Lund - Cold Bones Lyrics

My bones are cold
Feel my body die
All's left is what's in my mind
The way you move girl you're so divine
I feel the chills running down my spine

She said I'm sorry that I lied I never loved you
(Never loved you no I never loved you)
She was there when you weren't so fuck you
(Fuck you girl you were never there, never there)
She said I'm sorry that I lied I never loved you
(Say bye now it's time to say goodbye)
She was there when you weren't so fuck you
(Say bye now it's time to say goodbye)
Killin' I'm drillin' the beat again
Reminding these bitches I'm not their friend
I don't pretend the coldest kid that you ever met
Come fuck with me and you won't forget, won't regret
Got you so high now you feel like a jet
Smoking and laughing while we lay in bed
But you got me caught up in the words that you said

My bones are cold
Feel my body die
All's left is what's in my mind
The way you move girl you're so divine
I feel the chills running down my spine

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Lund Cold Bones Comments
  1. XXX LøVe

    I n e v e r l o v e d y o u .

  2. Stefan Baker

    He makes feelin empty almost beautiful 🖤

  3. SloDubstepGaming


  4. Alexander S1XF1X

    I have “cold bones” tattooed on my hip bone and it makes for interesting convo after someone sees it 👀

  5. Elwood GreyBuffalo

    Lund is freaking awesome

  6. Sophia Mallory

    Lund is on of my fav artist who make sad songs and relatable too

  7. Elwood GreyBuffalo

    Awesome band!! I love their music and especially the lyrics!! Peace and Light sincerely Elwood GreyBuffalo jr

    Michael TeamSESH: G*59records:Mystic pimp

    Yeha Noah🌐🔄♾☮️🇺🇸

    Wishes OF Happiness
    🌄😔 I hope you injoy
    Sincerely, I Michael♾ "Lund"+Alot More where I come from.
    @LundBeats™️🙏📞 Site-Owner Musician/Band™️©️®️👈 MICHAEL JOSEPH GANT ™️©️®️🌐Ⓜ️☑️🆗™️

  8. Carlos Pereira

    I.m just an angel trying to go home

  9. Kei-Cxny 9

    f e e l m y b o d y d i e

  10. Ana Zara Popec

    Is lund alive cause all of his songs are so depressing, dont get me wrong i love them but
    .. U kno

    Jasmin Burt

    I'm late but yes he's alive

    Peyton Kasinger

    Ana Zara Popec yes I follow him on Twitter he is a cool guy he’s just hanging in there after stopping his anxiety meds cold Turkey and dealing with the problems from that but he is okay

    Hugh Janus

    He's made a new album and will be dropping it soon

    Michael TeamSESH: G*59records:Mystic pimp

    I'm alive just trying to access my account and Files and I will be in touch soon with the team and I will be at it again.
    Michael Joseph Gant [email protected]
    Instagram g59records9 @CreatorStudio thanks for your support and such consideration? Look up some more from my DynmkND, Carl Storm - with you in the morning and Always,Never. Much more:💀

  11. Mufasa Marie

    Music that makes you FEEL ❤

  12. Ddsprodigy

    not even a fucking million views

  13. Cristian Tadrous

    Corvoooooo pt2

  14. gwendolen s

    Lund actually means a penis in Hindi


    i found out the hard way

  15. Shanna R.

    I thought this guy was a famous artist and then questioned why not?

  16. Marlana Thomas

    lund is so underrated

  17. Nate Vlogs

    you write lyrics?


    Spread the love baby it's all gravy now

    Michael TeamSESH: G*59records:Mystic pimp

    Your like ice cream you chill me out and you still sweet.
    Michael Joseph Gant
    G-PAY administrator and Singer-songwriter labels on the music title companies I've domained subscribe/like/Tune in Instagram g59records9 or [email protected]


    I been trying to astound the world with his music

  20. Lewi Loki

    Honestly feels like my recent relationship I had

  21. aradoxx

    I'm falling apart....

  22. Zoe Nicole

    g o o d b y e :.(

  23. ana

    It's official Lund is one of my favorite artist now

  24. James TheKidd

    No lie i suffer from depression an this song makes me feel better. At first i wana cry an at the end im feeling a little better. Gives me that push from the edge i need

    wandering moon

    You aren't alone. I hope one day you won't feel depressed anymore. 💙

  25. sober fcck

    S h i t. Im addicted to this song fml 😧

    u wot

    I see nothing wrong with that

    Michael TeamSESH: G*59records:Mystic pimp

    Why??.. I luv yours. No More Tears. What you crying for. 👈You got me. I hope you white Roses through it. Releases of the past. I was once told. Build in your strengths. #🆗,You are appreciated.
    Sincerely, Official #™®©Lund @©Lundbeats📞👈🇺🇸☮️☯️✝️♾™️🔺🔻🔻🔺Ⓜ️ℹ️🛡️🔍📞☝️🆗🙏😔❣️

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    October 21,2019
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    Live An Let Live
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    DONT PHUNK 'ROUND🆗☝️💯🌐🙏☝️

  26. Camicazie _

    Is it bad that I resonate with this song so much?

  27. Jolly RAncHers

    This is the theme song to my life

  28. Vic

    I n e v e r l o v e d y o u . . .


    Vicx Kicks that's how I feel.. my boyfriend and me were dating for a year and a half .. though it only seemed like he cared for the first half of our relationship.. I broke up with him last summer and it left a huge emotional impact on me.. I cry knowing I miss him and he doesn't love me Joe and I feel like he never loved me I miss him so much and it just hurts no one can replace him he was my only source of happiness


    @_gushers_ same.

  29. 卐Zoomer

    I n e v e r r e a l l y l o v e d y o u

  30. Julka

    This gives me good chills, holy damn.. 😭❤️

  31. raccoon

    Background name?


    its from tumblr i guess, u can check, gip background orr wallpaper

  32. The Lonely Cottonball

    This actually made my bones feel cold uM

    ReD LiGhTs

    The Lonely Cottonball sAmE


    sAME bro like fr

  33. bentoru_1069

    I always enjoying this while I'm falling apart. 🙂


    Damn, he broke my heart..


    bentoru_1069 its been a year mate you still aint over it?


    @Lawen__ I just broken up with my boyfriend and come back to listen to this song over and over again. It's been 3 month ago, mate.


    bentoru_1069 jeez she stopped talkin to me 4 months ago, idk when i’ll get over it


    @Lawen__ That's too bad... it's difficult to moved out of someone's life but I believe that you can do it. Me neither.

  34. karl wanza

    666 likes huh, let me fix that


    nU don't if u did y u do dat
    my freind de devil was mean't to hear that

    Doctor_Mouse46 4

    @PhoraForever21 XxX You low self esteem bitch.

    Raven Sacco

    @Doctor_Mouse46 4 you totally helped my calling them names (not)


    Boii you have the same picture

  35. Network Noise

    Subscribe to my channel for awesome music and Lund content! Much love and thanks!

  36. Toke the Dude

    What's that other song where he talks bout how he got them cold bones? Plz anybody?

    Toke the Dude

    Its RX luv. Thanx

    Toke the Dude

    Adam Dagg bro that song still rings true as fuck and I'm 25 now


    Toke Rx Luv.

    Michael TeamSESH: G*59records:Mystic pimp

    Rx Luv or Cold Bones

  37. ExiledObliteration

    I'm not hetaro sexual.

    lil gothie

    Corrado Czaicki same here 🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈


    Cool, me neither

    Tyler Crain

    Panasexual, if you've got a spoon I'll fuck it 😂 (im joking)

    yoongis 3 dollar chain

    Ok, um, its heterosexual and also Tyler Crain its pansexual

    pink. animalcracker

    You spell hetero wrong

  38. aya sachiko hi

    Here for yew

  39. Bardo Verha

    !!SO PERFECT!!

  40. lord - univers0


    pink. animalcracker


  41. miserumn


  42. Queeny Dreemurr

    what's the background name?

    Queeny Dreemurr

    slcolby oh thanks,nice video btw!


    Queeny Dreemurr anytime! and thank you :)