Luke Bryan - Faded Away Lyrics

I don't remember much about that time,
Just the smell of the air and your hand in mine.
Riding the strip, sittin' on my lap
In the back of the truck with the only friends I had.

It was spring break, we were out late,
And I though goodness for heavens sake.
When I saw you...
And then I kissed you...

On a balcony over the sun
In a chair by the rail, high above everyone
We made love as the waves rolled in
And we owned that town for one weekend.

Like the tan on my skin, our names in the sand
Like the sound of the boat
Starting up, heading out of the bay
Girl you... faded away.

I still taste the shots on your lips that night,
And the smoke from the club still burns my eyes
Feel of your body takin' off your dress,
Waking up that morning in a tangled mess.
So if I'da known, I'da held on...
A little bit longer and stronger with nothing to lose,
Cause I still see you...

On a balcony over the sun
In a chair by the rail, high above everyone
We made love as the waves rolled in
And we owned that town for one weekend.

Like the tan on my skin, our names in the sand
Like the sound of the boat
Starting up, heading out of the bay
Girl you... faded away.

On a balcony over the sun
In a chair by the rail, high above everyone
I watched you drive through the gate
Without saying the words I needed to say.

Like the tan on my skin, our names in the sand
Like the tears on your face
And the sun going down that day
Girl you... faded away.
You faded away.

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Luke Bryan Faded Away Comments
  1. Michael Carson

    Luke delivers the incredible lyrics, musical tones, and his voice in a way nobody else does. Hes awesome.

  2. HeapX

    God, I hate his voice. I will just hit the next button..

  3. iiDiamondPro Lmao

    I heard it from Bonnie the bunny

  4. Kathy Crider

    I love love love this Song so much amazing i recommend everyone to listen to luke Bryan he will touch your heart like he does mine 😍

  5. P Paris

    I'm not good in English. Is this a sad song?

    John Kongsaisy

    P Paris Well its more of a reminiscing song like remembering the one of the best loves in your life

  6. TitanFall 2 Gamer

    This song got me my first ever crush then like he said she faded away I got my first kiss with her the. Her dad found out now she is married to someone else 😢 memory's I will never forget

  7. Dakota Ratliff

    a boy I know sent me this I herd it and it made me cry

  8. Bobby Beaty

    Jim Beam kisses.....

  9. Mary Garrison

    reminds Me of My lost love

  10. regina billiot

    ejjm4 e j jb bj4hj in 4i8 h lmm3e ji j4jrjj j lkkmm m mmrkjri

    Regan Leidholm


  11. kolin schunk

    is it just me does this remind u of his other song roller-coaster

    Janeen Slaght

    Yeah I sometimes get them confused when I'm looking for them on my phone

    TitanFall 2 Gamer

    kolin schunk it does

    Avery powers

    kolin schunk yeah


    kolin schunk reminds me of "I See You"

    Jasmine Jenkins

    kolin schunk yes

  12. Kathy C

    I love it

  13. Peter York

    I love it

  14. Katie Wallschlaeger

    Best song I've heard in a very long time

  15. Lorie Baptista

    Good night for this

  16. leland Adams

    This song is about his girl

  17. Mary F Mathis

    Great song Luke! Oh the memories

    Mary F Mathis

    @Austin Long Long This song keeps my heart young!

  18. Kara Wood

    good song

    Mike T

    GREAT* song. Most of Luke Bryan's stuff is awesome, im really liking it

  19. arthur stenson

    i like this song its a good one and i like the guitar

  20. robert young

    Amazing song:) now I can't get her out of my head:/

  21. Souther-Belle Lane

    I love this song

  22. sarah elizabeth

    this song makes my heart hurt!!'s SOO beautiful, though. one of luke's best, if you ask me.

  23. Lester Wiebe

    if you don't have this CD your missing out on one of the best I have heard in years

  24. marissa jay

    Perfecttttttt song <3

  25. bobby holland

    Love dis song

  26. Madison Goad

    no luke i didnt fade away. im still here baby! Lol

  27. Jason Burns


  28. Koji Sumalde

    if i could go back and fix what i did wrong maybe things would be different. I'm sorry for everything i ever did to hurt you

  29. Hailey Stephens

    I love this song :) and I love him :P

  30. junior dove

    Come on guys

  31. reptilekeeper864

    hey come back babe..

  32. sexygurl14able

    Hey Guys Look I'm NOT On Here 2 Argue With Immatre Little Kids Nor Grown Ups k? I Have Better Things 2 Do Then This So Ima Drop The Convo. & Move On Bye

  33. sexygurl14able

    Naa, I Think Ima Stay On Here...But Thank You Though;)

  34. bigB

    wow what an adventure!

  35. TheRedHavoc

    If personality is what matter, hers is way better then yours.

  36. TheRedHavoc

    Press show comment to go on an adventure!

  37. Renee P

    why be so mean on an amazing song..

  38. Jared M.

    who the hell r u sayin she isnt hot she is flippin smokin!!!

  39. sexygurl14able

    I'm Pretty Sure She's Not A Virgin, She's Done Spreaded Her Stankin Ass Pussy 2 Some One XD

  40. OceanSkate401

    ur just mad bc shes cuter than you.

  41. sexygurl14able

    well that can't be the case. i'm a virgin, see if i was a whore i wouldn't call anyone else a whore did you ever think about that, whore? XD i'm waisting my time on air bye whoreXD

  42. sexygurl14able

    Yea Me XD

  43. sexygurl14able

    Can't, That's Your Job XD

  44. sexygurl14able

    bitch!!! just stfu, no one asked you for your stupid ass time come up with something that will actually make sense, you dumb bitch. k bye

  45. sexygurl14able

    well, considering I don't have barbies, how can I play with them, now you sound like a dumbass.....saying that shit. REALLY? oh, shit we got a badass in here telling me to go play with my Barbie dolls....haha, get a life. is that the best you can do? come on now

  46. beadlesbabe6

    Luke Bryan, you are the hottest male voice in country music <3

  47. lew zer

    widows movie maker

  48. trina roy

    how do u make colliage if anyone knows please let me know ok with pictures and music

  49. maxunam

    Luke Bryan is just awesome and is my idol.

  50. Dee Tingler

    this song very much brings back some great memories of a man dear to my heart that I had the pleasure of finally meeting 1 time.He will always be in my heart.Thanks for the song Luke ***you are awesome

  51. Mitchell Kraemer

    good song :)

  52. Kaitlin lulli

    Reminds me of my ex soooo much we met we met in the summer and he recently faded away I miss him so much

  53. Ricardo Martinez Montes De Oca

    So true

  54. duckhunter222

    So true:(

  55. Derinda Davis

    :'( love

  56. Gordy w


  57. Jill Mercer

    Absolutely love this song..!<3

  58. Tina Rutland

    I love this song!

  59. Halley Bowlin

    idk. im too afraid to.

  60. CeeMeBeautyXoXo

    Love this song!!

  61. Amber Kimbril

    Love his voice! Ahh (:

  62. Morgan Taylor

    This reminds me of Luke Bryan's concert perfectlyyy haha

  63. John Manning

    Best song ev'a!!!!!!!

  64. cannoli98

    well you should still call him and tell him. at least he'll know. trust me that alone can take a massive load off of yer shoulders. youd be surprized what a few simple words can may even find out that he feels the same way and you may end up finding out that long distance isnt as hard as you think. or maybe it wont happen. either way you should tell him no matter what the circumstances are. itll make you feel alot better. (sorry if i misspelled i suck at spelling)

  65. Halley Bowlin

    well, thank u so much for the advice :) but there's a bigger problem, he moved away the day that you replied :'( so now there's nothing i can do, but thank you tho :)

  66. cannoli98

    pull him aside one day and tell him how you feel about whats happend. if hes got a good heart hell listen and you can be so much closer. (im a guy so i should know how hell react)

  67. cannoli98

    for the sake of our current relationship. id give my life for her and she knows it. it would break my heart if we dated and then our friendship got ruined because of a breakup. plus honestly we are closer that a bf and gf could ever be. so neither of us are complaining. i prefer it this way. i hope things work out the way you want them to. and you dont lose your best friend

  68. cannoli98

    this song accually makes me think of her. one night i accually did kiss her and the whole night everybody thought we were together. nobody knew that we were just friends. we even fell asleep curled up together by a fire. but the next morning all that just faded away adn we went back to being close friends luckally we didnt go to far the night before so our friedsip ws exactly the same. romance ant even come close to describing how close me and her are. we do love eachother. but we dont date.

  69. cannoli98

    just cause im a guy dont mean i dont know how you feel so im ganna give a little of my opinion here i know what its like to try to tell the one you luv how you feel. ive known my best friend kay for what feels like my whole life i fell in luv with her two years ago it took me forever to finally get the guts to tell her i thought she would hate me for it. but i was wrong our friendship grew stronger however i havnt dated her because we are acared that our friendship will fall apart if we break up

  70. jeremy hickman

    does this song make anyone else think of that time in panama city when you fell in love?

  71. Kaleigh Rhodes

    This is a great song but breaks to hurts me to listen to it after a major redonculos breakup! /3

  72. Elizabeth Harper

    OMG I love luke bryan he is so sexy

  73. Halley Bowlin

    He herd this song, when we were tlkn on the phone, on spring break, & he sung it over & over, he was my best friend, then spring break was over and now he barley even looks at me, but I still love & I MISS HIM.

  74. KoraRanAway

    0 dislikes (; because he's awesome like that (:

  75. Olivia Hudson


  76. Daleen Howard

    adorable song!

  77. DropEverythingNow16

    @sealteam6ist agreed =)

  78. sealteam6ist

    Great song (: