Luh, Derek - Eyes Low Lyrics

We only roll, we only roll that fire
That's how we go, that's how we go, we fly
Our eyes are low
Our eyes are low, so high, yeah
We only roll, we only roll that fire
That's how we go, that's how go, we fly
Our eyes are low
Our eyes are low, so high, yeah

Lately I've been tryna get my paper right
I hit the L and I think 'bout what I'm gon' do in life
I got a lot of questions that I need an answer to
Like how I made it off this dirty broken avenue
And I roll one and another one
We'll never stop
Gotta make sure that my music lasts and I'll never die
Gotta make sure that my family fed and my doughs right
I work late shift on my slave shit, I'm up all night
And I got that and I need that, I be so lit
I take four puffs before I pass that cuz I rolled it
And I know once I get high, Imma be right there
Taking care of my life, yeah
Living up to the hype, yeah

We only roll, we only roll that fire
That's how we go, that's how we go we fly
Our eyes are low
Our eyes are low, so high, yeah

I roll one, smoke one
Big homie gon' hold some
Pass it back flea flicker
Got the weed, all we need is liquor
Kickin' back with the big bag
Good god, what is zig zags
Whiplash when a spliff pass
Yo crusty lips can't hit that
Now Imma need a J for this cold world
Going center, you know girl, just a warm up though I told ya
Take a long drive through these forest hills
Exhale to this Lauryn Hill like my weed home grown
Hit my women where they forced it
I hit Skate where the O at
Matter of fact, where the hoes at
You better know how to roll that
Hardest speech you better hold back
You better rip don't fold that

We only roll, we only roll that fire
That's how we go, that's how we go, we fly
Our eyes are low
Our eyes are, low so high, yeah
We only roll, we only roll that fire
That's how we go, that's how we go, we fly
Our eyes are low
Our eyes are, low so high, yeah

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Luh, Derek Eyes Low Comments
  1. Dnaiyaa

    Remember having this on repeat being a 12 year old 😭 ITS A BANGER

  2. Ooh My Jashin!

    Me da mucha risa verlos bien grifos 🤣

  3. Umar Irfan

    just discovered derek luh today he 💯🔥 hearing someone good after ages he needs more views real talk

  4. Fauzi Fadhil


  5. sabastian martinez

    How the fuck am I just now finding out about this song🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I slept on derek!🕺🏽🔥🔥

  6. Michy Vazquez

    Damn this song still slaps

  7. jazz tanz_

    derek voice so sexy bruh like fuck

  8. bianca picanço

    anyone here in 2018?

  9. letícia a


    Isabela A.


  10. Maria Luisa Furtado

    quem ta vendo em 2018

  11. Jheyanneify

    just seen u at IAMSU concert n Sacramento, u was lit❤🔥🔥🔥

  12. Cute_ Girl

    I love Derek 😍 and y love sk8

  13. Arelys Hernandez

    I miss them

  14. Taelor Fairchild

    I miss y’all what the heck happened!!!?

  15. Alex Alarcon

    almost 1 million views

  16. IIsaiahBanks

    1:37 u catch Derek Luh Dying 😂 in the passenger seat!

  17. Mecado Walsh

    They are so high in this video, they can't even keep their eyes open

  18. mohd fiqree

    Nice song 420

  19. Karma

    I miss them :(

  20. dieeser

    Definitely this was shot on a GH4, now i can see all the noise.

  21. Brittany Landry

    They iceboxed tf out of that car

  22. Brittany Landry

    I stay getting high to this song 😍 nate omfg he a whole damn snack 😘

  23. Garry Wharton

    not really degree rap

  24. Unicornia Bien Rikolinha Grier-sha


  25. Danielle Londero

    Olha o BIC 00:40

  26. Danielle Londero

    2017 ❤

  27. Kerberator

    Wtf is this noise???????

  28. Alex Alarcon

    I remember having this on repeat. 🔥

    Faisal Al Awadhi

    Alex Alarcon same

  29. Evie lovesnoah

    Sad they aren't friends anymore 😭😭😭

  30. It's just me Kanaa

    1:20 Derek is dying 😂

  31. Amy Vlogs

    please tell me i wasn't the only one who saw Swazz

  32. chrishona johnson

    Skate stays high lol

  33. Gabriela Alves


  34. simply mazie

    my baby boys😍💓👌

  35. Angelica Rodriguez

    skate is my bae you are so cute like when mean cute it when I say he is hot

  36. Sarah Hunter

    😍😍😍 fuckkk 😌😌😌😌 true asf thooo

  37. hamz solo

    get some clothes that fit. its 2017 . not 1992 in compton u wanksters (white wannabe black gansters=wanksters)

  38. jasmine birch

    fav line: and yo crusty lips can't hit that 😂😂

  39. Matheus Henrique

    pesadíssimo 😎🔥👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌

  40. Mia Diaz

    skate lets get high together

  41. Sofia Fogliacco

    Mucha droga en tan solo 3 minutos :v

  42. Karla Zamora

    hola soy yorlene mira yono ablo ingles 😵

  43. Karla Zamora

    hola soy otra bes yo yorlene teamoo 😍 me en cantan tus canciones cuando bienes ami país.😍

  44. Elizabeth Alonso

    Wish I can meet them

  45. Nvy *

    that's a big blunt

  46. Edimaryo O Edy


  47. Epic playas

    swazz tho

  48. riah Sage

    Yo but who is their plug🤔🤔💀

  49. Makaila Steidl

    One of my fav songs by two of my favorite artists 💖💖💖

  50. jamie peterson

    Derek my bf and skate is my sister Barbaras

  51. Yosleidy Peralta

    Derek sound like arcángel 😂😂

    Isabel Cruz

    Lol es verdad

  52. Katerin Ayala

    Alto porro wachin

  53. Stacy Maloley

    derek 😍😍😍

  54. Alecia Wimmer

    They were really high

  55. paz 6

    2k17 and I'm still listening🔥🐐

  56. jama keller

    I miss them being friends so much

  57. karas

    this song is so fuckin good and vibey when im stoned and not stoned. never get tired of this. 😍😍😍

  58. alyssa is a loser

    alsooo why does nobody every recognize how hot Swazz is because SHIT HES So HOT

  59. alyssa is a loser

    100 bucks i bet the camera guy was as lit as they was

  60. Gillian Thomas

    im so marrying skate hahaha

  61. Brad Bulacio

    From certain angles Skate kind of looks like Dave East

  62. snoop cat

    I'm just so fucking dead. I miss ma bois together

  63. snoop cat

    Se me metió un "Skate y Derek ya no son amigos" al ojo😞💔

    Lili Rojas

    Alexa Leon Espinoza lol desde cuando y pq?

  64. E. Trouble

    OMG the Derek´s relaxing and sexy voice tho

    Madison j

    E. Trouble I know I'm basically in love w him

  65. Beyoncè Knowles

    i want a road trip with them 😂😂 that'll be so lit.. my Christmas wish.

  66. GallecS13

    Derek 1:37 XD

  67. Karen Suarez

    This is dope af
    wish they could do more music together. Fav duo tbh 🙌

  68. Júlia Machado

    definitivamente essa é a minha música <3

  69. Rudy Ramirez

    I am a girl this is my dad account

  70. Cletus Mcgillicudy

    Swazz is just casually in the back

    Rose Birlem

    Cletus Mcgillicudy right swazz is there to smoke

    Han Wolf

    Skate: we're making a music vid of us smoking
    Swazz: I'm in!

  71. Laura Gutierrez


  72. tobiandbane

    I've smoked about 2,000 blunts to this song since drop date

  73. Tarrah Stone

    got my friends addicted to this song... 😁😁😁 don't regret nothing

  74. natalie g

    Derek looks super high though haha lol

  75. SarcasticxLiar

    why did they fall out?

    Emanni Jarmon

    SarcasticxLiar That shit that happened at Webster Hall

  76. Angie ___

    1:38 lol

  77. kathie madrigal


  78. renay barlow

    derek dying at 1:36 is too fckn funny ,love this song and damn derek and nate are hot af 😂🔥😍❤

  79. Alicia Laucirica

    damn when did wiggers get cute

    Jazzy S

    alie_ amare skate it part middle eastern and Derek is part Asian so they arnt white

    Jazzy S

    alie_ amare also really wiggers? Wtf is wrong with u

  80. Kiera Owens

    Skate so dam fine uugh😍😍😍

  81. lucas emerson

    que orror voce ta acanbando com tua vida fumando ue em qeu deus te aconpanhe jesuis

    Tânia Borjano

    hello eles nao vai te entende nem vou descotir com voce porque pela sua foto voce e criança voce escreve tudo errado e se ele quiser fuma deuxa problema e dele

  82. amaru yates

    Dizzy shouldve had this beat

  83. Tiffany

    I wanna see Nate when he's actually sober😂

    army? bangwool.

    Taffy Tomson good luck😂😂

  84. Monique

    Derek and skate tho 😧❤🔥🔥😍

  85. Ka a

    I love skate ❤❤❤

  86. Sahar Cipriani

    a little stupid but cool, in love with they both.

  87. Rosa Bernales


  88. Rosa Bernales

    ❤️ the blunt foo

  89. Rosa Bernales


  90. Lexie

    I love you guys

  91. D& Tudo um pouco S2

    Nossa eu amo tanto o Skate Maloley💘

  92. Sell In

    Go to 2.22 and just watch Luh. You're welcome :))

  93. Sahar Cipriani

    why derek looks like harry hudson in this vid? shit, am i wrong?

  94. Letícia Rodrigues


  95. Kaegor

    1:36 - Derek is dying af



    Brianna Young

    Kaegor I'm dying Derek couldn't take it

    Isabel Cruz


    wait a minute??

    ..His time has come..1:19..he dead..1:57..BUT HE HAS BEEN RESURRECTED BY THE POWER OF WEED..

  96. Lauren Rauh

    I wish they were still friends because they made such good music together

    EquineEleanor 26

    Lauren Rauh what happened???

    Jazmyn Walker

    after webster hall Derek said it was nates fault so they got into this big fight then they stopped being friends


    Jazmyn Walker when did he said that ?

    hope dillon

    No he didnt. Derek was getting sober and he cut everyone off he used to smoke with.

    Faisal Al Awadhi

    Hii girl