Lupe Fiasco - Air China Lyrics

(What they say, what they say, what they say)

These red eyes in the night, looking like giants, not the flights
Colossus watching the optics, are brighter
These demons blocking the right, might hop up in the sky, stop boxing the lights
Through their heads finding ways of expressing past lives

Like graves on a train, feel a wave of protection
Wisdom is a prison, not a cage for correction
Is it real or is it feel, trying to gauge the connection
Discretion got me stepping like beers in the trap
VPN gang checking China Air with an app

No status on trying to keep that baggage to a minimum
Meninghee, lemon tea, beef noodle gimme some (Yeah)

Look around, look around, everybody's on their phones
It's a room full of people but everybody's alone
Looking down, looking down
I even got the monks getting down to the sound

I don't wanna leave, I just want to brave Air China
I don't wanna die, I just want to fly Air China

Say, speaking to my sifu, finding gold in his counselling
Fire car speed through a hole in the mountain
Next to the businessman with his soul in accounting
Blessed be the hands that control the surroundings
Can we calculate fate
Can we look into the future and evaluate grace

Is it wisdom in the body, treat death like a job (eh)
Living like a hobby (eh)
Master the form, stand behind, copy (whoop)

I'm skilled to the way flies play on the anvil of the blacksmith
Martially fireworks sparkle at the funeral
The practice is instants turned to ashes in a sense
It represents life, and its vastness in a flash

What came before becomes floor forty inheritance of the assets
This too will burn and return to his place among the masses
But not before sitting still in the traffic
And I wish you could come here with me
But no crying allowed in these one tent cities

My hotel ain't got no fours in it
Repeat the form to my mind, ain't go no wars in it
Fire in my belly, my doubts keep it warm in it
And don't authorize unless it's authentic
Ya hear me, even though you wear it
Steal some silly and do it all clearly

Listen to my father, continuin' the saga
Faced with different missions, so I'm switching like the opera (Ye)
Bath stands, heaven's in the body and there's weapons in the lobby
The fat faced baby, wise ladies
Imperfections, misconceptions, and associates
Stereotypes, corruptions and compunctions
Appropriations, mispronunciations and manipulations of the functions
We all let the junction lie

I don't wanna leave, I just wanna brave Air China
I don't wanna die, I just wanna fly Air China

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