Luke Combs - Hurricane Lyrics

Hadn't had a good time
Since you know when
Got talked into going out
With hopes you were staying in

I was feeling like myself for the first time
In a long time
'Til I bumped into some of your friends
Over there talkin' to mine

Then you rolled in
With your hair in the wind
Baby, without warning
I was doing alright
But just your sight
Had my heart storming

The moon went hiding
Stars quit shining
Rain was driving, thunder, lightning
You wrecked my whole world when you came
And hit me like a hurricane

You hit me like a hurricane

Knew it was gonna be a long night
From the moment when
We locked eyes
Over whiskey on ice
Started talking bout us again

If I would've just laid my drink down
And walked out
I wouldn't be in my truck
Driving us to your house

But you rolled in
With your hair in the wind
Baby, without warning
I was doing alright
But just your sight
Had my heart storming

The moon went hiding
Stars quit shining
Rain was driving, thunder, lightning
You wrecked my whole world when you came
And hit me like a hurricane
You hit me like a hurricane

Category five
With your smile
Blew me away
And, girl, it ain't but midnight
You done killed the lights
Bent my heart back to your bedside

Then you rolled in
With your hair in the wind
Baby, without warning
I was doing alright
But just your sight
Had my heart storming

The moon went hiding
Stars quit shining
Rain was driving, thunder, lightning
You wrecked my whole world when you came
And hit me like a hurricane
You hit me like a hurricane
Hit me like a hurricane

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Luke Combs Hurricane Comments
  1. Joni Ballinger

    I sang good

  2. Joni Ballinger


  3. Joshua Salzman

    How's about 2020 for hurricane?

  4. supercyclon

    Who’s here in 2020
    The new decade

  5. supercyclon

    1:05 when you see your crush but your in the friend zone

    Lol this hit home for me I’m sad now

  6. Stavros Hodges

    Why 1.46 million subscribers but 202 million views. he need 202 million subscribers

  7. David Esparza

    I have to cover this on the violin.

  8. Miriam Copeland

    Why did she walk away

  9. Schiller Memestar

    He actually makes the clap effect sound good, and not overused. Honestly he makes actual country music, not all this shitty pop music clones.

  10. Deborah Reece

    I like the guy in the video but I don't like her. They don't see like they would go together.

  11. Файт

    Хорошая, романтичная история, с качественным музыкальным сопровождении. Мне очень понравилось, спасибо!

  12. Lucas Brown

    I even feel pity for those who dont know this song

  13. Craig Kelly

    2020 anyone 🙂

  14. Dingo

    He looks like anything4views

  15. Dakota LaRue

    Forever his best song

  16. James Klinkhammer

    I like the way the lady looks at him , I just would pulled the truck off the road

  17. Rebecca Plant


  18. Sianb SFX

    Btw you spelt Luke combs wrong :)

    Lucas Hill

    you spelled spelled wrong

    Sianb SFX

    Lucas Hill probably cause My son is 8 years old lol and he wrote it, I just get the notifications :)

    Lucas Hill

    Oh well fair enough lol

  19. Houshang Heshmati

    damn, it is even getting better each time I listen to it again!

  20. Karen Brailsford

    This song was playing on way to the hospital as I was transported to another hospital while in labor on Dec 2 But I discovered this song earlier this year and fell in love with his voice and music

  21. S G

    What a beautiful feel good song

  22. V Callaway

    He said....

  23. Shania Burchett

    Okay with me I don't want to go to y 😔😭😭😭😭 your a good person to ask you if you could come to my place 😉😉 Shania

  24. Zach Worley

    anybody else see how ugly Luke is? hahahaha

  25. Kelt Thomas

    Luke you just turned a 34 year old man from a small village in west Yorkshire uk in to a massive country music fan I've been playing your music for weeks in my work work

    Mitchell Trubisky

    Congratulations sir, you'll never look back.

  26. perry allinder

    heartache on heels

  27. Bill House

    That's how I found my last girlfriend. Sadly see was taken from me by a drunk driver. ✌ OUT friend

  28. Jessica Elizabeth

    Ever have those memories tied w a song that bring the memories so close to the surface you remember how you were feeling in the moment it happened? This is that song, damnit

  29. ShammTheGod

    Is it just me, or does verse 2 gives a "sexual" meaning to the whole chorus (song) 😏😏🤭

  30. Jacob Horton

    I love this so if you do hit a like

  31. kenzie perry

    This reminds me of my mom that i have not seen in over 6 years and my dad that past away when i was 3months old but one like will be one prayer i get to see my mom this christmas

  32. Leif Berg

    Great Tune...

  33. Magne Vågøy

    I love this man^s voice and songs

  34. bigwille11

    What a strong video this man is a great singer 😍

  35. blue ho

    2:00 WTF I'm doing to myself.


    muy bien echo very good from michoacan Mexico

  37. Zacky Senpai

    Yeeeessss ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Joshua McBurney


  39. Jade Barbour

    Ahhhhhhh I'm obsessed

  40. Michael Follin-Truesdale

    Hurricane i ever seen in my life

  41. Laura Slone

    I Really love this song luke combs😘😘

  42. Pysocal

    This song is so relatable for me like rn Monday i was asked by a girl friend if me and her friend we're talking i liked her friend so i asked her she told me she asked cause somebody told her that i said we where and she told me we where not then i asked her Wednesday if we were good she said were fine and then the rest of Wednesday and Thursday i felt like shit then Friday i felt like myself again having a good time my brother was back for Christmas i saw all of my old elementary teachers and before i left school i told her to have a good break she told me thanks you to then later that night i checked my phone I needed to ask her something come to find out she deleted me on snap chat i was shot i feel better but still stings

  43. Vincenzo Monteleone

    Great song ...this song hit me Like an Hurrikane

  44. Stacey Classon

    Its almost 2020 and I still plan on listening to this amazing man for several more years!!! I LOVE YOU LUKE COMBS 😍😍😘♥️

  45. Leathie Swearington

    I wish that would happen to one day

  46. Eric Ramirez-Navarro

    So I’m confused at the end is that the same guy? Cause she has a ring on her hand


    she dumped him when they were engaged

    Eric Ramirez-Navarro

    Ah I see thanks

  47. Michelle Renee

    Looooooove this song”. 👏🏿

  48. rosie summer joyce

    Hes gawjus 😍

  49. yousef Bosefi

    I love country song

    From Libya🇱🇾❤️

  50. m p

    Such a tune

  51. 98durangopack

    That woman sucked the soul out of me through this cell phone... What a look...... Poor fella...

  52. King Brady

    This is one of the dopest song of 2019 hands down! Anyone agree with me??

    Thornton Fishing

    its from 2016 bud.just to let you know.

  53. Casey Litton

    44k people dislike
    Me ok boomer

  54. king temong

    2020??? Any1?

  55. Bayley Allwood

    Love this song, I could keep playing it over and over again

  56. Darrel Maley

    Its the same couple as she got the best of me video

  57. jess Van Niekerk

    December 2019 and I'm still playing this song

    Avinash Jassu

    I am tooo

  58. Freda Hensley

    Love Luke Combs. He can do no wrong! North Carolina man makes it even better!

  59. MSON

    *This song is driving me crazy in Kenya..*

    Evah Wangari


    juma ogutu

    We be together. Am a guitarist too.

  60. KnuckleGame100

    I love this song!

  61. Owen Dugan

    You are my biggest fan you're my biggest fan

  62. Jacob Rowland

    When I hear this song it reminds me of all the things I miss a special someone

  63. william pugh,III

    then he wanted to drink more. lol not funny but just the emotional side to it.

  64. william pugh,III

    there is always the morning after ghost. uhhh wth happened.

  65. john smith

    sex before marriage? made Jesus cry

  66. MysticXL3gend

    Im not a country guy, I mean... I like trucks, I like back roads, and I don't like country music...BUT DAMN IS THIS GOOD COUNTRY!!

  67. Summer Laugherty

    ik that Lance Laugherty reposted this idk how he picked my favorite song and yes i can say Lance Laugherty because i know him personally

  68. Brandon Payne

    200M views and counting. Gotta love this song🙏

  69. Blanca Palomo

    I love your music 🎶

  70. Brittany Franz

    Jd love

  71. Panda Po

    song is very cool, but too cheap and too naive clip, sucks

  72. Steven Salgado


  73. Karly Guerra

    This whole video is a damn booby trap poor dude he fell right into it

  74. krissy Missy

    I've watched this so many times and never noticed she had an engagement ring 💍 on when their hands were slipping away....woops she cheated on someone.

    Ray Ramsey

    krissy Missy I just noticed that too!!

    Bill McCoy

    Wait 9 months for the real plot twist 🤦‍♂️

    krissy Missy

    @Bill McCoy hehe yup!

  75. Michael Tuozzolo

    Luke comb's came out and the fans for country music blew up

  76. Lyle Walker

    How many junior managers at tractor/farm equipment lots got married to Forever 21 managers to this song?

  77. Nick Akers

    I thought I recognized where he was playing, that’s Coyote Joes in Charlotte.

  78. Bradly Klotz

    Bdh eth

  79. Jason Nalley

    This song was so much better without this goofy ass video

  80. Su Phakhen

    Love, ลูค

  81. Conf Aka

    Passionate,Touching, on point. Give me a like if u will continue to listen into 2020.

  82. Sherlock Holmes

    Imagine an actual hurricane showing up before this on Google 🙄

  83. Jonathan Treadway

    When she gives him that look at the bar:

    It’s a trap!!!!! 😂

    Mitchell Trubisky

    That we'll gladly fall into every time

    Jonathan Treadway

    Mitchell Trubisky yup. We sure will. lol

  84. Corbin Goles

    Love Luke your so good

  85. Divya Raviraj

    I'm crying rn

  86. Mighty 2k

    I really thought rap was good, damn where have I been this dude has REAL talent

    Xiomara Videz

    You should definitely give Chris Stapleton a listen, he's pretty great too!

    Mighty 2k

    Xiomara Videz thank u! I will listen to a couple of his songs

    Xiomara Videz

    @Mighty 2k you won't regret it!

  87. Joseph Vindigni

    One of my favorite country singers of all time I wish I could go see him in concert but don't if that's possible

  88. rainbow sparkels25

    This song got me crying over a breakup I never had. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  89. Them Suantak

    Wonder what's Category 5

    Shorya Cione

    If you're serious each hurricane has different categories (each category defines the level of intensity/severity of the hurricane)

    Them Suantak

    Oh! I get it now.. this is the 2nd time I've come across in songs.. anyway thnkU

    Shorya Cione

    @Them Suantak your welcome

  90. Hugh Tyner of his best!

  91. Lester Bratcher

    Its funny how luke combs showed the Producer of the voice he was with being on the show great job luke!

  92. Davy Owens

    I'm watching 6th November 2019(it's nearly 2020)

  93. stefane green

    I need to know who the main guy is?! He might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    Darrel Maley

    Same dude from she got the best of me 2:56 lol

  94. Jerry Hartman

    Song gets me everytime

  95. Ianne Felixx

    So happy that they will have concert in Colorado Springs. But I got so sad when I saw the date, I'm on duty😭.I can't think of acceptable excuse to say to my employer.😂

    Mighty 2k

    Ianne Felixx just say I was sick

  96. Its Inqx-

    Is it me or is that the same guy in Rascal Flatts 'Rewind'? 🤔

  97. Kerry Kelly

    Sexiest song ever 😘