Luke Christopher - LET ME BE Lyrics

Come back baby, better set me free, mmh
You know that there's someone better for me
Even though that we got history
If you ain't gonna love me, let me be

Steaming hot cup with you for the cereal in the morning, baby
Ain't no where to run, little baby
[?], baby
Still want each other then we got each other
Now we stand at the walls like God damn
Whatever happened to all the magic?
Now it's only [?] five year plans
I think you know what I'm feeling now
I was tryna let go, got a killer hold on me
Tryna [?], you like, "You and what army?"
The shawties I know are the shawties that want me
I'm sorry, tell me what you want me to say
Had to tell you just because you wasn't the one that's taking the shot
Doesn't mean you wasn't part of the plan
We was moving fast
Be whatever happens from this point on
It's not your fault and it's not mine either
You hang your bag on another man's arm
Someone's eyes think we're both a keeper

Come back baby, better set me free
You know that there's someone better for me (Someone better for me)
Even though that we got history (Even though that we got history)
If you ain't gonna love me, let me be (If you ain't gonna love me, let me be)

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Luke Christopher LET ME BE Comments
  1. claudia mae


  2. Alexis Chave

    Nearly a year you've started this project, I remember how excited I was when I heard its first song. You'll never know how you've been inspiring me for 7 years.
    Thank you..

  3. Jason S

    Thanks Luke for another banger 💥

  4. Dana Dane

    Vibe my dude

  5. bat_bill

    maaaaan you need to blow up, people are sleeping on u! much love and respect <3 keep it up.

  6. Yee Xiong

    Always Lit as ever!!!! “let me be”

  7. Nash lee

    Brooo this song is fire

  8. Cameron

    This is one hell of a vibe. Can’t believe we are this far in. Been a amazing ride the last 48 weeks. So glad we have Luke to turn to for music

  9. Peyton

    This song is so awesome

  10. Stelios Doukas

    Luke i love you man, i love your songs, some of them are the greatest i've ever heard, but you should really stop using autotune man, there's absolutely no reason for that you have a greaat voice, and musicality inside you, and when you sing all your songs go from 100 to 1000, you shouldn't give value to autotune, because you can perform better without it and it really ruins your songs(so sorry), and secondly, to influence positively other artists! With all this trap music or as i would say "crap", music is worsening day by day, don't be one of them, you are one of the most talented out there, give them what you got and maybe you can make the difference and change this crap! Anyways keep on going man we love you and you should remember that.

    Sevvy Savvy

    Stelios Doukas I’m not saying it’s the same, I’m just saying it’s as he intends. He probably feels it’s better with the auto tune than without. I trust him to make the song to the best of his abilities however he sees fit

    Stelios Doukas

    @Sevvy Savvy Good man okay, i'm good with everyone's opinion, but from your perspective, wouldn't you prefer to hear it a little different? Or you're just taking it as it is just because Luke made it sound like this and published it? It's good that you trust him, but think that one of your friends made songs, wouldn't you give him advice to make it better, based on what you hear and what you would like to hear better?

    Sevvy Savvy

    Stelios Doukas Yeah I totally see your point, but I’d rather him make songs with auto tune that sound great and help his popularity right now. Or maybe meet in the middle and do an alternate version of certain songs? I’m not sure. Right now though, I’m okay with him doing whatever and following whatever trends he has to to help him take off

    Stelios Doukas

    @Sevvy Savvy Damn, can't argue with that! An alternative version would be a fantastic idea, but yeah anyway, we'll continue to support him no matter what, with or without autotune :D

    Phoeniix VI

    @Stelios Doukas stfu



  12. ThunderSRC

    So wavy🏄🏽‍♂️ ~ @TMRWGANGFRVR

  13. SoundCloud Music HD

    Like if he is underrated 🔥

  14. blvckrose

    Another one 🔥

  15. Giovanni Cardenas

    Song trash

    Jess Brown

    Giovanni Cardenas nope. it really isn’t

    Giovanni Cardenas

    @Jess Brown lol you right. Its just not as good as Second Chances

  16. KnownRandom

    Ok ok sounds good

  17. Ashley Winfrey

    Aww. 🙂

  18. Anthony Russell

    What will I do when this is over? 😭♥️


    Anthony Russell go to a tour of his :)

    x-_-x GhosTx-_-x

    He's dropping an album too no worries

  19. Kearra

    Lukey Luke!! Happy 4th! 💕🇺🇸

  20. Mike Peralta

    I’m the first one💪🏻

  21. Jess Brown

    🔥🔥🔥 lettss goooo🔥 week 48💥💥