Luke Combs - Sheriff You Want To Lyrics

Well me and my buddies went sneaking out
About 2 AM to go and catch us some trout
And that's when
I saw that car pull up
He said "Boys, I don't care that you're way out here
But you look a little young for all that beer"
And when he got close
I couldn't tell who that was

He said "I ain't the cops, I ain't your parents
Boys, you're dealing with the county sheriff"
So I said

We can share if you want to
So buddy won't you
Take a sip and help us finish it tonight
I ain't giving you an attitude
But I can tell you're in a bad mood
And just a little bit
Will have you feeling just right
So dude, we can share if you want to

Me and the boys sneaking out again
A quick turnaround, it was the next weekend
We had the single cab
All filled up with smoke
He came up quick and tapped on the glass
I dropped that joint and sat up real fast
And when I saw who it was
Damn, I almost choked

Well it wasn't the cops, it wasn't our parents
It was our old friend, the county sheriff
So I said

We can share if you want to
So buddy won't you
Take a hit and help us finish it tonight
I ain't giving you an attitude
But I can tell you're in a bad mood
And just a little bit
Will have you feeling just right
So dude, we can share if you want to

Well we got off both times
Even though it crossed that line
And you can too
Cuz all you have to do
Is say

We can share if you want to
So buddy won't you
Take a sip and help us finish it tonight
I ain't giving you an attitude
But I can tell you're in a bad mood
And just a little bit
Will have you feeling just right
So dude, we can share if you want to
We can share if you want to

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Luke Combs Sheriff You Want To Comments
  1. Andrew Milligan

    Ole Shawn Moore Bell county TX

  2. Manda C

    Lmao omg when I heard this the first time I laughed like hell when I got it.. lol I swear I have the hugest crush on luke..🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Jodie Knowles

    Anyone know who the female vocalist is in the background of the chorus?? Can faintly hear her ..

  4. AponiTheWolf

    This reminds me of my hometown, another of many small towns I’ve lived in, and it was a usual regular occurrence to drag race with the cops and even win some money off the sherif. We also used to have parties at the cemetery on Halloween and get together at Walmart on Friday nights and we never got busted for drinking or smoking even though we were all way underage.

    Doom Slayer

    Same here.. I've live in the same spot my entire life and it used to be that way here..It isn't that way anymore though. I sure miss them days.

  5. Hunter Schabell

    Bad ass song, I'm not a big country fan but he always has good lyrics.

  6. Lynn Newman

    this is a song that describes my dad.

  7. Jeff Missy Honea

    How am i supposed to know?

  8. Bad Driver

    Lol yeeeehaw!!

  9. brilee smith

    luke has the best music most singer sing about girls butts and tits its not right to sing about girls body parts but luke combs talks about hart beaks and beer and more thank you luke this can luke and morgen wallen make a song please

  10. Waylen willoughby outdoors


  11. feetch12

    Who in the hell made this video? Cant even spell half of the words 😂


    Someone down below suggested that Luke Combs probably has a "Special" verse for this song about getting caught on lovers lane so I created one. Give a listen if you like parodies and you can even sing along.

  13. Gameronwheels 12

    Reminds me of my buddie the good old buffalo cops 😂

  14. Yeah OkayBuddy

    Thanks for the advice, sadly doesn’t work for everyone. 🤷‍♀️

  15. hamdallah mansour

    Dosnet work if ya daddy the sheriff tho 😐😪

  16. Austin Duquette

    I like your music luke keep up the good work buddy. You are the best country music singer of all time

  17. Markus Wold

    I Didn't watch the lyrics so much but i had to cuz i thought i heard him say "And have a spanish shit tonight" Lol

  18. turnipgreen 28

    Freaking luv it ..

  19. David Henriques

    Luke sounds so much like Darius Rucker on this song

  20. Michael Bodell Films

    people that disliked this don't know shit about real country music because this guy is it right here

  21. I don’t really know Skxsncndn

    Y does this sound like something that my older brother did😂😂

  22. Kyle Sacco

    Is “so buddy won’t you”

  23. Mariah Neil

    Nice music video

  24. Daniel Declare

    Can't wait to see him on Saturday!!

  25. Jamie Kimsey

    Not a lot of lawmen are that cool.

  26. Blaken McGee

    Wish there was a music video to this it’d be hilarious

  27. Texas Fishing channel

    I'm 17 and damn 16 was the best year because the song describes exactly what happened with beer and crown royal...except we were out at a bonfire

  28. First name Last name

    This didn’t work for me lol

  29. Kalynn Adkins

    We can share if you want to ...

    So buddy want to😂🤣

  30. Watermelon Husky

    Heh I gonna nightcore this if possible

  31. duffkc

    You should probably fix all the words you got wrong.

  32. Elizabeth Hopkins

    He handed my husband his cup of jack and coke during this song in Boise, Idaho on 04/20/18. You bet your sweet ass I took it from my husband and drank it 😂


    He poured some Miller Lite into the cups of the crowd at most of his concerts. 10/10

  33. Joey Sowers

    Is that a Biscuits and Porn sticker on his guitar?

  34. Jay Weekes


  35. kj inohio

    I'd lay money he wrote a "lost" verse that he gets caught with his girl on lovers lane and the chorus repeats. Just sayin'. LOL


    seek and you shall find. LOL

  36. Phantom Dark

    we got real country back thank God for Luke Combs


    add me on Xbox  StephenCurry013

  38. Dalton Fregia

    Then his dash cam caught him with an underaged girl😂

  39. Dalton Fregia

    I caught the sheriff smokin a blunt and he said we could share if you aunt to 😂

  40. james peterson

    Panthers fan, hell yeah

  41. ufc95

    Finally some really fucking country!

  42. Chuck Nowling

    You're so badass brother

  43. Kristi Smith

    I love it😍😍

  44. Adam Ball

    So, did he share?

  45. Dustin King

    Cops are pigs and sheriffs are hogs

  46. Marilee Denr

    Love this

  47. Marilee Denr

    Love this ❤

  48. Just Me


  49. cadance fritz

    I love this song

  50. Husqvarna Rider

    3:44 is the best part

  51. reel life outdoors

    If you live in any small town you know what he means by I ain't the cops in small towns the cops are not the sherriff

  52. Zack Lauseng

    That don't work I still got hauled away for it lol

  53. Hunter Moss

    reminds me of a story about my great grandpa back in the 20's and 30's on up til he died really, he made shine out of sugar cane in rural florida and would share it with the county sheriff lol

  54. Tyson Metheney

    It didn't work ):

  55. D Bo

    Luke is one of the last good ones. I can't believe the garbage on the "country" music stations these days. Sounds like hip-hop wannabes all over the damn radio! Thank God for Luke! Sick of the sellouts that have killed country music!

    Phantom Dark

    you said it brother

    CrAzy Crazy

    Yessssss, country stations don’t play the good stuff they just play the “ new stuff” and boy is it shit these days. Once in a while it’ll be a not bad song but most of it is stuff I change the station for

    Jakob Barnett

    D Bo you should listen to creed fisher

  56. Korbin Looney

    love this song

  57. Jeff Hankins

    This guy is amazing, love the music.....he is killing it!!! Go MAN GO!!!!

  58. Spacey Casey

    I’m only 23 but this takes me back to my high school glory daze... haha good times

  59. Shellie Stone


  60. Shellie Stone


  61. Shellie Stone


  62. Amanda Davids

    Love your songs

  63. Kimberly Cromer

    FAV SONG EVER!! on repeat 10000 times😂❤️👍🏼

  64. John Isaac Davis
    Check out the new music

  65. Keith Lawrence

    Love it

  66. Josh Smith

    Wish they were like this these days.

  67. Roger Herndon

    except it was always a girl instead of buddies

  68. Roger Herndon

    been there more than once! same sheriff

  69. george scott

    Where's the Dixie flag @ now? Fuckn sellout.

  70. george scott

    Like combs just screams poser Pussy. Upchurch! Mfkr! Lol

  71. Bryant Honeycutt

    I love this song keep it up


    This made me snap out of my basic girl fase...thank you😊😊

    Kalynn Adkins

    Yess me to 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


    This is the best song I have heard in a while

  74. Shaylyn Cook

    it is a really good song not my fav

  75. 25booster

    Me and my dad listen to him everyday he is awesome go download all of his albums

  76. arthur bayers

    cool little song i can rem when they didnt have a attitude no more getting off unless you snitch on someone how times change .if you get pull over for drinking more than 2 beer oh your impaired really . iam not giving anyone a attitude thats just me

  77. Bradyn Speir

    This is real country music

  78. Patrice Raphaneau

    De la new country pure style très bien, à découvrir

    trevor neal

    Patrice Raphaneau

  79. Kyra Murray

    This is my cousin. Luke Combs 🖤

  80. Patrick Powell

    this song about me and my friends

  81. Patrick Powell

    this song about me and my friends

  82. Patrick Powell

    this song about me and my friends

  83. Bob Rockford

    That sounds like harlwood revel lol , he was the county sheriff for about 20 years , and that was a moonshine drinkin ,pot selling sum butch lol . Great guy too

  84. Courtney Irwin

    Luke your amazing im so glad I started listening to you your music has helped me in so many ways that today I am a better person and a mother to a beautiful baby boy when I was in labor your son helped me

  85. lance dunckley

    The closest I ever did to this getting across the city limit sign after a cop caught me drag racing my pickup. Lol out of his jurisdiction and that cop knew it, city cops crack me up.

  86. Puppycraft57

    I love this song

  87. Mr.RayRayGames

    This is clever as shit, love this song


    this guy sounds like he came out of Chris Stapletons nut sack

  89. Dustin Wenneker

    good song

  90. Tyler Grantham

    Man i listin to him every day hes really coming up...keep it comin luke😎👍👍

  91. Camren Schrader

    Share IF you want to LOL I get it sheriff and share if so classy

  92. Nick Hawkins

    I love play on words songs like this, I listened to this song on loop for two days straight and laughed my ass off the whole time!😂😂😍😎🍺🍃 "We Can sheriff you want to?😂🍃🍺 🖕🏻!

  93. Camren Schrader

    Give me a like if ur a fan of Luke combs
    My ps4 gamer tag is foxpro44mag

    Heather Fox

    Foxpro44mag SCHRADER 😂😂

    marvin 123

    who cares

  94. WheelieNuts inc

    This song definitely explains my life this man is real y'all

  95. Lorie Tipton

    Great word play in the lyrics...just discovered this guy and can't get enough!!