Luke Combs - 1, 2 Many Lyrics

Well, I got a call from Rowdy 'round six o'clock
Saying he caught a hankerin' for a honky tonk
Wants an ice cold beer and a country song
But he didn't wanna stay out all night long
Well, I ain't the kind to let a buddy drink alone
But I can't turn it off once I turn it on

There's no stopping me once I get goin'
Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open
The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb
By half past ten I'm half past tipsy
At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty
The countdown's on when the first beer hits me
Five, four, three, two, one
Too many

After five diet Millers I was feeling loose
Singing karaoke to a TL tune
When a pretty little thing shot me a wink
She said, "Hey cowboy, could you buy us a drink?"
Well hey, baby doll, I will if you want
But I can't turn it off once I turn it on

There's no stopping me once I get goin'
Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open
The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb
By half past ten I'm half past tipsy
At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty
The countdown's on when the first beer hits me
Five, four, three, two, one
Too many

Now I've never been the kind to quit
Won't stop till I get to the bottom of this
And the night's still young
So what you say we shotgun one?

There's no stopping me once I get to goin'
Put a can in my hand, man I'm wide ass open
The tick tock of that clock is like a time bomb
Yeah, by half past ten I'm half past tipsy
At quarter to twelve, man I've done had plenty
The countdown's on when the first beer hits me
Five, four, three, two, one
Too many

Yeah, five, four, three, two, one
Too many

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Luke Combs 1, 2 Many Comments
  1. Mario Gonzalez

    Luke is absolutely killing everything he touches!! This boy can sing!! Its ridiculous how good he is !! Best voice in country today!

  2. Coty White

    Man i love it! Might be my new song haha

  3. snowflakemelter 45

    When asked why he wouldnt tour with Thomas Rhett, Luke Combs replied "I only tour with people who play country music" (just kidding, I made it up 😂😂😂)



  4. Carlos Morales

    So no ones gunna talk about the cutie at 1:58?!

  5. Meeka Loves You

    Whoever disliked this must like shit music 😂

  6. Dean Zelles

    Luke Combs to close Country Thunder 2020 in Craven, Clint Black to return going to be crazy.

  7. Milissa Burns

    What can't be great Luke Combs is amazing

  8. The guy

    Am i the only one who hates the fact i cant center the video screen in default mode?


    Hell yeah im bud light and corona i grew up a lil on flipping BROOKS
    and DUNN

  10. Jonas Borg

    right-click twice on the video and set it to repeat.


    He my favorite country singer theres something cool in his voice


    I bet that nobody could out drink luke combs

  13. Adam VanderZouwen

    This is the country music we deserve . More please!

  14. Samuel Knudson

    Everything about this is great except for Green Bay #fuckthepack

  15. Cory Workman

    POOR LUKE...look closely at his ears.he has hearing aids😭

    Cory Workman

    Wait they all have it...?is it like a sound reducer because its to loud?

    Dayle Anthony

    @Cory Workman Yes. It helps the ears

  16. Ariane LCMN

    I love this guy!!! 🤠

  17. Kozy Campfire

    hay I like your songs

  18. Jill McMahon

    54321 android is better

  19. Jill McMahon

    You gotta add alllllll your music to SPOTIFY ..NOT JUST APPLE MUSIC.. or whatever it is. Not every one of your fans has an iPhone or can afford an iPhone

  20. Cory Workman

    Luke: beer never broke my heart

    Me:when my heart is broke i put ur music on bluetooth

  21. Cory Workman

    Plz do a tour to florida my family wants to go to a concert so bad😓

  22. Cory Workman

    The 1.8k people who disliked are mental THERES NO STOPIN ME ONCE I GET GOING😉

  23. Dick Hurtz

    Love this song, then again love most of Luke's music. Rock on Luke!

  24. Wouter Dobbelaar

    this songs deserves so much more views!!!!

  25. gaskan666

    This is a addiction song. Its like that pit bull. once locked on its hard to turn off

  26. Dale Cannizzaro

    Luke has brought country music back to country- The man awesome- Luke don’t ever stop

  27. Tim Laning

    The music and video are great. Someone needs to tell Where's Waldo to change his clothes and take a shower though; I can smell him in the studio from here at home.

    Dick Suka

    wow such a funny joke

    Ken Whalen

    Your comment reeks of envy.

  28. Backwoods Outlaw

    Thank god for country. You can try and hide it but it shows for those who see it. Roots dig deep son.

  29. Jerry Suresh

    This sounds just like Joe Diffie’s pickup man

    Dick Hurtz

    lol what?
    Not even.

  30. Gabriel B Morris

    I wish I could talk to him

  31. Slxm Juan

    The most fun song about alcoholism ever written

  32. Jocelyn Flores


  33. Jocelyn Flores

    alright luke its not funny anymore COME TO HOUSTON !!!!


    These two artists/bands have an amazing harmonizing ring in 1, 2 many and brand new man

  35. Rebecca Agius

    I love your songs

  36. Alice Riggs

    I Always drink 1 2 many,love Brooks and Dunn also.

  37. Lisette Camacho

    I love this song!

  38. James Perry

    I can shotgun faster than you can Luke!!!

  39. Necessary Evil

    being called amazing by brooks and dunn, garth brooks, and tim mcgraw but im sure there is a ton more. you know george straight and ole hank are prolly sitting at home jamming to this shit

    Sparks 1013

    Shit Hank's got the pig in the ground already come on over boys night's still young

  40. AsTheWheelsTurn

    why is waldo at the mixing board?

  41. Peter Pan

    There’s no stopping me when I get to wacking. There is porn on the TV in a wad in the napkin. Remix!


    TV pfff, Mine is in the movie theatre

  42. Maximilian Donahue


  43. btrflyldy70

    I love, love, LOVE this SONG! I have loved Luke Combs from the first song I heard of his and almost every song since. He's just awesome.

  44. Crissy310 S

    I’m proud of you!!! You make me drink more

  45. Abbey Messick

    My dad loves this song soooooo much love you Luke Combs

  46. Hunt31 Fish31

    Love how he did a duo with brooks and Dunn

    Necessary Evil

    2 of them actually, remember the song brand new man by brooks and dunn? they did an awesome remake together with luke. there is prolly even more songs like the live he did with tim mcgraw, where tim yelled at the end damn that boy can sing! and was having a great time. plus all the songs where oddly i be like man i love this and boom found out it was written by luke lol, the song i hope you're happy now sung by lee brice and some lady named carly? haha

    Hunt31 Fish31

    Necessary Evil thanks for letting me know. I went to look at that brand new man remix and I think it’s awesome

  47. Someday Tactics and knifes

    Nice song, Waylon proud

  48. Matthew Muzzy

    I wanna drink a beer with this guy 🍻 cheers big guy!

  49. Shayla Burton

    Can't get enough of this song

  50. Shayla Burton

    Love this song

  51. Sean Morris

    Luke you are a country legend already

  52. Polar Fran

    Anyone know why this has not blown up yet????

  53. ghosts of the republic

    hell ya

  54. Whitetail Driven Solutions

    Great Work Mister. Your love for the Outdoors , Family and the Outdoors is something you should forever stay true to. We sure respect ya for it. Michigan Whitetail Management needs to come give ya hand with some habitat improvements on ur land soon I'm thinking lol. Take Care, GodBlessYa

  55. Deere2154D

    Well we finally found Waldo.

  56. Red Man

    Atta boy!

  57. Amy

    I LOVE Luke Combs, hope I get to the USA to see him live!!! Especially if he plays with Brooks & Dunn, Midland, Brooks, Sheldon, Pardi, Straight, Timberlake, Stapleton, ANYONE BASICALLY 😃🥰👍💜😊!!! I have always loved Country, I just hope I can come before I get to old! When I do get to the State’s, I will certainly leave a lot of my personality behind 😜, can’t beat an outgoing, very talkative Aussie chick 🐥😂! C U one day soon USA, brace yourselves 🤣😇😍😘😘!

    John Shea

    Amy come move to NYC already! My neighborhood has 4 Aussie families who all love country 😂

  58. karin aponte

    The first time, I heard Luke Combs I knew,he gonna be a 🌟.I love his voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  59. Jeffy Tood

    If that ain't country I'll kiss your ass

  60. ChevysGirl321

    I can not stop bopping around to this song, its been on repeat for the last day

  61. Heather Bonner

    And the song is about the old times

  62. Heather Bonner

    La we’re going to the concert right now can you please like the comment if you want Luke to do Song with Taylor ray Holbrook

  63. Gaspar Oscar

    i am from romania away from america but still listen country music and its the greatest music ever.About luke combs probably the best singer country

  64. Pete Foster

    Man I love this guys music! So talented

  65. Videl Enick

    Impressive 🐳💪🏼👌🏼

  66. The Tisim Boyz

    This song makes me think country is still good. Then the radio station plays some crapie song from this year and I remeber it still sucks

  67. Kevin Buback

    2:27 How come Luke look like that Scrub Daddy Sponge 🧽

  68. Greydon Willsie

    Best song out here right now.

  69. Jayden Schlegel

    "Does anyone here in green bay like country songs".Hell ya💯

  70. Jonathon Jordan

    I wanna thank Luke Combs for getting me back into country music, now somebody get me a damn beer!

  71. Yadifannum1 Baseballlover

    Luke dont need nobody to hold his beer while he sings, he can do both


    This man is a living legend already!!
    Roll on March

  73. Kristi Carpenter

    He is going to put the rest of them out of busness

  74. Bradley Owens

    He deserves way more than 1.42M subs... like 142M subs if anything!

  75. Quennie Sibal

    You're the best, Luke Combs. I keep on listening to your songs! Woohhhhh!!!!

  76. Sylvia Stallion

    54321. 2 many shots with Kenny Chesney you like to gambe??? Need to make cash quick this next month here in Chicago. Lol !!! Shot gun with u Luke. !!!!!!!

  77. Sylvia Stallion

    Happy Thanksgiving 2019 Luke Combs!

  78. Dalton Wright

    Can someone tell me why tf I haven’t heard this song before today?

  79. Outlaw Archer

    Was it just me or while listening to this song I grabbed a beer and had a good time

  80. Woody Thomason

    Yea boy

  81. Zachary Little

    "anybody here tonight like drinking songs"

  82. Unknown Desconosido

    I just started listening to country, can y’all put me on more songs with the same style as this one. Thanks In advance. 👍🏼

    Sparks 1013

    Plenty of Luke Combs' songs are like this, you can tell he grew up to 90s country and really wants to fill those shoes. Check out Beer Can and Beer Never Broke My Heart

  83. A P

    Who is the female voice????? Anyone know?????

  84. Matthew Sawczyn

    "I just wanna write a song that I feel like my 90s country music heroes would be proud of"
    I believe they are, Luke

  85. 신기한TV

    i love this song 🎶🎶

  86. the koolkid

    I can’t help but love this song

  87. Nick Jensen

    Luke Combs is the new outlaw of country music we need more artists like him screw Sam Hunt Kane Brown and the rest of them wannabe country singers

  88. Sylvia Stallion

    😇🙏🌎 peace!!!! I think you are awesome Luke Combs. I hope to meet you some day:))

  89. Alexa Lynn

    I was at this concert!

  90. Alex MacLean

    I like that they used the old B&D beat.

  91. William Alexander

    when i hear this song it kind of reminds me to allways have a good one when im drinking with my mates love this song omg

  92. Tanya Lowe

    I live this song it is my fav

  93. Whitetail Coffin Club

    This man's the hero we don't deserve. Thank you, cuz we can't handle all the other crap that's played

  94. Marquhee Vlogs

    Luke combs is the goat

  95. Griffin Currie

    Your the best singer, your my ringtone and everything and every song that I have all your songs there all go songs. Good job bud.

  96. BUSTED

    The only thing that would make this any more 90s is if Joe Diffie was singing XD

  97. TJamesTV

    Luke combs is the best!! My cover of better together, however, is SHIT hahaha

  98. Jordan Wilson

    and country music is not dead because its still pretty lit

  99. Jordan Wilson

    luke,your songs are the best you should make more because they are perfect