Lupe Fiasco - All While Doing A Rubik's Cube One-Handed Lyrics

What they say, what they say now
What they say, what they say now
What they say, what they say now
What they say, what they say now
Protect Lil B, at all costs, namsayin'

Last club, left the bathtub
Like a flash flood baptism
Caps sizzle packs in the van
That's thizzle as Mac Drizzle
Deal is half pickle
Jammed as bad pistols
The poorly dressed
The correlated, the laureates
No relation unless it's coronated to coronets
As well, Oswald Cobblepot, Alpo
How so?
Pepperpot love a heartless man in a letter that's penned to Gwyneth Paltrow
The ends justify the outro
Black hue, Hugh Heffner to the heifers
The boy cow's a gaucho
L'Oreal, story tales
Rush blush on the rough cuts of the [?]
You are not the cannon fodder, relax
Catch me outside, how 'bout dat
Trust all the Einsteins if you want the facts
Fuck Harvey Weinstein if you want to act
White people having serious brand issues, can't kiss you
Behind the scenes, fuckin' us from the back
Got too comfortable with Barack
Now uncle Trump's making me feel so un-wonderful with the hat
Who watchin' you by the cap
Make America great again
I just don't to wait at these great American gates again
Patiently staying in place for 3 hours for a rollercoaster is ridiculous
Well isn't it?
Protect Lil B and all lowercase betas
To overtake the haters
To motivate the saviors
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Lil B:]
It's all love, I don't promote violence, I'm never with the violence. So I love them and it's all good, you feel me? I'm still here, I got jumped by like 10 mothafuckas, you know what I'm sayin? Been by myself. It's all love though, like I said, it's all love

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Lupe Fiasco All While Doing A Rubik's Cube One-Handed Comments
  1. Spectres Hand

    No one is on lupes level. He gave up his career when he shit on the government, but is still putting out solely fire

  2. Who’s There

    The poorly dressed..

  3. ddswordsaint5

    I like this beat. Where can I listen to it?

    Dennis Turan

    Thanks! There's a link in the description for the beat. Peace!

    jdp 90five

    Right here fam! You got the goat on this smoothness

  4. TDE

    this video dope af

    Dennis Turan

    Thank you! Gratitude!

  5. darin johnson

    Protect lil b and all lowercase betas 🤐😰😰😬

  6. jairo c. vega

    Where can I download this?!?!?

  7. L P

    I love the iron Man reference

  8. Brandon Washington

    Greatest of all time.

  9. mark Balentine

    did anyone get the harvey weinstein reference holy shit LUPE is aware of what's going on in this insane world.

    jebus tavera

    mark Balentine he's on the inside of course he knows

  10. Reiko 057

    which song of lil B is sampled

    Orlando Calder

    Harsh Ss It's Jay Z's Marcy Me

    Otter Donnelly

    He means the vocal

    Otter Donnelly

    You probably know by now but it was his speech at Rolling Loud after a few cats tried to insert negative energy into this plane of existence and and thankfully manifested it through himself and channeled it into love so nobody else would get hurt.

    Reiko 057

    Otter Donnelly i know it is a sample of Jay-z's Song from album 4:44 but i didn't ii is also sample of Lil B 's Rolling loud speech

    Reiko 057

    sorry knew it is

  11. jdp 90five

    Come on. Ridiculous.

  12. Vincent H.

    Nice visuals brah!

    Dennis Turan

    Thanks man! Appreciate the love!

  13. TGO Soze

    Where can I hear the rest of your beats?

    Dennis Turan

    I put a link to my soundcloud in the description bro. Check it out.

    TGO Soze

    Dennis Turan bet checking now.

  14. The Observer

    Protect Lil B!!!

  15. Antney Ox

    beat at the end is dope as fuck i need to holla at you

    Dennis Turan

    Hit me!

  16. jasmine marie

    damn is all I can say damn damn damnnn

  17. jasmine marie

    wtf is happening to my ears right now- this shit is LIT

  18. Mesus

    That penguin Refrence

    L P

    Penned to Gywneth Paltrow - PenGywn I have that people sleep on this dude

  19. Phil Taylor

    One of the Dopest Lu

  20. everything is connected

    People won't recognize how great he is until he's gone. Lupe the goat in my opinion.

    That Dude

    J. Rene Facts

    Eric Damexican

    J. Rene he damn sure top three and he too ahead to get the props he deserves but like you said they all gonna be sad when he ain’t here no more

    Wardell Stephen Curry II Stan

    top 10 for sure

    Charles appalachia

    The best of all time. Not the greatest.

  21. Joshua Mich

    What's the Beat at the end I wanna listen to this while I study

    Dennis Turan

    That's a beat I did bro. I'll post the link in the description.

    Karen The kat ZON

    Dennis Turan dope shit. Keep grinding man

  22. Joshua Mich

    Wish he'd come back to rapping

    Joshua Mich

    SKULLS 2017 I'm a fan of lupe but last I heard he was getting black balled in the industry... relax it's not that serious some ppl can be casual fans I'm not a die hard Stan like u and the boy above me

    That Dude

    Lowkey Trippy you can’t be a fan at all if you thought he wasn’t even rapping anymore and over here just dropping gems

    Joshua Mich

    That Dude I meant in The consensus of being the best rapper in the industry... he just went MIA. I don't look for music for ppl that don't want to be found.

    Joshua Mich

    That Dude okay I guess I'm not a fan lol. I just like his music and enjoy when he's Rapping and collaborating with other great artist:....

    Reynol Bernal

    He just put out an album in feb 2017

  23. B Mac


  24. Jermaine

    Mind Fucked.

  25. Karen The kat ZON

    Lupe the GOAT

  26. Quincy GettinM's

    logic did a freestyle with a rubix..


    Every day struggle

  28. Organic Life

    This song made me tear up with Joy.. it's all love Protect The Bitch 🙏🏻 good job Lupe 🍾🍾

  29. Jordan Clemons

    Kilt this joint and that beat at the end so soulful

    Dennis Turan

    I produced the beat at the end. Glad you like it!!

    atheal elmenyawi

    Have you got a link to the beat at the end very soulful !

    A O

    Where yall be finding these hidden scrolls?

  30. mar 7123

    NEVER disappointed!!!

  31. Free Smoke Dixon

    Trust all these Einstein's if you want the facts and F*** Harvey Weinstein if you want to act! What dope bars!

    jdp 90five

    Free Smoke Dixon double entendre too

  32. J Red

    Man wtf did he do. Mercy me he just made jayz evaluate some shit in the mirror

  33. Tristan DaVegan

    Got too comfortable with Barack, aint this the truth

  34. Faris Barhoum

    We need more Lupe! I swear he real, not like all these fake wanna be rappers. This my jam!!!


    Faris Barhoum He really fell off after Enemy of the State, Tetsuo and Youth was great but Drogas Light was so weak. On another note, where in Palestine are you from?

  35. SmooveOvaEast

    Ayeee Lupe Fiasco And Lil B Protected Us At All Times

  36. Dan Upstill

    I’ve had this on a lupe for an hour

    Faris Barhoum

    Dan Upstill same here! Lol 😂 gonna loop this till I can’t no more lol 😂


    Faris Barhoum That went way over your head

    F A L C O N J O N E S

    Dan Upstill haha. I like it

  37. Wlf_Hly

    Thank u for uploading this <3

    Dennis Turan

    You're welcome!!

  38. Aadil Pervez

    Fuckin goat