Ludacris - Bada Boom Lyrics

Big Bada boom, Luda’s in this bitch
Pussy niggas clear the room
I came through the door, I said it before
I’m the truth in this bitch and you niggas all hoes

Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing their flows,
but I can’t steal what you never made up bitch
Y’all some duplicate rap cloning niggas
I manufacture you hoes put on your makeup Bitch

Let me explain, nothing’s been new since Big Daddy Kane
Flows will get recycled passed around to different names
But what’s the same, that every verse I spit is insane
Got more styles than any rapper in the game, 11 years and still counting
And ya’ll get a couple hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting
Who’s gassing ‘em, they blowing smoke up your ass, you fired up but I’m just puff puff passin’ ‘em
Until they roaches, buried in my ashtray
Nigga burn slow, better pray like it’s your last day
You lying to yourself, just admit it
May not like the way I use it but you know you ain't invent it boy
Do your research before you make a claim so bogus
That's disrespecting pioneers in the game
Fuck the fame but go ahead and get ya 5 minutes
Then you front line cadets can report to your lieutenants (sir, yes sir)
See I’m ya past, I’m ya future and ya present
So watch ya fucking mouth when you speak about a legend
16 times platinum, 6 number 1′s
So I can give a fuck what you sold in ya first week
You’s weak, softer than the Pillsbury dough boy
Don’t make me expose the truth, you’s a hoe boy
Don’t make me get on that Stomp shit and get back at it
You rappers ain't even in my fucking tax bracket
Why am I wasting my time
Yeah I admit I get a little Ludacris with my rhymes, sometimes
But my fans know the difference because “My Chick Bad” went platinum still winning muthafucka

The nerve of you niggas man, you ain't got enough medals on your jacket to address me boy
Fall back in formation, y’all outta line
I was told not to kill a mosquito with a cannon
So the next time you nats got a real problem
Don’t be a coward like a nigga that used to be signed to be going on twitter rants and shit
Nigga say it to my face

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Ludacris Bada Boom Comments
  1. gotohell

    Sounds like random crap thrown together

  2. Adrian Graham

    My child hood! Fuck yeah! Lol

  3. Jessie Mayberry

    Ludacris is a beast


    Ludacris lit the fuse with this and Pusha T Story of Adidon was the dynamite

  5. Erik Davis


  6. Cast Tech Pearland

    November 2018 and had to come back to listen to refresh my memory on what true hip hop sounds like......Luda, Scarface, and other like them are the truth in the booth and on the M.I.C....this younger generation get on the mic and just start spitting out shit rhymes and these kiddos eat it up.....talking about this is what my generation likes.....soft core, timeout taking sensitive youngsters, get your heads out of your ass and wake up from these fly-by night rappers with their gimmicks!!!

  7. Diana Torres

    Mayyyn hold up, this still goes hard. Anyone listening in 2018? If Em, and ludacris made a diss track... rip..mgk and any mufka who tries it...

  8. The Oracle 313

    They didn't say another word after this. Straight bodied them.

  9. Carlos Espinoza

    69 next 😂

    ray ray

    Carlos Espinoza i prayed for this lol

  10. vegitausa

    I advise 69 to watch this or go listen to war with the god

    Justin Perkins

    War with god was seeeeerious!!!!

  11. Juan Falcon

    Baba boom (69 diss track prt 2)? 👀

  12. Will Ville

    Just thought about this today when I heard Will Smith's stop and go flow on the Icon Remix

  13. Michael Srackangast

    Who else is here to remember Luda bodied drake first.... 🙋🏾‍♂️just me? Oh okay 😂

  14. Alexander Xiong

    This still better than PUSHA T’s diss track to Drake.

  15. Frugal Beauty1

    Soooo is that Tiera Mari or nah?

  16. vizzy v

    Dissin drake and big Sean "boy"

  17. playboy106

    Its crazy because Luda been exposed Drake using ghostwritten shit. It went over mofos head back then, but now them lines make sense. SMH

  18. MookMajor

    to let everyone know luda was feeling some type of way cause big sean didnt let him use his track


    0:43 song?

  20. vegitausa

    Nicki minaj need to watch this video. Luda was in a place way above Sean and Drake at this point but he still had the fight and drive to makes this killer track.

  21. Christian Bender

    who is that girl?

  22. Elijah Jeffcoat

    This is so corny. Luda can do better than this😂

    Michael Cummins

    Elijah Jeffcoat love this song

    Music Maniac

    Elijah Jeffcoat your mom is corny

  23. Brijan B

    whats beef


    Brijan B when you need two gats to go to sleep

  24. Reyna Mora

    Bada boom nigga u know who u are i can expose the truth on ur bitch ass boom

  25. Ramero Walker

    Drake can't mess wit 1 of. da best

    Wolffe Crowe

    You realize this a diss of Big Sean right?

    Ryan Baumgart

    @Wolffe Crowe Drake too

  26. Hanly Rivas

    Does anyone know the title of that one track Snoop Dogg appears on at around 0:55 sec?

    Andrew Zarnosky

    don't Fuck with dre day

  27. Shoaib K

    See Meek Mill this is how you diss someone

    Captain Bunghole

    3 years late but if you think drake beat meek mill then you’re autistic

    Myke Hawk

    @Captain Bunghole lol Drake did beat Meek, easy... If you think Pover-T's gossip track was better than Duppy. You and your mother autistic bih.

  28. Blake Bocock

    hands down they can't fuck wit em

  29. RiRi Jayyy01

    Damn better diss :)

  30. Richard Löwenherz

    How hard he bodied that rookie Drake!

    Richard Löwenherz

    @Georgiaboy2016 then tell me whats good about this rookie


    +Gerogiaboy2016 Luda is 16 times platinum, 85mill albums sold, only 7 albums made. Luda is a lyricist, drake a pop artist.

    Richard Löwenherz

    @johnny boy lol not true. 85 Million
    Album where did you saw that? Not even 50 Cent sold 85 Album


    +Richard Löwenherz 50's actually sold more than 85. Eminem sold 110 million.

    Richard Löwenherz

    @johnny boy 50 Cent sold about 35 Million album. But with eminem youre right

  31. Mo Adewunmi

    Tax brackets. LMAO!

  32. Kota StJohn

    This 2 chainz beat go hard..!

    Richard Löwenherz

    +Kota StJohn ?

    Kota StJohn

    +Richard Löwenherz 2 chainz had mentioned that he put the beat together

  33. realist

    Drake & sean diss lol bo response from them

  34. Jewel Agu

    What is that lady wereing

    Dylan Kessler

    The quote: "Bada Boom" is from the film 'Fifth Element'. And the lady is wearing what the main character in the movie is wearing. I thought the same thing until I remembered where that "Bada Boom" part came from. Have a good day.

    Ivana Planic

    Tdgshfhhihdngjjjmkhvbnnbvcn. Nebo vc čuti tgggbbgvv=dobi ghbbnnnnnnnmmn nm

  35. freeman8201

    what song is playing before "who shot ya"

    Captain Bunghole

    BDP - The Bridge Is Over

    Pedro Cigarroa

    +DeCaTV been looking for this

    Captain Bunghole

    @Pedro Cigarroa glad I could help


    @samuel alas "You rappers aint even in my fkn TAX bracket" not text

  37. Samuel Alas

    Had to come back and listen to this lol "ain't even in my fucking text bracket" haha shoulda had Bruce Willis in the video

    Michael Fine

    Tax* not text

  38. Shawn Cox

    He makes a diss track and doesnt even mention their names? He's just as big of a pussy as the ones he's dissin. 

    Alan Raven

    So Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kendrick Lamar, Biggie, Common, Canibus, Pusha T, LL Cool J, Craig Mack, Prodigy, etc. are pussies? Nice logic


    +No One Ever That dude just wanted to talk.He probably knows nothing about diss records.

    Alan Raven

    +warecb True

    Adam Rodriguez

    Shawn Cox Luda don't even gotta mention the names, but I can't disagree that its a pussy move

  39. lilfr33zify

    Luda takes diss track to an entire new level...

  40. Alex Mafiotul

    The through <3 Luda !:-)

  41. Leslie Echevarria

    I Admire You LUDA !! <3

  42. Ant I. White

    Luda went in on them boys. I liked how he sampled The Fifth Element, too lol. 

    D Loc710419

    And Friday

  43. Scorpion Soul

    Notice how he deleted the video and let someone else re upload it. Luda doesnt want fans from Drake, he just wanted Drake to know whose the better rapper

    Music Maniac

    Scorpion Soul when did he delete the video? and where from??

    D Loc710419

    @Music Maniac his channel, he deleted it back in 2015 or 2016

    D Loc710419

    @Music Maniac maybe even earlier like 2013

  44. A MTZ

    This the drake diss


    Yes drake and big sean diss.

  45. Solomon's Tech

    He went in on them wow!

  46. Caspar Zialor

    he's good in video games i.e. DEFF JAM, damn he maddd!

  47. Roxane guéparde


  48. Mike Combs


  49. Marco Rosillo

    whats the song at 1:21 ?


    Canibus - 2nd Round KO

  50. Lloyd Lavoie

    so.. um whats he name of the girl in the clip for *cough* educational purposes? :D

  51. benja303

    This maybe the most boring diss track of all time.

  52. manolo19991

    yes because even if the illuminati was real, their main priority would be to remove a youtube video because it has too many views.

    Adam Rodriguez

    manolo19991 Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit... I mean no disrespect, I'm not a cheap youtuber who puts his two cents in everything, but illuminati is NOT-- I repeat NOT real-- it is NOT real... stop believing everything you hear.

  53. Patrick Wayne

    I was wondering why all the ones I could find had so few views.

  54. l'curse shuga

    watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=-5lSvfTtXIM#t=58 what's song is it

  55. Dakota Cook

    Hmm....sophomoric insults? Clear indication that you're wrong. I have nothing else to say, you contributed to your own stupidity. Congratulations.

  56. spence2171

    You need to stop. You haven't even realized what i said to begin with dipshit. You really need to shut you down syndrome face up, you clearly have no clue.

  57. Dakota Cook

    You made no sense whatsoever. I said selling out has NOTHING to do with your lyrical abilities idiot. Do you even understand you're talking about? Look at Ludacris's lyrical talent and compare it to today's standard of rappers, night and day huh? Since you fail to comprehend the message after 3 different times, just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

  58. spence2171

    You just said it yourself dipshit, Ludacris has no lyrical skill now.

  59. Amiinus

    one doesn't simply fuck with Luda

  60. Patrick Wayne

    What's the Jay sample from?

  61. itstusheto

    whats the music video at 00:47 - the song is 'who shot ya' but where's the video from?

  62. Dakota Cook

    I'm not mentioning how "real" Big Sean, I'm talking about your retarded assumption that you fail to recognize. This is a diss to Big Sean and Drake, both have which made songs with Justin Bieber so your argument is stupid. And one thing to mention, Ludacris is lyrically better than Drake, just look at his features from the 1990's to early 2000's, he nearly killed every track he was featured in so your credibility is gone, dumbass.

  63. mindless4eva1000

    what song was tupac rapping?

    Adam Rodriguez

    mindless4eva1000 Hit 'Em Up

  64. spence2171

    smh I didn't say he was copying anyones style.

  65. High Lowriders

    or flow how ever u wanna say it

  66. High Lowriders

    smh point is he isnt copying nobodys style

  67. kieffahhh

    big sean is okay and I love drake but come the fuck on we all know Luda is a fucking classic.

  68. spence2171

    Did I say Big Sean was real? No, He's fucking wack, shut your retarded mouth if you don't understand what I'm saying dumbass.

  69. Dakota Cook

    You do realize Big Sean has done a track with Justin Bieber also? Do your research before you state a claim...

  70. larrence029

    the song is sick but the video sucks

  71. Jessie Hufstetler

    Pussy boy 229 all day

  72. Arc Spwan

    Ill mind of Hopsin has way more views.... this songs sick too

  73. RaBiT Ramirez

    Clean!! Luda #1

  74. The Paul Bo

    You know what the realist shit about this is, you ain't hear Drake or Sean say shit else.. Lol hush mouth

  75. 10000 subscribers with no videos??

    that DTP marked laptop, i want that shit!!!

  76. JustAPug Bro

    Ripped then a new one LUDA!

  77. StereoFfm

    nice battlerap

  78. brief1226

    I've never known anyone to assume that this song isn't about what it is, and if so, they live under a rock lol But he was upset b/c Big Sean and Drake dissed him and the way that he used it, claiming to be the originators and the only ones that know how to use it "correctly"...Luda basically said, "you didn't invent it, and it isn't going anywhere"...Basically what you said at the end.

  79. billy WILLIAMS

    who is this girl in the video?

  80. Alex Boldyrev

    Does any one know the song before biggie?

  81. Saint Eazy

    Luda raw wit it ha, smashin on these fakes ha

  82. Sam Bonner

    Funny thing is, people assume he's talking about instrumentals or beats, he isn't he's taking about the Supa Dupa flow, which Sean claimed to have created, now that has been used in songs years old, don't know why Luda got hot though most rappers use a lot of different flows.

  83. brianna konsez

    i like both old and new rap. but i do have to say luda is so right in this song. beats just get passed around and jazzed up (or down). but yeah going and starting beef on twitter shows your a little bitch. say it to their face. that goes for EVERYONE not just rappers

  84. spence2171

    But Ludacris does songs with Justin Bieber? All of you act as if Ludacris is the new Pac. He's as worse as Drake himself.

  85. Christina Igwe

    Just realized the theme of this video is from The Fifth Element. I'm slow.

  86. Andre Le Roux

    What happened to the first Bada Boom video that was posted on youtube?? it had over 4.5million views...???? or is this the act of illuminati that's protecting Drake and Big Sean's image??

    Adam Rodriguez

    Andre Le Roux Shut the fuck up with that fake ass shit

  87. michael wallace

    Luda let em kno u only finish wat they start n i get the video kno hip hop n ull get the video do ya history

  88. michael wallace

    @justjdc naw luda didnt start it every one else does he only goes to finish em look at the interview wit sway

  89. Jacoby James

    @dblastj... Their all infamous diss songs

  90. Oscar Sanchez

    What are all. The songs in the intro? Plz

    Adam Rodriguez

    Oscar Sanchez Not sure of the first two, but the third is "Who Shot Ya" - Biggie Smalls... Hit 'Em Up - 2Pac... not sure of that Snoop Dogg song... No Vaseline - Ice Cube... Second Round KO - Cannibus...

  91. Kingkaay

    @justjdc learn how to spell b4 u diss ppl ... its fill not feel

  92. DeNightCrawler

    a non-vevo videoclip?i've shit my pants!

  93. Raheem D



    Lol I'll stop, but loool that girl be looking like The Joker

  94. ZayTV

    Lol but drake had a point when luda said "I feel her up...BALLONS!!!"that's was terrible,even cornier then the nemo line

  95. oscarg805

    helll yeeh! Luda You Tell Em' ! Go In Niqquuh! xD

  96. naruto1993max


  97. dnrmafia

    SMH how low can you go Ludacris, you have to attack 2 of the hottest rappers in the game right now in order to stir some public interest in you again. After the disaster that was "Battle Of The Sexes" i can see why.

  98. Nick Wayne

    They not gon respond more to lose than to gain by doing so

  99. Ashley Green

    YES! hes tryna show people that beef has been apart of hip hop since waaaaaaaaaay back! if u say luda hatin then u simply jus aint built for this shit.its called HIP HOP..beef is apart of hip hop. if someone comes at u, u jab back! thats why i respect kim, pac, luda, and everyone else who is bold. Fuck these newbies tryna diss legends..u out line, get back in formation! FUCK BIG SEAN,DRAKE, NICKI, & DA REST OF DEM FOOLS!

  100. bkbrom

    Purchase Lil Kim I Am Not The One On Itunes NOW!!