Luke Combs - She Got The Best Of Me Lyrics

Seventeen, you don't think that much about life
You just live it
Like Kerosene dancing around a fire
But you're in it

So you jump right in
Ain't afraid to fall
And you give it all

She got the best of me
She broke my heart
Now all that's left of me
Is beating in this guitar
Every night, a different town
She follows me around
So you get what's left of me
Yeah, you get what's left of me
Cause she got the best of me

I picked myself up off the floor
And found something new worth living for
In an old dusty hand-me-down six string
And a couple chords

I'm getting over her
A little more with every song
So y'all sing a-long

She got the best of me
She broke my heart
Now all that's left of me
Is beating in this guitar
Every night, a different town
She follows me around
So you get what's left of me
Yeah, you get what's left of me
Cause she got the best of me

She got the best of me
She broke my heart
Now all that's left of me
Is beating in this guitar
Every night, a different town
She follows me around
So you get what's left of me
Yeah, you get what's left of me
Cause she got the best of me
Cause she got the best of me
She got the best of me

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Luke Combs She Got The Best Of Me Comments
  1. Jacob Wiley

    Y’all check out Tyler Childers, colter wall,benjamin todd. Some of the best country out now along with combs

  2. Chairbry

    Wait.. Did it click for anybody else?? The news that was on in the beginning.. I'm damn near positive that it's about the girl in One Number Away.

  3. t money

    Agreed. Wake up people this guy is the King right now, writing his own, and waaaay better than anyone in country right now... thank you Luke

  4. Francisco José Caballero.

    _The best song that I ever heard before! So terrific. It was so good and lovely!_

  5. John Doe

    Dont worry... whoever this song was wrote for.... well they get the best of their waffle house job.

  6. Susan Olson


  7. John Wilson

    Keep doin whatcha doin Brother 💯

  8. John R. Young

    Sometimes a song just fuckin hits your heart!!! 💯

  9. Bruce Radford sorry wrong house

    Just saw the couple from hurricane!!!! Awesome thanks!!

  10. Zeno96

    I’m not a fan of country music but everything this man puts out is a banger.

  11. tommy smith

    good song Luke

  12. peachymma tv


  13. Shona Mclennan

    I'll never eat fruitloops again because of u they didn't taste the same the day u went silent

  14. Jimmy Rogers

    Was that Marty on the radio? My man is everywhere!

  15. Exotic Timmy 44

    He’s why country music was made

  16. Great big bass TV


  17. Laura Bellisle Rainey

    what a very good song

  18. Justin Perkins

    Best artist of all time he’s already heading to Garth brooks level

  19. Trevor Rider

    Man it really sucks being the only one in a group of friend that has no girlfriend or anything


    Just means you have the opportunity to find the best one of the group.

  20. ganjagirl 740

    Hell I'm done with the love thing u get beat by someone u love sucks

  21. Abel Cheng

    Sometimes time doesn't heal everything. Sometimes it lets those wounds fester and they become worse.

  22. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    Im glad she broke his heart because we would of never found each other. I promise Rîçhård Brandon Holmes I will never break your heart. I love u

  23. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    I actually liked this song. Look what rîçhård has done to me. Got me listening to music like this ;-)

  24. Dre Quinonez

    Hey this is my fav song

  25. Evan Ray

    I loveeeee this song

  26. James Klinkhammer

    Tickets in grand Rapids mi Start at 125. The sign said 10 bucks. Lol

  27. Philamina Butler

    Some people think life is funny and Brandon is one

  28. Jayden Schultz

    My fav song

  29. Black Rose Petals

    I was born in NC and nice to see how we show our NC Pride

  30. blue ho

    2:54 For those who ended up crying in " Hurricane "

  31. Kenneth Maloney

    I can tell he didn't pick up a guitar till he was 21...who the fuc leans an Epiphone acoustic on the wall by the neck stock????

  32. tayden sigurbjartsson

    I love it

  33. Valerie Clare

    Have to tell you, ...your songs make me dance around the house. You are crazy...Talented.

  34. tarheel 23

    Thank God finally a new country singer actually looks and feels real

  35. Gracie Foster

    Love your songs

  36. Lori Wetzel

    Merry x-mass!!!!

    Wyatt Carey

    Lori Wetzel and a happy new year 😃

  37. Britt Coburn

    One of the best country songs out there amazing song!!!!

  38. Hhhh Rodriguez

    Hey I went to ur concert

  39. Mykayla Jackson

    The only people who disliked this song are the ones who are heartbreakers


    or people who don't enjoy country music

    Captain J

    Not tru

  40. Dylan Coleman

    Current App State student here! It's crazy talent like this comes from this school. Huge fan!

  41. bobbie anne

    Why is this on a white girl fight playlist

  42. Carla Mc Donnell


  43. Hugh Tyner

    Thank you Lord for giving us Luke Combs

  44. Andy Bloemker

    Anyone else notice that at 2:55 it’s the couple from his song Hurricane??

    ben pears

    Yep and alot of eater eggs refrencing some of his other songs his sung

  45. William Mckinney

    Luke combs best thing since Jason aldean

  46. raynarayskye

    Bring your big ass to the Chaifetz! I'll be there.

  47. Sam C

    Fruit loops and beer. Breakfast of the champs 💪🏻

  48. Eli Camona

    Like I hope you read this I want to see you do a collaboration with Dave Fenley

  49. Adolph Ortiz

    Watched him tonight on the voice , greatness in its beginning. It was awesome. Your newest fan

  50. Michael Jacobs

    Im 50
    In those years some of the
    Greatest music ever was created
    In all genre's
    But this song and this young man
    touches my soul

    Byron Powell

    Im 52 feeling it too..!

  51. Anna BonanzaF.C.

    love it but it reminds me of an extreme heartbreak

  52. Kimberly Shackleford

    My fat guy country music singer crush..... just look at those chubby cheeks....

  53. Cynch Davis

    This man is what u freaking call a country legend and we thank him for saving country music. Like if u think the same.

  54. Brent Kimball

    uhh luke didnt close the door

  55. Baby Girl

    December 2019 whose here

  56. Baby Girl

    Bestttt everrrrrr

  57. M. Pyke

    Wonder if Joe Nichols likes this song? Sounds like they just used the strings of that song with different lyrics.

  58. Anthony Spicer

    Country song of the decade right there.

  59. Amelia Barnhart

    I love your sogs

  60. JackieJohn77

    Anyone else noticed the couple from hurricane at 2:55

  61. Jose Colohua

    Every country radio stations play this song and never get tired of it

  62. AEW Gamer 22

    This is his best song

  63. rollinthunder2

    I LOVE your music and so does my wife. She says PLEASE shave that beard of. Go figure!

  64. george wright

    you guy s are creeps

    Jose Colohua

    The f**k are u talking about he is the best singer

  65. Drew Rodney

    Anyone else notice the 2 people from his other video hurricane

  66. Melisa Eilman


  67. Savannah McLaughlin

    See you in Colorado Luke 😍😍😍

  68. Silis Betts

    I had a girl that broke my heart, and thought I would never love anyone else again, but when least expected it, this girl came into my life and I think God every day that my ex broke my heart and pointed me on the path that lead me to the girl of my dreams, that I'm with now! for those of you boys out there that are still heart broken, don't worry; God has someone in mind for you. As you wait, lets thank Luke for this amazing song!

    Denise Clark


    Brendo Yo

    Amen brother. Helluva story

  69. 26Gavin Chouinard

    what up

  70. Emma' Vlog Life

    I love country so much you are one of my favorite artist. Y'all are so great!

  71. Lisa Moran

    Your song is good from Louis

  72. Steve Lee

    Am I the only one wondering what happened to the woman in her 20s who was brought to the hospital?

  73. A. Lee Martin II

    When you write from the heart you touch a lot of people. This guy rocks country!

  74. gillian chileshe

    Relating 😓

  75. Bills A Boss

    If that woman would have never broken his heart. We would never have gotten this good country singer! Amen to that woman.

    Eli Yount

    Lol 😂
    Never thought of it that way

  76. Julie Taylor

    Awesome from uk

  77. Carter Vannett


  78. Abraham Delgado

    I love thisb guy and his music im a chicano and it helps me helps me remeber my DAD....he was a white man that i adore till this day!!! He past when i was 7 and he drove me around everywhere woth him listening tobhis jams and this was back in the 90s hes always in my heart even if he wsnt my biological pops...i fucking love that dude!!! Anyways !!! I love country music cuz of him, i get alot of shit sometimes when im bumping my music, idgaf ever... Country is so beutiful and calming even when your trippin some how it calms you and makes you feel makes you feel!!! Anways love this music....luke bryan you keeep doing you and helping me reminise with my pops!!!! Your the best lol!

  79. bigjoegonzalez

    i love luke

  80. Jayna Jones

    This man is a reborn legend in another body

  81. tilted ears

    “She got the best of me” When you lose to your sister at uno.

    Edit: I’ve never had any likes on a comment.Thanks!

  82. Jordan Lakey

    Good to see Nick McNeil in the video and zooming into our hometown. We are proud of Luke here in Nc!

  83. Hunter

    Hey person scrolling through the comments it’s going to be okay

    Kaitlynn Peters

    Jesus Christ and you ain’t Jesus Christ either 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Kaitlynn Peters

    Thank you

    Christian Ramirez

    Hopefully I got 2 long forms in 1 week 🙄

    Tired Redneck

    Thanks man

    Mitchell Trubisky

    Yeah I know. After I pull that trigger

  84. James Madden


  85. bpkjordan

    Upchurch is what happened to him

  86. Andrew Bittle

    Great Music this NYC cat right here enjoys 👍🇺🇸

  87. stephen Mercado

    The couple it zooms into at2:56 is the couple from the hurricane music video

  88. discodancer66

    Luke Combs has a growing army of fans here in the UK too. I had never really listened to country music until a couple of years ago but I love it now.

    Will be paying a visit to the USA in the near future to see some live stuff.

  89. Jennifer White

    I would have laughed if the radio station got confused with luke bryan and luke combs

  90. sweetie05071108

    I think I am loving your songs..thanks to someone.

  91. Brokenhalo

    this guy is aces! love all things luke combs! Thank you for your music bro!

  92. Stephanie Moyer

    I listen to this song knowing all the damage my current relationship has done to my heart, and it makes it just as hard to leave. I'm the classic woman in an abusive relationship telling herself one more excuse to make herself stay.

    Juleydy Roman

    Be strong 💪🏼

    Marc Gillette

    Just remember that i did give her my all and no matter whats said she knows it.

  93. Keegan Dahle

    “I’m gettin’ over her a little more with ever y song so y’all sing along” my favorite line of the whole song because I relate to it so much.

  94. ToR. Edge

    Dude- You owe your parents big time- You better give them a helluva Christmas gift . thats all.

  95. Ghost4Z

    I don’t really like country but I really like this one!