Luke Combs - Beer Never Broke My Heart Lyrics

I've had a largemouth bass bust my line
A couple beautiful girls tell me goodbye
Trucks break down, dogs run off
Politicians lie, been fired by the boss

It takes one hand to count the things I can count on
No, there ain't much, man, that ain't never let me down

Long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart
Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart
Like a neon dream, it just dawned on me, that bars and this guitar
And long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart

She was a Carolina blue jean baby
Fire in her eyes that drove me crazy
It was red taillights when she left town
If I didn't know then, I sure know now

But long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart
Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart
Like a neon dream, it just dawned on me, that bars and this guitar
And long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart

It takes one hand to count the things I can count on
But I got one hand that's gripping down on a cold one

'Cause long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart
Like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart
Like a neon dream, it just dawned on me, that bars and this guitar
And long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart, no
It never broke my heart

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Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart Comments
  1. josh lemons

    Keep drinking lite beer you will end up with the poops :-/

  2. Eddie Clayton

    It didn't break my heart, but it did break my bank account after I paid the lawyers off.

  3. Andrew Whitley

    Wow, small world! I went to this school and born same place as Luke lol

  4. Brandon Nodine

    So Fucking true, MGD or Miller Lite

  5. Someyoung Guyy

    Every other country artist is like....holy fuck why didn't I think of this song title....

  6. Tanna King

    Best song ever

  7. Chickasaw_injunredneck

    James carothers sang about you when he sang "they dont drink as much me"

  8. Bill House

    Sing on my friend. ✌ OUT

  9. Jill Caudill

    Iuke combs ls the best

  10. Andres 81

    Love this song sooooo much

  11. Travis Steffey

    Amen!! Never have and hopefully never will😬

    Travis Steffey

    Thanks BUD LIGHT!!!!

  12. Diego Martinez


  13. Jared Reading

    Well played out! Funny but true
    This is powerful if you put the meaning behind it before the ice cold beers 🤣😍🤬🤣😍 best artist out there today our dude Luke

  14. Natalie Fisher

    I love this song

  15. Blake Smith

    repeat and repeat

  16. Blake Smith

    i love blasting this song and others into my ears. it sounds soooooo good.

  17. The Bearded Tattoo

    Milf says, with a puzzled look, "Why do you like being single?!"
    Then I said, " Because, A long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart!!!" 🤣

    Dennis Curtis

    Just the way it is I just can't find the right girl

  18. ashley clark


  19. bigwille11

    It never broke my heart ♥️ young man

  20. Mckenzie and Tyree

    I love this song Me and my family listen to it a lot

  21. Araña VC

    Love this song💕💕💕💕💕💕

  22. Steven Losey

    What’s ironic as hell is tickets to his shows go for like $600 a pop 😂

    Charlie Dunn

    He's gotta pay for the beer somehow

  23. Garison Marie

    I love your songs

  24. Random Rojas

    Craig morgan

  25. R Potter

    Luke you are on one heck of a path man. Don't slow down and don't look back. Please keep'em comin. Hope to see you in Craven Sask next July. Finest wishes / rod

  26. Amanda Kirkland

    Call me

  27. James Tunnell

    Sounds like Ricky Skaggs, "Gimmie one last chance". Almost identical chords.


    I agree, but it was Vince Gill.

  28. adele Mccormick

    my grandpa is a masive fan

  29. Jace Pawlak

    Fucking. Garbage.

  30. Ryan Cavanaugh

    "I've ridden in the front of the bus and I've ridden in the back" -Michael Cavanaugh/Jacobcic..

  31. Lori Wetzel

    Thanks for your concert in NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Gracie Foster

    Love your songs my daughters tablet so she is saying this

  33. Trey Boudreaux

    Is that hannah barron

  34. Wolfy Addie

    Love thus song this is my fav love his music I also love country music💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😘💔😘😘😘Have a Merry Christmas🎅🎄💝

  35. Tammy Mott

    ::climbing out from under the rock I have lived under:: holy crap country music is back... why didn't someone tell me??!!
    I don't listen to country radio anymore (it's shit) so I gotta find gems like this hottie here on YouTube! Glad I was in a binge mood!!

  36. Kris Scales

    Ohh look at that the like's button destroys you hating bitch ass dislike button.. fuckin pussies 😉

  37. Canyon Bradshaw

    This is my couple song

  38. Grace H

    This is my favorite song of all so far

  39. Hiwot Ekubay

    I like you luke

  40. Mindy Colvard


  41. Sepiso LaTanya-Marie Ililonga

    Good save!!!!

  42. Jared Wilson

    I love you

  43. Hunter Sapp

    It’s not the beer it is the girls that brake hearts

  44. SoulSurvivor182 _

    This has to be the worst song of the decade

  45. Kala Wherry

    LUKE COMBS IS SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. jereamy doolittle

    The best song

  47. Daniel S

    God damn i feel so proud to be drinking beer with a beard right now watta song great effort Luke you fukn Legend

  48. Laser Monkey

    lol It may not break your heart but it will definitely break your liver.

    Billy Davis

    laser Monkey HA your right about that

  49. Bryant Hussung

    Goddamn, this guy sucks. Really sucks. There are so many more talented artists in Nashville for this jackass to get paid to sing music.

  50. Amber Tucker


  51. Sam C

    Oh wow. Officially a fan.


    Neon green


    Sandalwood? Got any? I can do a genealogical searchin on for trade on sum
    Iowa here

  54. Amanda Frost

    Plus tell me I'm not the only guy that sits in his truck on brake on his last day of work jams to this ???

  55. J024

    Been looking for this song for a minute! Finally found it, its great!

  56. Sylvia Stallion

    Yes i am a naughty girl. Stripped at big als in peoria. Lol

  57. Sylvia Stallion

    Long kennys something is gonna make me hell all right:))))))) we love Luke Combs::)))(

  58. Case Hendershot

    Love it

  59. Ryan Jones

    Yo you guys don’t even know this is my life!!!!

  60. Luis Perry

    Not good poopy

    Luis Perry

    Yeah right dude

    Luis Perry

    I agree to that statement aswell

    Luis Perry

    No im. Not

    Ryan Jones

    Fuck u talkin about

  61. Dennis Curtis

    Gull Dangit' ain't that my life😀

  62. 2027 Tucker Monroe

    good song homi

  63. Chris Avila

    Can't wait tell come to Denver,CO love the music

  64. Rubiana Ortez

    Me yelling in the car: LONG NECK ICE COLD BEER!!!!!

  65. Allie Spillman

    Hell Right

  66. Amy Crump


  67. michael Healy

    This is an anthem 🍺

  68. Richard Boyle

    YO! I follow that one chick on Instagram!

  69. Neal Harrison

    hell ya

  70. connie burk

    I love this song

  71. Uncoupled Panic5

    I came here for hannah barron lol

  72. Leah Bragg

    I love this song

  73. connie burk

    I like this song
    Long neck bottles

  74. fatboymig1

    Preach Brother!!!

  75. Aliah Crookshanks

    People saying luke Bryan is country....

    Clearly they are blind because be isn't no where near country out here in paints tighter than a rubber band around your finger.

    Because Luke combs is the best ever....
    Please bring your crocs back out I need a pair lol and cant find then any where but ebay for 300-500 and urs was like 60

  76. Mike Harney

    Luke your old friend harney want to meet up and let's do one last song ! You left me behind

    Grace Williams

    Hi grace

    Mike Harney

    @Grace Williams how u doing girl lifen is good what about u ? Rhec

  77. Jon Scott

    When I listen to Luke Combs so do the neighbors a mile down the road

  78. captainhic

    That PFG shirt FTW!

  79. Cole Robinson


  80. Kidd Skrrt

    Long packed 5gram joint never broke my heart

  81. isaac feuerborn Drew 6- not my problem new country

  82. dbpgh

    Oh yeah

  83. Grace Williams

    Hi grace

  84. The Rock1984

    Perfect Iron Bowl video!!!! WAR EAGLE “DOINK”

  85. William Ortwine


  86. Kayson Collette

    that's some jam


    He's hitting the cymbals way too hard.

  88. Dylan Cook

    I don't always listen to this but when i do

    So does my entire neighborhood

  89. Ronnie Vowell

    Saw y'all n bossier city last Thursday night & it was a good show.

  90. Ryan Walker

    This music is for listening to at your local County Fair earwax eating contest.

  91. Matthew Howell

    Beers never broke my heart but they help me become a alcoholic get DUI go to prison get divorced. Worst song I ever heard. Suks

  92. Peter Murray

    it is good

  93. Charlene Sanders

    He is awesome love this guy!!!

  94. Brandon Guidry

    I actually thought that was Blake Shelton singing that song until I saw Luke Combs name

  95. Luke Combs

    Thank y'all for tuning in to the premiere! Means a lot to the band and I!! Best fans in the world no doubt... Hope y'all love the song and video!!!

    Audriena Correia

    Acaba não Mundão de meu Deus

    Alan Cannon

    Just come to Dublin already 😂😂

    Toooca clan leader Leader

    500 reply

    Jay Stewart

    What are the prices of ticket now luke combs?as well come too Canada soon