

  67. yazi1954

    i luv that song =)

  68. Jessica Mineo

    Perspective. I like this song, and I hate American eagle. I could never imagine this playing in those stores.

    Night NDay

    Jessica Mineo lol i do that too imagine what songs would be good for clothing stores and such haha

  69. Stefan Ruzevic

    just search them on youtube, is that so hard?

  70. SoUnderRated

    Stereo Sun

  71. yazi1954

    i feel like all the singers/actors should read the comments on the videos for their monitor it. then beat the crap out of the people who don't like them XD jk

  72. Daaaarcy

    Did this song reach out to anybody else?

  73. tony capone

    Man gotta love being from the CHI.............real music from real people

  74. A Groovin Black Sheep

    i agree, its atlantics fault man

  75. Jomari Smithee

    Derrick Rose type song! :P

  76. genekoenen

    can someone tell me some more good songs from lupe fiasco that are pretty unknown?!

  77. SepCWalk

    Good for C-Walking *-*

  78. DerekDoinWork05

    this song is just badass in my opinion! like if u agree

  79. Jygga Baby

    this sound like old school ILOVE<3

  80. Ellisha Dunnigan

    these lyrics need some serious work... lmao

  81. Jonathan Boukarim

    yo the lyrics has an error, it isn't "i know you want me little girls",
    it's supposed to be: "i know you won't be little girls" lol

  82. GRITO725

    it could be similar to I Aint Mad at Cha but i think it got a lot of elements from Keep ya Head Up

  83. Sergio Vazquez

    You are a complete idiot

  84. Pearlshire19

    Yeah it's very similar to "I Ain't Mad at Cha". It's just slightly more upbeat


    more like.. stop typing cuz I can't hear them anyway fuck them haters I don't care about them I stay because of the music Lupe forreals ~

  86. The Shah

    This deserves more views. A lot more views.

  87. Ben Vallee

    lol 40 people seem to disagree with you, I'm only talkin about lupe's verses, it could have easily come from pac, it's got the same vibe, the beat has nothing to do with it

  88. slight95

    are you fucking high?!?!?!?! you are retarded. Pac's songs sound absolutely NOTHING like this. you are very dumb.

  89. Martian Lynch

    His little sister, Iesha... and all his teen female fans.

  90. r2richburg

    I love how he says pooh bear

  91. Jane Doe


  92. SOJOA

    @TouchdownMachine85 Im getting more Talib out of this than Tupac but I getcha.

  93. GRITO725

    is he talking about his daughter or something?

  94. iseeredppl

    in verse 2 ; is it back back or back that or back pack? its killing me !!!!!