Luke Friend - One Day Like This Lyrics

Drinking in the morning sun
Blinking in the morning sun
Shaking off the heavy one
Yeah, heavy like a loaded gun

What made me behave that way?
Using words I never say
I can only think it must be love
Oh, anyway
It's looking like a beautiful day

Will someone tell me how I feel?
Oh it's silly wrong but vivid right
Oh, kiss me like the final meal
Yeah, kiss me like we die tonight

Cause holy cow I love your eyes
And only now I've seen the light
Yeah, lying with you half awake
Stumbling on the words to say
Anyway, It's looking like a beautiful day

So throw your curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right
Throw your curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right

So, throw your curtains wide
Oh, one day like this a year would see me right
Oh, so throw your curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right

Oh, throw your curtains wide
One day like this a year would see me right
So throw your cutains wide
One day like this a year would see me right

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Luke Friend One Day Like This Comments
  1. Scott Clarke

    Play 1.25x thank me later

  2. Velcro

    Beautiful cover.

    I absolutely love the choice of vocal notes at the "Cause holy cow I love your eyes, and only now I see the light" part, and of course this is all down to the original, but the second line in particular can be tough to pick off the 4th note when he sings the words "see the"

    Rippa of a tune and a cover that does in honours. Well done Luke.

  3. Mark Pointer

    Jesus this guy is good. What a voice... what a song to choose to cover...

  4. Back Country Pastimes

    What a voice. Holy cow indeed

  5. pedro gomez

    muy buena, podrías pasarme los acordes por favor

  6. Luke Luke

    Very good cover

  7. ANGEL

    We see that you put all the passion you have and that you empathize in the lyrics .. the thing I like most is that you have a style all your own.

    Callum Talbott

    Lore couldn't agree more

  8. Ermida galang

    Brilliant cover your so talented luke

  9. averilleX

    Such a good live act too, really a fan of Luke!

  10. Erin Parker

    Hope he gets an album out soon, wanted him to win X factor and his performance with Ellie Goulding and his version of skinny love and let her go were amazing and so real!

  11. crocdelsud

    algún buen compositor debiera escribir algo para él, en su estilo. lo vale.

  12. Alicia Maynard

    covered a bit of this at osfest, bill

  13. sonia dyne

    amazing Luke x

  14. Kim Carson

    every and I mean EVERY song he covers , he improves it .............totally talented lad .............go Luke !


    +Kim Carson I'm absolutely agree with you!

  15. kahoalii96740

    By far the BEST cover ever!!!!

  16. Sara Ironstand

    keep it up you have support from Canada

  17. Paula Mckinney

    Your amazing I love your music

  18. HollieAndHerHorses

    I like it best when he performs the first chorus, from this point onwards I think he really throws himself into it, takes a different approach to elbow with the guitar but equally interesting. :)

  19. StereoCat

    amazing, so natural and so special

  20. Kelly Gilchrist

    glad he didnt win xfactor would of changed him into something that he's not!

  21. Lynda Hardy-Maskell

    Raspy, unique voice. Brilliant cover of an anthemic original. The only former x factor whose album I'll be downloading when it comes out. 

  22. Johnny Showbones

    Wow, was prepared to dislike him as an Eks-Factor contestant, but whatta' voice!

  23. Jaime Hernandez

    this guy have a unique style

  24. Katie Cozens

    I have this song on repeat 24/7! When he sings it's so effortless but sounds amazing! I love him <3

  25. Sandra Thurston

    Goosebumps <3

  26. Chelsy Emilús

    please tell me he's straight he's my dream boy omg

  27. Taylor Renee

    he's the definition of perfection omfg 

  28. amanda bickley

    I agree with the Nicholas thing, how CRAP & BORING was he, people just do not appreciate good music and talent. Luke will be going strong when who is nicholas is being said. Luke very talented. 

  29. Kkkkarolka16

    his LIPS <3

  30. Darren Kincaid

    Luke unbelievable man, to be able to play the guitar and sing is really hard. I am 26 now and looking back I wish I started singing and guitar!!! Wish u all the success in world

  31. Karina M

    Love Luke! By far the best X-Factor contestant ever! Unique in every way, can't wait to see him live :)

  32. brownsuga1212

    i love luke, bought all of his on't sofa tracks off amazon. i'll be buying all of his music when it comes out! gutted he didn't win but maybe a blessing in disguise, xfactor winners don't usually make much out of themselves.

  33. Jimmy Sturridge

    I know for sure how fixed x-factor is now. Cannot believe Luke went out to Nicholas... He was proper shit and boring!! What a performance with Ellie Goulding! I will not be watching x-factor again after this! Hopefully Luke keeps making music cz he will be more successful than both of them :)

    Dee Bean

    omg high five i completley agree wid u, thank god im not the only one x


    Totally agree!!

    Back Country Pastimes

    I know right? He should have won. That shows how controlled X factor is

  34. Luca OasisMonkeys

    don't know how he was in the bottom 2 last week i voted 4 him like a billion times!!!
    love this guy!

  35. aaa

    He's voice is heaven to me.

  36. Julia R

    I love him too much omg perfectness

  37. Jamie Davis

    oh god- what a cover !! <3 

  38. kamisaki mai

    Luke's raw husky voice is so inviting and pore raising that i just can't get enough of it, i won't accept any other winner to x factor other than you.

  39. Kevin Cartee

    brilliant young talent

  40. Liam

    Might he? Why do u think that?


    Because... he 'might'? As in 'possibly'? :P

  41. junyoung

    OMG. He might sing this next week on the x factor! I really hope he does!!! <3

  42. 1Dareunreall

    Actually unreal how much i love him :( soooo good!!

  43. alice kellaghan

    He is absoloutly oustanding! <3 I fancy him Sooo much :*

  44. liana matule

    love him

  45. maccrimmonal98

    I can't get enough of his voice super cute face.

  46. Delphine Messiaen

    in love!

  47. Cristen

    who doesn't :))

  48. kayleigh owen

    omg he Is perfect I loves him sooo fricking much hearing him singing makes my world amazing cant stop listening to him hes perfect listening to him makes my heart melt and hes hair omg soo lush :D :D I love you luke friend xxx

  49. Hayley Sharpe

    Hear* had to correct myself

  50. Hayley Sharpe

    My heart melts every time I here him sing, he's so beautiful

  51. Chrize van der Walt

    This kid... Can sing

  52. Diana Styles


  53. Aleena Willis

    wooo you did awesome your voice is PERF!!!

  54. TheCyclingJunkie

    That intro tho!

  55. Isabella Kerwin

    Ahh he has the same guitar as me! Yay!

  56. Saida

    he's a participant in the xFactor UK x3

  57. Coral Amphlett

    i love the way Elbow sings this but this is another level absolutely amazing!!

  58. Natalie Arnold

    3:40 <3 amazing

  59. Gareth Logan

    Omg. Great work kid.good luck in the future

  60. Maddey

    So amazing:')

  61. Milly Roberts

    Amazing like always xx

  62. hollylouise wwd

    This makes me melt inside :3

  63. Ruba Ashraf

    OMMMGGG that was actually beautiful

  64. Lucy Hammond

    I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I cannot stop listening to this! <3

  65. Sophie Davidson

    I fancy him so much :)))

  66. hollylouise wwd

    Perfect, made me cry!

  67. N64 x Thomas

    OMFG....ahhhh omg omg omg <3

  68. kelly gardner

    <3 <3 <3

  69. Thalita van loosbroek

    Aaaah love this guy!
    He is so, so different/Special!

  70. abby king

    I'm honestly in love with him..

  71. Paulina Loyola Muñoz


  72. Clojary

    his voice is perfection.

  73. Matthew Goulding

    woah. glad i came across this!

  74. Keegan P

    Holy fuck man, that voice and everything that was amazing

  75. Beatriz Buendia

    perfect luke!

  76. Oliwia Mzee

    damn... ;OOOOOO

  77. sunnygirly2k4

    One of my fave songs (as well as Bones of You and The Fix from The Seldom Seen Kid) and I quite like his interpretation.

  78. hungerdunger1

    WOW! COOL! Amazing voice! BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful! AWESOME!!!

  79. Svetlana Koulikova

    I love his voice SO much <3