Luke Bryan - Been There, Done That Lyrics

Girl you and me ain't talking much
I just slam the door and leave in my truck
There ain't nothin' left for us I think enough's enough
I look down see your name there on my phone
Then I hit ignore and just drive on
We've been living like this too long
And there ain't no reason to turn around, baby you can have it all

I ain't, I ain't coming back
I've already been there done that
And I'm done with you messing with my mind
The last time's the last time baby
I can only change who I am so much
And all I can give is all my love
And my love ain't never been enough
So I ain't coming back,
I've been there done that

Street by street and town after little town
Feels like I'm on the right road now
I bet you're probably wondering how I could just walk out
I put you high up as I could
And I know I've done everything I should
To try to make a bad thing good
I guess it just took too long for me to see
We weren't meant to be


I'll wake up, and I'll start to second guess myself
And I'll crave your touch, oh but I know too well...

That I ain't, I ain't coming back
I've already been there done that
And I'm done with you messing with my mind
The last time's the last time baby
I can only change who I am so much
And all I can give is all my love
And my love ain't never been enough
So I ain't coming back,
No, I ain't coming back
I've been there done that

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Luke Bryan Been There, Done That Comments
  1. Stephen Tucker

    I love this song because it's been my life for the pass year I'm love never been enough I can't change no more I ain't coming back

  2. Stephen Tucker

    One hell of a good song

  3. Joe Elledge

    To my guy ex best friend. fuck you that is all.

  4. Heather Bodin

    Hmmmm right on baby boy!!!

  5. Robert Scott Wilson

    Been there done that ain't doing it again

  6. Jennifer Dijames

    Been there done that Luke. I was going to go to Nashville. But my plan for the month of October has changed. Now that it's November.And Thanksgiving is upon us. I'm going to take a trip down to Atlanta. Then to South Carolina to visit my family again. And my friends. And I'm going to see Miranda Lambert in concert.

  7. Krystal Curtiss

    How many knows Luke Bryan's real name

  8. Cynthia Serrato

    Love it....

  9. trevgreg2

    Get a load of me, get a load of you
    Walking down the street, and I hardly know you
    It's just like we were meant to be

  10. ltc sk

    I love this song.

  11. سوما نعمان


  12. Alexis Davison

    Hell of a good damn song amen

  13. Ms King

    Trey king

  14. superman rules

    Going threw right now it sucks

  15. love me leave me

    Blah blah go on just forgive and that's all u owe her bam

  16. Kaleb Thompson

    your house is probably on fire that doesn't sound good but the sky is beautiful and god will watch over your family.

  17. Michael Perez

    This song brings back allot of memories

  18. Shelar Regular

    Hahaha hey i just made a good joke
    They told me ............shit i forgot lol

  19. Shelar Regular

    Dios por favor no me ayudes a cambiar nada de lo que soy de lo que hago pienso y digo
    Mejor ayudalos a aceptar las diferencias en cada persona en general
    Porque si yo boy a un restaurant y un platillo en especifico no me gusta simplemente
    Ni lo menciono asi es como encontraras armonia tu no le exiges al dueno del restaurant
    Que retire ese platillo de su menu y si lo hicieras con que derecho??

  20. Rican Marrero

    Not ever going to go back to something I never touched nope I won't go there....Too long ahooooooo who r u again ahoooo iiii do understand who r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  21. More Than Rubies

    I dedicate this to my ex. I will always love him but he’s too far gone. We’ve been broken up for a few months & he’s already gonna get married n have a kid. I went through the worst depression, even didn’t wanna live this life without him. I regretted leaving but guess what? It gets better I promise!!! Take the time to heal, know you ARE strong because YOU made the decision not to waste anymore time!! Last Sunday, I just realized I wanted to be happy too && have been smiling && laughing again. I didn’t believe people when they told me it would get better.

  22. Natalie Adams

    My ex told me to listen to this and i can't stop crying i miss him so much i really love him 💔💔💔

  23. Christine Escajeda

    My battery is at5% while you all use and abuse my space go hack some one eles you all are real good at it you have no considerion or shame

  24. Christine Escajeda

    My heart cant take you and your foolish friends

  25. Twilight Zone

    It was pretty easy just got sick of being abused and knocked down and he lied about havin a gf and I found out and he was still texting me when he was with her

  26. Amanda Curns

    Played this for my ex a few yrs ago when I was finally done with his lies and cheating.. Best day of my life..

  27. Brenda Caddell

    thanks for last night lets do it again

  28. Genika Banks


  29. Jessica Harper

    I love this song

  30. Tori Helderman

    I'm in with will John Sievers so your just going to too get over it live

  31. Kelly Walsh

    21 yrs and finally felt strong enough to get out of that destructive relationshop..... Never going back he tried making me be someone i wasnt!! I stayed becAuse of the kids when tjey were grown I bounced


    Been there done that for sure....

  33. Sheila Lutkenhaus

    Couldn't have said it any better! just wanted to Thank you for another lesson learned!!!😄😃🤣🙂

  34. Tori Helderman

    Love you sis❤👬❤👬❤👬❤👬

  35. Karie Mueller

    Still an very overlooked song!,,

  36. Docj2012

    This is where I’m at with my ex...3 years of giving her every fiber of my being to have her cheat on me 3 time each time making me the bad guy for calling her out..if my love ain’t enough I have nothing more to give...I’m ready for a fresh start at learning to live again.

  37. Ανναβελλε Ωαλσ


  38. The ice mask gang

    I’ve been there done that 4 times Fuck you and your games u fucking play!! I ain’t coming back goodbye!! BEGONE THOT!!

  39. Denise Garza

    I’ve been there, done that it’s that simple 😏

  40. Cassandra Brothers

    Literally the same music and melody as cole swindell hope you get lonely tonight. Not sure who ripped who off but...cole swindell sucks 😂😂 i cba to google when the songs came out or if cole wrote both but luke wins. He needs to come crash a party in my pants...with his penis

  41. Makaylah Williams

    I love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. de Prado

    I feel this right now!

  43. Brenda Hylton

    Luke bryan music hits ME straight IN my Heart Soul

  44. Charlene Nixon

    please don't leave me.

  45. caty verster

    Sad song!!!😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔breaks may heart!!! Just to lisen to it!!!!!😔😔😔😔😔

  46. Nikki Henderson

    Who would ask Luke to change?? Hes perfect

    Ms King

    Trey king

    Neil Miller

    Luke Bryan is awesome.

  47. Kevan Glosson

    She left me for a 19 year old kid talk about a kick in the ego the line my love ain't never been enough puts a lump in the throat

    Demon Ritter

    How old is she

  48. Nigga 4Life

    How the hell does this have more views then "been there done that" by dre?

    Skylar Barnes

    Cause this is better, don't get me wrong I love hip hop and Dre but this is better. Nuff said

  49. Penn Tester

    Nobody did anything wrong in my relationship, we just fell out of love.

  50. Jesse Cole Mcmunn


  51. Danielle Cereska


  52. Danielle Cereska

    I love you

  53. Melisa Boyer

    Why is it that you fall in love and then little by little the outher person try's to change you. Why change who you fell in love ?

  54. John Doe

    easier said then done... cant help how ya feel.

  55. Curtis Beal

    this reminds me of me & my towns relationship....yes I said town. i was born in Lumberton, NC, I hell hate this place. I lived in Oklahoma for 3 years💔now I'm back in my personal hell. I miss you Enid, OK & my best friend.😥

  56. Anthony Riffle

    after 13 years I'm still havin trouble but this song is really helping..

  57. Kim Miller

    been there done that this song is my
    life rite now trying to start over after 15yrs.keep on singing Luke I love u

  58. Tina Mace

    great song says it all when ur done ur done ur probably better off cause something happened to make u feel that way

  59. Marlene Short

    I love this man so much OMG !!

  60. Valeria Villarreal

    getting ready to leave my husband.. this song just hit me. enough is enough..

  61. Alyssa Villa

    I wish my crush would sing this song to his ex and get the hell over her :| Especially since she's fully moved on

  62. amy doyle

    This song has gotten me thru a lot of nights here recently!

    Cody Watson

    amy doyle I feel ya man just went thru the same thing

  63. Carol Winters

    it says it all

  64. Brianna Blaylock

    this is how I feel

  65. Don Don

    I can feel the pain I'm hearing in this song. Breakups are sad....everyone has a story...I've got mine. If you're out there and you have to say goodbye to someone...sorry for your pain and what the memories do. Makes me think of Keith Urban "you'll think of me". And a woman who loved her pride more than she loved us.

  66. Tanya Moreno


  67. Rani Green


  68. Shyanne Simoneaux

    This is how i broke up with my ex 😝 He thought it was a joke...then i told me him this is how i felt..he also cheated on me and he also lied so many times so i just had enough

  69. Alexis Reynolds

    love it

  70. Patti Chavies

    Messing with my mind. My love ain't never been enough.

  71. joshua wood

    Every 309of you

  72. joshua wood

    Who ever dose not like Luke is crazy stupied

  73. Yaslin Morales

    My song at the moment 😔 💔

    Yaslin Morales

    Couldn't have said it better Luke "I'm done with you messing with my mind"

  74. Brittany Johnson

    This is what my ex sung to me when he broke up with me but I guess it was for the best but I still love him we dated for 4 years and we was best friends for 9 years but I'm never going to love anybody like I love him and I don't even know if we're going to work things out but I hope we do I think he moved on already but I don't know cause we haven't talked over 2 years since our break up

    Lauren Hansford

    Same he dumped me 2 days ago

    Linda Brenizer

    your fantastic and I wish that you could come to amarillo tx as we would love to see you in person

    Scotty Byers

    Brittany Johnson in going thru it now

  75. The American Farmer

    I am comeplet polar oppisits

  76. Carina

    love it!

  77. Rodney Cagle

    couldnt have said it better!

  78. Dew Johnson

    best song ever

  79. Tray Johnson

    Love this song

  80. Monica Chavez

    break ups are the worst 💔 my last one messed my head up so bad I don't want to think it's over for my current boyfriend... we've been together for 3 years and we have been best friends for 7... I just pray to God we can work things out 💔 I wouldn't be able to give my heart to anyone else I love this guy with all my heart... 😢

    bo martinez

    Same here... Except I don't think I can ever just see him as a friend. Wish you the best ❤️

    David Webb

    silky baby you are so pretty and so cute I wish I could kiss you

    Saleena Davis

    mine was so bad I didn't eat anything I had little things like maybe a few carrots or something but I really didn't have a whole meal for 3-4 weeks and stayed in bed.... I hate break ups!!!..... hope you feel better!

    Amy Bunker

    same here he is dating my sister

  81. Rodney Caudill

    I liked the part where you said messing with my head

  82. Rodney Caudill

    I love this song

  83. Billie Hannan

    hell Yea Luke. preach it brother

  84. Kymberli Knowles

    I send this to Shannon capps.

  85. Billie Hannan

    this my shit

    Tray Johnson

    So true

  86. baby bozo

    this song reminds me of my ex Alexandra Harris from Miami I gave my all twice and she still have have done me wrong!!

  87. baby bozo

    this song reminds me of my ex Alexandra Harris from Miami I gave my all twice and she still have have done me wrong!!

  88. Jacob Parker

    slam my door on my truck

  89. CBlueW

    who da heck would think that his love was not enough!? like heck if i could i would fricken marry him lol

  90. doglover

    these songs are why I say single it just happens over end over

  91. Kara McNicholas

    This song 😍

  92. His Queen

    this reminds me of my ex he broke my heart six times but I kept going back until finally I just said enough is enough and left him for good

    Warren Barnes

    how r you doing now

    Twilight Zone

    His Queen did that just ended today 3 years

    Michael Coleman

    Same was 4 times instead of 6 but I finally said to myself stop going back and she went back to her ex the day after we split

    Brenda Ortibez

    @Michael Coleman mines got married to someone he just met aver 15 yrs

    Lan Nguyen

    His Queen aww baby girl there alway another fish in the sea you have find the right bait 🤣🤣🤣

  93. Stephanie Kelly

    This reminds of my ex. I've tired to do everything for him. But I'm leaving for good. I ain't coming back leaving is the best choice.

  94. Kayleigh Nakonsky

    This make me think about a person

  95. Miranda Acheson

    This song speaks to me!

  96. Diamond Daniels

    My boyfriend cheated 3 times but this time im not coming back i been there done that.

  97. Rachel Cross

    enough's enough baby I've been there done that and I ain't coming back