Luke Sital-Singh - The Last Day Lyrics

On the last day of my life
I wonder what I will be like
Will I be blue?
Held up with glue?
Will I be strong and able?

Will I waken all right then?
My final day had just begun
I hope you're there
With bed-made hair
And a body I can cradle

And in the morning we take a walk
Through every street and every park
I hope it's deep
In autumn time
And the leaves are like fires raging

I think I would love the simple things
Like holding hands and noticing
The way the wind moves
In between
And I never saw you ageing

The afternoon would come so soon
Will there be time for a movie too?
I hope there's one
About true love
About how it hurts sometimes

As it fades to black and the credits roll
Think I'd start to lose control
And all those names
Flash before my face
Did I thank them all in time?

In early eve you'd start to grieve
And all your doubts and unbelief
Would shatter there
And you'd throw up prayers
To keep me from my curse

But I'd hold you close and you'd pray and pray
Whisper "everything is going to be okay"
Our final kiss
Would bring such bliss
And feel just like our first

On the last night of my life
Think I'd rather be surprised
Now every night
When I close my eyes
I hold your hand so tight

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Luke Sital-Singh The Last Day Comments
  1. Tina Brown

    Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with the world! I discovered you this weekend in Louisville. This song was a confirmation that my baby brother is at peace. We lost him 17 months ago at age 30 to a glioblastoma brain tumor. It was horrifying to see someone so young and strong just wither away in such a short time. I wish his last days were like this. We surrounded him with love and I threw up so many prayers. Peace and abundance to you and yours

  2. Kathy Royce

    Heard this for the first time live in New Haven Halloween night. Great song. Best performance of the night.

  3. Christian Diaz

    I lisnten to this every night so just in case it's my last day it will be the last thing I hear.Thank you 🌚💗

  4. Simba Bhebhe

    Literally one of the best songs ever written

    Simba Bhebhe

    It literally is isn’t it!

  5. tanya schreiber

    Can Not describe what i feel When i am Listening to this Voice. You‘re a blessing ❤️

  6. Omair Ahmad

    All true words. I am all tears.

  7. Aries Leguin

    I'm so glad Spotify brought me to this song. I'd usually skip suggested songs but then I heard the intro and it just felt so magical. I'm going to treasure this one forever.

  8. lgin10315

    Beautifully touching song and brilliant video! Bravo!

  9. Beeblebrox One

    Beautiful song and sound. Thanks. Spare a thought for all the people who have no one and go alone in life and at the end and never seem to find that someone even though they wished they had..x

  10. Thomas Williams

    The most beautiful song I've ever had the pleasure of listening to..just sublime! Well done luke! You made my year

    Thomas Williams

    Keep the music flowing and thanks for opening your heart and soul bro : )

  11. Coconut Cookiii

    This is wonderful! I got here through an advertisement. How lovely to see ads like this 🌲🌸🦋

  12. Frank Norton

    Absolutely beautiful, touching, and real. I've struggled with death since the passing of my grandparents and this song hits me hard. Makes me feel like living more fully, and appreciating and loving those in my life more.

    Luke Sital-Singh

    amazing to hear that frank. thank you for sharing that x

  13. omizuko 5


  14. Lee Wood

    Your words and your voice are utterly beautiful. I hope you write many more songs that can affect me the way this one has. Thank you so much.

  15. Betty Hunter

    Your song is beautiful I love it 💖 Very touching

  16. Rituraj Bhattacharya

    As always. Beautiful.

  17. simpsonovci95142

    no way, so beautifull

  18. Matthew Gordon Price

    Great song, and lovely video man

  19. Marlene Quintanilla

    Just, wow. You never disappoint me. I’m in love

  20. Josh Smith

    machado whiffed at that ball. good riddance

  21. Eeshani Kochhar

    No one's music has managed to mean as much to me as yours has, right from Fail for you to this now. I am forever thankful that you choose to share the beauty you possess. Hope you can make your way to India again. Still have a signed tissue and you said for you a thousand times over but I'd be okay with just one. Regards to you your family and hope you always find a way with your words in life.

  22. Valeria Ricci

    Suddenly today is an amazing day. Thank you so much

  23. Mirna Babić

    I think I would love the simple things ♡

  24. Sanjana Mishra

    Its my birthday today and you gave me this gift . Thank you so much

  25. İlhan Akın Şerefoğlu


  26. oldsoul -

    Love the guitar and piano arrangement 👌

  27. lagunabxo

    Beautiful song and animation!

  28. Janis Lichter

    I'm at work right now and hear this song for the 6th time in a row... I'm crying since the beginning! You always find such wonderful words to describe emotions. Thank you so much for your music and I hope to see you again soon in Hamburg, Germany.

  29. Alice

    Another beautiful song .. thank you :)

  30. Ali Alami

    wonderful song ❤️