Ludacris - Rich & Flexin' Lyrics

Cry me a river, cry me, cry me, oh
Cry me a river, cry me, cry me, oh
Cry me a river, cry me, cry me.

I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch!
I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch! (ain't that a bitch!)

Bit-Bitches all on my jock, they want my dang-a-lang,
Swinging all on my NUTS, like an orangutan,
Ha-half a million dollar car, ha-half a million dollar watch,
No roof on the drop head Phantom, it got karate chopped,
I got a couple black belts, but they all from Louie Louie,
Get her wetter than scuba divers, these fucking groupie groupies,
Swag is through the ceiling, these haters mad as fuck,
Gettin money like Vegas chips Bitch STACK EM UP!

I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch!
I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch! (ain't that a bitch!)

Bitches be cryin fo me they want my autograph
Shawty rollercoaster ridin, Six Flags,
She a fool on that dick (Uh huh)
I will never eat that bitch (Uh Uh)
Cold feelin's, hard dick, no hands got me rich
I'm on my Bricksquad Monopoly shit
4 hoes in my 2 door
Stuntin with the roof up
Flocka always flexin, mad hoes always textin,
tatted up like I'm Mexican,
Magnums for protection FLOCKA!
Meet me at the Western

I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch!
I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch! (ain't that a bitch!)

U-Up on my wish bone, these hoes get split in two,
I don't' want no birds up in my car, I don't drive no chicken coop,
I'll be out in that new Ferrari, I be spilling out champagne
No rocks on the road Luda, bitch they're all on my damn chain,
Gotta keep it moving mami, gotta get that guacamole,
I got that purp and a little bit of gold, like I should run with Kobe,
Like I should shoot the Jay, and smoke a couple too,
Other rappers wanna be my friend, I'm too rich to fuck with youuuuuu!

I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch!
I'm drunk (I'm drunk)
I'm rich (I'm rich)
I'm flexin, ain't that a bitch! (ain't that a bitch!)

Bitches all on my jock!
Bitches all on my jock!
I'm flexin, ain’t that a bitch! (ain’t that a bitch!)

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Ludacris Rich & Flexin' Comments
  1. NoobishBananaOffical


  2. megrockstarr

    severely underrated song

  3. Kyle Mundy

    who searched this up with "they want my Dang a long"?

  4. Isabella Cassidy

    She want my dang-a-lang😁😂😂😂😂

  5. enlighten one

    Like if you aint rich, But you flexin

  6. Lifz_peachy 15

    This song reminds me of myself 😝

    Logan Miller

    Your like 10

    Paolo Bowden

    +Logan Miller lol

  7. To Ho

    This beatz are dope

  8. willrelio2609


  9. wishiwashy

    hell yeah 

  10. Latiara Emerson


  11. Fur Fag

    A dissgrace to music, orangoutang and nuts? Really? I agree with the guy below me, "terribly funny"

  12. Bobby Rich

    Toooo terribly funny

  13. KLove Harris

    "I'm on my wish bone, these hoes get split in 2, I don't want no birds up in my car, I ain't drivin' no chicken coooop!" LOL <-------BEST PART!! 

  14. Six

    Inb4 Vine

  15. bigmikebaby85

    Mike Biggs The Entertainer - Sexy Flexin

  16. cnellzbootatiana

    Well Johnny Erasme brought me here !

  17. G Natt


  18. Anonymous Nerd

    It's not completely copying. I've heard a lot of songs that use parts of someone else's song. There's a term for it I just can't think of it now XD. Mercy by Kanye West uses parts of another guys' song.

  19. Ryan Taylor

    DJ Raph sent me here #freshers.

  20. Beautiful Dorito

    thank you chachi <3

  21. NicholasGrove19

    Swingin all on my noots, like an orangutan

  22. Innocence

    im drunk and i typed im drunk on the search and it came up. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. Danielle Kitty

    Go home drunk you're flexin.

  24. IckyStickyCheekFun

    the second part (technically) you should probably look it up.

  25. Luii Lu

    or its Cry me a river...

  26. lknjnk

    Kenzo brought me here.

  27. IckyStickyCheekFun


  28. IckyStickyCheekFun

    the song at the beginning is geeky playtime

  29. carly richardson

    they want ma dangalang- officially crying with laughter.

  30. LetsPlaySiIent

    2:56 best part

  31. LetsPlaySiIent

    my car brought me here

  32. Cory Main

    The way he says chicken coop> 2:00
    And btw this is slowed down a lot

  33. colleen owens


  34. Aubrey Gillis

    Chachi brought me here

  35. Dwoss


  36. thall thall

    Im sobor im not rich im not flexn but im still tha shit

  37. bubbles07bieberlover

    I am here because of Chachi.

  38. bananasack28

    They want my dang-a-langgg!

  39. Olivia Clark-Davis

    Oh trust Me , That was Me Being Polite .

  40. Laura Harrison

    Oh jeez talk about getting the wrong end of the stick! All I simply stated was that Chachi's version is good but as you mentioned there were other good choreographies I wondered if you could send me some. I really don't see how that could provoke your reaction. But, benefit of the doubt, how about I "Hop Off Chachi's Jock" if you start being more polite in your comments? Then everyone's happy.

  41. Olivia Clark-Davis

    I' NEVER Said It' Wasnt , GOOD ! Hint : Its Not The Only Good One . How About you Hop Off Chachi's Jock and look up other choreo's .

  42. Laura Harrison

    Then you can agree that's it's bloody good? So what's wrong with crediting them for it? What are the other good pieces of choreography to this? could you send me some? I'd like to see them :)

  43. Olivia Clark-Davis

    Yes and Its Not The Only Good One .

  44. Guma arbuzowa

    Zajebista ; )

  45. Guma arbuzowa

    mee to ;)

  46. Laura Harrison

    have you actually seen the dance chachi and kenzo did?

  47. demitria mani


  48. Natalia hill

    chachi brought me here.!!

  49. Will.Jr

    this song goes so hard

  50. Olivia Clark-Davis

    I Wasn't Trying Too Start a Fight , I Was Just Stating My Opinion , Pathetic Nope Never .

  51. Kelley Duris

    why are you trying to start a fight over the internet…pathetic

  52. Olivia Clark-Davis

    Honestly , No They Don't Chachi isnt on the fucking song , so why the fuck does she have to be mentioned yeah she danced to it okay yeah so did half of every other chreographer and they're not being mentioned ,

  53. lord1c1s

    thats not her real name?

  54. Yesenia Mendoza

    im drunk (:

  55. Kelley Duris

    you need to take a chill pill

  56. Kira White

    LUV DIZ SONG!!!!!!

  57. funone26

    Louis Lyndon Baby!!!!

  58. holly kitekeiaho

    chachi brought me here

  59. Liberty Goodlow

    Chachi brought me here xD

  60. Asined Pac


  61. The Nasty

    I dont know about you other commenters... but an orangutan swinging on my nuts sounds fucking terrible.

  62. Kayfavat89

    Luda always spits dope

  63. moud1996

    Everytime i hear the end the song "Cry me a river" by Justin Timberlake, I feel like this song is going to start right after.

  64. allin forms


  65. Grime Slime

    Chachi brought me here. :D

  66. swagg dubstep

    im rich b****

  67. Sherwood Gaming

    25 people cried a river....

  68. Sherwood Gaming

    0:30 is were its all at till 0:37

  69. Miles Davis

    this beat is hard as fuck

  70. Joshua Lane

    fki beat hard as fuck

  71. Ruben Chavez

    tatted up like a mexican

  72. reddevilmercier3

    up up on my wishbone! these hoes get split in two. fucking right

  73. Charlton McCullough


  74. Mario Cervantes Jr


  75. Mario Cervantes Jr

    my type of shit..#RioNiggaRadio #FFFLEX 95brick$

  76. Caucublindiano17

    Sad thing is that none of you know how to spell Orangutan, lol

  77. MeridaMaya

    It is because of that line, my friends and I call some girls orangoutangs

  78. Meleah Ruffin

    Aiint this a bitch

  79. Brandon Rhoden

    im rich and flexin

  80. Trackstar USATF


  81. Jasmine Caldwell


  82. shelby charlebois

    only here cause of him lol

  83. DHINTON7295

    J Blaze.

  84. James Sharber

    Did anyone catch flockas part?

  85. shotgunfacelift1234

    Luda murders everything

  86. Filip Vujadinovic

    dehe jehe dehe jehe wobe hehbe

  87. MrSimKing

    gz, a line from the song.

  88. Kidd Fresh

    when the song first came on, ii was like this shit gonna be wack . . .but its dope LUDAA!.!.!

  89. Snakeeyeszeek

    @promod400exridr hell yeah :D

  90. Findarian Watson

    LUDA and WAKA made a club banger

  91. Qwain Vstheworld

    word dis juck riht here hot

  92. Rick K.

    This song beats hard in the truck!!!!!!

  93. adriana santiago

    Luda is fuckin clever as hell. i can't even deal. loveeee

  94. C.J. Shafer

    Who says Waka Flocka cant rap? ha nevermind he sucks

  95. Apex


  96. kingwinta07

    @RAIJOHNSEN Rachet Raps!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Shut the fuck Up!!!