Luke Combs - Can I Get An Outlaw Lyrics

Back in the day it was a six gun, and a six string
Man, that was country
And that's the way country still out to be
It was lived, not taught, it was earned, not bought
Had to put in the work to get to the top
Let me tell you, how things really gone wrong

These days its all wannabes singing someone else's songs
Everybody's doing the same damn thing
Where have the rebels gone?

Cause we don't need
Another pretty boy, singing pretty songs
Fake country boys, doing country all wrong
Need another Haggard, or a Johnny Cash
Somebody chewing tobacco, and whipping ass
I need a preacher, I need a savior
How about y'all?
Can I get an outlaw?

It don't have to be honkytonks, boots, and wrangler jeans
It ain't the banjo or the fiddle, no
It's the words and what they mean
If you gonna talk the talk, you better walk the walk
And brother that's the truth
So honestly, what would Waylon do?

I can guarantee that if he was alive today
He'd ask us one more time:
"Are you sure Hank done it this way?"


Are the good times really gone for good?
Or can we get back to our roots?
It's about that time we raise the bar
So raise a glass if you feel like I do


I pray country answers my call
Can I get an outlaw?
Oh, can I get an outlaw?

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Luke Combs Can I Get An Outlaw Comments
  1. Grace Kelly

    I need the ultimate outlaw patsy Cline

  2. cody Chapman

    Upchurch done the same fist js

  3. Waylen willoughby

    This is a solid song

  4. Christian Smith

    Gethen Jenkins would mop the floors with this outlaw wannabe

  5. Nicole Wilson

    But he is a pretty boy..... at least to me he is.

  6. No.1Czarnian

    It's better with Upchurch

  7. Dalton Riley

    So damn true!!!

  8. Adam Paton

    you should listen to the origianl version with upchurch

  9. Tyler Ewan

    Somebody please show that pussy Luke Bryan this song

  10. Chris Roberts Jr

    @lukecombs this woke me up. Im working on it. Will be seeing you soon ..

  11. racing legend

    Sounds a lot like a song Upchurch made with a few different parts to the song

    Patrick Marcotte

    He's on UpChurch's song

  12. Anon Ymous

    Still listening 2050

  13. Natedogz7

    This is a true song

  14. Krystal Nelms

    Still here in the 2k19

  15. John Doe

    Hell right.

  16. Freemans Ranch

    He copied the song... home and upchurch did this song together but people started to cry about it. So upchurch put his name on the title. People just need to stop being a bitch and deal with shit. No more crying

  17. Spencer Steva

    Luke is an amazing singer and an ACTUAL outlaw, none of that fake shit. I just wish he wouldn't have made Upchurch take his name off the song.

  18. Chetj Heaton

    Church church church church !!!!

  19. Steven Gadzinski

    The version with Ryan Upchurch is much better.

    Dank Tutorials

    We sometimes i like to just jam this one in my truck without the rapping

  20. Crystal

    Thought this was new music....why is this not blowin up my radio??? Love me some Luke❤

  21. Lifee

    thats me =]

  22. kitty susca

    This is it.The rebirth of badass

  23. Missy Fitch

    Interesting that he releases this song after he threatened to sue Ryan Upchurch to take his name off it. Weird... and ungrateful since the song with Upchurch put him on the map...

  24. Justin Mitchell

    You had an outlaw, but he had to take his name and voice off this song... now you do the same damn thing as everyone else... boring

    Xeno Z Snake

    I mean he's still pretty good. Compared to the rest of todays so called country music.

  25. Mm Ct

    You're damn right

  26. Andrew Woodall

    I wish i had a that dip can lid

  27. Ricky Hunt

    Unfortunately Luke sold out to the Nashville Establishment. Now making music like Luke Bryan.


    Luke Combs still sounds pretty legit in comparison to that clown. Real instruments. No clap track. etc.

    Ricky Hunt

    @Mr.Rabbit666 He plays instruments yes but it's closer to Luke Bryan than Sturgill Simpson or Shooter. His songs don't sound much different than every other country artist on the radio.

  28. Jack Madsen

    Love this song it's so true

  29. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    almost 5yrs later and I found a new favorite song.

    damn straight !

  30. EZ05

    To bad they wont play this on the radio, hate to hurt them purty boys feelings.

  31. Jeremy Simpson

    The first version with Ryan Upchurch is better

  32. tldl0101

    Him, Cody Jinks, Jamey Johnson, Tyler Childers, and Chris Stapleton. Finally some real country music for a change.

  33. Patricia Hinkel

    Best Luke Combs song ever... Never heard it on N-ville radio...typical... I only listen to Texas and alternative country.
    . LC been an outlaw for a long time now

  34. Benjamin Dover

    Raw. Nasty. To the point. Luke knows the deal. No falling in his songs. No stupid lines

  35. Sparky Bus

    FUCKIN MERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. Cruella D

    Saturday Charlotte NC

  37. James Blanche

    Social Justice Warriors and Milennials are running for fucking cover right now in my neighbourhood!

  38. Dan Vicars

    I love this song killer lyrics

  39. Slash Render

    let me fix this

  40. High Desert Hooked clubpcr


  41. gokublack gamer

    I personally like the one with Up Church better

  42. ed hunt

    I'm sorry but this version of this song is pitiful compared to the other one

  43. jeff 9

    Hes the outlaw he wants

  44. Jackson B

    Fucking sellout. Why does it always happen? An artist that actually makes good songs, then gets signed by a label, then starts singing gay shit?

    Troy Ferguson

    Are you okay in the head?

  45. Oambious YT

    All the thumbs down means y’all are fake country boys, Fuck You Luke is the savior of this generation! 💯

  46. Kansas Sparks

    I live in a small town in Missouri population 5000 which isn’t to small but still everyone here says they are country but they listen to fucking rap or the “pop country” of nowadays this song is how it should be thanks Luke love ya!!

  47. Ahsatan 821002141

    I heard Beautiful Crazy back in January then I found this song in may and i was like wait, THIS is THAT guy?¿?¿ It would be a shame if he became the very thing he claimed to dislike (I havent heard much else by him so I dont know if he did or not, but judging by more recent comments I'd assume he did)

  48. camdon horn

    Now luke is just another “pretty boy” and singing like everyone else

    JT Watson

    camdon horn ??? No he’s not?

    camdon horn

    (She’s got the best of me) so what about that song and his recent

  49. Mo Has A YouTube Channel

    Great old old fashioned country music. Love it,

  50. Dee Harris

    Yeah ol Dee's still listening this.
    I don't care if it is old.
    It's not a prutty song
    Or some mushy love song.

  51. TRILL SK

    Yall should hear the remix with ryan upchurch

    Death Reaper

    NBSERIALKILLA96 TWITCH it wasn’t a remix lol it was another song

  52. Jessie VanGelder

    the first time I heard this song I had new favorite song

  53. Tammy Potter

    Honestly I heard this song with Ryan Up church singing his lyrics but this is great too

  54. Zeppelin Fanatic

    Love this dude! Awesome in concert!

  55. DudleyDude

    God damn it this song could be so much better if it didn't have the drums in the back and a stupid build up. The words are great but every country song now has drums and a build up

  56. David McCain

    This song didn't age well 🤣🤙

    Michelle Pietroburgo

    Hell no, he sold RIGHT out.

  57. Dan Ashby

    Waylon wouldn't have made it today, yuppies of Nashville would of said he's to old and not a pretty boy!

    Carolina Barbie

    What about young Waylon??..

  58. renufus11

    Too bad he writes generic country music now, this is a stark contrast to what he pumps out now

  59. lookinforthebig1 90

    Still have cranking this shit brother keep it going

  60. Dustin Hicks

    Luke combs and Eric Church are n North Carolina best country singers and there mountain boys that's y they have a different dialect than u

  61. Alec Kessler

    God damn right! Don't need another pretty boy playing another pretty song can I get an outlaw!!

  62. Micah Gann

    Listen to My Own Lane. Upchurch is the real outlaw Luke Combs is a sell out.

  63. cterhune06

    UPCHURCH did it better!! He is a fake!! He did this course with Ryan and then decided to go on his own.

  64. Dipboi69 Yeeha

    The song is amazing and I love the dip can logo it is just real country.

  65. Daemian Rivas

    Maybe you Luke

  66. Michael P

    Came here after “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” I think we got our outlaw :)

    Michael Elliot

    I've been following him for a while, it only gets better!!

    Carolina Barbie

    😄Yes we did! Thank God for this Carolina boy!
    Makin country Great Again!💙👣❤💕

    Haley Powell

    Yooooooo same


    Sadly he sold out after this

  67. Brandon Bailey

    Just takin chances like u told me to do

  68. Robbie Perkey

    2019?? Anyone?

    Youz_a_bot No_you

    Robbie Perkey me

    Greg l

    Yeah cause this music of his is the only stuff he made that isnt utter mainstream crap.

  69. Mannie Young

    Finally, Country is getting some hard hitters that are true to the genre!!!

  70. Matthew Anderson

    this is real country fuck pop country is just stupid

  71. Derek R

    Upchurchs version is way better

  72. Barbara Clark

    Awesome song there was real outlaws like Wille nelson merle haggard and hankwilliams was awesome

  73. B Miller

    This shit goes hard

  74. Joseph Fernandez


  75. Leo Ghilardi

    Luke gives this with no vasiline.  This is why I turned to country!  No pretty gay boys.

  76. Chevy chaser

    Wait this is its own song???? I thought it was only done with upchurch

  77. atomic banana

    luke combs sings about fake country boys and how we need real country boys but anyone that throws away there country roots and disrespect the rebel flag like he has should just quit being so hippicrtical and just quit country RHEC

  78. Richard Desousa

    Love to blast luke on our farm and just dance around and enjoy life

  79. Alex Woolridge

    I'm rock n roll and blues to the bone but this shit here is great. I know country when hear it.

  80. Pete S

    Mo Pitney has the sound too.

  81. Austin

    RHEC creek sqaud💪🖕🏻

  82. Lowell Smith

    Yeah he's talking bout you Luke pretty boy Bryan 🖕

    Michelle Pietroburgo

    Except he has become a pretty boy country pop bullshit sell out too tho....

  83. CountryMusicFan1000

    Texas Outlaw here.

    Not really Gordon Ramsay or am I?

    YEE YEE #Texas

  84. BluCollarBeauty

    This version

  85. Carissa Brunelle

    This is why I love country ❤️💕😘


    I can actually imagine listening to this song going down a dirt road that is the exact kinda freakin thing that I look for

  87. Connor Haines


  88. Connor Haines

    Chewing Bacar and whipping ass

  89. hunter coleman

    Upchurch version is much better

    Haley Powell

    hunter coleman no

  90. Crazy Camo Dad

    Too many kids think FGL is country...

  91. James Blasingame

    It's funny cause he is exactly what he's singing about in this song

    Landon Hardeman

    James Blasingame I say the same thing all the time. He was amazing here but Luke combs just turned into one of them pretty boys he sang about

  92. Jerry Coleman

    Love it

  93. Evan Me

    Can we get some Luke Combs dip

  94. Connor Noess

    my own lane- upchurch the second verse exposes this guy go listen

    Michelle Pietroburgo


  95. mitchie mitch

    Hell yeah brother.

  96. Andrea Williams

    80% of the problem is fake country boys, but the other 20% is the fact that people don't write/sing real country songs and they need to go be pop artists (Sam Hunt, etc.) and that radio stations don't give the artists that sing real country music (Chris Stapleton and Luke Combs, etc.) enough air time. With Chris and Luke country will be saved!

  97. Raven Owens

    I think he did this with upchurch too

    Connor Noess

    yeah but now his record company doenst want it to exsist anymore

  98. Joseph Matthews

    Stapleton doesn't have shit on Luke

    Connor Noess

    the old luke

  99. Joseph Matthews

    Real country is back and Chris Stapleton sucks he ruined Tennessee Whiskey and Drink a Beer