Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving Lyrics

Daddy I'm afraid, won't you stay a little while?
Keep me safe 'cause there's monsters right outside
Daddy please don't go, I don't wanna be alone
'Cause the second that you're gone they're gonna know
Before he went to bed he grabbed my hand and said

Just 'cause I'm leavin'
It don't mean that
I won't be right by your side
When you need me
And you can't see me
In the middle of the night
Just close your eyes and say a prayer
It's okay, I know you're scared
When I'm not here
But I'll always be right there
Even though I'm leavin'
I ain't goin' nowhere

Dad, we'll be late, and Uncle Sam don't like to wait
He's got a big old plane that's gonna take me far away
I know I act tough but there's a churnin' in my gut
'Cause I just can't call you up when things get rough
Before I left he hugged my neck and said

Just 'cause you're leavin'
It don't mean that
I won't be right by your side
When you need me
And you can't see me
In the middle of the night
Just close your eyes and say a prayer
It's okay, I know you're scared
I might be here
But I'll always be right there
Even though you're leavin'
I ain't goin' nowhere

Daddy I'm afraid, won't you stay a little while?
I never thought I'd see the day I had to say goodbye
Daddy please don't go, I can't do this on my own
There's no way that I can walk this road alone
Daddy grabbed my hand and said

Just 'cause I'm leavin'
It don't mean that
I won't be right by your side
When you need me
And you can't see me
In the middle of the night
Just close your eyes and say a prayer
It's okay boy, I ain't scared
I won't be here
But I'll always be right there
Even though I'm leavin'
I ain't goin' nowhere
I ain't goin' nowhere

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Luke Combs Even Though I'm Leaving Comments
  1. Clayton Hood

    Just lost my dad, this gets me every time I hear it.

  2. Matt Nordan

    4.9k people have daddy issues

  3. Sherii Werner

    Rest in peace Daddy. I love you to the moon and back and around the block. June 1956-Feb. 9th 2020 ❤❤😭

  4. Tiffney Robinson

    How could you not like this

  5. Aubrey Jackson

    doing this song as my first dance song with my daddy but we are going to stop it before it gets to the sad part.

  6. Natalie Savage

    Can’t wait to see Luke Combs at C2C!

  7. Kennedy Dockery

    He wasn’t my father. He was my grandfather. He raised me. God I just wish I had one day with him. I miss him more than words could ever express. 😭💔

  8. Ruth Ndegwa

    My boyfriend left me for seven years but when l listen this song 😭😭😭😭😭miss you Sam ❤

  9. Blake Ledbetter

    I’m going to see him live so hipe

  10. Shane Mccullough

    Greatest song on the radio right now in my opinion

  11. Michelle Lewis

    This is the best so g

  12. DCabrera004

    It's been only a week since I lost my mom but I can't stop wondering if I made her proud.....

    Brayan Guillen

    Sorry about your lost man, as long if you made amends with her before she passed is all whats counts.

    Stella Johnston

    I am so sorry for your lost 💔🙏😢 and I am sure you did sometimes parents don't say but in her heart she was proud of you

  13. Jeremy Henik

    My dad died when I was 8 he was an abusive alcoholic parents got divorced when I was 4 when he started beating my mom ....after that we hardly saw each other I still missed him down the road the day he died his co worker who was there said to me at the wake your dads last words were”tell my son I’m sorry I let him down and he was the most amazing thing created and he loved me more than everything” this song hits you hard now I wish I could talk to him one more time...

  14. DJ Blocked

    Hey Luke Combs how much money would you need to get paid to come and sing to my niece for her birthday because he father left to go to Kuwait and she loves this song because it reminds her of her father and she is 8

  15. Michael Clark

    Son and baby girl , Daddy loves yall both so much

  16. jjaynes05

    Ok so I dig the song is it paying tribute to Conway twitty that’s my job or a rip off

  17. Aaden Rodighiero

    I don't want to be mean but I honestly think this song is not about losing your father I think it is about his father going into war

  18. Ashley Syrkel

    Your my daughter's favorite singer she wont go anywhere without hearing your song your awesome!

  19. Johnny Trejo

    Whenever I hear this song I replace 'Daddy' with "Mommy/Momma' because I lost my mother recently and I know the pain will never go away, but I can always remember the good times. I give my condolences to anyone who has lost their mom or dad, I know your pain and know that you are not alone.

  20. Kenneth Polvent

    Rest in Peace to our 2 amazing Special Warriors who are now in Heaven 🇺🇸 🙏

  21. skillet millet

    this song gives me goose bumps love it reminds me of my father that passed when i was a little girl i know he still around me love you dad

  22. hayley n

    in love

  23. Gregory King

    The third verse gets me every damn time .. RIP Dad 7/27/61-5/3/15

  24. Cooper conley Outdoors

    Playing this at my dads funeral when he dies but I still have home and that what matters

  25. Cooper conley Outdoors

    I traded up a little after listening to this

  26. Randy bishop

    Luke combs is the next best thing since hank jr

  27. iiiOcean_eyesii I

    Dose anyone remember when the voice turned him down? Well LOOK AT HIM NOW he’s a huge success u underestimated him. The voice! He’s an amazing singer! He brought back classic and real country!

  28. Jeremy Smith

    I love this song as a father this hits home


    Lost my dad 20 years ago..... in sears hardware, they had to page him over the loud speaker.

  30. Thomas Hobart

    My Daddy has been gone 30 years and Dear Lord I still miss him. :(

  31. Staci Portillo

    I lost my Dad Sept 12, 2015 & my fiance (who I had known for 31 yrs) Nov 20, 2019. My son played this song at my fiance's memorial & I completely lost it. Cancer sucks!!!

  32. Julie Fisher

    An amazing song. Tears just a falling. Bet this was a hard song to sing .Great father son Love it❤🧡

  33. Mike or patty Rhoades

    So true! Love it.

  34. Jessica G Aguilar

    Made me cry...

  35. Boat Lover2

    Man that song hits me hard!! I miss my Dad 😭💓

  36. Kenna Beasley

    Way to go Luke

  37. Tristen Brooks

    That's my dad and me life song

  38. Logan Debity

    This song is what keeps me thinking about my dad since he passed away on January 24,2020

  39. Conner Oquinn

    This song is so sad and depressed

  40. Nora Rucker

    LoL song

  41. Sarah Murabito

    and here come the feels

  42. Pat Nekson

    Your my new favorite artist!!

  43. Bamaboy352

    Well that's a swift kick right in the feels......

  44. Rene Alvarez

    I'm not the crying type but damn this one got me

  45. Kelley Edwards

    Lost dad suddenly 4.18.19. Miss him so much. This song makes me feel like Im not the only one so sad about losing their dad.

  46. Michael Cunningham

    The only real country singer now RIP Hank williams Sr.

  47. Nyjala Williams

    I love you dad 9.12.2019 💔

  48. Blackskinis Amazing

    *BLACK AMERICANS literally created COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!, but da white man stole it just like da white man stole the native Indians land and 350 years of black labor through the unheard of racist Jim Crow era and chattel slavery era -- come'on Luke boy at least give thanks to us black Americans for creating the country music you eat n live off/cultural appropriate*

  49. scott chandler

    Man i miss my dad so much i took care of him the last few years of his wonderful life he stayed at my house with myself my wife an two baby girls i thought he just fell out of his wheelchair it sometimes happed when he feel asleep so my wife said babe your dad fell out of his chair again an i got up to help him but just my luck....... My daddy was gone an that day a pice of me when with him. I LOVE YOU DAD TILL WE MEET AGAIN MAY GOD HOLD YOU IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS

  50. Phil Curran

    Hey Luke, Can't wait till you come back to Aus! Awesome Voice Dude!! Love your work!

  51. Michelle

    WOW!!! GOD FORBID but this will be on replay! I Can't even imagine!!!! Painfully Beautiful!!! There hasn't been a song that touched me this strong since Don't take the girl!

  52. No Alias

    I’m not crying. Your crying.

  53. Melissa Hall

    I love this song

  54. sistersforever Gabby&kali

    i lost my grandpa so when i listen to this i cry good song tho

  55. Jocelyn Mesch

    I have never heard a song by this guy that I do not like.

  56. Brodie Augusta

    I love you Luke combs
    This is Brodie you best fan

  57. Kelly Rae Mostowy

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Changed my life thank you

  58. marc rech

    This song makes me cry when I think about how my toddler must feel everytime I leave for overnight travel. I love my son.

  59. Major Edmonds outdoors TV

    i didnt lose my dad but he moved to south carolina for a better job i live in oklahoma i barely see him this is hard.

  60. Allie Kammerude

    My mom cried over it😭😭😭

  61. Alisha Maya

    Can't stop listening to this 💕

  62. Jared Smith

    Best song😻

  63. Carissa Ramsey

    lost my dad 4 year ago, it will be 5 this year.... I cant believe its been this long, im grieving so bad rn!! love you dad!! see you in heaven !

  64. Terri Rodriguez

    Every one says this song is for there dad. This song is for my mom because she is the father I never had.

  65. Sunshine Pettitt

    Luke Combs you sing this song really good it touches me you did good thank you for singing this song thank you so much Luke Combs.

  66. Grub Killer

    My dad works hard everyday for me and my brothers, I love him so much. I'm sorry for those who have lost there father. 😢😢😢

  67. Kyleigh Hutchinson

    I have been going through a lot with my mom in prison she wrote a note and told me to listen to this song and I started to cry because this is what happened to me and my father also my mom and she has 14 years to do and I hope my father gets out soon because he been in prison since I was born

  68. Gearhead 6971

    This song needs a proper video! Find the right cast and shoot it already!

  69. Marco B

    He looks like a dude who drives an 18 wheeler

  70. Geek37

    I like the aesthetic of the vid. It’s simple, straightforward and poignant. He lets the song speak for itself. This is a video that’ll stand the test of time and so will this song. It’s a universal truth.

  71. Rikki Pace

    I cry every time I hear it

  72. Allen Trigger Jones

    My little boy is lying next to me sleeping as I listen to this song. I hate that one day I’ll have to leave him and he’s too young to even know that daddy won’t be there someday. Makes you realise you have to live every day to the fullest and spend as much time as you can with the people you love. Great song.

  73. johnny green

    This song hits home ❤️

  74. A. Vincent Herrick

    Lost my Dad a few years back. My boy hugs me whenever this song starts playing cause he knows Daddy is sad.

  75. Blaine Ayers

    Ive listened to this song a 1000 times. I love it. However, I ugly cry every time I hear it. Every time.

  76. paul austin

    One of the most powerful songs I ever heard! Miss you Dad!!!
    This, is 100% for sure gonna be played at MY funeral when my time is gone! I love my son more than anything on earth!

  77. Angie Dixon

    It’s a hard song to listen to but I love Luke so I do ❣️

  78. markrieth

    This song make me think of my three sons and my dad whom I lost 16 years ago. I think of me saying this to my sons to let them know I will always be there for them. Then I think of my dad and this song, crying because I MISS him and LOVE dad so much. I will see you in heaven. God Bless Dads.

  79. Melissa Dellinger

    This song reminds me of when my dad was gone in the military!

  80. alen davis

    This song came out right about the time my father lost his battle with cancer...words can't express how much comfort this song gave me

  81. Meegan McClorey

    I lost my step-dad 5 years ago and this is the day he died!!😭😭

  82. Ryan Bradberry

    Lost my dad 9 12 17 found him in the back barn he took his own life theres not a day that goes bye I dont think about him suicide is the worst this song has been my savior keeps me going. Thanks luke

  83. Patsy Ramirez

    My pop will be gone three years here in June an I still need my pop, and I know he won't want me to be crying and mad but I am

  84. Jimmy Gibson

    Make. More songs


    You are the best Seger love you

  86. Amber Lopez

    How dare you make me ugly cry like that!?

  87. James Bennett


  88. Courtney Deuter

    those 48.k unlikes must not have had a dad pass... or they are too scared too face the tears.

    thanks Luke!!

  89. Jama Ahmed

    I saw this video on barbershop in Nairobi Kenya Loved.

  90. logan rowley

    i don't have a dad but for some reason I love this song

  91. Rebecca Kramer

    Lost my dad in May so this hits hard

  92. Kristina Fether

    RIP Dad I love and miss you so much. It's very hard not having you here with me and your grandkids.

  93. Pierna Productions

    I post singing video on Instagram @onelegwonderr it would mean a lot if you could follow me. May you have a blessed day :)

  94. Aameenah Rucker

    I Like yor. Sag

  95. Rick Jones

    .voice! Oh yeah!

  96. Jake Lewellin

    Cry every time

  97. Nick

    I’m lucky enough to sill have my pops with me but man this song made me thing about what it would be like without him.