Lupe Fiasco - Airplanes Lyrics

[Haley Williams - Hook]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

[Lupe Fiasco - Verse 1]
Wishes that the world could see
From the position of my girl and me
From the perspective of laying on the hood of a car
Looking up at the stars with all the connections cut
Cause when you stuck, advantages vanishes
bandages on the damages of what depression does
So quest it cuz, who are they to question us?
Beating up our ear drums like Question Love
With all of their requests from above
Press from below, only directions to bus
Thus we laying in the cut on the Cutlass supreme
Looking up at the scene
Hoping it doesn’t cut, the fresh and the make up
Get re-fed the lines and reminded of what they mean
The importance of really acting like they important
And if you don’t feel ‘em you should force ‘em now…

[Haley Williams - Hook]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

[Lupe Fiasco - Verse 2]
Wishes that mend the broken heart
Fill the open palm, pardon my flow and thoughts
My departure from the norm, the parch thats more warm
walks on from the marching of your armies and the dropping of your bombs
The walking on the waters now stomping on the pond
The ripples now a wave
It can’t be peaceful with a pistol in your face
You can’t beat the people so you picking on they place
I jump to defend I’m wage with a page
My pen’s mightier than them and I got missles on the stage
This couch is for the cowards and stretchers for the brave
And I happily lay upon the bed that I have made
Like house keep, sheets and pillow case
But I don’t sleep, dreams keeping me awake
They went up thinking they would never touch the ground
But we gon wish it ‘pon ‘em on the way back down

[Haley Williams - Hook]

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Lupe Fiasco Airplanes Comments
  1. Devvv

    They chose BoB's cos this will go over most people's heads, Lupe had a dope flow in this tho.(ie. they wanted him to "Dumb it Down")

    BoB's and Em's styles are perfect for commercial radio because they're so straightforward with their lyrics(doesn't mean it's not lyrical, as they also have very personal topics)

  2. Ender 1

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than B.O.B

  3. VeonV1

    love Lupe but I'm glad both this and "Nothin' On You" were passed onto B.o.B... he fit wayyyy better. Lupe per usual killing it lyrically, but it just doesn't work like B.o.B's versions. Plus those songs were more instrumental in B.o.B's career than they would've been in Lupe's


    Still way more lupe than what we got with LASERS

  4. Rashard Gallup

    Bob did it better

  5. THC_Baphomet

    I’m not hating on B.O.B. This song was a big part of my childhood especially because my mother played it a lot. But idk lupe was on the original. Show goes on actually got me hooked onto he’s music and then he fell off 😢

  6. Marcus O


  7. GoneTomorrowSongerNPoet

    give me something to writee about
    don't let the hesitation get ya

    Dope verse, sweetest hustler
    dope chain, sweetest unstruggler
    but you see you made it too hard
    all the work would be unstar-ed
    but the fame would be worth it
    and the stars were awaiting with the perfecter
    everyone knows why, everyone not needs to know
    sometimes me and my little neice thought of this
    because being a star is over star-ed, gorgeous and just impressive
    sometimes it helps to graviate, sometimes it's hard to explain though with the obvessive
    but we soldiers like actuall soldiers so everything is emotional but oh well right?
    but the bright was takin adnavage over us like is it supposed to be tight?

  8. Bowman Hath

    we coulda had lupe and eminem on the same song.

    Ender 1

    Right. Smh

  9. KooliSkey

    Homie was robbed of his song smh

  10. Corey Benzo

    yall be hating on b.o.b it aint his fault the record label did lupe wrong... they both cool in my book

  11. Sammy basit

    its atlantics fault bastards he wouldve smashed it

  12. Matt Pascal

    if this was released it would have never blown up like b.o.b version because Lupe is too lyrical to be on the radio

    Mr. Apples

    He was all over the radio with The show goes on and battle scars.


    Matt Pascal So B.o.B wasn’t lyrical??? Lol

  13. MrCarl

    Lasers could have been one of the best albums of all time.

  14. GoneTomorrowSongerNPoet

    if I can't learned to love then ya it's good?
    maybe it's just a explaination that was a hood thing
    it's not thinkable to everyone so probably should
    but it's just a explaination of ring, you know bling bling .

  15. Malphas Mikaelson

    They made the right decision. Ofcourse Lupe spits doper. But his verses do not fit. B.o.B.'s shit is popular as fuck due to his verses fitting.

    Kass Bazzi

    your a moron.


    I think he's right. You can't tell me this song would've been bigger commercial hit with Lupe. And Lupe is my all time favorite artist.


    Spoken like a true mainstream radio listener. There's no way someone that respects commercial/chart performance so much can be a Lupe fan.

  16. Operator151

    such lame vocals

  17. 1.1M Views

    It's so sad what happened behind the scenes of the making of the album. But thankfully with the Internet, tracks like this aren't buried. We get a glimpse into the original vision. This is brilliant in its own way.


    The original is from Kinetics actually

  18. TitansRB

    The way he bodied this almost bring a tear to my eye lol..Nah for real this shoulda been on LASERS

  19. Shoobedooby

    ah, i cant believe i just found this now...i wish it was in the album lasers Dx

  20. chaosman953

    This needed to be on lasers

  21. Bryan Ruiz

    i like how lupe even himself says he hated rap and hip hop and all. how hes a sell out.

    Abdiel L.

    Bryan Ruiz youre stupid

  22. linkrocker1

    Wish he would've had this instead of "Out of my Head"

  23. Lexx Panda

    Airplanes and battle scars,my favorite songs,love lupe fiasco

  24. zaydl


  25. ConsciousN Trill

    OK so Airplanes by BoB has more views than any of Lu's songs yet it's some jacked shit.... FUCK BoB!


    Oh, alright. It'd be dope if he put out L.U.P.End for his last album

    ConsciousN Trill

    ''More adventures on Lupe Fiasco's next album L.U.P, end'' 2008
    2011 - Lasers comes out *cries*
    But nah I actually liked that one, but it would be dope if his final album is L.U.P.End and he has tracks like on The Cool or even better, if he goes back to that almost gangsta style rap he use to do.. You know like 4 Real or Pop Pop that would be like a dream coming true but hearing Old School Love, it's super unlikely..


    lol B.o.B kills Lupe sorry.. but Lupe is great too!


    This wasn't a decision made by Lupe or Bob. You don't understand how it is behind the scenes with the making of a hit and what these labels do. Bob has already explained what happened in this situation.

    Abdiel L.

    Nikeairon24 these versions were like the 1st stages , bob s version was already remasterized and all. youre wack af for thaking those shots

  26. Bryce Huffman

    why don't rappers see how terrible atlantic records is yet???

    Tre M.

    Right!!! def jam, bad boy, 300 Ent and interscope are terrible

    Homer The Don

    Being a major is not a good look but some of these independents looking sus right now.

  27. Jesse Nieves

    Lupe did not give it to B.O.B, Atlantic Records took it away from him because they felt it was "whack" this was supposed to be on the original Lasers

  28. Geoffrey Evans

    Lupe could have let this and Nothin on You be hits for lasers and he would have had a platinum album....

    Jannick Pedersen

    Laser r a platinum album in my heart, and all the other songs he makes. When lupe retires. a piece in my heart will stand still and wonder what to look forward to in the music industry. Lupe is hope.

    Marcus Alan Cherry

    +Jannick Pedersen couldnt have worded my sentiments better than that

    Jannick Pedersen

    @Marcus Alan Cherry MURAL all the way. God damn he does not tour international :( Im prolly denmarks biggest lupe fan. And if i ever went to first and fiftheen street, damn my ass gonna be pooped out. Nearly impossible for me to go to a LU concert. At least Talib kweli and immortal loves to tour in DK

    Raheem J. Lawrence

    he got a double platinum.. its annoying cuz his worst album was the best selling

  29. ty R

    "looking up at the stars with all the connections cut 'cuz when you stuck, the vantages vanishes just bandages on the damages of what depression doess." Crazy Slick with Words I love it.


    Dude awesome lyrics

  30. Real Ness

    Lupe made B.o.B

    Corey Benzo

    I was lol, just because he wasn't mainstream doesn't mean nobody was listening. Lupe made Lupe not b.o.b they nothing alike?


    Corey Benzo I agree they're reaching lmao

    Kevin Murphy

    y'all saying Lupe made B.o.B, you must know NOBODY in Atlanta; we all knew B.o.B was going to be big- HATERZ EVERYWHERE WE GO... did not know the background about this originally being a Lupe track tho- TY for the upload!

    Rashard Gallup

    T.i. Made B.o.B*


    Kinetics are the originals lol

  31. Brad Duffy


  32. arcticarcane

    I love B.o.B, but Lupe is, like @Ali said, a class above. B.o.B is soda for the immature, maybe something else like an energy drink where it's pure enthusiasm. Lupe is a good cup of coffee, he's worldly, intellectual, as well as smooth. He has no bitter aftertaste. It's sad that he had a falling out with Atlantic Records, and I wish B.o.B put a shoutout of Lupe in Nothin' On You or Airplanes.

    I wish more people knew about Lupe.

  33. Captain Blackjack

    It's hilarious how everyone says he sold out with LASERS, but if you actually look past the pop beats and listen to the lyrics he's still pretty much preaching or rapping about the hard time's he's been going through. Plus, you can't totally blame him because he didn't have full control over how his album was produced.

  34. Captain Blackjack

    I think this one actually would've done a good job connecting with people because it's such an underdog song, and 10x deeper than B.O.B.'s version.
    B.O.B.'s versions are still great, but man, this song....what could've been indeed...

  35. Miler

    È hayley abiguinhos na haley '-'

  36. UnlimitedProduction1

    I didn't care much for Lu's version of Nothing on You. But this version is far superior to BOB's version

  37. ForwardPro

    go to listentoyoutube

  38. nitro38128

    How did you get your hands on this? I'd love to have it for my iPod!

  39. Butters

    Lu version> B.o.B version

  40. DaBigCheesy

    FYI. The origin of this is from Kinetics.

  41. 13JJ13JJ13

    lupe didnt give it to bob atlantic took it from him and gave to bob

  42. brett trost

    dude i agree 100 percent

  43. Shahrier Huq

    The Cool, F&L are classics but F&L2 is still so amazing. If you really decipher the lyrics you'll truly understand. Lasers is more poppish but it's actually very amazing and he's really preaching his message in Lasers. Lasers is his worst album but it is still crazy good.

  44. bvknarula

    the original ORIGINAL origin is actually from Kinetics and One Love

  45. Supreme Uchiha

    man have u listened to around my way? ital? dude is still deep as the ocean floor bruh, only diff is the beats, Lupe lyrically da shit, nd hopefully will never become a 2chains, lil wayne or ny of them type of rappers, FnF ^

  46. brett trost

    dude lasers was good and f&l 2 was good. the cool and f&l were classics. but every album lupe has dropped has been good. lupe has never dumbed down his lyrics

  47. ty R

    The chorus Really hits the heart alot harder with Lupe's message behind it.

  48. Neeks4215

    nailed it lol

  49. TheVikings2823

    So this is where B.o.B's airplanes originated from?

  50. Vanity kunie


  51. not from 63rd

    its lupe's falt. he passed on it. but yes it is way better

  52. JermContent

    So did Lupe make this first or B.o.B?

  53. Jane Doe

    you're welcome: m/Lupe-fiasco-airplanes-lyrics

  54. Jay Lee

    bob isn't that good. most of his words that rhyme are very simple words, like school , cool, fool. . . stuff like that, I tried to listen to many of his songs an none of them are even close to a lupe song, when I hear a lupe song it actually makes me think. genius.

  55. Matt de Oliveira

    You must not have heard Lowkey yet.


    Matt de Oliveira lowkey 🔥🔥

  56. Kyle Cummings

    Lupe is a class above every rapper in the game.

  57. lolbrunopt

    "It can’t be peaceful with a pistol in your face
    You can’t beat the people so you picking on they place"

  58. Beau Parker

    He let B.o.B. take this, too? Atlantic already gave him Nothing On You.. where's the love for Lupe?

  59. Ryan P

    you can't be peaceful with a pistol in your face

  60. Mujeeb Ghafari

    i know why Lupe gave this to b.o.b his version would never go mainstream

  61. F U

    don't compare b.o.b. to lupe. it's an insult to both of them, they're both great in their own ways. it's apples and oranges

  62. George Keotahlian

    well fucking put mayn!

  63. iob

    Sad truth

  64. Caseygirly

    Wow--I didn't realize this was the original version.

    I can actually listen to the entire song now. Lupe's flow is so much better than B.o.B's

  65. Basamia

    i prefer this version.. it's powerful i love the lyrics and the flow i love the whole mood of this version it's my my favorite song by lupe

  66. Mackenzie Robertson

    Kinetics' version was released in 2009, B.o.B.'s was released in 2010, Lupe's was released in 2011. Do the math. Not to mention, K&OL were signed to atlantic as song writers as part of the deal, which if you didn't realize is the same recording company B.o.B. and Lupe are signed to

  67. ruff ryder

    That is incorrect. Almost backwards, if you will. Lupe's is the original, then he sold rights to B.o.B and then Kinetics and One Love did a cover. I know my K&OL, I have been a fan for years now.

  68. Mackenzie Robertson

    Well you clearly don't either. This is not the original version either, the original was written by "Kinetics & One Love", they sold the song to B.o.B. Lupe just covered it somewhere down the line

  69. 5King5James5

    STOP COMPARING BOB AND LUPE.. BOTH ARE GOOD BUT DIFFERENT RAPPERS, AND BOTH ARE GOOD GUYS. Just stfu holy shit... Why does 1 person always have to be better than another. I dont get why people cant just comment 'This is a good song' or 'I really like Lupe.' without bashing on another rapper/person.

  70. J.Helm

    airplanes pt. 2

  71. Tanveer Miah

    Im a massive lupe fan but i didnt like this version that much (didnt like bob's version either) .. chorus is awesome though!

  72. IniTial91

    This song is hot as hell, much better than B.o.B's version; really shouldn't have been taken off Lasers. It may not have been as big B.O.B's version but it still would have been a pretty big hit for Lupe and would have taken the entire album up a notch. As for Nothing on You, I think BoB's version is better, Lupe (as always) comes hard with the lyrics on that song but his flow sucks on that track and it just doesn't 'sound' good.

  73. jphedley

    I would really like to hear "Lasers" as it was originally intended. Pieces, such as this and "Nothin On You" were yanked and then handed to B.o.B. So this requires another B.o.B. joke. What did B.o.B. represent in 98? His mother's "Baby on Board" sticker.

  74. MadladCarlozTwitter

    i want a version with em in :)

  75. jphedley

    This version could be a masterpiece, but ain't mainstream. I don't listen to the radio and live in bubble, so most of what I listen to is underground, e.g. El-P, Mr LIf, etc. I may occasionally watch the video, which is very beautiful, and certainly listen to Pt 2 with Eminem, but this is downloaded. What threads was B.o.B. wearing in 98? Pampers?

  76. Blake Brooks

    i know he has "the bad mans back" mainly show casing barz
    "get ya tapes ready" newer material showing progression advanced wordplay etc

  77. Cian Farrell

    i agree B.o.B is no sellout or nothing like pitbull or flo rida

  78. Cian Farrell

    B.o.B is nothing like pitbull or flo rida if you listen to his songs you would see that half of them are about haters and people saying he has changed. Listen to where are you B.o.B vs boby ray. He is no "sellout artist" he also makes music for the people and cares about his fans (watch?v=jgt1jgFwMcU). I am not hating on lupe i think he is a great artist so you don't go hating on an artist that you don't know.anything about.

  79. Cardzer

    i'm glad i fell upon while finding all of lupe's tracks

  80. Massive Conn

    La la Zer zer -LupeFiasco.....

  81. Ali Naseer

    Lupe is a class above BoB, but BoB is still good..If Lupe released this instead of giving it to him, it wouldn't be nearly as famous, just because Lupe isn't for the average radio listener. You have to think about his lyrics, and to really get the full impact you have to Rap Genius..the guy is a lyrical god, but BoB has this thing going where he *sounds* deep, but it's still easy to follow..and i guess that appeals to a lot of people :P

  82. silenteyesspy

    This version is best, because Lupe's lyrics are actually meaningful

  83. Jason Matias

    i love B.O.B dont get me wrong but Lupe killed the mic on this one

  84. David X

    Lupe >>>>> B.o.B. I probably listen to both of them more than anybody here, and Lupe far outranks B.o.B.

  85. ruff ryder

    The sad part is, 99% of the people that heard B.O.B's version will never know it's true origin or where it came from.

  86. DJIsaacJosh

    B.o.B. has a much more universal sound. If Lupe Fiasco would have released Nothin' On You or Airplanes they would have been a complete waste of their potential. B.o.B. killed this song and Nothing On You. I love Lupe and B.o.B. the same, but B.o.B. killed the crap out of both songs. Lupe just didn't bring it.

  87. playerkingawesome

    Never Let You Go - About not letting a special person go, because you love/like them and how far you'd go.

    Chandelier - About how even though you might be hurt and in pain, you can still shine, like a chandelier.

    Circles- About being in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way.

    Just A Sign - Wondering if life has any meaning.

    Castles - A rags to riches song, not exactly bragging, but about dreams.

    Where Are You - Talking about how some people think he has sold out lately but he didnt

  88. playerkingawesome

    So Good - About him doing nice things for his girl.

    Play For Keeps - About doing things without on your own.

    Arena - B.o.B. did this for performing at arena's and on stages. Another sort of bragging song, but it could just be an inspirational/feel good song to make people happy and that isn't exactly selling out.

    Out Of My Mind - About B.o.B.'s weird thoughts in his mind and maybe how he is different from other rappers, so people could think of him as crazy.

  89. playerkingawesome

    Yeah, B.o.B. is not a sellout dumbass, he is nothing like Pitbull or Flo. Let me enlighten you on the songs from Strange Clouds.

    Bombs Away - About persistence, when you hear the chorus.

    Ray Bands - Groupies liking people for their money.

    So Hard To Breath - Relationship and life stuff.

    Both Of Us - About uniting to rise above problems, probably another relationship song.

    Strange Clouds - Yes, a bragging song, about drinking and smoking, but it's a nice balance to all the other songs.

  90. playerkingawesome

    They were all great, the best album so far. Out Of My Mind was awesome and they are both equally great. Now shut up idiot.

  91. Coltsrock56

    im making a replay button because your gonna need it 0:00

  92. Satori M

    B.o.B is not a sell out.. he does have songs meant for the radio like the taylor swift shit but he has plenty of songs on all his albums that he knows will never get air play

  93. Supercold

    Pitbull makes music for his people, hes not a sell out.

  94. Benjlmao

    also lupe fiasco was featured in bobs album aswell. Yep B.o.b is definetly one to look out for

  95. Benjlmao

    yeh cause flo rida and pitbull can get an eminem feature in there album and all...

  96. Cerulean

    Not sure why everyone is arguing over B.o.B, and Lupe. Heres a good idea, don't you think everyone would benefit if you all just shut up, and listened to the song? As if anyone REALLY gives a fuck who's song it was, or whos better, or who can do this, and that. If you're going to argue, go find bad songs to argue on.

  97. AntiGamma

    B.o.B is not a sell out he's just as lyrical and talented as he was when he came out, and he produces most of his music himself. B.o.B may have 2 tracks about partying and having a good time on his album, but the other 10 songs have a message. His music has been on the radio since his first album came out. Outcast had songs on the radio all the time, where they sell outs?

  98. Eli Curry

    Dude has two albums. He's not a sellout, he's experimenting, because while he was doing one song with Taylor Swift, he was doing one with Hopsin and Tech N9ne, that's NOT how a sellout makes music.

  99. fizan hamid

    @roots4lifetrue u dipshit im talking bout rapping lupe is superior than b.o.b, in ur case justin bieber can play every instrument i think, does that mean hes hes shit like u