Luh, Derek - Money Lyrics

As a boy I dreamed to count a hundred grand, (hundred grand)
Mama said don't let up when it's comin' in, (when it's comin' in)
All this fucking work man they don't understand, (they don't understand)
It ain't easy tryna get that money man,
But we gon' get that, we gon' get it yeah,
We gon', we gon' get that,
We gon' get it yeah,
We gon', we gon' get that
We gon' get it yeah,
We gon', we gon' get that

[Derek Luh:]
Said hit the road on business,
One goal get cash,
Dope flow and he spit crack,
Bad chick I'm gift wrap,
3 hoes like Christmas,
Hit slow and then dip fast,
Tryna book a show I need 6 racks,
Save up and then kick back,
Mama said D you betta do it big,
Knew was a star since a little kid,
Always loved cars and had a fashion sense,
Now you even know what ya passion is,
Ahh, look
Now watch me juggin from that shit,
Boy you know I'm gon' shine 'cause I'm coal under pressure (whoo)


(Yeah, look, look, look)
We gon' get that, fuck talkin' about it we gon' live that,
I 'on't mismatch, I ain't wit' that, gotta fresh fit you can't diss that,
Mama told me it was never gon' be easy (nah)
Pop told me ain't nobody gon' believe me (gon' believe me)
Work hard for the Lord and yourself,
Don't let nobody get in the way of your wealth (God damn)
I was too dedicated to the fuckin' art tho, (art tho)
Paint a pic in your mind like Picasso,
Gotta get the money, gotta be a lot tho, (lot tho)
'Cause you know I wanna be up in the top flo', (top flo')
So I stay greater, from the middle I 'on't never miss a layup, all the fans gonna run around a chase us,
Tell the label mess around and gotta pay us, (whoo)


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