Luke Combs - I Got Away With You Lyrics

Well I got caught in Panama City
Tryin' to buy some beer for some Georgia girls
And I got wore out by my daddy
For stealin' cigarettes from the Smokes and more
And all my friends would get away
Seems I'd get caught, plain as day
I took the blame for every little thing

But I got away with you
And somehow I still ain't been found out
It's a crazy truth
Like I strolled out the gates of Alcatraz
And I walked in the Louvre
And the Mona Lisa's hanging in my house
I bust out of Buckingham with the crown jewels
And I got away with you

Well lookin' like you do
On its damn own, should be a crime
Let alone a fool like me
Hand in hand with you, should be doin' time
But here we are runnin' free
Guess someone turned the other cheek
'Cause there ain't no blue lights in the rear view

Guess I got away with you
And somehow I still ain't been found out
It's a crazy truth
Like I strolled out the gates of Alcatraz
And I walked in the Louvre
Now the Mona Lisa's hanging in my house
I bust out of Buckingham with the crown jewels
And I got away with you

I'll take it all, the fails, the falls
The county jails and one phone calls
I do it all again if I had to

'Cause I got away with you
Somehow girl, I still ain't been found out
It's a crazy truth
Like I strolled out the gates of Alcatraz
And I walked in the Louvre
Now the Mona Lisa's hanging in my house
I bust out of Buckingham with the crown jewels
And I got away with you
When I got away with you
Yeah, I got away with you

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Luke Combs I Got Away With You Comments
  1. Cassidy Khalaf

    I love you baby always 🥰 almost 3 years married 🙂

  2. Sheila Blackburn

    Love this song

  3. Coleson Kavouras

    The first line lol in live in Panama City Beach we have really strict alcohol laws during spring break bc it got really bad

  4. Braddus Faction

    I’m a city boy who has just moved to the bush at the age of 40 and my new mates introduced me to Luke Combs and I love every song he has....! He is just talented..!

  5. Erica Sibley

    This was my late husband's ringtone for me. Breaks my heart every time I hear it.

    Steve Wilson

    I’m sorry.

  6. Kristopher Hurley

    This is mine and girlfriend song we both look at each and say to one another i got away with you


    Kristopher Hurley awe😊💋

  7. Chitwncubsfangrl

    Oh my !! This is it

  8. Elizabeth Champion

    this song is so good!!

  9. Sergio Film Maker

    This is real country!

  10. Katie Brooke

    Search Nick Taylor “I got away with you” cover

  11. Your_Boi_ Fire

    Anyone else get weird chills when he sings like I strolled out the gates of Alcatraz

    Jacob Blue

    Your_Boi_ Fire I was just thinking this about this exact line!

  12. Felipe Gutierres

    I don't know but kinda sounds like he didn't keep the girl "let alone a fool like me, hand in hand with you should be doing time"

  13. Olivier Pessemesse

    Buffalo grill

  14. April Kicinski

    Beautiful song :)

  15. Yoann Aubert

    Hi voilà je suis français et je suis fan de toi et j'achète tes cd je suis obligé de les commande car en France je trouve rien je t'écoute en voiture ce un pure régal de t'écoute

  16. Tracy Gonzales

    It's amazing how when you go through things in life that there's always a song that can help you through it. Thanks Luke Combs.

    Tammy Ward

    ABSOLUTELY!! So REAL life!

  17. David Menefee

    Luke Combs is absolutely the best thing going in country music!! PERIOD

  18. keirabryson

    So goddamn romantic.. and what a great country voice!

  19. Tracy Glenn

    Incredible talent. He has a great voice!

  20. Mommy and Bella


  21. David Glick

    Love this song!1

  22. Gozer_ 60

    Who is still listening in 2019!!!

    Mech Plays

    Gozer_ 60 try 2020! 😂

  23. mikeparris77

    That's real country music !!!!! I could listen to this all day

  24. Brian Henning

    Would love to hear a song by this young man about our military veterans and actively serving. Troops

  25. Christopher Orson

    You make song writing look easy man! You are one hell of an artist and I thank you for sharing your music with us.

    Nigel Benchoff

    He is talented but doesn't write his own songs....

    Christopher Orson

    @Nigel Benchoff thank you for the input Nigel.

  26. Tammy Ward

    Another Great talent out of the Beautiful State of North Carolina!! Southern Boy through and through!!

  27. Victoria Grow


  28. Courtney Paige

    I love Luke combs but I just listened to this song

  29. Tracy Mitchell

    best song

  30. 123 RaVeN

    I got wore out by my daddy by stealing from the smokes and more!!!!


    Luke Combs Is real Country PEOPLE And the 916 people who dislike is very ignorant and stupid!

  32. Garret Lee

    anyone gonna tell him the crown jewels aren't in buckingham?

  33. Gloria beyer

    Terrific new Singer. My Granddaughter pointed him out on YouTube! So very glad she did!!!

  34. Arlene Lipata

    awesome... about time for the recognition!

  35. Anthony Seguinot

    Luke combs is the best

  36. Redneck Gaming

    I absolutely love this song. It is a great song. This and beer never broke my heart really hit you where it matters when you sing them it comes from the heart

  37. Savannah Bluford

    he's amazing!!!

  38. Benjamin Ellert

    The Crown Jewels are in The Tower of London, not Buckingham Palace. Nevertheless great song.

    Benjamin Ellert

    About time someone picked up on this!

  39. Tracey Waldon

    Omg THIS MAN

  40. Rhiannon Oneill

    Best looking man to walk this earth 😍

  41. Robert

    I'm from Panama City!! and Iv'e seen you in Orange Beach Luke I love your music keep it up man great work!!!!

  42. Anthony Gonzales

    I was having dinner with a friend once. Luke Combs came on the radio and my friend jumps up and goes "Oh this is my cousin!". I was like "like Fourth cousin?" and he's like, "no, my moms brothers son, my first cousin, we spend holidays together". Cool night.


    Wow!! that is awesome!!! I wish I could meet Luke

  43. James Mwenya

    Absolutely beautiful stuff by my men you know no other than Luke.

  44. anthony gonzales

    A cowboy walks into a bar

    He puts a nickel in the juke box and plays a Luke Combs song because he is a man of taste.

  45. Troy West

    Luke is the real deal, as long as he stays on this true path of country music. Too many that started off on the right foot started adding rap and r&b in the mix. Country comes from the heart and real life events, something you cant fake. Luke has got soo much talent, use it for good my brotha.

  46. Merriotte Dalton

    Again congrats on your a big fan but i just want u to know that your music is so inspirational

  47. Leah Louwho

    I couldn't believe how lucky I felt when he was mine. I miss him. This song always reminds me how much he means to me. Wherever he is tonight... I hope he's laughing that amazing laugh of his.

  48. David Hartley

    Mississippi Boy's
    Love it
    Living it👍💪👏👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  49. Carma Cooper

    Love this guy!!

  50. amy rodriguez

    he's better than luke Bryan

  51. bobby scarberry

    I can't find a Luke combs song that I don't love ever one I hear I say that's his best song them I hear the next track and there I go again thats the best song but I'm hung on This one at the moment

  52. John Rice

    It like to take him out on the ridge with my people and let him play all night

  53. Anna Drake

    Luke's got the voice of an Angel!!! 😍

  54. Bubba Reindeer

    Glad to see there are singers still out there that know how to make great traditional Country Music. Love Lukes music.

  55. Mark Coffman

    Way to go brothet

  56. Bryce Amthor-Shaffer

    Never heard a Luke Combs song that I didn’t like. This guy is the truth!

  57. Slayton Foldenauer

    can someone explain the meaning of this song i have a couple of ideas but i'm not sure

    Christopher Ritchie

    What are you confused about? Hes saying he cant believe how lucky he is to have ended up with his girl.

  58. Brandon Alfriend

    Great song, but I can't help but point out that the Crown Jewels are kept in the Tower of London - not Buckingham Palace. Minor detail, but kind of a big deal to the Brits.

  59. JJ Seagram

    I LOVE LUKE!!!!!!  He makes everyday the best day listening to him!!!

    Nicky Noodle

    Luke combs got me into country music.

  60. Samuel Haokip

    How i wish i could express how much i love your music. Maybe my tears can say it all. I'm so happy you exist and make these songs, i have tears when i listen to you. I'm so glad you happened to country music.

  61. Merriotte Dalton

    I wish that I could actually meet you I know dreams don't come true but I wrote you a letter I am still not finished with it yet but you are so much that I want in a man and I just wish there was a way that I could give you the letter but not quite through with it and I wish I had $ to go to your concert but I want u to know Luke I am your number one fan I fell asleep last night listening to your voice or let's just say your music BC it means a lot to me and so much more

  62. Eulanna Allen

    Hugs!!! yay

  63. Heather Brandenburg

    To all 803 people that dislike this song, 🗣 YOUR MOMS A HOE! ☺️

  64. Robbie Wiley

    Happy you made it

  65. Robbie Wiley

    Hi trouble

  66. Quinn

    I think I broke the repeat button

  67. jezrele dhanze

    when i hear his song BEAUTIFUL CRAZY, i feel like crazy amaze the song even his unique country voice.. his genra brings me to old generation and i love it... from philippines. :)

  68. jezrele dhanze

    when i hear his song BEAUTIFUL CRAZY, i feel like crazy amaze the song even his unique country voice.. his genra brings me to old generation and i love it... from philippines. :)

  69. Ricky Judd

    Man your songs are like my life out in the open your the next hank williams

  70. AZFrank Castle

    I always skipped this song. But once I was cooking and couldn't change it. I ACTUALLY listened to it. Now I cant stop smashing the replay button. Lol send help.


    Hands down the greatest of all time.. everybody go on and take a sit and watch this guy enter the hall of fame...

  72. Rileigh Allen

    Love this song!!

  73. tjsmither

    His lyrical talent is on par with Chris Stapleton . This big ol country boy just oozes talent ! Go get em Luke !!

  74. Patrice Wood

    Love this guy he is so inspiring and such an amazing singer.

  75. Trevor Lauminick

    Jesus has raised old country from the dead thank you God

  76. Skizzy Mars

    Saving country one song at a time 🇺🇸🍻

  77. blue fish

    Thanks for keeping it real your awesome

  78. Laurel Wilson

    Where are all these country boys that treat their women right and loves her like this.... apparently not in Ohio lol. Luke is hot af though

  79. randy macmillan

    he's an amazing singer. the sky is the limit for this young man. hello from goose bay Labrador Canada.

  80. Chris Mosley

    that's the man

  81. Chris Mosley

    It's the good guy

  82. donnakayel2

    I love you Christian William Clay Tye! Mason ·Kaytlin · Kaydon 👣🔼❤💪😘😘😘💞

  83. Alexis Vanzandt

    Brother told me to listen to this it waz an extremely tough day after i listened to it he sent me a picture of a tattoo he had done of my name and lyrics from this song 😭

  84. ExotiicVII

    My neighbour loves this song so much, that he threw a brick through my window to hear it better 😂



  85. izy B vape channel

    This makes me think about my wife everytime cause I was the same way when I was younger and I didn't expect to get the wonderful wife that I have

  86. Valerie Kirk

    Ok I have to admit I'm not a country music listener but I can say this that Luke I can fall asleep to your voice

  87. Aaron Riggs

    Luke combs could sing a phone book and id still listen to it

  88. Mariah Neil

    Luke Combs

  89. Charles Light

    Great music man just amazing

  90. Michael Dalton

    Yeah Buddy, I got away with her!!!!! Thanks Brother!

  91. Robbie Wiley

    Are you kidding me i really love you for ever

  92. Kira Miller

    Beautiful ❤️

  93. Rosie McIntyre

    Luke comin in hot to save country music! ❤️

  94. Stacey Dutton

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ the best

  95. Linda Elizabeth Cole

    The brilliant voice that is the magnificent Luke Combs , just luv , luv , luv , his amazing music

  96. Robbie Wiley

    So true

  97. Chris Mosley

    You sing good