Lumidee - End Of Time Lyrics

Give me something I can feel life
Give me something thats forreal life

I think its the one for me and me for you
Our destiny, Its waitin to be fulfilled
Follow your heart I know you will

Give me the worlds the melody
You play the music right to my beat
Larger than life the air I breath
Your so much than I could dream

I lose my mind how you shine your so fine
Can be mine?
Until the end of time
Until the end of time
All mine
All mine

My heart you got that
My sould you got that
My all you got that
My love you got that

I can be your girl

Give me something I can feel life
Give me something thats forreal life

Like Romeo and Juilet I been so in love since we first met
It really is thats how I feel
If fate took you from me I couldn't deal
I vision it seems so unreal
I never knew this all I can feel
My happiness gose throw and than
I knew are time was so well spent



I can be your girl

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Lumidee End Of Time Comments
  1. tim millea

    Dear I tunes please upload

  2. Shahid Vega

    This song made me cry

  3. louis swarez

    aqui estoy

  4. Alicia Cruz

    Lumidee amazing needs to come back out asap and shut shit down ur beautiful and talented we miss you boo

    James Sandoval

    Alicia Cruz well said Girl!! number 1 fan since dia uno! and still jamming the old stuff!

  5. sha bailon

    me and my boyfriends song <3 8.10.11 all dayy

  6. A1fromday1 ms.gloria

    true stories by : lumidee :)

  7. 223SAMOS

    styles p on his gentleman shit

  8. stasia roman

    hot song ;+) what happen to your music why you stop...

  9. Donald Trump go back and record that hook again.....tha song will be

  10. baleevet

    Feelin dis 1 right here

  11. kit k Force

    real shit 4ever

  12. Madison Smith

    love this song...