Luke Bryan - Hooked On It Lyrics

First time I tied a plastic worm on and felt him on the other end
It was get the net, get him in the boat
Yeah buddy, I was hooked on it
First time I heard Chattahoochee on the speakers of my radio
I was topping off the tank on my old tune tone it
I was hooked on it

Hooked on the feeling of a summer in the south
Hooked on the dust flying up from a plow
Hooked on them blue eyes, hair falling down
Hooked on her then, still hooked on her now
So many things where I grew up
Once you get a little, you can't get enough
This small town life runs through my blood
And I'm hooked on it

The first time I got that Gulf Coast white sugar sand on my feet
Saw the sunshine dancing on that clear blue water
I was hooked on it
First time I pulled me a long neck bottle from the bottom of a bucket of ice
As soon as that cold beer hit my lips, I was hooked on it

Hooked on the feeling of a summer in the south
Hooked on the dust flying up from a plow
Hooked on them blue eyes, hair falling down
Hooked on her then, still hooked on her now
So many things where I grew up
Once you get a little, you can't get enough
This small town life runs through my blood
And I'm hooked on it
Come on!

Like a Friday payday honky tonk buzz
I gotta have a little more of it just because
I keep coming back to the good stuff, 'cause I'm hooked on it

Hooked on the feeling of a summer in the south
Hooked on the dust flying up from a plow
Hooked on them blue eyes, hair falling down
Hooked on her then, still hooked on her now
So many things where I grew up
Once you get a little, you can't get enough
This small town life's all in my blood
And I'm hooked on it
Yeah, I'm hooked on it
I'm hooked on it

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Luke Bryan Hooked On It Comments
  1. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Except cooked on a barb and hot wood stove. LOL my husband hates life right now and I love it!! LOL

  2. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Yep! Hooked on country living oh Yea!! Northern California. Hey not really any different. It's Country living hello. Exept never had a generator. Ha LOL.

  3. Michelle Ray

    It is awesome

  4. Ryan Wingard

    Why did this song not go big?

  5. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    Do have to say that everyday when I look up at the sky and I see the clouds I can't help but be amazed. It makes me smile and laugh all day.

  6. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    I'm hooked on it. Come on and get your catch

  7. Mary Boothe

    Luke Bryan is Awesome

  8. Jennifer Dijames

    Sounds good Luke.

  9. Knight _Bear

    I have a CD from Luke Bryan and this song was but finished but I turned it on again and again because if you once get a little you can’t get enough. I’m hooked on that song

  10. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    Come on hooked on it never been hooked on anything like this before.


    Heard this on 94.9 - THE BULL in Atlanta, GA......... Luke Bryan is Jammin!!!. Doesn't matter if you are black, white, green, polka dotted, or orange striped with purple hair. Good music is Good Music!!!! . I"m Hooked On It!!!!!

  12. Kim Levendusky

    I Love this song the country rock sound

  13. Jackie Chapi

    Hooked on Luke Bryan ❤

  14. Dawn Deany

    Love this song

  15. SanChez Obltas

    MAGA 2020 Bahahaha yeap!

  16. Siddharth Bharadwaz

    🔥🎵🎵 hooked on a feeling

  17. Kim Levendusky

    I love the country rock in this,so many of your song I also love the stories that are in your songs you don't get that anymore in a lot of today's music you're true Authentic I love that side of you your music Luke you keep it real

  18. Nicole Whitlock

    I have a few things and back in the hospital and back on the market in the house you can to help you with you and your grandma is doing a great job with the group and we can to make it in today I'm going to be in the office today so I have been in the hospital and I have to go get a new one for

  19. Brad Wyatt

    The night I start truck pulling I'M HOOKED ON IT

  20. Phil Rugari

    I'm hooked on it!!!!!

  21. Matthew Yunke

    Love this tune

  22. Joshua Velehradsky

    see you in Omaha tonight!!!!

  23. Jack of all trades

    Your my favorite county siger 🦌🦌🦌🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤

  24. Sabrina Short

    I love EVERY new song he has. 💜💙💚❤

  25. Jennifer Hobbs


  26. wolf hunter 221

    Hooked on that fish hooked on it

  27. music cover girl

    I love you Luke bryan

  28. Davanee Howard

    I love Luke Bryan

  29. Skylarhatfieldvlogs 2004

    I love you Luke Bryan

  30. Autumn Daley

    I love this song I play music in the car I always listen to this

  31. Phoenix Hocke

    Damn good song 😀

  32. Robert Jablonski

    Can;t add enough! LOVE YOU LUKE!

  33. Robert Jablonski

    I love it Luke! Dont stop!

  34. Hailey Lerch

    I love him he is the best i ever heard

  35. Artburg

    Original "Cant stop" by RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS IS BETTER LOL

  36. youngvlog moms

    I love you so much for all of your life and I will be in the next week

  37. King Hunter

    horrible song 🤢😨👎

  38. Lun Berg

    Instant classic


    Luke Bryan's music makes my day

  40. Hunter Denney


  41. Tucker bussell


  42. Richard Hammer

    Back to his best here, this hits like a sledgehammer!

  43. Justin Newman

    Wow uncle Luke good job

  44. Barbara Proctor

    I love the song

  45. Courty Parks

    love it❤

  46. Shane Ball

    Luke another rocking good tune for driven, way to bring it back. Thanks for the music.

  47. blackangel163

    Hooked on this song, and Hooked On Luke Bryan. Hooked!!

  48. Teddie Prine

    Awesome just awesome, this man is so badass.

  49. Teddie Prine

    Another great song by Luke Bryan. Got to get this album.

  50. Griffin Zhvhchv

    Pop Country!!!

  51. connie James

    great song to fish to awesome cd

  52. B-dog Smittyman

    Another great hit from the all time king of country, I know people say George strait is the “king” of country and don’t get me wrong he’s good, but Luke you passed his ass up and took his spot as the new king of country, I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks or has to say, you are the best and all time king of country and that’s all there is to it, keep them number one hits coming and continue to be the great all time king of country you are, can’t wait for the rest of the album 👌🏻

  53. Peter Lobo1

    I won't get enough of this song and hunting, fishing,lovin....... everrrrrr

  54. RayRaybeauty

    Was first 5k♥

  55. The Superlugi games

    Hooked on it is right! Amazing as always! Love Luke Bryan and his music always puts me in a good mood. Can’t wait for more!

  56. CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker

    so proud of what he brings 💓

  57. Ava N Kim*

    Love your music Luke 👍 💜
    I'm hooked on it 🎣 🎣 🎣

  58. Ginger Porter

    I think I'm gonna love this album. Back to his roots with this song and "Most People are Good" (which has a Don Williams feel) then a couple of songs like my "Out of Nowhere Girl" and "Light it Up" with upbeat pop tempo. Got something for everybody

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Ginger Porter last of all NOTHING Luke records will EVER have ANYTHING CLOSE to a pop tempo. If you think that you need to get your damn ears checked

  59. Lili Mumi

    México ❤🦄

  60. Dale Smith

    I love this song

  61. sharon flora

    Wowwww amazing outdid yourself with !! 💜HOOKED ON IT.💙

  62. petiteging


  63. Echo Hehr

    love it!! amazing voice and songs of course! love ya Luke ill be in your concert this next year!!!

  64. foxy fnaf

    I love this song I So can't wait til your new album comes out I love your new album already I love you luke bryan

  65. Todd Clark

    Can't wait to get this c.d!!

  66. Farmer's daughter Katerina

    i progarmmmed my mouse to automaticslly clicked on his new videos

  67. Country Life 116

    Great song, i'm hooked on it

  68. sharon flora

    Woww definitely awesome love the lyrics, ❤💙 Hooked on it !! 💜😍

  69. Rita Dale

    better than the chicken poop pop marshmallow fluffy stuff he was putting out I quit listening to him started listening to Upchurch he is awesome and bad ass yes sirrrrrrrrr Luke combs is a sell out sony records made Upchurch take Luke combs name of it outlaw with upchurch because it was racist and didn't fit Luke combs image bullshit Upchurch is way better than luke combs any way Luke Bryan nice to see you coming back to the Luke Bryan I use to listen to

    Rita Dale

    paisleysmama 0413 no he has not some of luke Bryan songs are pop country like dan and shay and rascals flatts and hick hop rap like Upchurch is way better than pop country

  70. Galaxy Girl

    OMG I'm so hooked on it❤❤❤❤

  71. Galaxy Girl

    ❤❤❤❤Luke ❤❤❤❤I'm hooked on you baby ❤❤❤love ya❤❤❤❤

  72. Galaxy Girl

    OMG I think I broke the repeat button!❤❤❤❤love ya Luke💓💓💓💓

  73. telsah1

    First time I heard LUKE BRYAN I WAS HOOKED ON IT. Once you get a little you can't get enough.

  74. Shaniya Smothers

    Really wanting him to come to Florida 😭

  75. Zachary reed

    Hey watch my new video my channel call Zachary reed with super Mario odyssey with hat in the air

  76. Lily Is Cool

    Yeah I'm hooked on this song

  77. Brennan Barreth

    Hometown boy doing it again and finally going back to the old Luke Bryan when he made those songs that were true country ✌️👌 this is definitely going to be a hit no doubt!!

  78. karine mead

    Can not wait to see you live in Melbourne next year.. Platinum seats 😊. love love your music have for so long. would love to meet you have beer or too ☺ country life is the best ☺

  79. ScrappyDoo2 retrac

    He has the best voice

  80. megan Mihalisin

    Love this song ❤️😍

  81. Jason Roos


  82. Galaxy Girl

    his new album will be out December 8 everyone

  83. chevy vandyke

    Best country music ever!!!!!

  84. Awesome 5

    I’m hooked on it

  85. Ciará Castex

    Very good outfit on this picture ♥ ! My best friend don't find cowboys are hot and I can't believe my ears ^^

  86. Jasmine Taylor

    I would love to be your son

  87. Tiffiny Dorman

    I love this song

  88. fishingfreak 2002

    I'm hooked to

  89. Francis Zhao

    i strongly suggest u guys try 1.5 speed, and then , a new song come up

  90. Nicholas Arnold

    Love it and love chattahochie as well

  91. Lue Weston

    Love this song

  92. Candie Vermeulen

    i cant wait to get his new album

  93. Wacky Jess2004


  94. Santee Scented Float

    first time I tied a plastic worm on it I was hooked on it