Luke Combs - Houston, We Got A Problem Lyrics

This is my kind of town
This is my kind of place
I wouldn't mind hanging around
For more than just a couple days
I got a twelfth floor room with a killer view
Of the empty Astrodome
A tab at the bar downstairs
But all I can think about is home

I got my new boots, covered in red dirt
A "Don't mess with Texas" T-shirt
And a Lonestar postcard postmarked, I'm missing you
It's got the biggest sky you've ever seen
The coldest beer you'd ever drink
But I still feel like I landed on the moon
Cause it ain't got you
Houston, we got a problem

You should've seen 19th street
You should've seen a midnight rodeo
The way them saloon doors swing
When they line dance to Copperhead Road
Something about the air down here
That'll make you feel the way all them cowboys do
I wish I was an outlaw
But all I can think about is you

I got my new boots, covered in red dirt
A "Don't mess with Texas" T-shirt
And a Lonestar postcard postmarked, I'm missing you
It's got the biggest sky you've ever seen
The coldest beer you'd ever drink
But I still feel like I landed on the moon
Cause it ain't got you
Houston, we got a problem

It's got the biggest sky you've ever seen
The coldest beer you'd ever drink
But I still feel like I landed on the moon
Cause it ain't got you
Houston, we got a problem
We got a problem
We got a problem

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Luke Combs Houston, We Got A Problem Comments
  1. Debra Parkerson

    Great song for a blessing in disguise... 😂 😍

  2. Debra Parkerson

    We darn sure do with unhealthy people of a open land...
    Much love an respect to you an yours

  3. Debbie Draper

    I love all of Luke Combs songs💕❤️🙋 He's Awesome ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️

  4. Debbie Sherman

    He is one of the best! Love his music!

  5. Thomas Despot

    Very good tune. Check this one out !

    - Dustin Herring

  6. Lisa Christina

    He’s so passionate with every song he does, I love it! 😊

  7. Derek eagles

    This man i my idole he is definitely gonna be a country legend and will definitely be in the hall of fame keep up the great work man

  8. coho slayer

    All of a sudden size n six packs don't matter hey ladies ?

  9. Matt Richard

    No worries is the way too be 100

  10. Kat

    Thank goodness a country voice! Good job!

  11. skull-king 23

    Who's wants to see Chris janson and Luke combs do a song together


    red deathgaming yes!

  12. Detroit Fan95

    Why haven’t I heard this on the radio yet

  13. Flat Mind

    I love this melody/structure, but Houston... the earth is flat

    Flat Mind

    Seriously, I love this song

  14. Carter Therkilsen

    best country musician ever

  15. Aaron Simmonds

    Thank you for sharing all your talent with the world. You have gotten many through some bad days

  16. Jan Norris

    He's like the Yellawolf of country music lol … all great songs yet I had never heard of him.

  17. Elaine D

    No. There's no problem. You thinking alright?

  18. Holly Brown

    He's amazing😍😍😍

  19. Orin Jones

    I was raised on old school country chris ledoux is and will always be my favorite singer but this luke combs is most definetly my listening favorite now keep it up luke

  20. Blackrainy2k Ace

    Houston Texas born and raised, no matter where the roads take me, no matter where this life leads I always know where my home is ♥️

  21. donald trump

    Luke is making country great again 🇺🇸😂👌

  22. Jordan Brymer

    Coyote Joes.... I’ve had a many of drunk nights in that place lol 😂

  23. Kevin Baladez

    Greatest song ever

  24. M Kohlman

    I love this guy! He is so nice and talented!

  25. joseph bolcome

    Preferred candidate for 2020?

    Real country music 2020. ;)

  26. Jason Linnick

    It’s hard to pick a favorite song when all his songs are amazing but, this might be my favorite.

    youtube names

    It's definitely mine and i agree so many amazing songs!!

  27. Samuel A

    what a song

  28. Zack Fleer

    This song is about Astros fans after their team got caught cheating

  29. Garrett Meador

    Who's here from North Carolina?

    H-Tine Don

    Here From Houston Texas

    Garrett Meador

    @H-Tine Don Cool Beans Always wanted to go to texas how is it?

  30. Bonnie Maynard


  31. cruz1aviator

    The one time he doesnt wear a black Columbia fishing shirt, he dons an Astros jersey.

    Why Luke gotta do us like dat 😢😢😢

    You da real MVP luke.

  32. Dallas Jenkins

    I can't wait till I get to see him in concert .

    Erica Stefanik

    Hes amazing live!!! Saw him in kemah texas!

  33. Blac Nigga

    By far the best country singer in this day an age 🙌🏾

  34. Stacy smith

    This song is the best song

  35. Michelle Diaco

    Garth said it right when he said entertainer of the year has Luke's name on it. Awesome job keeping it country

  36. Kenidee Koontz

    I love all of his songs and I was going to see him on my 16 birthday or Dallas cowboys football and I choose a Dallas game because I love football ❤️🥰

  37. Randy Potter

    really like this one....great lyrics. Can hear the Aldean influence mixed with a little Shelton.

  38. 69Boys Anytime

    100%texan!👍htown baby

  39. Gerald Muskwa

    A true country artist

  40. william pugh,III

    hes and good artist. some country i do not like. just becasue i am of color i was raised in the country. alan jackson broks and dunn. pure country. heart broken messin the country.

  41. Mary Prescott

    I Love you Luke combs

  42. Ashleigh Perkins

    Texas has everything, but you.

  43. James Kelley

    I think it’s time for you to make a 10 min song because it seems none of them are long enough but they really are but they are so good and time fly’s when your having fun and I have fun listening to you luke great song

  44. Tracey Carter

    So much love from Ireland 💘💗🇮🇪

    John Shea

    Tracey Carter youse guys listen to country there? I mean I live in NYC so I guess we are both outta scene here

    Tracey Carter

    @John Shea yeah i do

  45. Emily Taylor

    Love every single song of Luke Combs!!

  46. Chris gone Fishing

    It's just so BAD ASS!!

  47. Kevin Quiring

    I so can't wait till luke combs comes to north Platte Nebraska June 26 2020 I so wanna go he is my favorite singer

  48. Dorothy Olsen

    Hi That is buzz and great news for the Orange color for UTexas.

  49. Annabelle Marzo

    Hi Luke Combs have a new song for you it's called love is like a rodeo

  50. Rolando Juantos

    This song makes a Texan happy

  51. Lorenzo Segatta

    If One day I Have money I'll buy a house in Houston. It's two years that are parting.Olè

  52. Andrew Walker

    And she say country dont sound like country music

  53. Patrick Starboy

    This should be the Astros winning song for the World Series this year

    Collin Taylor

    They lost

    John Ashley

    @Collin Taylor That's why it should be their song for the world series lol

  54. Josh Funk

    A nod to Copperhead Road!!!!

  55. James Self

    Damn BOIII what planet are you from!! cause this song hit home big dog. Keep it up ! Power vocals hell yeahhhh baby Trump 2020 baby

  56. Henry Cervantezzz

    This guy should try out for The Voice. Wow.

  57. Courtney Vargason

    Killer view


    I really enjoy country music🙌🏽🤓

  59. william pugh,III

    its an c teasing problem. lead up to passions and left hanging dry contant tease. the issue of the winoooo clubs star stuff. thats why i stopped that club going junk or drinking. nope hell no!

  60. Gabby Clark

    Still in Love with this song <3

  61. SpecialOpsGames Ledesma

    Why is this song so good?

  62. Courtney Shae

    I'm just trying to figure out why they'd ever NOT do "Huston" in a set....

  63. Frank Penney

    he needs to get his country ass to canada

  64. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    This singer,and writers are Ace 's.....thank -you Boy's

  65. Brent Colclasure

    Why the hell didn't i ever hear this on the radio I've been listening to this song since y'all released it this is a number one !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He can't do wrong

  67. Empot Maglia

    I wish you to never get old so that you can keep makin' this kind of music.

    love from the philippines!!❤❤

    Mark Dave Gonzales

    Ako ay pinoy na mahilig s country music.😊

  68. valerie best

    i love his music !!!!

  69. connor samson

    Rock it on Mr combs

  70. Mr Eligwe

    Amazing song

  71. Samantha Landrum

    hey luke u are amazing

  72. Victor Aldaba


  73. SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    I feel like the lady that mimicked luke and yelled "Chairs" is holding a beer for some reason. Just me? Okay...

    SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    Okay that makes 5 including me so I think we can do this

    Mitchell Trubisky

    She yelled "we don't need chairs"

    SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    @Mitchell Trubisky That was probably someone else. I've listened to it closely and she yells chairs. Mimicking luke! Haha it gives me a laugh.

    Mitchell Trubisky

    @SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911 I've listened to this song 7,341 times and I'm also born and raised in Greensboro, NC where this video was filmed. That's the accent of a north carolinian country female. I know what she said buddy. "We don't need chairs!"

    SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    @Mitchell Trubisky So you were there? I've replayed it over and over. And most liking my numbers are up there too. You must have super hearing cause I hear other people taking an than she yells. "CHAIRS". But not going to lie it makes sense for her to say "we dont need and than yells Chairs!"

  74. marcoalfredokillyou

    Anyone know if this was filmed entirely, or even partly, in Houston?

  75. Pam Jefferson


  76. Wheel Designer_YT

    The best part of the song is this is my kinda of town this is my kinda place

  77. SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911


    SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    8 likes awesome!

    Mitchell Trubisky

    @SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911 wtf I ran across another one of your comments and AGAIN you're talking to yourself. Why r u so weird?

    SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911

    @Mitchell Trubisky dang I have 12 likes now. The question why are you so judging? You alright?

    Mitchell Trubisky

    @SoCleaniHaveToBeDirty 911 ur either a kid or old as fuck so I shouldn't be too hard on you, should I? Poor fella

  78. Alisha Pierce

    Luke combs is bringing real country music back..i freaking love him

  79. Ethan Dunn

    Great song but it looks like he’s kissing the mic

  80. Hello Hello 2019


  81. Hello Hello 2019

    Great voice ....😊👍👍👍👍True country music

  82. mathew wyrick

    Who would dislike this.

  83. Allen Gaspard

    If your boyfriend doesn't like this song. Then maybe you should both date other men!!! Keep killing it Luke!

  84. Pheonix Bahnmiller

    I love this song

  85. Ryan Pongonis

    How much is it to get Luke at our wedding for October of next year?

  86. Marie Montemayor

    I love his music ❤️ Luke combd

  87. Robbie

    Country at its best

  88. Stephanie Ravenscraft

    Why am I just now finding this song? I’m OBSESSED

  89. Angela Spradley

    Love this song ;)

  90. Maria Searfoss

    Even fans clear up in Michigan love this song!!

  91. Beverly Davis

    Glad I got my shit kickers handy cause there's a lot shit dribble round these here parts
    WhahhhHooo!! 🤠🐎

  92. Latoya Holden

    Pray for southern Texas

  93. Trastin Tucker

    I love your songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍☺😍☺😍☺😍☺😍☺😍☺

  94. Marvin Newbill

    Love it

  95. ShelbyGT500 Mustang

    Luke Combs it the best singer out there

  96. lolwutyoumad

    My woman left me faster than the Oilers left Houston

    Beverly Davis

    Dammm that's pretty fast 😆

  97. _ warverine

    Best damn singer by far