Luke Christopher - Hell Of A Rhyme Lyrics

Yeah, let me take ya'll back
I had the people saying na, na, na ,na, na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, yeah
Luke Christopher

I was born on noble back when niggas had to run away quick, see
Old folks never like when young ass kids be
Shooting hoops down by the drive-way
And if I hit the ball over the wall, I'd have to go and take the side way
I say, I say
I may have raised some hell at my schools
Fighting in lines and trying to stay cool
Like Urkel, on the wall like murals
In my hoodie and my air force one pair more
Though I was not a scholar, I could make the ladies holler
Started spittin' from the heart when they was spitting from the wallet
Talking 'bout how they forever kings, yeah right
Forever never long as it do seem, yeah right
I used to, tell stories at the park on the playground
And after dark if ever the cops would come we’d have to stay down
Told my nigga Adrian, shh they heard you lay down
I'mma hit the hill and flip the bird on the way down
See that was how we rolled, that was how we rolled
We were never hood but we had a lot of soul, so
Anytime I'm back at home doing a show yo
I have the mother fucker bouncing like a pogo

Yeah, so get your hands high
If you in the mood for a hell of a time
Call up the homies, get a bottle of wine
And I'll supply you with a hell of a rhyme like
Yeah, so get your hands high
If you in the mood for a hell of a time
Drive to the store get a bottle of wine
And I'll supply you with a hell of a rhyme like

I was wearing them off-white chucks with the floral printed pants
With only 15 bucks we took a cab to the dance
Hopped out with the baddest chicks in the room
Heard the teachers saying, "Man I'm glad they graduate soon," yes!
And on the nights where we were hurting for real
We'd drive through Beverly hills just to see how it feels
If the weather was cold, we would hit up a show
Tried to sneak into the back so I can spit them a flow
If we was late, we rode our bikes after the bus
We were the legends of the summer, there's a chapter for us
In a book somewhere, yeah somewhere pretty
In an old library in a forgotten city, man!
Life is the fastest
Ain't nobody tell you 'bout the life of a rapper
It's all, money and gold, cars and hoes
But diamonds don’t shine in the dark
Ergo we sayin' this!

[Hook x2:]
Yeah, so get your hands high
If you in the mood for a hell of a time
Call up the homies, get a bottle of wine
And I'll supply you with a hell of a rhyme like
Yeah, so get your hands high
If you in the mood for a hell of a time
Drive to the store get a bottle of wine
And I'll supply you with a hell of a rhyme like

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Luke Christopher Hell Of A Rhyme Comments
  1. Cian.Bas

    Listening to this on the last day of the decade, all the nostalgic songs booming through my speakers soon. This been on my YouTube playlist since 2015, I'm so confused why this doesn't have millions of views

  2. Zain Zahir

    Paradox poke rainbows montage music

  3. Ryujinn.

    The radios are missing out.

  4. ItzSoLAGGY

    I'ma use this in my video

    Harley Evo

    Sb Gaming2 same

  5. xDreamz

    buena cancion

  6. Persymatic

    Just amazing

  7. Hemispherical



    Datak Expo exactly

  8. akaBalance

    why the hell is luke not getting discovered. his music is real fire bruh

  9. S'PLUG

    mad still

  10. Andrew Tames

    Sounds like Kanye. I mean that as a compliment, of course, not a dig.

  11. Jovince Valenzuela

    Can you make this available on spotify?

  12. noah hira

    I dont suport killers but the like button had it comming

  13. b4nny

    Anyone else get reminded of Old School Kanye from this song?

    Rowan Anderson

    Yeah, I love old school Kanye and this is nearly identical to the way Kanye raps. And the best thing about Luke is he is still making good music, and will probably never go the auto-tune trash bin!

  14. Bryan Bliek

    Love this rap song

  15. alexqpzm12

    listen to this with x1.25 speed

  16. B és Á 420

    I can't wait to ski to this.

  17. ceddy jj

    so inspiring

  18. Jimmochi H.


  19. James Pollard

    Eli hunter anyone

  20. Goncalo Oliveira

    Where them views at?

  21. Zak Findlay

    i get the chillest fucking vibes ever it just reminds me of the ending of mac and devin go to high school undescribable

  22. Cole Butler

    Nice song

  23. Sleepy

    What I play when I'm hanging out with friends

  24. Lebron James

    Some remake the beat 😋😋

  25. lowlowseesee

    this dude is hella talented but this shit is 1998 shit. its 2016 man, beat and rhymes hella archaic. i get people are down with nostalgia but damn. with that said though, im a hypocrit to an extent because Roses by the same artist. is steeped in old technique but it sounds so damn great to me hahah


    lowlowseesee It has an old school style, even though ir is relatively new.


    @PikaGMS oh if thats true i can answer your question. i can compare it to 2016 styles because its 2016 and some artists need to get with the times. with that said though, to each their own...a lot of people make a living out of living in the past. its rough because the craft gets stalled out when people are not ready to advance. but again, innovation is not easy and is not for everyone. can you imagine if films were still using technique from 20 years ago with no newness at all? how would it ever

    Ben Caldwell

    lowlowseesee I can tell you just learned about him lol it's not exactly oldskool it's just his style


    Kianu, i like Drake and his team of writers...i also like Edan, Aesop Rock, Digable Planets, Wu Tang, Eminem, Tony Bones, El P, Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, Busdriver, A lighter SHade of Brown, Immortal Technique, Dj Quik, Slick Rick, Kool Moe Dee, Busy Bee, Heiroglyphics, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah.....the list goes on and a b boy and a certified MC and Ive opened up for a lot of those folks. the reality is Luke is using an objectively older style in this song. A lot of rappers are stuck in older styles and one of the problems is fans(rookies like you) of the work dont understand that certain cadences they are listening to, ACTUALLY HAVE ORIGINS. you would be outclassed if you tried to pretend you know more about lyrics than I do. You dont want to break this song down line for line with me. You would end up realizing you were wrong and either try to insult me some more or fall into silence. im well educated in the culture and craft. the real trick is to ask me questions next time instead of assuming I know nothing just because you and I see differently about a particular artist. its just much easier for you to insult than it is to actually argue against my claim....the style of the beat and rhyme are without much variation and also oooooolllllld ....annnnnd here Luke talks about Drake at 9 mins in "he paved the ways for guys like me to come through, ..." "ill always be grateful to what he did musically..." hahahahahaha well lets see you diss Drake but Luke artist you respect loves Drake. hahaha maybe you are the one that doesnt know shit about music hhhaaha sigh. you made my day, thank you


    Ben, thanks for the respectful reply. It is very true I just learned about this artist. however using the excuse that its just his style is besides the point. the style is directly related to rhyme schemes used in the 90s. that would be like if we watched a break dancer do the worm and I was like 'damn thats old school'....and then you're like 'nah man, thats just his style'. im sure it is his style but its still old as hell. congrats to him. ive been nothing but respectful to the users who disagree and agree with my assessment and was nothing but respectful about Lukes skill. its way easier to write and rap the way he is rapping than it is to be innovative and new. thats just a fact of life. its also way harder to have a large audience with innovative art which is why guys like Aesop do well but then groups like Atmosphere sell out larger shows. its an easier musical language

  26. green skater

    the song in the intro had a hell of rhyme

  27. Panda Smash

    Why am I red now?

  28. Blackdrian

    ayyyyyyeeeeee im his nigga!!

  29. Joe

    I don't support race or anything but... The replay button asked for it

  30. Keona M.

    Why the hell is this not playing on the radio


    they broadcast same shit music about love and shit like that


    only songs that are connected to relationships with major labels and payola get played on the radio. it would be like a friend of yours making a film and asking....'why isnt this movie in the amc?' no matter how great so many songs are, the stuff on the radio is there because someone is paying large amounts of money to have it played there

    Fudgeys Number 1 fan Xd

    Because it cusses a ton

  31. James Shakespeare

    Best song ever

  32. iCantMakeUpAnyGoodNameInThisaccount Bleach

    this sound like old school rap i love it! I love old school rap! Whos with me?


    +Yolo PvP CS

    James Galbraith

    I'm with u bro


    Fck yeah


    iCantMakeUpAnyGoodNameInThisaccount Bleach old school rap is good

    AvoG LaIzZ

    do you have some of these rap songs for me ?

  33. jargin2

    Luke Chris is one of the few that can make a dope beat and a dope rap to go over it. when he hits it right hes top 3 in my new school artists with joey and chance. i dont fuck with anyone new school except them, i still listen to old school every day. good shit luke.

    kys m8

    logic can compete with any of those rappers easily

  34. Tex

    Im using this in my next montauge...Its perfect...

  35. Wintah

    Luke Chris never lets you down

  36. Effiqz

    BroChillz-Observe. Peep dat shit out

    Jake Gaskey

    eyyy, I didn't think I'd find a chillz fan that's cool

  37. I Am Legend

    I'm against rape but that replay button had it coming

    Conduit Mudkip

    +Lorik Iliri become a comedian. now

    I Am Legend

    +Conduit Mudkip hehe mom jokes y'all not with that real shit I wouldn't say that in reality u can act tough cuz ur behind a computer screen ur only like 9

    Lorik Iliri

    +Brizoh M8 I'm 9 inches long in your mom

    daffy bitch

    Lorik Iliri you aint funny fam

  38. DKGaming


  39. TheTehpwnshow

    This song is so fucking fire...

  40. AbiPapi

    Hey nice song, can i use it for a vid? thanks!


    no probs bro


    You can if you credit c:

  41. Janne:D

    Love ♡♥



  42. Will Roberts

    come on guys

  43. Gabriel Leko

    Comming from Trap Unlucky

  44. GOOD. Intox

    Twitter:@eric.schad Sagy tracks [new]PB

  45. ydrmo

    I finish cumming from Obey Scarce

    The Mudda Bart

    Thats gay.


    OMFG i spell 'Coming wrong


    did not mean to put that


    @Policy - PS3 Thanks

  46. chris fed

    I'm Not In The Mood For A Helluva Time..I'm In The Mood For A HeavenUvA Time.

    Lorik Iliri

    Jesus sucks dick

  47. TheSickestSounds

    Could anyone link me to the instrumental? I really wanna use it for myself!


    +Blurriy ah, thanks for answering :)


    its okay man anytime!


    +Blurriy It's actually Lupe's song. He say She say. Check it out ;)


    +miss zlatan It's actually Lupe's song. He say She say. Check it out ;)

  48. Joppe

    Love it

  49. Swiss Chris

    Real Hip-Hop- Big up

  50. RYQN

    Vatican Metro?


    yeah ;)


    Baller ;)

  51. OFWGKTA90210

    This is truly amazing, i'm french and I fucking love us rap, french rap sucks so I always listen at this with disco and dubstep ( various :)

    Femi Universe

    you crazy bro...france rap is dope ..keny arkana and all others not from france but i listen to anything that is REAL..this mainstream rap is SHIT..


    @Winnie OnePeace troll 


    @Ravetar101 I hope so dude

    Rafael Sanchez Moreno

    I'm Spanish but if the song is real I listen even Japanese rap LOL =)

  52. JTL VE

    soar replays

  53. Adrian

    my name is Adrian lol

  54. Bill M

    at 0:20 I had a heart attack. Keep up the great work!


    Next song you'll die, great idea 👍


    Next time you'll die, good choice 👍

  55. BasementBastard

    Hell of a track!

  56. Choua Khang

    OOHHH DAMN!!!!! The intro was beast!

  57. anna_qc

    Great intro

  58. MikeyCarlosTV

    use more skate photos, i can send u some to use if you need them.

  59. Agent 00

    Lupe Fiasco used a sample of this beat for `He Say She Say``


    yea I KNEW i heard the intro beat before! But I gotta say they both use that sound perfectly, love both intros and how the jump right into the song


    Yo its agent😂


    Agent beeemstarrr

  60. nothingshere

    best song <3

  61. ImAnAlchemist


  62. ZKP

    Fucking great

    The Mudda Bart



    Sup nigga

  63. Mufti Hossain

    What the deuce, this track is fucking incredible! Who is this guy?!

    Mufti Hossain

    Rhetorical, buddy. Rhetorical.


    You actually make no fucking sense.

    Mufti Hossain

    @Katzedem Ah, I see you never learned the nuances of the English language

    noah hira

    Mufti Hossain luke godd damn cristopher


    @noah hira no just luke christopher

  64. xDailyMusic


  65. ThePlodiumNetwork

    Now Thats A Hell Of a Rhyme

  66. mr derpington

    been sub for over 4 months

    mr derpington

    now ten months where did the time go

    John White

    +mr derpington now two years

  67. inactivity Wharyyy

    Very Nice !

  68. TheNzbiker

    one hell of a rhyme!

  69. RoyalHits

    This. <3


    Wow wait what?? I swear I subbed when this channel had 24k less than a month ago. Either my memory sucks, or this is some massive expansion


    True, but I think (not totally sure) that 720p and 1080p have the same audio quality. If that's true, maybe even 1440p would improve it a bit more, though tbh, there's really not much need to go there.

  72. HoSupBrah

    i use triton headphones so theres sort of a distinction for me. but yea, if youre using generic earbuds or normal speakers there isnt much of an audio difference.

  73. ツFeezyy

    All the music on this channel, is able to use without risk of copyright?

  74. Thaw jakk!

    90,000th SUB HERE !!!!

  75. Ilyas

    Mais qui voilà

  76. returnlogic

    Big song

  77. FlexxEditz

    Shit, dope track @Swagytracks :)

  78. xScopeIV

    It could possibly be his 600+ subs liking his comment when they see he comments on videos perhaps? Logic before hate.

  79. Hopsin Vince

    You mad.

  80. SmackoCnR

    true that

  81. Bruteism

    I'm boss.

  82. Bruteism

    I have one other account.. You were saying?

  83. jontti2k13

    y u always get the top comment?! :D

  84. P4trick

    So nice to chill *-*

  85. HerezCheez

    Unless you have high quality speaker you really won't notice a thing. I've tested out with cheap earbuds, Bose QuietComfort 15, and Beats Pro by Dr.Dre, surprisingly there isn't huge huge difference. (I think Beats Pro sound the best)

  86. HerezCheez

    1080p and 720p will sound the same. They're both 192 kbps (FMI, 480p and 360p has 128kbps. And 240p have 64kbps)

  87. kingB official

    you get top comment like every video, all i can say is well done, you either have a legion of fans or a magic fairy god mother who grants you likes :L

  88. HoSupBrah

    it also affects the audio quality, not just the picture

  89. Sarah Meakin

    This track is Awesome!!

  90. Bayani Trinidad

    This track is fiyaaaaa!

  91. Devise

    Love this song

  92. alan vang

    damn!!! DOPE!!! YO!

  93. Kale Tuqp

    He probably has like 20 accounts and likes his own comment like a nerd

  94. TheTDerek1

    sickest melody!

  95. ASellsMusicOfficial

    Check my new song "Let It Go" on my channel, been trying to get in contact with Swagy for a while and feel this song can do it, if you like it give this a thumbs up. Much love everyone and keep delivering dope music Swagy