Luke Bryan - I Know You're Gonna Be There Lyrics

I'm gonna put on my new shirt
Shine up these old boots
Take a deep breath
Try to keep my cool
I know you're gonna be there
I'm gonna have a couple drinks, just to knock off the edge
Not too much, don't wanna make a fool of myself
I know you're gonna be there, I know you're gonna be there

And I'm gonna bring somebody I barely even know
And when you turn my way, I'm gonna pull her in close
And the crazy thing about it is I ain't into her at all
I just wanna see if you still care
I know you're gonna be there

You love the band that's playing, you wouldn't miss them for the world
All our friends are coming out and if I know one thing, girl, I know you're gonna be there
Gonna walk right by that table were you always like to sit
And when I run into you, it's gonna be an accident
I know you're gonna be there

I'm gonna act like it ain't nothing, but another Friday night
And you're just some old friend and I'm doing just fine
Like I'm only going out to shake off another week
Maybe see the boys and catch a buzz somewhere
But I know you're gonna be there

And I'm gonna bring somebody I barely even know
And when you turn my way, I'm gonna pull her in real close
And the crazy thing about it is I ain't into her at all
I just wanna see if you still care
I know you're gonna be there, I know you're gonna be there

I'm gonna put on my new shirt
Shine up these old boots
Truth is when I see yah, I don't know what I'll do

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Luke Bryan I Know You're Gonna Be There Comments
  1. maryann laferreierer

    Like Bryan love you

  2. joseph erickson

    This is insane. "I'm gonna pretend like I'm over you and be spiteful by being with another bitch just to see if you still give a shit". I would have left his ass too. That's some high school, make you jealous shit.

  3. juan hernandez

    My truck will be out there
    .she will remember it before she will be there

  4. barbara estes

    like your song Luke

  5. Blaine Skinner

    Oh good grief

  6. Julie Borelli

    It a nice song
    but it reminds me of my ex

  7. paul golder

    Luke Bryan I love you so much and I miss you so much I want you back with you

    AKA Productionz

    paul golder what the fuck

  8. Madalyn Webb

    Seen him at my cousin's graduation for his little brother and I lost it... He seems like he's getting by alright but it still hurts....

  9. Siera Bower

    this song literally describes my relationship with my boyfriend but he's gone now its been 9 years now god this song kills me

  10. Sarah May

    This song is so f**kd up! Nice one bad for the girl your using to make your ex jealous.

  11. love me leave me

    This is sing to my one and only love God

  12. The Pomp King

    Dang this is pure angst Luke

  13. Jackie Mori

    Luke Bryan, thanks a lot... Jackie

  14. Donald Gerber

    I miss my ex gf and I jus want her to know that she will always be in my heart and soul and I love u and will always take u back if ur bf decides to break it off wit u
    Love u Carlie Bishop

  15. Kaysee Ellis

    I put on my new dress, put on my perfume. I took a deep breath and tried not to think of you. You knew I was gonna be there & you brought someone you barely even knew. Every time I turned around, you pulled her in close. The crazy thing is, you look so into her. I just wish I didn’t still care. You knew I was gonna be there.

  16. BozIce99

    Still listening in 2019! Anyone else?

  17. Rican Marrero

    O my goodness this is awesome. Yes she would be there 4 u hmm heck I would say dream on boy

  18. Kathy Ford

    I volunteer to be the girl you barely even know

  19. lane change

    I know u we're there you can't hide beauty and the way u look a me. Still made me weak I tried being loose and normal I had a blast ur very beautiful and special.i got u

  20. Genika Banks

    Take a deep BREATH😘

  21. Tori Helderman

    I'm always going be for you will John Sievers ❤❤👬👬❤👬❤👬👬❤👬❤👬👬❤👬👬😂❤👬❤❤👬❤

  22. Emily Lorenz

    This is one of my favorite songs and it reminds me of my family. We would all listen to his album and it's my favorite one from Luke Bryan

  23. Barbara Proctor

    go. ok her

  24. Barbara Proctor

    Family believe that I are

  25. Cheyenne Marie

    and the crazy thing about it is i aint in to her at all i just wanna see if you still care

  26. Rhonda Sain

    I love this county music.

  27. caty verster

    Wow!!! Lost in words!!!!!

  28. SuperCaz68

    Love this song but I keep forgetting about it now added to my list so I won't forget it again

  29. Trisha crazy one

    Only someone that's been there can come to that place.

  30. Anna Nasario

    You have many that's your life! That's the reason You don't have me! Enjoy life!

  31. Melina Cline

    nice song luke bryan

  32. Teilor Poirier


  33. Allison Raszewski

    I am in the most perfect relationship yet I’m missing my bad boy ex josh 😔 we were great friends after our breakup.

  34. Ginger Porter

    One of my favorite Luke Songs. Wished it had been a single.

  35. Rhonda Sain

    I love all Luke Bryan song. Its too the heart.

  36. Belinda Dillingham

    I love the this song by Luke Bryan.

  37. McKenzie Kennedy

    I love country music

  38. ryland wenzler

    good 🌃

  39. Delana Jackson

    I love country music!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Tammy Renea Turner

    I love good ole country songs the bring out a painted memory in your mind of yesteryears or brings out those true to good getting over you feelings... love it.. I love those true to you love songs to. Those awesome vocals with those heartfelt true to you love beats let cha relive the moment to..and it's always good to hear those where you guys are singing about ' I'll be just fine with out hers or his trouble

  41. Misty Dobbins

    I love Luke Bryan and his songs!!!

  42. Hot Rod Kirk

    great tune

  43. Crystal Lor

    I feel bad for the girl he's using to make the other girl jealous. Lol...

  44. Laura Jones

    some pain never stops

  45. Charleigh Wrisley

    this song might be sad to some people but irlts so true and sorry if the truth hurts people but it's a true song

  46. Ruth Cape

    so Erica and Chris

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Ruth Cape who the fuck are they

  47. Jabaron Stevens

    This new age Country isn't my style, but when Pandora played this. I knew I would like it.

  48. Seth Rowley

    you shouldn't play with someone's heart like that

    sophia Love

    Seth Rowley tell me about it

  49. Owen Fogelstrom

    I love all Luke Bryan songs

    Megan S.

    I don't only love them I'm in love with them 😂😂

    Trisha Hug

    Same. He's my favorite singer.

  50. St0rmi3 H20

    I love this song 🎣🚜

  51. Tim Antoine

    love this song so much

  52. Amanda Brown

    8 years. its been 8 years. seen him at a friends wedding. and i broke down. ill always break down.

    sophia Love

    Luke Rogers I'm sorry

    Erica Frauendorfer

    Luke Rogers im sorry 😕 you wanna talk?

    Kaitlyn B

    O my!! 8 years i dont think i can cry everyday for 8 years. Its been 8 months and i cry every morning i have dreams all the time were getting back together but we never do and he has someone else. Wen i do cry it hits hard and i get so weak but i cant help it. Im afraid that i wont ever move on iv tried to talk to other people n they like me and stuff but its not the same hunting partner or backroading partner... i just want my bestfriend back i miss him 😭 i love you Dylan Lane

    The Pomp King

    @Luke Rogers I'm so sorry man!

    Michael Richardson

    8 years...I feel it worst part is.. Im the one that messed up. The guilt from how I treated her has stuck with me for years. I was a piece of shit simple as that both been married both had kids at same time and still her family and my daughter at a softball game annnddd..... bam. Shit is weird how life works

  53. Destiny Gibbs

    Luke I love all your songs and I love you 💞

  54. Destiny Gibbs

    Luke I love all your songs and I love you 💞

  55. Destiny Gibbs

    Luke I love all your songs and I love you

  56. deanna291000

    love this song

  57. stoner girl

    well it looks like somebody will be going to the hospital and I will be going to jail

    Christina Funderburk

    Yep I see my catching another aggravated assault with deadly weapon charge lol

  58. Amos Benjamin

    Just like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Court Cox

    He's seriously everywhere I go... I know he is gonna be everywhere until I get over him, and we aren't even dating...

    Priscilla Jade

    Courtney Cox omg I feel how you feel

  60. Porter Kling

    This song is so true. I did all this last night. Turned out she still cares

  61. sheila denise andrews

    I love how he sings this beautiful ...heart breaking song with so much emotion ......that only someone who has been there .....could do

    Wade Rodriguez

    sheila andrews I like ur pix

  62. Joyce Whitman

    country music has real meanings behind it

    Vanessa Walat

    Joyce Whitman nrg

  63. Jae Artz999

    I haven't heard this song in forever

  64. Eric Pfadenhauer

    This is one of my favorite songs of his

  65. Gami B

    Wow what a tremendous song!! Ive head back. To back like 5 times


    eed8di cmuI kookkkkkmkll0llpllojuj7k oi oilolio

    JK W

    U right

  66. Jacob Senn

    That is good songs for baby

  67. Jessica Ramirez

    I love this song

  68. springstownewildcat

    The good stuff!!!

  69. Marlena Yazzie

    i love dis song!!!

    Marlena Yazzie

    he is not the hottest but a great singer

    Jon Wright

    Marlena Yazzie oh he is

  70. rebekah mills

    love this song so much! <3

  71. lindsey miller

    best song ever love it :)

  72. Andrea Negley

    I love Luke Bryan... And this song is so amazing. Telling his love that he knows she'll be at the event and he'll act like them splitting doesn't bother him.. he says he'll do all these things... But "truth is when he sees her he won't know what he'll do"... Best lyric in the song!!!

    Vi Vo


  73. Ashley Vance

    i love this song <3 i know your gonna be there :D <3 
    Luke Bryan is so amazing ...
    i just wanna see if you still care i know your gonna be there

    JK W

    Damn it to much for me

  74. Ali Schriefer

    Besst song ever, love it! <3

  75. jcoffey19

    lol at these ppl trying to give/receive advice from youtube comments. Dumbass ppl

  76. Candice Clark

    Agreed, however some women are really complicated and give you no sign at all unless you make it look like you don't care. It's the tale of two stubborn hearts. Neither one wants to look "weak" therefore they remain as stubborn as all hell until they do something stupid like this.

    JK W

    I be glad when this love story starts with who I just don't know

    firstbornlegionar s

    Im bout to go try that shit

  77. mackenzie horan

    I miss him. :/ so much. I made a huuuuuge mistake dumping him.

  78. Miles Parramore

    What album is this?

  79. mackenzie horan

    I love this song so muchhhhh . <3

  80. Joel Duran

    Haha I miss her but if she don't take you back then fuck et there's is someone else maybe not as great tho :|

    Allison Hunter

    Joel Duran Sometimes good things have to fall apart so that better things can fall together.

    Mike Wallace

    Allison Hunter I absolutely agree... honestly glad my relationship of 4 years and being engaged for 5 months ended, because now Im now with a very terrific woman I’ve known for almost 5 years that I met long before my ex fiancé, who honestly I wish I would’ve had the chance with her years ago... because she’s so much better in so damn many ways

  81. Jeremy Hougland

    I know how you feel

  82. Judith Haas

    yes I wrote the lyrics for this song

  83. Spencer Wagner

    the last thing you want to do is beg, that just puts you at her mercy and that NEVER ends well

  84. The Movie Maniacs Show

    I miss her I messed up I love you baby

  85. Cooper Ketchum

    She is worth it, you need her to know you fought for her but if she puts it down then you can find someone else

  86. Jeremy Hougland

    that's right I agree

  87. AllforHisglory

    What if she doesn't love you anymore?

  88. Ashley Mcgaha

    I love luke bryan

  89. Maricruz Ruiz

    Big O Luke Bryan Fan ! This Country Girl <3'

  90. Isabel

    Wow it's a song and he just sings it I'm not even sure if he helped write this one or not.

  91. Isabel

    Just remember, sometimes she's a country girl at heart. Don't let looks decieve you.

  92. Minute Man

    Thank god for country girls and the little cow girl who loves me!

  93. Lin Zhou

    i need myself a country boy.

  94. Abbiegail Combs

    Wow. I miss you.

  95. DKAthorvin

    my last girl friend cheated on me with her ex and got pregnant... What can ya do? >.>

  96. alyssa tijerina

    hes my hubby srry!lol

  97. alyssa tijerina

    are you talking about luke bryan?