Luke Christopher - Superman Lyrics

Oh woah woah
I’m a man but I’m no superman
All these people they need saving, baby
Cause life’s too crazy
If they turn around and I’m not there then what are they gonna do?

This one girl, she says I’m not as mean as I seem
My pictures make me look like I’m a fiend
She thinks the people I've [?], I know better
So I’m sorry if I scream
Fuck it all, cover your ears, my people
I’m just embarrassed just to fear my people
How am I supposed to be honest with the world
When I still haven’t been able to be honest with a girl?
So middle finger to the way that love treats me
Nigga with a flow like "how my muthafuckin' beat be?"
Ain’t it ironic how that every girl that leaves me
Week later sees me, got the nerve to tweet me
If Twitter be the fuit of fame, tweet on man
But I ain’t Tweetin’ if the damn beat’s on man
And if you’re smokin’ like them damn trees on
I ain't like that, I put a future Grammy on that

Oh woah woah
I’m a man but I’m no superman
All these people they need saving, baby
Cause life’s too crazy
If they turn around and I’m not there then what are they gonna do?

How do they say a little rain have never hurt nobody?
I’ve gotta say that philosophy ain’t been workin’ for me
Cuz lately it’s been pourin’ round here girl
Better yet, straight stormin’ ‘round here, girl
And I’ve been tryin’ to apologize in my way
Instead of doing what these niggas do and hide away
Far away, or behind a face
And try to make it seem like everything’s okay
You liar, you hider
You tried to defy me but found out it’s back where it used to be
It’s crazy how people get lazy and think they can play me by using me
You’ve got a one track mind: Vanilla ice
But one track's all you need on the realest nights
You’d be surprised, kill the lights
Put your headphones on and get hypnotized

Oh woah woah
I’m a man but I’m no superman
All these people they need saving, baby
Cause life’s too crazy
If they turn around and I’m not there then what are they gonna do?

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Luke Christopher Superman Comments
  1. Herpa Derpa

    Wow 😯

  2. jaythegamer 3456

    Need lyrics

  3. W. Ivysjel

    2018 and I'm still smiling everytime the song starts to play.

  4. Kate Mason

    Still listen to your songs play the hell out of Marty McFly. Love this song no matter what.

  5. stephanie squires

    This is soooo awesome!!

  6. Panda Smash

    A world without Superman is like a world without Luke Christopher! No! Its The End!

  7. Davide Guerriero

    Italy loves you

  8. James Triplett

    This is fucking Dope

  9. Muhd Hazwan

    Lot To Learn is a perfect song !!!

  10. xoKryzR

    Right now my two fav. people that are featured on this channel are Ivan-B and Luke Christopher

  11. MrTitiSlapper

    has anyone heard a song by Ivan B or Witt Lowry that on the beginning its just a bunch of bass and it calms down a bit and they start singing/speaking? it was on this Channel but i cant find it? or did he delete it?

  12. Magyar9Andras

    Whats the font of "swaggy tracks" writing?

    Pau Pau

    uuhhhh, SwagyTracks
    It's custom

    Midgie FC

    Its drawn

  13. Rainan Young

    Hey @SwagyTracks  can i use this and lot to learn by luke christopher

  14. Landon G.

    This sucked harder than my mom on my 13th birthday.

  15. RonDonThePeoplesChamp

    If its been pouring then it aint just been a little rain!

  16. Holden Rokkz

    Reminds me of "We Are Young - Fun"

  17. Sage Anderson

    Old but still so.. GOLD 👌

  18. Angeli Aguirre

    Luke Christopher gives me life

  19. Jonathan Zorrilla

    Kinda funny how these lyrics apply so good on you even when are two different lifes, since he write from his experiences and still you can relate to all the words in this song. Feel so good when you get up from the struggle indeed all his songs say that very clearly.

  20. its ilf

    If you like the way Luke sounds then listen to machine gun Kelly (MGK)

    Cecelia Long


  21. Ricky

    Esta musica me moja

  22. AdriftMusic

    This is literally my favorite rap song of all time. I'm so glad you uploaded this, I can't even put it into words. It's about time that everyone heard this song.

  23. Crunchy Network

    Beautiful <3 !!

  24. Joshua Reyes

    Too bad he's going to die in the next movie :P

  25. SavageOnee

    Look up the song "Intro" by NF, you won't be sorry.

  26. Jackson Rideout

    Lyrics Plz

  27. Micer

    My latest song ‘’ Micer - Letter To Myself (Prod. MrKid) ‘’ should be on this page ! like this comment so people can see and I might get up on this page !

  28. BloodBrothers

    Unbelieveble... Luke Christopher *_*

  29. Yukin!

    Luke Superchistopher.

  30. TheNextPhaseMusic

    Beat is fire!

  31. Ephraim Biau

    Awesome track!

  32. Umbedingt

    You have to post Roll With ME !!

  33. nelson

    Aye. Now I realized I stooped pretty low by advertising on someone else's video but I'm trying to help one of my friends gain some more views! Now he doesn't rap or anything but he makes... thanks idk what the fuck they are called but they sound alright. He's just starting out so his tracks aren't as good as some of the pros, but I think he's got potential. At least I think he does. Anyways, his youtube is Stay Ze3ny. If you could check him out I'm sure he'd be happy. Anyways, lovin luke christopher He just keeps getting better and better!

  34. vRgamers

    Tɦɨs ɨs a ɢօօɖ sօռɢ.

  35. ama busay


  36. Excel - Daily Minecraft Videos

    Luke Christopher <3

  37. Sean McComb

    Lyrically beautiful, I think the beat is a little off though. Love Luke Chris<3

  38. Gerardo Roman

    Luke is Bae ♡

  39. The Katsu

    Nice song u.u

  40. Railow

    I Love this Song "nohomo"

  41. Railow

    Amazing :)

  42. PhotomanPhil

    old but gold :D

  43. Jabs

    Amazing :')


    Oh dang! <3 

    Enfinity Music

    yeah you kinda got me hooked to this Channel and Luke Christopher :P


    LMAO! Hes good bro :))

    Enfinity Music



    olive branch...

  44. Tom Mcdaddy


  45. Der Fake

    GERMANY Loves your Music <3


    @Der Fake Aber sowas von <3 ;)

    Der Fake

    Danke für die coolen Comments ♡


    Geramany loves you!

    Kostja Ru2k

    @Der Fake echt oder

    dazu sag ich nur sikerim amana zick zack

    W. Ivysjel

    Du hast so recht!🤤

  46. InFa Versatile

    luke chris >

  47. The Journey of Aerion

    What is that Font of Swagytracks?

    Btw realy nice song i love it!


    I believe the font is a custom font


    It is a signature


    Custom Font

  48. Hannah Codling

    Old gold :')

  49. JamieEdits

    favourite tune.. please keep ulpoading Luke Christoher!

    Regan Hunt

    You could've at least spelled his name correctly dude 😂 You do have a point though.


    He was probably just typing quickly

    trayton moore

    Yes please he da best

  50. Jasper Broekstra

    Luke my hero!

  51. Shmr Lezple

    Hi, i rly like ur music so i was woundering if i could use it on my other account?

  52. MW49

    Amazing song

  53. Pablo Brown

    Love Luke bro, he comes out with the dopest shit! Like if your in the #Luke101Club


    @Azia Gaming - Clash Of Clans I'm not in the #Luke101Club but I liked the comment anyways


  54. Tschopp IX

    nice ;D

  55. King Polo

    2012. 3 years old.


    Yeah but if peeps are new Luke fans then they might not hear his old music

    King Polo

    @Kryptic Style Cool. 


    @King Polo Wait 2012 was 3 years ago when its 2015? The more you know!


    @King Polo LOL..Cool kid rite here

    King Polo

    @MysticHD I'm not a kid. However, I imagine you are. A 12 year old white suburban kid playing Minecraft.

  56. ItsAlexGaming

    sounds great

  57. pvtrxkkk lif3

    This is awesome : D

  58. Datom AllInclusive

    I click "LIKE" before listen the song.
    I was right

  59. Brian Szabo

    Although this shit is like 2 years old

    Lorenzo César

    sometimes it's good to do exactly that you know. people often just subcribe to follow the newest uploads and stuff but what about everything else that's made the channel popular in the first place? i think more channels should do that once in a while, only the "greatest hits" or something.


    +Lorenzo César wtf u on about

    Lorenzo César

    well, the song is 2 years old, as has been remarked, and despite that it was uploaded to the channel. i find that good. let's suppose you just subscribed yesterday because you found 3 or 4 good songs and you thought this channel must be just your thing. so, you subscribed and you start to follow every one of the uploads from yesterday on. but what about the uploads of last month? last semester? last 2 years? they might be good too, but you're not necessarily gonna check them because they're old and you're here for the new stuff kinda. so yeah, that's why i appreciate when older songs are (re-)uploaded.


    nahh it was just i was confused because the lack of commas, i interpreted it wrong dw about it thanks bro

  60. Brian Szabo

    Lets go Luke so gooooood

  61. Mattato

    Amazinggg ;o