Luke James - Hurt Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
They say that you're no good,
They say you've got me twisted,
'cause when I'm in your hood,
All we do is bang, bang, bang,
They say that we won't last,
But I believe just different,
They're throwin' broken glass,
But we be like bang, bang, bang oh baby

They can say that you're no good for me,
That I'm wasting all my energy,
But the love you give is good to me,
I could walk away but it's worth the pain,
Hurt me baby hoo
Hurt me baby hoo
Work it baby, drive me crazy
Hurt me baby

[Verse 2:]
They say that I'm your prey,
And you're my hunter,
You're gonna shoot one day,
And I'll go bang, bang, bang
They say that I'm on fire,
I guess that you're my flame girl
We can't put out desire
Not even rain, rain, rain

Whoa they can say that you're no good for me,
That I'm wasting all my energy,
But the love you give is so good to me,
I could walk away but it's worth the pain
Hurt me baby, woo woo
Hurt me baby, hoo whoa
Hurt me baby, drive me crazy
Hurt me baby
Hurt me baby, woo woo
Hurt me baby, ooo woo
Hurt me baby, drive me crazy
Hurt me baby

It kills them how we love and they can't take it no,no
The crimes we be committin', they can't catch us nah, nah,
Who's lovin' like we do? who's bangin' like we do?
Nobody, nobody
Drop me from a thousand feet, I bet I'll survive
Pull the trigger baby girl I swear I won't cry,
Keep lovin' like you do, no one can fuck like you
Nobody, nobody, damn it

Hurt me baby, yeah
Hurt me baby, oh
You better work it baby, drive me crazy
Ohhhh woooooo hooo hooo
Hurt me baby,
Better work it baby, drive me crazy
Hurt me baby, woahhhh... hey

[Verse 3:]
My friends, they say walk away,
Luke, you don't deserve the pain,
But I tell 'em, they don't know,
Just what I gain from you baby,
Your love, your sweet love, heavenly love,
They say run away, run away, find somebody else,
But I don't want nobody, I just want you baby,
So I'm willin' to go through the rain, through the fire hey,
Through the pain, mm da da da, oohh hurt me babe

Does that make me crazy? does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy? possibly
Does that make me crazy? does that make me crazy?
That make me crazy? 'cause all I want is your love,
Hey...oooo whooo... ooooo,
All I want is your love, la la,
Hurt me baby, hurt me baby,
Oooo ooo... hurt me baby

Play with my mind, play with my mind,
Just don't, just don't break my heart,
Hurt me baby, hurt me babe,
Do what you wanna ohh,
Just don't break my heart,
Hurt me baby

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Luke James Hurt Me Comments
  1. DGMG Neco

    Luke new york feb 1 i'm there THE CUTTING ROOM

  2. Loce Lopez

    Oh God this dude

  3. Aaltima03

    I will always love this performance of “Hurt Me”. 9/12/2019 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  4. Jaz Janelle

    Always find myself coming back to this song, sucks I can’t find it on Apple Music....

  5. LisaMarie Velez

    Amazing You are a great artist

  6. LisaMarie Velez


  7. Jay

    If you cant feel the intensity in his delivery, you're emotionless

  8. Ronnette Harrison

    Amazingly talented.. His voice ❤

  9. Yanna need a djck

    I love this men!!!! So fine and super underrated

  10. King KRK

    This video is PERFECTION

  11. Christine Mwangi

    2019 anyone 😍😍😍
    Luke gives me goosebumps ❤

  12. Luv4medicine

    Where is she Luke? I'll take care of her for you bro 😠

  13. Schfreda Thomas

    This song snatched my soul!

  14. Dezzi Love

    i love you..

  15. Laura Tatum

    Just take all of my love for all eternally

  16. Robert Poole

    Just realized the video quality sucks and He still sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!

  17. celesia napier

    I am list for words😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. Dyce B

    He felt this kinda pain before.... he sang this from experience..... deep!

  19. iD iesha

    Beautiful voice... #TeamLUKEJames

  20. Tammi Collins

    I'm in tears in 2019!! I felt all the emotions in this beautiful song!! He so underrated!! WolfJames is the shit!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥💝💝💝💝

  21. Shawnzay Jackson

    Luke 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾Awesome job!
    Music genius 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

  22. Shawnzay Jackson

    Been here before! 😥😥 This type of ❤ for someone is dangerous. You can lose yourself loving them. If u don't love your spouse please let them go.

  23. Ms. K.D Smith

    It's pathetic, how I never heard of this song before...I never heard of Luke James before..until the Soul Train Awards Soul Cypher this year. Smh. I am crying watching this video. I feel the pain...I'm living this pain...and yes... hurt me...even though I know that I deserve better... hurt me... because there is no one else I want or desire. Even though the love and affection isn't mutual..hurt me. Cuz all I want is you 💔💔💘

  24. Shi Ro

    Love love love your voice and passion

  25. JA DIVA

    LMS if you listening in December 2018! Luke James pure talent. Love this man!

  26. E. Marie

    Well damn... The pianist was playing that piano like his life depended on it. Whew!

  27. Mya bruno

    Such a powerful song. I cant stop crying listening to it. God has truly blessed you to express different feeling through your music. This really happens in real life 😢

  28. I Am Princess Divine

    Still listening 2018.

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    Came back to this after the cypher

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    Might jus be my favorite song of all time

  31. Nancy Ruth

    Beautiful song. I love it. Oh you are a great singer toooooo

  32. Davielle P

    He was feeling like this at this exact moment of singing who is hurting I need to kno

  33. reremechelle

    A real diamond in the ruff but there is nothing really ruff about him because his voice is so smooth, soulful and sensational. He is underrated. A true diamond.

  34. Tanaya Baker

    Beautifully executed Luke James your absolutely amazingly talented

  35. Darelle Kemper

    I always listen to this when the one that got away crosses my mind 😞😢

  36. ClassyChicIree

    still coming here  in 2018.. I love the emotions I feel ..

  37. Malaysiah Curtiss

    2018. And this man AND this song still makes me emotional 😭😭😭. And he still doesn’t get near the Love and credit he deserves.

  38. Ray Black

    I'm mad nostalgic.... this was my shit 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  39. James Conway

    Everything about him is perfect. How does no one know his name? It's like he's singing my own heart song up there.

  40. Tiffany Fincher

    Pianist is amazing

  41. Tiffany Fincher

    His voice is like non other

  42. Carlaaa

    His falsetto is so strong its impeccable

  43. erica 21diva


  44. Edna obenschain

    The way Luke began talking about this song in avower register & almost a pain that he's feeling.Now it maybe something he felt @ one time or now but I felt his pain. Im so surprised after all this time he's not getting more publicity. Talk about a wonderful artist that isn't get recognized & it really frustrates me because you get all this young boys getting credit, TV, late night shows, getting established on the voice, American Idol(yeah talking about Shawn Mendez) & other young teenagers getting time on TV & great music cranes running with them yet heres a young man that has all the right qualities but somewhere somebody has dropped the ball & it sure wasn't him, I say whomever is his manager get your a** in gear because if you can't do it find somebody better.. dang if your true music lovers fight for this guy he's real R & B & he sings from deep within his heart

  45. Tanaya Baker

    Beautiful song emotions run deep

  46. jasmine chanel

    Still listening to this in 2018

  47. Laester E Dickson Willis

    He’s real ,and to the point leaving out nothing,

  48. Laester E Dickson Willis

    He’s been hurt b4, because I’ve been hurt 😢 and unless you’ve been there you can’t express it way. Love ❤️ can be so painful, but when it’s right there’s nothing greater. For someone so young Luke’s the man, he full of emotions.

  49. Laester E Dickson Willis

    If you ever been in love 😍, you have surely had this this feeling with someone you yourself knew it wasn’t good for you , but that feeling you just didn’t want to do without, folk let me tell you the truth about that wasn’t love 💕 it called lust but it felt so good 😊 you didn’t want to do without it.


    This song is an addiction to a love that you rather be hurt by this love than to be without. You get love withdrawals from not having their love. I can feel his intense feeling in this song. Heart me baby💞

  50. Magali Zuniga

    Still love this song ❤

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    I love this man!!!! Vocals,& pen game killin it

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    I love how you can feel his emotions while he sings! #hurtmebaby #lukejames #love it

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    Why did I just find this song ?!? My eyes are watering lol

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  58. erica 21diva

    Luke ❤❤❤

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    This is one of my all time favorite songs. The pain and emotion he puts out there makes it even more personal. This guy makes me hate the woman this songs about.

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    Amber Griffith

    He gives me chills and I feel like I'm high , I love this man!!!

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    Currently listening 4/13/17

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    Luke! I Love this whole Album. You are so talented! This song always moves me you know you singing this song.

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    Luke James has the best voice.. he is so underrated as an artist.. people just don't know good music..

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    Seriously why IS HE SO UNDERRATED??? This is disrespectful!!!


    deka mohamoud I've been saying that for years!!!!

    Randy Baldwin

    deka mohamoud i been trying to put people on

    tripple me

    even after the New Edition movie he's still underated

    Paula Swinson

    Hurt me babe!

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    He is an artist that is lyrically sound. He doesnt want to just f*ck your body, he wants your mind. Then your body is easily conquered

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  98. Shuntá Holmes

    This song is deep. I don't want love to hurt but I understand what he's saying because love can be like a drug and you want that drug even if it tears your life apart. Nah, keep that love! The emotions of this song is so raw.

    Tanaya Baker

    Shuntá Holmes LeBlanc yes very much so