Lupe Fiasco - Angels (Remix) Lyrics

I see, diamond flooded demons, Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through
Windows up, system bumping, you the one they sang to
Same two, who said they the ones you should send your thanks through
Pockets full of blessings, they can sanctify and saint you
You can hear them revving/reverend up in heaven now, can't you?
Sandals made of chrome, his soul made of leather
An engine full of sinning and candy painted feathers
The sound of the motor only revving/reverend you confess to
I see this all in the eyes of the girl I'm next to
I asked her "Where we going?" and she just told me "Pleasure"
Hands on the wheel and her heels on the acceler-
-rator, told her wait up, she kept going like et cetera
But like a broken record, we’ve come too far to just wheel it back selector
So we going ride forever, forever, forever, forever, forever

Uh, said she was a fan of mine
Knew she was New Jersey, but said that she was Anaheim
Butterflies turn to suicides, now it's phantoms flying
Used to whisper in my ear, but now she trying to Vander mine
That holy feeling/Holyfield all gone, slowly feeling all wrong
None of this is satisfying, pull it over, let me out
I'll just hitchhike back to mine
Nothing's really as it seems, yeah I should of known that
Thought I called a angel, devils had my phones tapped

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Lupe Fiasco Angels (Remix) Comments
  1. Breezy Skywalker

    Took a while to find this gem. THANK YOU 🙏🏽

  2. B-Mint1994

    Bruh the imagery in the lyrics is insane

  3. Chuck rogers

    What’s the original song for this beat? It’s beanie Siegel right

    Eric Mejia

    Where I'm From-Jay-Z

  4. Motoi Pearson

    Still blasting in 2019. Lupe is just wild

  5. Brian Grissom

    One of my favs tracks of all time

  6. Jordan Winston

    Prayers of Divine Protection over Lupe Fiasco and his loved ones.

  7. Zmajor Star

    Best Lupe vs hands down

  8. David Marquez

    lupes second verse (fire) barz

  9. ShizAudi

    Still listening to this in 2017. Lupe is GOAT.

  10. Zak A

    i see diamond flooded demons, lamborghini angels

  11. 「少女全能」chrysanth.

    Ever since I heard this cut off of Enemy of the State, I occasionally have it pop into my head from time to time. Lupe's got a good voice for this sort of deal, and his lyricism is pretty nice. I don't mind his singing on this track either - if that's him singing is beyond me. Still, the full version has a better buildup.

    Len O

    chrysanth. 「少女全能」 that's actually diddy on the hook just auto tuned

  12. CLoDubai


  13. Andrew Calli

    still waiting for lupEND...


    Drogas Wave coming soon.

    Jermaine Artis

    we'll probably never get it.

  14. 87kodak

    Revelation 18:1And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
    2And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
    3For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,

  15. Dezildez

    Yeah I get you

  16. Torian Broadnax

    Yea it was, I was just comparing it to what I know he can do. Lasers wasnt bad , it just wasnt of the higher quality that he usually puts out

  17. Dezildez

    L.A.S.E.R.S was dope IMO; just listen to the ''LYRICS'' still talking that ''real shit''

  18. BIGMrighthere

    Download the mixtape "Enemy of the State".

  19. Dezildez

    Nas, Jay Z, Lupe. Eminem, Andre

  20. NahDudeFkThat

    Top 3 GOAT lyricist ever b. Lupe is MADDENING sick w/ it.

  21. AC Green

    he said "butterflies turn to suicide, now it's phantoms flyin"
    butterfly doors - suicide doors
    phantoms are ghost phantoms and cars wit suicide doors

    Used to whisper in my ear, but now she trying to Vander mine
    That holy feel (Holyfield) all gone, slowly feeling all wrong

  22. Lilia Tarawa

    where can i get this track????

  23. Paul Joe Hajj

    Absolute legend, I'll never get bored of this

  24. Patches

    The verse starting "Said she was a fan of mine..." Is one of the best verses in Hip Hop i've ever heard. It deserves more recognition. Or to be re-used on the new LP.... Kinda like Heat Under The Baby Seat was used in Little Weapon.

    Nick Tinson

    Patches Facts

  25. wrathovgodx

    he also plays on the opposite factor here

    the "devils" are a hockey team
    the Anaheim "angels" are a baseball team (complete opposites)
    "devils" despite being from hell ( I.E. new jersey lol) play on a cold field of ice
    "angels" play on a lush warm field of grass where the weather is always great california

    so agreed LUPE IS A MONSTER!!! =D

  26. Ronaldo Cooper

    "Thought I called an angel... devils had my phones tapped"

  27. Torian Broadnax

    OutKast and Lupe......hip-hop doesnt get better than that for me........of course Big and Pac as well lol, but currently living, Outkast and Lupe over everyone

  28. Kamal Hussain

    Need to cleanse this song of any dirty money

  29. Alreem

    It's that dirty money ;)

  30. JawzBBD

    you serious?... not to brag but im a big lupe fan

  31. GuyFox

    yea its a shame most of you don't hear about lupe huh

  32. GuyFox

    "Used to whisper in my ear, but now she tryna ‘vander mine
    That holy feeling (Holyfield) all gone, slowly feeling all wrong"

    insane line. that is all

  33. DreadBoy531

    He'll get his props once he's dead dont worry

  34. JawzBBD


  35. HereOrNot16

    is this picture photoshopped?

  36. yansquared1113


  37. StEloi 2015

    Smh, You're talking about something you seriously dont know anything about. im not about to argue with you over your accusation that i used a website for something i noticed on my own, believe what you want. i didnt use rap genius, never do. Since you seem to know everything, why even go back and forth with me? You're smart and im dumb, correct? cool. Now that you've gotten what you're trying to showcase (you're intelligence,& that nobody is capable of figuring anything out) fuck off.

  38. WoodKidFan

    Shedding light? You wrote down exactly what you read and were told what the meaning was from another website. My ignorance, how smart am I? Look at you slaughtering the English language as you talk. Look at your own ignorance before you talk kid.

  39. StEloi 2015

    lmao wow how old are u? all that by a picture? yea ure smart lol y would i be on here if i dont understand anything? lol ure making loads of sense. the ppl ure talkin about wouldnt be listenin to this at all, they wouldnt look up things on rap genius to confirm/figure out etc cuz what they listen to is simple. ur assumptions are incredible lol. i just thought id shed light on a section of the song no one seem to comment on & u come at me sayin i used a website smh ure really showing ur ignorance

  40. StEloi 2015

    i couldnt for a sec believe that i could have possible defined this the way they did so i looked it up, rap genius:

    "She used to whisper sweet nothings in his ear but now she’s tryin to do him like Tyson did Holyfield. That’s cold----Could also refer to how women bite on ears if they are feisty, also referencing how she is a demon in disguise"

    i dont ever use Rap Genius homie. i rap, so i catch/create lines like that. but you keep using rap genius so you can understand and keep up.

  41. WoodKidFan

    Lol at you explaining exactly what you read of Rap Genius, you must be smart.

  42. StEloi 2015

    "used to whisper in my EAR, but now she tryna VANDER mine/that HOLY feeling all gone"

    evander holyfield's ear that got biten off....smh this nigga lupe

  43. GraffArtist CAZ


  44. Shawny D

    this shit goes hard as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  45. Ceezus Walks

    Lupe The Great.
    Nuff Said.

  46. Blue Physics

    Anyone know where I can download this copy? It's hard as hell to find it with only lupe and dirty money

    Prince Virgo

    MP3 Juice just type the song and itll pop up

  47. endline1

    why is it that fucking fat, scab fucking rapper rick ross can sell more records than lupe? cause he sellin dope straight off the iphone.... OMG I OWN AND IPHONE TOO RICKY... fake gangstas learning how to be gangstas from a fake fucking PAROLE OFFICER "gangsta"

    lupe is an artist, his heart is on every track. even his "weak shit" is better than 99% of rappers best. keep him underground or lose him forever.

  48. carlosdaballer17

    Lupe has the perfect amount of recognition? Then why isnt he on the radio 24/ 7 like wayne and drake? He deserves more attention than what he's getting now.... not just from hip- hop heads..... but from the whole country or maybe more.

  49. Adrian Grosvenor

    Hi guys I made an Amv to this song ft Broly. Its really Great so I would like you to check it out, You can type in Broly Angels(Lupe Angels Video) Dbz Tribute. Thumbs up so others can see, I dont ask for them, but this is a good video I made

  50. Keanu Barrage

    @bapesta517 or he/she might not have English as a native language...

  51. NahDudeFkThat

    *New Jersey DEVILS....Los ANGELES *Angel of Anaheim.....goddamn. I'm done with this rap bullshit...Lupe is too good.

  52. Fr3edOM919

    I asked her where we going and she just told me "Pleasure" that has be one the sexiest voices when that girl said that..... 0.0

  53. Daniel Kapilovich

    4 people had their phones taped by the devil

  54. Raisul Bhuiyan

    yooo lupe is the man btw the beat is sikk

  55. stunnameth

    Owning 'the powers that be'

  56. joinerSUjagsbluengol

    @TheSanan94 baseball

  57. Adrian Grosvenor

    real deep shit

  58. MJP32

    that picture is sick... Lupe just looks so COOL...

  59. Marcus joseph

    @king4barcelona dont you mean underrated ?

  60. zapdos2

    nothings really as it seems, yea i shoulda known that
    thought i called a angel, devils had my phones tapped

  61. williewaller2005

    Lupes lyrical skills make THEIR fav rapper look like shit!



    p.didddy angels but without the rap :) ♥

  63. Jawoosha McYomamasucksmybigdick

    @EloraMussachio95 its off a free mixtape why should i download it on your site

  64. MrMonkeymanyo

    @carlosdaballer17 well said

  65. reynolds919

    yea lupe is so underrated and all because of these bogus rappers now a days ppl don't want to hear the intelligent they rather hear the stupidity of hip-hop lupe is the most creative of this generation and so is Asher Roth another underrated creative artist Hip-Hop will never die

  66. cainification

    @carlosdaballer17 I hate when people say he is underrated. Lupe is huge and one of the dopest rappers out....I don't know anybody who has heard of him say otherwise - I think he gets the perfect amount of recognition

  67. 18Loveslife

    This is sickkk

  68. Ashley Renne

    Lupe is the king and always will be. He is the sickest lyricist I've ever heard. People don't appreciate him because the entertainment industry is oversaturated with bullsh*t music and the masses just follow along.

  69. Josh P

    @gingerjames86 he can...but then he cant

  70. LaTosha Stoney

    Lupe...murdered this track...he is amazing...

  71. rahville

    @YouMaddYepYouMadd thanks... i listened to this song about 3000 times... sometimes i put enemy of the state on continuous and let it rock.

  72. Repented


    That's what underrated means...

  73. Ben S. Cisse

    I just realized the "butterfly suicides" is the lambo lol

  74. Kwamie Christmas

    j cole's version was wayyyyyy better

  75. rahville

    the sound of the motor only reverend you confess to...

  76. gingerjames86

    Fuckin' diddy can fuck the fuck off.

  77. Jesse Clifton

    @professa10 explain?

  78. Dick Grayson

    Lupe is a fuckin monster!!!!!!!!!! LASERS!

  79. CJ Chewjore

    When it is all said and done, we will look back on tracks like this and say that LUPE is one of the greatest to ever touch a mic. LUPE the Legend.

  80. xMassAttack

    Foreva foreva foreva foreva.............

  81. OGNerdSwagg

    Lupe is just a lyrical genius.

  82. tjmack010

    @JaLomangino, Actually on Lupe's contract he has to make 2 more albums after Lasers, so we're gonna b hearin from Lupe a bit longer.

  83. ShakirB

    all of you need 2 listen 2 LOWKEY amazin british rapper him n lupe cud kill a trak 2gether

  84. Nyakallo M

    Real music. . .PERIOD
    I dont wanna hear diddy or whatever. . .best believe I'm fast forwarding just to hear Lupe murder this

    Wasulu Muhammad Jaco
    God Bless

  85. 아름다운 밤

    this song had made my heart fail >:|

  86. JaLomangino

    @carlosdaballer17 too bad he has 1 more album left after lazers = (

  87. R-iZZy

    Yep, play on words (involving sports [baseball for Anaheim and hockey for New Jersey] of course) to go along with the story of that verse. It's almost like a punchline within a punchline.

  88. 1moomed23

    @r00sh YES he was he through she was an angel but she was the devil hint the anaheim angles and jersey devils

  89. boricuacutta

    As far as real hip hop Lupe is the best in the game right now!!!

  90. Cid ThaPrince

    after eminem and biggie, this my favorite rapper. he is truly hip-hop

  91. hoodyman88

    @4thletta see i wouldnt have knew that LOL i dnt watch hockey.

  92. R-iZZy

    "Said she was a fan of mine./ Knew she was New Jersey but said that she was Anaheim."

    WHAT?! That verse from Lupe is a complete takeover of this song. Lupe is a genius!

  93. Brian Ricks

    For Lupe Fans who don't know.. Go Get the "Newest" Lupe Fiasco Mixtape 'Enemy of the State: A Love Story" Where to get it? If you want it bad enough you will find it..

  94. Arcana Sparks

    @jaybeze14 yea this song has a great concept man.. its talkin about peoples obsessions with cars and stuff lupe's a lyrical genious no question

  95. nikebox407

    lupe is the truth

    please, everyone take 8 minutes of your life and examine these motherfucking lyrics like an SAT reading passage, its insane, lupe is the BEST thing to happen to hip-hop


  96. bleububble13

    @GorillazRtehShiznit so true

  97. IniTial91

    @TheBloobomber not in my opinion, in my opinion his old stuff was good, never amazing like i said he can rap but he's never blown me away like talib and lupe can do