Ludacris - Raised In The South Lyrics

[Intro: Young Jeezy]
What’s up?

[Hook: Ludacris & Jeezy x2]
Keep my name out your motherfuckin’ mouth (out yo’ mouth)
Keep my name out your motherfuckin’ mouth (out yo’ mouth)
Keep my name out your motherfuckin’ mouth (out yo’ mouth)
Keep my name out your motherfuckin’ mouth (out yo’ mouth)
‘Cause I was raised in the motherfuckin’ south (in the south)

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Southside, College Park, yeah I rep that
Where there’s money, all my dawgs, go and fetch that
Niggas robbin’ in the hood, we don’t sweat that
Throw some some red dots up on your head and connect that
I guess you in the right place, at the right time
And I been drinkin’ I’m not really in my right mind
The wrong move’ll make a Nigga grab the right nine
Knock your livin’ daylights out, Bitch, night time
Come off up them stacks
If you don’t give ‘em then we gon’ take ‘em
Go and get ‘em or we gon’ chase him
Go stick him and might erase him
Or turn him into a patient, any demon’s we gon’ face ‘em
Or see all the pigs and all that bacon
We gon’ As-salamu alaykum

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
These pussy niggas only talkin’ ’cause they got lips
Guess them choppers only bustin’ ’cause them bitches got clips
Got them niggas bustin’ off the motorcycle like Chips
Think I seen them round Bloods, so they mighta been Crips
All this rappin’ ain’t no action, see I can’t respect that
Bout to ask him for that trap, and nigga I’mma check that
Hundred units in the living room, and you can bet that
I’m so high up in this bitch look like I got a jet pack
If you a real street nigga, won’t you tell me how it feel
So bought some 26s before you played her like Bill
So keep your name up out your mouth
Gives a fuck bout how you feel
‘Cause in these motherfuckin’ streets, I Am Legend like Will

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 3: Ludacris]
These niggas is sweeter than a sweet potato
Softer than Play-Doh, hope bitch nigga, lay low
A-Town by the way of Illinois
And our blocks come together likeLegos, they know
Who I am, I’m the man with a plane
And a nigga with verses, blowin’ a rapper to pieces
Got a crew full of untamed dogs, and I’m thinkin’ that
I’m really bout to let ‘em off the leashes, (Roof)
I’m scratchin the surface
The nigga with the million dollar verses
These rappers are worthless
And all I really wanna do is piss ‘em off on purpose
I’m possessed, stick a needle in your back
Like a nigga doing voodoo curses
Givin’ them a two piece with a biscuit
And hell no I ain’t talkin ’bout churches
Get nervous, get robbed of your valuables nigga
Like I’m snatching your purses
And I got a couple urges
To clown on you niggas like a three ring circus
If you ain’t got no warrants
Then you best to believe it’ll be nose arches
So keep my name up out your mouth before I close your curtains

[Hook: x2]

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Ludacris Raised In The South Comments
  1. Mashana Braggs

    Damn stab a needle in yo back, voodoo curses lol luda snap

  2. Brock Diesel

    Luda... Has always been underrated... This muthafucka can spit 🔥

  3. Makkal Vendhar TV


  4. Krown Silver

    "I'm possessed stick a needle in Shawn Jay's back like a nigga doing voodoo curses" - Ludacris bodied that wack Field Mob nigga

  5. Gary Paul

    Luda verse is so sick!

  6. Tektonik 7.62

    1:10-1:25 as hard as it gets fellas.....

  7. Tektonik 7.62

    Snowin in July-Jeezy

  8. Shakila Powell

    It's a lot of ppl need to keep my name out they mouth 🖕👍🖐

  9. Marc Naranj

    Keep my name out you mouth ten toes down

  10. Alton Chatfield


  11. Cornelius Borum


  12. Lauina Sili

    fuck all yall

  13. Jerome Oosting

    Come off up them stacks, if you don't give 'em then we gon' take 'em
    Go and get 'em or we gon' chase him, go stick him and might erase him
    Or turn him into a patient, any demon's we gon' face 'em
    Or see all the pigs and all that bacon, we gon' as-salamu alaykum....... LIKE DAMNNNN!!!!!

  14. Kamal9Deuce

    A lot of metros old work is going to go unrecognised his old tag was so bad.

  15. Prince Back

    Racist son of the bitch.

  16. zny

    wait he says the South then he says southside like Chicago lol

    James Shaud

    ultragaze Luda is originally from Illinois, but he was raised in Georgia.



  18. Alton Chatfield

    south is the best



    B Bag

    +Josevan Arias Metro Boomin


    +B Bag 💯👍

  20. Lil Home State

    $HIT$ HARD AT 1.25 

    •Angie Yonaga•

    nigga stop hatin on luda

  21. Justin Reynolds

    Jeezy don't want none of stitches....Tha Real⛄

  22. Blatantly Blunt

    The effect they put on Jeezy's hook >>>>> ____

  23. wedeb fessehaye

    Very Cool bit

  24. Zephan Perez


  25. Lil Home State

    Best song 2013 wow if anyone can remember the old hiphop days

    D Marquist

    it's 3 years ago...what's so "old" about it? this is modern

  26. xXSglocXx

    This beat is so so METRO!

  27. miguel angel silva lopez

    Dam cool song

  28. miguel angel silva lopez

    Dam cool song

  29. Camara Whitfield

    Hehe..i love this song ..but the beat is awesome

  30. TheKKCody0824

    19 & BOOMIN'.... METRO! dope beat

  31. Akeem Cooper

    843 South Carolina, Yea I rep dat

    Reesie Jenkins

    Chucktown reppin!!!


    864 all day

  32. Michael Whitt, Jr

    Don't. Mess wit Luda cause. He was raised in the south

  33. Michael Whitt, Jr

    Wow loving that luda

    mrs Lucridas awalys One

    My favorite husband Lucridas Mrs Lucridas baby dad🛏🍼🚼 DTP Lucridas. Masriopa DTP Mrs Lucridas masriopa DTP Mrs Lucridas baby dad Lucridas baby dad awalys together DTP Mrs masriopa DTP Lucridas 197

  34. Atl Kracka

    ppl really still buyin music

  35. Joseph Temple

    Keep muh name out ya muh fuckin mouth nigga cuz I was raised in da muh fuckin south.

  36. Curtis Pratt

    Southern boys athem! Keep it realz

  37. Chronic Chiller

    Luda spaz on dis #realtalk

  38. Infantry T

    People talking about artists about how they can still spit sounds like there trying to reassure themselves

  39. Christopher Miller

    at the end of the day...Luda can still spit, and he still got that signature flow. he just dont use it on every song like back in da days, bcuz u gotta switch it up a little nowadays, but he still sound like Ludacris when its all said and done.

  40. Kaleb Pettit


  41. Thanos, come through

    it's from his mixtape #IDGAF

  42. 2011wordsmith

    which album is this?

  43. xXSglocXx

    Metro Boomin made this beat!!

  44. Cody Edgeston

    Shit is dope as hell

  45. Burton910h

    Hello, just some proper English rolling through.

  46. Hiphop19191919

    @jamiqus smith gets no better? Are u serious? Jeezy and Luda? Ugh have u ever heard real hip hop or are u 15?

  47. Hiphop19191919

    Jeezy a legend on the streets? More like a snitch

  48. Clear Vengeance Gaming

    this my song

  49. ShoTimeBliZz

    Dope. Ludacris and Jeezy need to make a mix tape together

  50. a j

    Respect, Rep, Real

  51. That guy

    $outh up bitches

  52. EvilDundun

    Luda just reminding these clowns that he's still here. Shame on me for forgetting how on point his flow is. He's still shitting on these whack ass rappers while doing movie features.

  53. Tru Spann

    Ludacris and T.i. did make a song together

  54. My Take T.V.

    Shit jamming

  55. Dyvine Dyme


  56. Guipasco1

    salam alikoum

  57. ThatboiiMikeMike

    whole mixtape wenthard #IDGAF!!!

  58. tu tran

    Ludacris a legend ,even know he raps part time

  59. Jeep Life Of Prime

    any demon's we gon' face 'em Or see all the pigs and all that bacon We gon' As-salamu alaykum

  60. Kristen Matthews


  61. Roxanna Stanford

    Bad ass song gpod


  62. Eric Michael

    3:04. You're welcome

  63. Philipp Holzer

    3:10 - LEGENDARY !!!!!

  64. Philipp Holzer

    tooo dope this shit !!! Ludacris killed each song !!!!

  65. Salvator

    forreal. for ex: DTP - NSEW. a hit back in 2001. look it up if yall didnt hear one of those throwbacks. plus its the soundtrack of that movie "National Security....

  66. CBuck

    Yea this it here.. bringing that crunk gangsta shit back.. south will never die.. but dey could've had my boi t.i.p. on here..overall ill give it a 5 star

  67. kiddcooler

    best rapper ever.

  68. robert owuor

    man this the anthem if you got haters!

  69. TRN tv

    amazing !

  70. Kuntry dubb

    That's what im talking bout Luda!!! Bring that CrunK shit back to the South we to Dirty for all that Swag bullshit get ya head knocked off down here bruh! Fa sho the South wont eva Die

  71. Adrienne Jamison

    This will be my party song for the summer.... Go LUDA... GO JEEZY!!!!!

  72. O'Brien Blagrove

    I see you Young Jezzy with that @50Cent flow... #flight187

  73. Orlando Lara

    about damn time Luda

  74. HicktownHero3030

    Too bad luda wasnt raised in the south. He moved down here to put his career on

  75. Camesheon Williams

    I know they ain't had no business trying to play LUDA!! That was a stupid move for them. You don't go after somebody with more experience, more money, more fans or (not to mention) more bitches than you. If you think you can take their position, you won't make it. Because something like that needs to be known!! NOT assumed! Them niggas should've done their homework. That's what's wrong with Albany, they think they're ATLANTA!! I'm from south GA. and I know a fuck-up when I see one. LOL :)

  76. Monster

    Garbage........4 12in Rockford P3 Dvc's 4ohms Dropped Ta 0 ohms.. 2-T1000bd's To A 6Farat Op. Cap.200a circuit breaker to a 7in fold screen with the Navigation Built In ALL 24k Terminations - HAIR TRIX FROM FaTGoD ~ GROUNDPOUNDER ~ RFT

  77. Jeffrey Scott Lefevre Jr


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    what subs u got cuz

  79. Gladiator541

    shit yeah it do boe

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    Yes Sir!!!! This [email protected]@a is back!!!

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    You can bet that. I'm so high up in this bitch looks like I got a jet pack

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    Finally Luda back...

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    Dis sh!t hot...

  84. Ashley Compton

    On repeat

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    yeah this is luda baby

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    it's back on luda & jeezy it getz no betta than dez 2 guyz DTP & CTE

  87. phaynes574

    Cuz i was raised in the mother fuckin south!

  88. twin33

    Love Luda second verse

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    The beat is hot! great song

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    Damn! :D