Lucy Rose - No Good At All Lyrics

I'm not the oil painting you once bought
Further down the line there could be hope
A girl whose greatness will prove something more
A beauty no one will know

But in the present you have me
A flower of fallen seed
Me I'm the first but not the last
'Cause I know it's coming

Hey baby, won't you let me come and kiss you
All night long, all night long
Don't worry, I won't tell nobody
That you are the one until dawn

I'm nothing like the vision you once formed
So far from perfect wish you can't ignore
My wisdom's flown, my sense is gone
So take my voice

What's left of me
A flower of fallen seed
Me I'm the first but not the last
'Cause I know it's coming

Hey baby, won't you let me come and kiss you
All night long, all night long
Don't worry, I won't tell nobody
That you are the one until dawn

Wasn't looking for a safe haven
Wanted fire within
Oh how we fought
Never gave in
Now when you're looking at me
I swore I'd never fall
It does no good
No good at all

Hey baby, won't you let me come and kiss you
All night long, all night long
But don't worry, I won't tell nobody
That you are the one until dawn

Hey baby, won't you let me come and kiss you
All night long, all night long
But don't worry, I won't tell nobody
That you are the one until dawn

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Lucy Rose No Good At All Comments
  1. Mochamad Gandjar Priadi

    My heart loves this..

  2. jin precious

    her voice is so relaxed

  3. jin precious

    ahh, listening to Lucy's music make me feel very relaxed.

  4. just tryna live

    I came here from a fanart but omg dont regret it...its such a beautiful song

    Jungle Book kook

    Was it by any chance a yoonjin fanart?

    just tryna live

    @Jungle Book kook yesss

  5. hajime oikawa

    I came from monnwi1's art

  6. vante

    gracias mon, esto es hermoso

  7. Reber Lopez

    im here bc of mon hehe


    Same and I regret nothing - - -

    Jungle Book kook

    Same :)

  8. miftah tegar

    Voice like Hayley Williams

  9. アザラシ

    愛してる なんとか頑張る 歌ってくれてありがとう

  10. Afro GG

    So classic I feel want to fly.

  11. Useless videos

    The LP sounds great, good work

  12. Sibabale Nqumse

    This song never gets old...Still Luv it

  13. Sergio Jack

    Te amo Lucy 7w7

  14. Hunger Noma

    it's already been a year since this album came out. i hope you are happy Lucy!

  15. xuhiken

    Damn such a voice...

  16. Tamiris Maria

    Amo essa música ❤❤

  17. AmericaVillafan

    whole album is freaking amazing <3

  18. Valdi Dwi Darmawan

    only me fans from indonesia?

    Egi Pratama

    Valdi Dwi Darmawan I'm here fam

  19. fn station

    put it on 240p so it looks vintage

  20. Just Cosmo.


  21. Eli Soul

    It's like Begin Again!

  22. Cesar Filho

    2:31 petyr baelish on drums haha

  23. mark james

    who'd have thought an issue of American cinematographer would bring me to Lucy Rose's music

  24. MD Music

    Beautiful song and a wonderful voice.

  25. TheKissnapper


  26. Brian Juntunen

    I love the bass, must be set up with a mute, can't see but it sounds great.

  27. Just Cosmo.

    Nunca he conocido una artista con una voz tan Hermosa, lastima que no sea tan conocida como [email protected] artistas que no se merecen estar ahy.

  28. tetsuo shima

    we need more musician like lucy rose nowadays

  29. Steven Parkinson

    Great tune Lucy

  30. محمد الاحمري

    I like the song ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ hi baby I love the girl she is best in the world

  31. Snuna Falangy

    Amazing song

  32. Kaspar

    Who are the background singers?

  33. Regina Aparecida Reis

    Can't wait to see her next week in Dublin!!! Just love her😍

  34. Chris_Leslie225

    Such a beautiful voice

  35. Ana Catarina Carvalho

    I LOVE this SONG !!!!

  36. Fuzzy 227

    When the chorus describes your weekends ;)

  37. Ribeiro w.

    Essa música ficou muito boa...o vídeo em estilo retrô deixou ainda melhor...😉O Brasil Love You Lucy.

  38. Bloomie

    Hermoso!!!! con Amor desde Chile <3

  39. catinca colesniuc

    This feels so good

  40. brianna

    I freaking love her!! So talented :)💓💓💓

  41. Eriko Lili

    I'm starting to hate how underrated she is.

  42. Natalia Pires

    Como é que a gente não ama essa pessoa ?

    Grey Sun

    Natalia Pires ela é muito suave scrr

  43. Alejandro Reyes

    Amo esta canción 😭😍

  44. Toontule

    omg. I love your song! I love you <3

  45. Jamie Kwong

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  46. Goji Berry

    amazing hooks that get stuck in your head as usual by ms rose

  47. Jami Yaz

    mellow feels...sounds TIGHT entrige'n
    lyrics..hop on a ZIPP LINE!

  48. Another Dimension

    She is a mix of beautiful things ! Love her and Lykke li, they are art.

  49. Mauro Renato


  50. Chloe Peacock

    I really love this song and going back in time! Lucy rose is so beautiful&pure...we need more of this type of music to bring peace and love to the world xxx xxx

  51. Klaus Garbré

    How could not love this? Hope someday you come back to Brazil!

  52. anonymous person

    the sound of the snare on this drum kit is sex. you may be thinking it's just a snare but damn I just really love this snare!!!

  53. Sujung Yoo

    kill me..😣

  54. Angelpuckett01

    Does anybody have the chords?
    ¿Alguien tiene los acordes?
    Esta canción es preciosa, y cuánto amaría tocarla😩

  55. Gabriel Alcântara Gabs


  56. Piero5711

    I love you Lucy Rose!

  57. Eriko Lili

    i have this sudden urge for lucy rose to cover one of Carpenters' songs. so dreamy~

  58. William Morgan

    Very Carole King-esque! Amazing music, and very impressive video.

  59. Raja MX

    Love the dopey dude on guitar

  60. Boyan Durankev

    Unique song style!

  61. Yassir Ouladbouaziz

    i'm in love with your music style !! keeep on !

  62. Geo Carvalho

    Lucy Rose vc traz uma leveza na sua voz, oh, som bom de escutar!

  63. Bianca Charthron


  64. Samantha Carter

    First song I have heard of hers and I love it so much ❤️

  65. Vic moto

    Dulce musica, lenguaje de sonido, todo tiene sentido!

  66. Sofi Soria

    I'm glad she's not as big as other artists because she can live like normal person plus we still enjoy her music. But to be honest I find it a bit confusing why such a beautiful song and video like this one here has only 70k views, I mean it deserves at least a few millions. Same with the number of suscribers. She's sooo talented! Love from Argentina 😘 keep it up

  67. chlobeurmusic

    my god this is beautiful. one of my favorites on the album even before this video!! This is just ridiculously beautiful.

  68. Marvel MZ

    This is the type of music that makes me want to keep living.


    Same right here

  69. Paul Stoker

    I heard this on the jo whiley radio set and liked it I've replayed a couple of times and it's a great track This is really good.

  70. kikiam fishball

    why am i getting ABBA feels? Anyway this is so great!

  71. Jolly Infidel

    Out of all the musicians I listen to Lucy has always been there when I need her.
    You ease my overworked bones my girl.
    Your music is something unique to me.
    My little secret.

  72. Lipsa Jena

    such a happy song :)

  73. Adrian Orozco

    man I cant wait till you come to Portland ☺🙃☺🙃☺🙃☺

  74. Aymen Haily

    i love her voice especially on anziety by logic

  75. Rafael Rosolen

    Lucy continue assim, amo suas músicas <3

  76. Chris Trent

    This is about as good as it gets. The unofficial fifth member of Bombay Bicycle Club has become one of England's truly great singer-songwriters.

  77. nagi

    she's like Taylor Swift, but with talent 😂😂😂 lol jk not hatin on Taylor tho

  78. kowsickborgohain


  79. a decent person


  80. iris zky

    can't stop to listen

  81. 김동현

    i seriously don't understand why this video recorded only these views. this new song is really sensitive and it has a beautiful mood. it deserve to get the much more views. love your song lucy.

  82. exempt from gravity

    ♡ × ∞

  83. 이기석


  84. Jaclyn Lovey

    I wanna play this while driving down an endless road with windows down.... so good..

  85. Alica Keerati

    Help I can't stop ! Like for real

  86. Patsadasiri Littlefinger

    หลงทุกเพลง <3

    HImouto Umaru

    Patsadasiri Littlefinger แย่จังหลงทุกเพลง😰แล้วจะจำเนื้อได้ไหม

  87. Jacob Lucas

    Oh man, this is just lovely.

  88. Fabricio Duarte

    adoro ela

  89. Douglas Batista

    I love your voice my queen ♥

  90. TofuPunks


  91. Jim Bautista

    Underrated Singer

  92. AngeloO MaurIciOo

    Hermosa canción! :')


    I know you from logic xD

  94. Cloudy Galvez

    Man, her music is so soothing yet catchy. Can't wait for the full album

  95. NUNG RIM

    Oh I didn't know that Oscar Isaac plays guitar for this song. 😂

  96. Matheus Xavier

    aqui é brasil porra

  97. ethaner62

    Please come to Seattle :(

    And also collab with London Grammar cuz I think that would be cool.

  98. red rose

    i want chord for cover.