Luke James - Powerless Lyrics

Are you dreaming?
Are you awake?
Take your time to let me know
When it is, that you will wonder why
Are you dead?
Are you alive?
Contemplate your limitations
Maybe you'll find a motive to try
Show me all that you can do
It's only where you'll go
It's only a matter of time
Before you decide to glow
Are you prepared?
Are you still wondering?
Ready or not it's time to go
And it's time to start accepting my hope
Are you faithful?
Are you losing your pride?
As everyone races up to the top
You'll be the only one bound by a rope
Show me all that you can do
It's only where you'll go
It's only a matter of time
Before you decide to glow

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Luke James Powerless Comments
  1. msbrowneyes always smiling

    Had no idea the "Little" striptease guy was a

  2. Jazmine Jackson

    Sooo y’all just gone ignore that run at 1:28?! Man I’ve listened to it 20 times by now. Give me chills.

  3. Iisa Pierce

    Luke james a trip😂

  4. Jeanettestargaze

    I love that they have the plus size dancer.

  5. jeremylagitano

    Jodeci vibes. Some parts sounds like k-ci and jojo back in the day.

  6. Almond kissed

    Honey that's grown man sexy 🤤

  7. Ariane Davis

    Luke can get it! Ya Heard!

  8. Lekeisha Jones

    JODECI 3.0 😉

  9. VoiceOf Reason

    Yes 🔥. 3 Kings 💯

  10. Nikki White

    Shoutout to @kayla zimmerman dancing w/ the fro ...she’s awesome check her YouTube page

  11. Star Queen

    Every black girl like me has power in them and I’m only 8 sayin this

  12. Mxlik Rvgler

    BJ definitely showed out during this performance 🔥 favorite verse on the song

  13. ForeverDee

    Bj the chicago kid doesn’t get enough recognition 😩✨✨✨

  14. erica rhea

    They killed the performance!!!

  15. Ralph Jennings


  16. Corrie Wardwell

    You can 8th and The first

  17. DynastyVisualsTV

    BJ can definitely blow. Met Ro James and sang for him he’s a real cool dude. Madd humble. We all know Wolf James can get down. This was dope.

  18. Dr Sess

    Jaheim and Luke would have been a great mashup on this retro jam. Saying a prayer for Jaheim. You an always come home

  19. Bleu 1

    Luke James had alotta girls triggered! Yes Luke!

  20. Static

    I wanted to hear more of "All of Your Love" 🙁

  21. osun gbemi

    Just horrible

  22. Qua Dagenarous

    Damn Ro you more of a singer than Bj !! What happened?

  23. Anya Santiago

    I love all these men together!!! This was such a fire song!!!!!

  24. Mona Majestic

    This is timeless music 👑👑👑

  25. Jen Love

    Maxwell vibes 😫😫👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  26. Krystal H

    Luke James you are the finest man

  27. Nola Shawty

    Such a vibe❤️🔥💯


    Luke, James.

  29. Soulful Kisses80

    LUKE JAMES💋💋💋💋💋💋😍😍😍😍

  30. willneen hd

    Its luke james baby

  31. nasi goreng

    i'm here because he said on buzzfeed thristy tweets he goes commando........ 🧐

  32. Original Storm

    Sometimes I just wanna see some black excellence without seeing white ppl in the crowd or on stage🙄. Like do we really have anything for ourselves?????😒 Still loved the performance though.

    Candy Love

    Original Storm lol right

  33. MessiahbolicalTV

    Rocking the Notting Hill Carnival pants

  34. Mya hills

    Luke James yessssss zaddy 😍😍😍😍

  35. yee yani

    this man Luke James is a damn goddess 🥺🥴

  36. Stephanie Davis

    They need to be a group.... I’m here for it!!

  37. royce scott

    new group better than most ,,,

  38. Betty Millz

    This song is all over the place

  39. Samanthia Moore

    I was screaming and twerking when they came on love to James and Luke 😍😍

  40. S. Williams

    Jodeci vibes

  41. Mystic Diamond

    That "All of your love" breakdown at the beginning thou. I can't wait to see that performed live in it's entirety.

  42. Ariel Harris

    This video would’ve been just fine with all black ppl

    Jasmine Moore

    Ariel Harris well check out the music video for it, beautiful black queens all up thru there 💜

  43. Joy Croom

    Luke James has such an old soul. His voice is mesmerizing.

  44. tiffanymriley9

    I have watched this too many times. Y’all know what sister wives are but if I had the opportunity I would make these men brother husbands 😍😍😍

  45. tyrone williams


  46. Dawn Johnson

    I love everything about this, especially 1:56

  47. Crystal Dozier

    I'm feeling this , I hope they a group !!!

  48. Ted Graham

    Anit miss a beat since star !

  49. Lawrence Andrews

    When I saw this I honestly thought Luke caught the "Johnny G syndrome " and linked up with BJ and Ro and decided to come out with a group lol.

  50. Heather monroe

    Luke sings for days and will forever have my panties throwing

  51. Mariah B

    That curvy sista represented us oh so well! Shout out to Luke for the inclusiveness!

  52. Yolanda Casey

    I appreciate the realness of variety on that stage. Bravo!! And thank you for the inclusiveness.


    Luke James. Mmm hmm & I’m glad to see BJ get more stage time. People sleep on the Brotha & he has lungs for days.

  54. The Quinn Chronicles

    Ha jayz said the 30s the new 20s they killed this!!!!! We can do all of it!!!!!! And that girl killed dancing!!!! I love it

  55. Lawrence Jackson

    Day defntly gotsum aftr the show😂

  56. Nicole Wooten

    I'm steady watching this for Like dancing...💗😂😍

  57. Dare MC

    Luke know he ain’t right for that👀👀👀☑️☑️😂

  58. Aareiona Bee

    So no one is going to talk about the wig flip at about 1:10???

    (all for jokes sensitive commenters)

  59. Naomi Brown

    Luke James is fine as hell 😍😍😍😩

  60. Crystal❤

    It would be bomb if they remade Quincy Jones Secret Garden. Ro can lead with Al b Sure's! part, Luke would kill James Ingrams part, and then BJ will most definitely do justice to El debarge part. We just need a baritone to bring everything together. Any suggestions??

  61. Ebo J.

    Ooooo yeeesss! All three are dope as hell. AND yes! I sure did let out a yelp when I looked up and saw Luke on THAT bed

    I also see Sis on the bed up there getting a few checks. 👏

  62. Nichella Mary

    The new Kanye west in 2019.... he give me that vibe. This is a compliment this is the vibe I used to get from him.

  63. neicolety29 neicolety29


  64. Del Gee

    What in the ulgy pointy bulge is going on here?

    Maddy Itebu

    Del Gee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you made me burst out laughing

  65. toomuchfourU

    This is the problem with studio falsetto and live. In the studio they make you think you doing things. Live we will find out you aint. Ro James stop. Luke and BJ killed it though

  66. Avier Cooper

    That was essence awards music

  67. Shawnette Washington

    I'm so out of touch I never heard of them

  68. Musically Challenged

    Bj the Chicago kid was killing those runs! Go boy!

  69. George Garcia

    Been watching this for days word SMOOOTH!! 😎👍

  70. N.Sue-Ann

    Luke James I mean 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I almost jumped into my TV

  71. atm

    u signed this nicca.........trying to be GINUWINE 👎🤦‍♀️

  72. joonmonjagi

    How ya'll gon get them to perform after we just got blessed by the Holy Spirit with Yolanda? 😂

  73. Rant Tony

    Seen both Luke and Ro live in NY. Best experience ever. Gotta see BJ and then I'm complete. Lol.

  74. Bee Doe

    Sorry to these men but I don't know who any of them are. They could be walking down the street & I wouldn't know a thing.

  75. Sweet Tresses

    🤨 ummmmm Luke James pants are sending studio 54 vibes and this set is umm Just no

  76. Matt Dunlap

    What did he say to ol girl at the beginning?

  77. Samatha W

    arent those the same girls that performed wit jeremiah and wale

  78. kionna payne

    is that Noah from 'Star'?💞

    ChitownGirl 33

    Yes. Yes It Is.

  79. danielle saunders

    I love it but you all holding back go big or go home your voice sets the tone of the room sexy different types of sexy in music

  80. Tonya Whiting

    👀 Ro James name???

  81. I'keijha

    That “All of Your Love” part was hitting! 🔥 Ooouuu I wish he could’ve composed that song just like the beginning of his performance.

  82. Cris Fields


  83. Cris Fields

    Love every moment of this

  84. Cupcakes_01

    Luke James make my panties come off!!! 😜😛😋😬😍

  85. Candy Love

    Luke was damn near twerking, 😍
    I did probably the 100k in views 😒

  86. Joe MOE2014

    Man Luke James cannot sing nor can he compare to other singers who can sing!

    Joe MOE2014

    @Jasmine Moore okkk lets say he can hold a tune , but lets be real on a scale 1 to 10 there is no way he can be rated past a 5 or in the same category as the people he was honoring. I do believe he has stage presence and his body is somewhat nice bt come on!!

    Jasmine Moore

    Joe MOE2014 what music have you listened to from him? What live performances? You said a lot and still didn’t say anything. The man can sing half the industry under the table. You’re on YouTube already, hit that search button and educate yourself.

    Jasmine Moore

    You were smart to delete your last comment. Since he was NEVER on Empire and that “basement thing” was a freestyle cypher. You have no idea what you are talking about and that’s clear 😂 so this conversation is pointless

  87. Adrianna Gardner

    Big up to thick dancers

  88. El Capo

    Bruh i am i the only one peeped luke jakes dance moves was a lil suspect 🤔🧐

    Musically Challenged

    What you mean?

  89. Sara grant-wilson

    This is a mess what in the actual hell!??

  90. Monica Cook


  91. The Black Esthetician

    O my Luke ☺️🙊

  92. Livi D.


  93. Kärmél Brown

    I miss watching him on STAR