Luke Combs - Only Lonely One Lyrics

Honey how's that drink goin' down?
Seems a little stiff for 2 pm.
Holler if you need anything
I've got in here to lend.

Well I'll be right here cuttin' limes,
Countin' cash, and stockin' beers.
I've got an idea what's on your mind
So in the meantime think on this:

I've seen girls like you in here before,
Watched broken hearts break through that door
A time or two.
And I bet he packed all his things
And you set out to curse his name
And have a few.
And I bet you're doing your best to move on.
Well you're not the only lonely one.

This ain't my first rodeo,
I've seen the other side of this bar.
Pourin' salt on an open wound,
Sittin' right there where you are.

And I know it probably stings right now
Somehow more than that Jim Beam,
But that clock on the wall will cure it all
Even though that ain't how it seems.

I've seen girls like you in here before,
Watched broken hearts break through that door
A time or two.
And I bet he packed all his things
And you set out to curse his name
And have a few.
And I bet you're doing your best to move on.
Well you're not the only lonely one.

I've seen 'em come, I've seen 'em go.
Girl you ain't in this thing alone.
Oh no.
Oh no.

I've seen girls like you in here before,
Watched broken hearts break through that door
A time or two.
And I bet he packed all his things
And you set out to curse his name
And have a few.
And I bet you're doing your best to move on.
Well you're not the only lonely one.
No you're not the only lonely one.

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Luke Combs Only Lonely One Comments
  1. Cross Stitch

    Authentic and real; you're bringing back the real sound of country music.


    goin through this shit right now thanks bubba

  3. Go Green with Kirsty

    I listen to his music on repeat. British girl that loves country! His voice literally speaks to my soul 😊

  4. The random Pikachu waffle

    Upset? Luke combs music
    Happy? Luke combs music
    Depressed? Luke combs music. Luke combs is the answer to all my problems.

    (Edit) Omg I usually only get 2 likes! Thank you guys so much! I hope you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and I hope to get 10 likes on this comment please!!!! Just like it. No? Ok. Bye!

    The Gaming Headphones

    The random Pikachu waffle of mcpurse

    The random Pikachu waffle

    @The Gaming Headphones what does mcpurse mean?


  6. Monique Palmer

    Listening all the way from Jamaican Luke 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
    Thanks for the likes guys

  7. DJ Supa

    hip hop and ol school dj here, since listening to luke combs and the new country music out right now boi let me tell ya.. Im country now. Luke you the man, keep making them hits

  8. Russel Morgan

    Caught a glimpse of Luke on CMC whilst here is Australia, I bought his cd that week and haven't stopped playing it since. Brilliant.

  9. ethan bayless

    hi luke

  10. Mike Newguy

    No disrespect, but there is no way he's writing his own words as a young man. These are grown man lyrics. He's amazing!!!!! The best country singer since Allen and Randy.

  11. вereттa

    I swear to God above, this man cannot make a single bad song. And I just keep falling more in love with his voice.😍❤

  12. chief 1 redwolf

    Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you Jesus said. And to delight yourself in the lord 📖and he will give you the desires of your heart. And no good thing will he withhold from those who diligently seek him. We must be willing to turn from sin and self to receive Jesus forgiveness. And to know and live out his teachings. ❤️📖🙂

  13. Felipe Gutierres

    Just like Eric Church the only better song is thier new one!.

  14. Rocío Antonella

    I'm from Argentina, and I love his music and voice

  15. guillen583

    I am Hispanic and I love country music and especially this gentleman. I love your music. I hope that one day you will sing a song dedicated to Hispanic señoritas with the beautiful voice you have from Charlotte, North Carolina, we admire you Luke 😉

  16. jesse loop

    I swear Luke is just a modern day garth Brooks. Can’t make a bad song.

  17. Christopher Orson

    You are one of the best song writers man! Keep up the great work Luke Combs

  18. Jamie Wood

    I live in a town in England called Chesterfield, I love country music, one thing we don’t have..class 👍🏻

  19. Terri Jordan

    I wish I could meet u

  20. kitty susca

    Another good one.The lyrics get you within two sentences.Because we all lived it at one time or another.But nobody ever addressed it quite this way.Its for the world NOW.

  21. brandon thesion

    After a rough sleep, and waking up to go to work, thinking of all the times that were tough, and getting life right, this music here is the stuff that cleans the heart a little more

  22. Greg Phillip

    It is verified .. this man has NO bad song.

  23. Kati Hagyari

    This hit me right in the heart. This is absolutely me. I try to go out and have a good time but all I can think about it how much I want him there. I'll always love you Josh.

    Bonnie Gillett

    Same. Hugs to you

  24. maeghan marlow!

    name a song by luke combs thats NOT good. ill wait.

  25. Natalie Gonzales

    im watching this in 2019 lmaooo

  26. John Wilson

    Love all your music but this one hits home #storyofmylife #onrepeat

  27. Marcela Contreras


  28. Prototype Professor

    Wish this song had come out years ago when I was still tending bar. Seemed so often that people you’d never seen before would show up real early and just start pounding alcohol. Always the same story, never the same after it, and they all ended up becoming regulars. They really weren’t the only lonely one.

  29. Elon Aseneka

    from hiphop to country. Thanks Luke for such nice music.

  30. Lanny Barstad

    I went from rap to country becouse of this luke guy

  31. Kalye

    WOW your voice is amazing.

  32. Barry Anderson

    All the 620 ppl Who disliked this song are fucking nuts this song Is badass

  33. Jon Hislop

    Awsome music. Country is coming back

  34. swaggin3184

    Whooooooopppp i love you so goddamn much

    Gregory Hornbaker

    Yr t Tue t u g deefenefew f e I'll efeekdhdj

  35. Jason Bullard

    This Guy is Amazing! I could play his Cd in my car 24-7 and still wouldnt get tired of listening to it. keep it up Luke!

  36. bobby scarberry

    You done it again Luke Solid gold

  37. Merriotte Dalton

    Merriotte Dalton

  38. Merriotte Dalton

    Straight country

  39. Jennifer Ellis

    One of my favorites hands down. Absolutely kick ass.

  40. Paige Lafferty

    I'd probably turn straight for him. Just saying haha.

  41. Terrica J

    Had this damn cd on repeat!

  42. CJ931

    This is my favorite song by you sir thank you brother I love you man

  43. Jen Bridges

    Every word since 2015

    Dwayne Tomlin

    Jen Bridges
    Me to... I feel like I've watched this man grow up. Been a hell of a ride for him and I been sitting passenger the majority of his career

  44. mat lolo

    Such an amazing artist/voice. Ive gone straight country because of Luke Combs!

  45. Merriotte Dalton

    I wish I could get a duet with you

  46. Megan Pendziwiatrray

    This song hits my soul 💔

  47. Jennifer Bell

    Love with your music and voice

  48. Robin Luce

    Bam!!!!! Another one

  49. Olivia

    lonely in ar staring at the ⏰ there’s no moving on, I don’t know how

  50. harley mckinney

    true contry

  51. Monica Fry

    I a song on the way back from Lubbock Tx ...called a number away...I fell in love...I've been listening song after song...n I love his voice. Grew up listening to country...n his country song will nw go on my playlist... I am picky about my country music....n u Mr Luke Combs have made it to my favorite music on my list. Good luck...n God bless

    Autumn Rosetti

    Monica Fry one number away btw 😂its good

  52. Cheese Y

    simply perfect

  53. Darrell Brown

    wooo luke combs u got something ... sing it dude ....... for us !!!!!!!!!

  54. Huntress2u 4life

    This guy is the next big fave new artist...

  55. leah johnson

    I love this song ❤❤

  56. Cayden Smith

    Cutin' limes

  57. Olivia

    Too Real.....

  58. Chance_Anderson51

    I’ve seen girls like you in here before...

  59. Zachary Ralfs

    if i ever seen luke combs i would bay a drink just for him god bless luke combs and more times to come

  60. Shytowngrl Me

    He has the most amazing voice 💚I love it

  61. Harlin Uribe


  62. Ryan

    That beginning gets me every time.

  63. Diamond Archer

    Hes one of my favorite country singers

  64. Ryan

    I guess I’m not the only *lonely one*

  65. ryan serback

    This is my new favorite song

  66. Charles Light

    I love your music man your song are amazing

  67. James Ellsworth

    Country music has been saved.

  68. Alexis Vela

    Can't Wait to seeeeee you at STAGECOACH 2018 ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  69. therugg51

    Probably his best song. Period.

  70. Ethan Vance

    Going through a breakup, IT STINGS AND THIS IS RELIEF LETS GO.

  71. Shawna Watters

    Good Song

  72. Rebecca Siggers

    I love luke combs songs they r so great

  73. Greg Thares

    Luke could sing the alphabet and make it a hit! So pure and smooth.

  74. Shannon Felicies

    I truly feel that you, as a person, are just as amazing as the music you sing. Life has a way of pulling us down, and some of us find a way to come out stronger than before. I can’t wait to see what your future holds for you and career. You pour your heart in to every song and it makes it so easy for all of us to get lost in every word you sing. Good luck in your career Luke, it’s gonna be great!

  75. Heather Garrett

    I swear he’s the best today!!!! Keep doing amazing 💜

  76. Kristina Renee

    God I love his voice

  77. Brianna Morris

    Seriously!!! I love all of his songs!!! This is country music!!!

  78. Christy Ann Cormier

    love it!!!

  79. Chad Bennett

    Your probly sitin in your bros room with his girl wishin u where worth somethin to some one but u smoke the pain away and blast this fuckin song over ur head phones and ya break the replay button and blow your ear drums

    Autumn Rosetti

    Chad Bennett ye but I juul 😂 can't get over my ex I love him 😭😩

  80. Lexus Mcneeley

    Gosh his voice is just so relaxing! Luke combs honey you’re going far my dear!

  81. Brittany Storey

    Please make this the next big hit!

  82. vertex255 prime

    u got me on my mind luke . I like this

  83. Sandra Layman

    Your, not the only lonely one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Greg Peckham

    All I can say is wow your a true blessing I listen to beautiful crazy everyday love your music brother

  85. ms. bee

    I love your voice! U can be so proud!😍😅

  86. Guy Smith

    So true!!!

  87. Keenan Chiasson

    304 people packed all their things

  88. Bill Foreman

    Im black also, county is a way of life, not a race or color. The music tell that.

    Tammy Ward

    Country music is soul and rhythm and blues. It' tells a story about REAL people of ALL colors and religions. It knows NO color. We all feel, love and bleed the color.

    Cody Perry


    Joshua Gregory

    Amen brother

    Cody Schroader

    Amen brother

    The Gaming Headphones

    No your not dad

  89. Ann Hicks

    Love this!! ❤

  90. Tyler Wilson

    Song instantly sends chills! Luke Combs is by far my favorite! Can't wait to see you in N.C in August!😱

  91. Christian Eanes

    Love this whole album and all of the songs before this can't wait for the This Ones For You Too album to come out in June, and brother please do another song like Outlaw with Upchurch that's what got me into your songs in the first place.

  92. Justin Wright

    This song just hits you in the right spots and makes you think about everything thanks luke

  93. Neisha Gilkey

    Ugh I’m in love...

  94. Andee Grace Sellers

    you are my favorite singer

  95. Markisha Gaines

    Love me some Luke Combs!!!