Luke Bryan - That Don't Just Happen Lyrics

Rocks bang together
Things start blowin' up
Planets all align around a big red sun
Then we're all here
That don't just happen

Two tiny cells collide
Then she feels a kick
Soon the baby cries and your goin' home with him
Then he says daddy
That don't just happen

You can take what you read in a book
Take what you see on a TV screen
Throw it out the window and look
At how the sky is blue and the grass is green
And when the stars come out every night
That don't just happen

Crops are in the field
There ain't no rain nowhere
Ground is cracks and dust
The whole town is in despair
Then a farmer prays and the storms roll in
That don't just happen

You can take what you read in a book
Take what you see on a TV screen
Throw it out the window and look
At how the sky is blue and the grass is green
And when the stars come out every night
That don't just happen

Oh, You can take what you read in a book
Take what you see on a TV screen
Throw it out the window and look
At how the sky is blue and the grass is green
And when the stars come out every night
That don't just happen

Every time we take a deep breath
And every time that the wheels touchdown
Every time we take another step
And have one more day to hang around
Know we didn't get that lucky
Cause that don't just happen
That don't just happen

Someone picked you out
Put you in front of me
In a smoky college bar
The rest is history
That don't just happen

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Luke Bryan That Don't Just Happen Comments
  1. Anna Friesen

    Love Lukes music 🎶

  2. Kimi Cyprowski

    Love this Song Love Luke

  3. Danielle Brunet


  4. All-America Trucks

    Release this

  5. J Reeves

    Wish he'd make more songs like this instead of his sellout songs he makes today

  6. Khilee Bundy

    I love this song

  7. Sallirose M

    LOVE! I just discovered this song today and I love love love it! I have always loved him and his music but I think I love him even more now even though I didn't think that was possible lol!! Now, why wasn't this song published?!? Oh well :) Can't wait to get his new Farm Tour Ep in September!!! This is my first review on youtube! Anyway fabulous music Luke! Keep it up!!

  8. Logan Brown

    2016 and I'm listening

  9. Jojo the law man

    His best songs are unpublished

  10. JessicaLindaAnn

    Dang, it's disappointing to come to the comments section and see all the arguing over God and science.. I've loved this song for years and just came to the comments to see if anyone else was wondering why this song isn't available to purchase? I always listen to this when I'm feeling down or need to feel encouraged. It always gives me chills. I miss the old Luke for sure, I almost wish this song could make radio but then it would most likely be overplayed and lose its 'value.' Anyways, if anyone knows why this song can't be purchased, or if it can.. I'd like to know 😁

  11. Âllīsøñ Lýňń Smīţh

    Am I The Only One Who's Listening To This in 2K15?

    RJ Robinson

    +Âllīsøñ Lýňń Smīţh no youre not lol

    Rachelle Bourque

    oh no ur not the only one :) it's luke baby... never ever gonna get old.. He's one of the greatest :)

    christa letcher


  12. Amy Clark

    I seriously love this song!!!!

  13. Hannah Reynolds

    I love Luke

  14. Billy Golfcart

    Love this song

  15. Gossip Trendy

    I love this song

  16. Billie Jo Gilkey

    what happened was I was scared and worried sick  ysidro couldn't keep a job and he was on all the drugs  I lost the baby and got help for my depression. 

  17. Danielle Maury

    i love how at the very end he puts in the part about caroline <3


    loved this song.

  19. Goin Cakeless

    This deserves more views.

  20. Renee

    @BassFreaks101 Actually yes it can, it has! It wasn't just an 'explosion', well at least in the context you are thinking. We are made of the elements everything else is made of, the same atoms that were in the hydrogen and helium that caused the big bang and all of the elements it created! Do you're on research, don't take my word for it. PLEASE research everything yourself, look at all of the proof the amazing story behind our universe. It's all right there! :)

    caleb neal

    its called god you dumb fuck


    @caleb neal lol right.


    @ceiramh This was a year ago lol

    Austin Kesler

    He's saying that doesn't just happen on its own and now it's a year

  21. Renee

    @TwistedMagic557 Mind over matter. I'd like to see that study btw.. Exercise also helps depression, nothing 'heals' depression it's a hormonal imbalance. 'Faith gives people comfort', yes and no it's comforting to think that death isn't the end, you have a destiny and someone is looking out for you it comforting to think a lot of things- true or not.. I wasn't on his team of doctors and I don't have his medical records so I cannot explain it exactly but the body is an AMAZING thing and has the ability to recover from almost everything. But if you do really want an explanation I'd ask his doctors. Everything can be explained, you just have to have enough information.. 

  22. SydChap05

    Scientifically, yes it does. Ha, I LOVE Luke though

  23. D'andre Mackey

    i know what you mean. i do not have children my self but listening to country is somthing that i just happened to fall in love with. rap is not what it used to be. i use to wanna do the things that they did in these rap videos and i tryed, i used to sag my pants, ive tryed pot, cursing all the time. but i soon realized that i wasnt happy with who i was. music played a big part in my life.

    and now im going to college for fire fighter, and my pants actually fit.

    thank you god for the change.

  24. Rated American

    An explosion can not create life this complex.

    Buck a Buckler

    Actually i believe the big bang did happen, it's just a little more complex then people seem to know, the big bang was created by god. (in my opinion) Why god created so many planets is a mystery and a half. Something we won't know about until we meet the creator.

  25. Rated American

    Yuppie. You are to afraid to admit that a stupid explosion created everything around you. I feel bad for you. You don't have God in your life. I'm not trying to convert you but "That don't just happen."

  26. ColeBurgess

    This song is disgustingly ignorant. Wow I don't expect country stars to be smart whatsoever. Obviously. But to be so ignorant about it. Wow.

  27. kataang222

    love luke! he is so awesome! God is amazing and things dont happen by chance love you luke! <3

  28. shayne king

    Love the song but people that bag on science are fucked. All those things you said you can't do with science you can do and if not its most likely possible we just haven't been able to yet. Science is a study you can't just say its bullshit. I don't care about the word usage, but not living by a book written thousands years ago and having a brain and intellect is much more my thing. Religion gets you no where. Science would.

    Buck a Buckler

    Actually science is full of theories, the big bang is a theory everything we aren't sure of is nothing more then a theory. Also i hate to tell you, but scientists actually use to believe in god over the big bang theory. You telling me that you can honestly find an omnipotent dude? Also, scientists are wrong most of the time when it comes to something that is beyond them, i rather believe a bunch of scriptures written thousands of years ago and proven to have actual history in it. Over scientists that have yet to be right about the beginning of time, and can't stick to one single theory! Plus the scriptures were written by many different people, the bible is basically full of ancient history schools no longer teach. No matter what you believe scientists aren't always accurate, heck when it comes to time they are rarely hitting the board. One thing about knowledge it'll only take you so far, faith alone will take you anywhere. Besides say yer right. Would you rather live a life believing god isn't real and then finding out he is? Or live a life believing god is real, and finding out he isn't? Thing is, if god is not real we got nothing to lose, when we die. If god is real though, people that don't believe in him got a hell of a lot to lose. Also i ain't judging this is just how i see it.

  29. mattmatt213618

    artist all over the world are making millions singing non-sense, this man is one of the few that makes decent honest music, and your taking the time to question his word usage for precipitation....go do something productive, like write a song that has rhythm, and rhyme, and is likable and then make the entire thing naturally and factually accurate. come holler at me when your done, and then you can be on your way to being a world wide leading singer/songwriter too one day

  30. Kelsey Hericks

    He's not angry... He gets sad, yes, probably angry but He doesn't go on a terror streak when He is. Our sin is our own choice, and we have bad things happen so that we know not to take life for granted and to turn to Him about it. It's not His fault when something happens, it's ours. No matter how kind we are, or what we have done; sin is sin and destroys things. If anything, God makes it better.

  31. st3ph1279

    this is a beautiful song love it

  32. Lexi Paige

    Great great song!

  33. kelci carr

    true that

  34. Josh S.

    The way I see it, all the bad stuff that naturally happens, (storms, droughts, ect)
    is God's way of expressing anger. I think that it's because he's angry and all the people straying from the path.

  35. misty wright

    This is so true! Thank you God for everything you have gave me and will continue to give!!

  36. Sassyc

    I knew there was another reason why I love Luke Bryan!!!!

  37. Angela Greene

    Except down-pouring storms won't help the ground since it's too dry, it won't absorb the actual rain water good and it'll just flow over the ground which may cause a flash flood. Rain has to be perfect for a drought-ridden area.

    Wasn't he raised in the country? Shouldn't he know this?
    God won't send storms, he'll send the gentler rain. Yellow and green on the radar, any other colors and it won't be good. Just green is great for droughts.

  38. Towelieishigh86

    Holy shit . . . I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Without science, we couldn't predict anything; we couldn't produce any new technology or really improve anything at all. You people had better be glad that some people understand how science works and actually care about it. Otherwise you wouldn't be sitting in your warm houses with your computers. You would be dead by the age of about 25 or so due to the rotting of your teeth. Btw, whoever said 2 random things collide to make life?

  39. northerncustomsracin

    in alignment to have the perfect balance of hot, and cold to form life? to have water, did the water fall out of space and land on earth to? explain how this work's please, id love to know, you atheists say we don't have proof of god, well do you have proof of evolution? solid gold proof? solid gold proof of the big bang theory? no, you don't, have you ever heard of miracles like peoples cancer, just "disappearing?" I have, can you explain that with science?

  40. northerncustomsracin

    where did all these process's come from? where did you blue light scatter come from? you're ass? don't think so, explain that one please, explain how when thing's collide they form life? let me go take a truck and roll it down a hill into a tree, does that create new life? no, can scientist's make life without "Cloning" no, can they make artificial life at all? no, they can't, why do you think that is? science does not answer everything, only some thing's is it luck that the earth is perfectly

  41. Towelieishigh86

    O how dare sum1 state sciuntifik fakt! It angurs me cuz its 2 hard and me dont get it! Its juz a buncha devul speek iz all it iz! Damn Athumtheists shud burn n hell n dye! I'm only kidding. Just an imitation of all the mouth breathers who would attack someone for clearing up harmful misconceptions (in a very reasonable way) ,and who enjoy empty, misleading songs based on false premises. I find it incredibly sad that a person is now labeled a "know-it-all" simply for having a brain.

  42. Jessica

    best song ever

  43. Raelin Williams

    No offence but, you're being a 'know it all'... Besides, that's not even the message!

  44. Polkadot Queenie

    You don't have to be "country" to beliece in God. I live in a city, i love the Lord and love country music. Believing in God is in your heart, not where you live.

  45. piecat42

    This guy's right. It "don't just happen" (deplorable grammar, by the way). The sky is blue because the gases in the atmosphere scatter blue light due its shorter wavelength. Grass (and most other plants) are green because they contain chlorophyll, a green pigment that assists in the process of photosynthesis. the conversion of light energy to sugars. The stars are in the sky at both day and night, but you can't see them because the brightness of the sun masks them.

  46. vaok026

    This guy was already awesome until I heard this song... then my respect for him just skyrocketed :)


    I actually worshipped to this song. Well done Luke Bryan!

  48. Jay Miller

    great comment!

  49. bigB

    you find it hard to believe in? i find it hard to believe someones country who doesnt believe in God... its called faith my friend. it should be harder to believe that we came from nothing rather than not believe in God

  50. michael enfinger

    GOD is real !

  51. TheHillwillie

    i feel like bein a preacher right now lol

  52. Matt Robinson

    All right, assholes. This is a good song, but there's no god.

  53. Matt Robinson

    Lol. You're a dumb ass.

  54. Robin Rystad

    Im not confused at all. Im not leaving country so deal with it :)
    i just find it very hard to believe in god because.. i will not bring it up here, i will get all of you after me hehe.

    Have a good life

  55. TheJacksparrow1993

    i think i'm in heaven part of youtube

  56. Samuel W Drake

    You must be confused, country is God and God is in the country you take them both or leave both because they don't belong apart.

  57. Robin Rystad

    I dont have to question you anything, and the values from country probably are from god yeah. but its not all about god, and you dont have to be christian to acctually be country, or some kind of country. Its just wrong to say you cant be country or whatever just because you dont believe in god, its like being forced to believe something you dont believe in.. but i can see how he is important to other people and im happy for them and i dont have anything against god at all. have a nice day.

  58. WSMAflamGrad

    then you ain't country. Our values are from God. Question me about being country son, I dare ya.

  59. Rachel Cook

    well bless your heart!

  60. Candace Faith

    If you don't believe what the song is saying,
    don't come to the video.
    Simple as that.

  61. Ryan Helsley

    Every time I doubt God's existence, i think about how we got here. Some say it's evolution, but where did the first organism, the one we all evolved from, come from? I don't believe it's possible for something to just appear. Someone had to have put it there.

  62. amayrani marquez

    before i was a mom i loved rap then i new that was no good example to my son so i fell in love with country music and not only that i also got closer to god! and it made me believe and now i can say country music changed my life :)

  63. Nutrition

    Being country means not arguing what country is. Believing in God is a choice not a requirement and I respect the beliefs of others either way.

  64. WSMAflamGrad

    You're right, not "a god," but the GOD! That's what country is!

  65. kimberpistol

    I love country and i do everything except worship a god.

  66. Undetermined

    Yeah, same here. It's not that big of a deal.

  67. PinotVino

    I'm not calling his bluff...I'm saying "ditto, dude"

  68. Denton Ramsey

    well theres alot of country people who would call your bluff on that because they believe that god one of the biggest components of being "country"

  69. David Guy

    I'm gonna have to say bullshit on that one. I consider myself pretty country and I don't believe in God.

  70. tyler stowell

    i dont understand why everything has to be about religion people should just respect what others belive and not look down on those who dont belive the same way you do

  71. Kara Hollinger

    we can't make you beileve that God is real, Johnnyboy. But I hope you realize that God loves you and cares for you. I pray that you do not go to hell. it is a horrible place and no one deserves to go there. I am praying for you

  72. Madison Opitz

    im 6 and i have a boyfriend

  73. Margaret Chambers

    Reality is that with which we as individuals believe to be real.

  74. Robin Rystad

    Im Country and i dont believe in god.

  75. johnnyboy922

    he was either lying, or the antibiotics he was on began to actually work. Learn about science or continue to be ignorant.

  76. Alex M

    johnyboy, a guy at my church was going in for surgery Monday morning to get his left arm cut off because of a infection. THE Sunday before the whole church prayed for him and he was healed instantly and got to keep his arm. tell me there is no god? that dont just happen. get your facts straight or get the hell out

  77. johnnyboy922

    you dont have to read what you do not want to. shut your eyes and listen. unless god made you read it like he made me type it lol

  78. johnnyboy922

    I am willing to accept that we do not know where all the atoms in the universe came from and god could be a potential answer. what I do not accept is thinking the planets were made by god or that god is in charge of birth or evolution because we know exactly how those things happen. so to say things like god made the sun rise or that doctors curing a disease is a miracle and god did it, well thats just ignorant.

  79. johnnyboy922

    except for self respect.

  80. Noah Clark

    could not agree more

  81. Noah Clark

    belive in god you have nothing to lose

  82. johnnyboy922

    not that spelling is a huge deal to me... but if you can not spell a few simple words I am not surprised that you believe in simple things like the bible.

  83. Noah Clark

    why not good song thats totally true. what did you not like about it?

  84. Noah Clark

    or how everything in the bible makes clear sence as to what happen unstaed of people just guessing that this was how the earth was made

  85. Noah Clark

    thats true the only time i miss those church bells is during harvest time

  86. Noah Clark

    if you are and atheist I would like to suggest something to. you dont have to do this but im a christen, and if dont belive that god made the earth and everything on it, and that god sent his son to die on a cross for you why dont you just blive in it any way. you have nothing to lose if it isnt true like you think its not.

  87. Noah Clark

    it could be about a diffrent religion but this guy and almost all country singers are christens.

  88. Noah Clark

    evolution does not make clear sense because you can read one book that says the earth is 3.5 billion years old, and another that says the earth is 2.7 million years old. but the true is that god created the earth in 6 days and the 7th day he rested and everything was peaceful and nice until adam and eve sined. god never entended for us to live in a sinful world. infact he gave us another chance to go to heaven all you have to do is belive that jesus died for you!!! you got nothing to lose!!!

  89. Kimberly Rivera

    awe man how I do love God and how lovely these comments are it really speaks loud for the word of the Lord! decolores and God bless y'all <3

  90. Trinity Howard

    The reason we do this is because I'm defending my God. You don't like Him, then don't say anything.

  91. Trinity Howard

    Is it okay to say something bad about somebody, but not okay to say something good about somebody? I don't think so.

  92. MrCountryredneckboy

    they can take what the school teaches them i may not be the best christian i cuss drink a lot but i do beleave and i get so mad when people put down my lord i dont have to defend myself i know were i will be when i pass cant wait to see my grand daddy waiting for me at the gate to walk me around and introduce me to angels

  93. ashley nicole

    This song is bout how nothing can happen without God. That's why he's saying "that don't just happen" like what atheists believe in. Hes tryin to tell u that there is God .He saying God makes who we are and everyone around us. It's no way it can just happen.

  94. deermurderer 321

    Screw atheists!!!!!

  95. madison pereira

    i love you luke bryan, but this song could never be on my ipod considering it doesn't go well with beliefs as an atheist

  96. djackson111

    scientific? what is science but a tool of man; a very imperfect, egocentric creature. Who knows how we got here, but i believe there is more to life than what we can understand.

  97. Walker Hardy

    I did... And it don't just happen. Everything is a series of small scientific events taking place over time.

  98. Walker Hardy

    I don't know why everyone thinks this is about Christianity. Maybe because who the singer is, but by the way i hear it, it's atheist but i also see how it could be any other religion. You can take what you read in a book (bible) take what you see on a t.v screen (religious shows). I feel this song can be used by any religion or belief.

  99. samme johnson

    hes so sexy!!!!!