Lucky Dube - Monster Lyrics

I had a dream last night
One that will stay with me for a long time
One that will stay with me,
For as long as I live.
We were living in a world, there was no pain
We were living in the world there were no hungry people
Everyone was at peace with one another

There was a man in my dream
He told me he's from the future,
Coming to give something better [x3]
Even though I that

One monister dies another one comes alive.

I had a dream last night
It was my dream but I know it is a dream
Of a lot of people in the world
To be living in a world, with no homeless people
To be living in a world where little children
Don't have to die, because their parents are poor
When we came to this world
We were prepared to fight a battle.
But we found a war
When we came to this world,
We were prepared to fight demons
But we found the devil himself

There was a man in my dream
He told me he's here
To gimme something better
Even though I know that,

[Chorus: till fade]
One monister dies, another one comes alive.

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Lucky Dube Monster Comments
  1. dannia joseph

    My mom is in love with Lucky Dube 's music. I got to know the words of the songs because she was always playing it when she was feeling down.

  2. Abraham Mk


  3. Lud gostei bue dessa musica Saculembe

    Eu adoro essa música meu Deus.andei a procura. 😭😭😭😭vou te contrar aonde Lucky Dube.

  4. Francisco Garcia

    Alguien ke able español grasias


    "One monster dies, another one comes alive"
    .....Lucky Dube


    Great African Reggae Artists:

    Lucky Philip Dube

    Alpha Blonde

    Rocky Dawuni

    Kwame Bediako

  7. AJ Ghali

    All your songs are Magic man all of em

  8. Jordan Bella

    This song reveals exactly what is going on in this cold world. We no longer live in a world with honest people , kids dying everyday, money ruling the world, and this results in lost of life-values which is what formed the basis of our human nature. RIP legend Dube, u will forever be remembered.

  9. Christian Khasa

    Ask me about people who inspire me , i will tell you about Lucky Dube . Genius , Legend, Prophet of Reggae , Great Soul . He opposed apartheid , fought for freedom , peace and justice , and taught love and Respect. How tragic he left us by the hands of crooks. I was still a little boy back then. I wish i met him. His music has taught me a lot and changed my perspective on the world . May Jah bless his soul .

  10. Iddrisu Fatau

    All opf Lucky Dube's songs are being admired by me.Who else?

  11. Jane Mwenda

    When we came in the world we were prepared to fight the battle but we found war,when we can in the world we were prepared to fight the demons but we found the devil himself

  12. andre gabriel badji

    The reggae wizard

  13. Milo Gia

    I think He's the Greatest
    a man who redefined reggae.
    soothes and touches your soul unlike any other reggae artist.
    Live On Lucky.......

  14. Jacob Blessing

    When we came to this world we were prepared to fight the battle and demons, Yeah. Legend you are right

  15. Okere Chisom55

    People who are not able to look into their own things that's why they kill our best hero but notwithstanding we are still with him through his massage we listen day & night ....Rip brotherly

  16. Shannel George

    Such a beautiful song. One of my favorites... Lucky Dube is my favorite reggae artist... Great voice and soul stirring lyrics... His legacy...his music lives on

  17. Susan Chisanga

    My problems disappears when I listen to Lucky's music. Rest in peace Lucky.what a talent!!

  18. Patrick Muthugumi


  19. Jonathan Kintu

    He was frm da planet marz

  20. Arthur Carvalho

    I froon brazil. and speake in prortuguese . É o melhor cantor de reegae de todos pra mim


    Kudenga kwauri ikoko isu takusuwa lucky


    Kudenga kwauri ikoko isu takusuwa lucky

  23. nouhoum Ndiaye

    Mon vrai music

  24. Joseph Tv Show

    Truth hurt most white people were not happy with his songs is intention was to unity all races of South Africa to one shelter be but devil didn't like that I will remember you for the rest of my life you means a lot to our black society R.I.P bro.till we meet again in the next life.

  25. jimmy naz

    Lucky dude, your music speaks to me each time I listen to it, your music and msg will live forever..
    Fellow brothers and sister Let's give his music more likes and views for the generation to come to benefit..
    Much love for u my hero

  26. Uma Armstrong

    you really sent the true message Dube

  27. joey vandyk

    Never here so much soul in a voice
    No one like lucky dube

  28. Lebogang Moeti

    I cant undesrtand why most people still dont believe that Lucky Dube is the king of reggae..listen to that man's voice !!

  29. Gutemberg Santos

    The best!!!

  30. Jucélia e Maria Jose Da Silva

    🇧🇷🇧🇴 Viva o Brasil deixa mais próximo de Deus

  31. Goodness John

    This is music! RESPECT!!

  32. Zona Dada

    Lucky Dube was a gift to the world. the world reallly missed you Lucky Dube

  33. michael smith

    there be no. one like dube.

  34. Brahima Ballo


  35. Celestin muluzi

    me,i'm born in a French country, but I learned English at the age of 17 because of lucky dube music, I loved his songs but could not understand the meaning,when I got English very well,I loved lucky dube so much,the only musician in my life lucky dude,oh my God up to now I don't believe that he died,I will never stop crying my star Dube...if i'm in USA today it's because of Dube...

  36. Caro Alfred


  37. Edidiong Okon

    legend has gone. but the memory will live forever

  38. carol rubio

    my  her lucky dube .I truly miss you each and every day.your song truly made  learn to love myself .and give respect to those who course me .theres just too much violence in our worlds.lucky your song relate to me in many ways ,it teaches me not to be a monster .but to give love and respect to each and in peace my king and hero,gone but never forgotton

  39. nono maseko

    i mis lucky dube

  40. Timothy Wambua

    rare kind of musician


    i'm here to read comments..comments inside comments comments!!

  42. Oliver dracco


  43. Goodness John

    Great meaning! Great melody! When great men sing!

  44. Land Link

    rip brother dube

  45. Ceaser Tom

    HERE COMES HIS VOICE IN 2017 DUBE U R IN OUR HEARTS R I P תנוח על משכבך בשלום

  46. Akouele Wilson


  47. Marc Herve Baoua Gnakpa

    une valeur sûr de la musique africaine voir mondiale rest in peace l'artiste

  48. Anatalia santos souza

    Lucky duby

  49. Greems Walenia

    Yeah, I do the same the world feels about you Lucky Dube. You just left the shoes of yours outside the door, we think that you go on for a ride but not you left us forever rest in peace Lucky Dube.

    David Greiner

    I am at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. The only thing that could make it better isthe best reggae artist...ever Lucky Dube

  50. Abedi Ilboudo

    repose en paix brother

  51. Eric Kumah

    jah alone

  52. Thuku Allan

    Ooh lucky your sweet voice and memories will never elude from our minds

  53. Polyana Almeida


  54. Dziedzie Mukhinindi

    When one monster die de other 1 comes alive

  55. sahra omar

    LUCY forever LOVE!! IN THE WORLD..WHERE no hungry ppl- '

  56. charles juma

    Will forever miss you!

  57. Dziedzie Mukhinindi

    ground dey is available rip Jah

  58. Dziedzie Mukhinindi

    ground dey is available rip Jah

  59. Bobby Apini

    My Raggae soul with you RIP

  60. Godwin Joshua

    It pains me that my favourite is no more... Rest in peace Lucky

    Marcia Headley

    It a pain that I cant adequately describe. It just lingers and never seems to go away.

    Dave Greiner

    Godwin Joshua , I have the same wonderful problem. Lucky Dube cures mi soul when down and causes mi spirit to sore, rip brother Lucky

  61. Phathutshedzo Matamela

    monster died n now we've got TK n NKULEE

  62. Xady Ndao

    coming to give me something better.... one monster dies, another one comes alive... RIP

  63. Anna Kutu

    i have a dream last night.....

  64. luis soares de lima filho

    o melhor cantor de reggae infelizmente a politica desgraçada mandou matar uma voz

  65. Jeferson L

    o melhor cantor de reegue lucky dube

    Stephen Chavula

    lucky ,you are the one as one of your song sings REST in eternal peace

  66. Sue Umi

    RIP Lucky

  67. Ryan Mabengano

    i can feel the sprit of this song in my heart, RIP MR DUBE i respect you.

  68. Stanley Briggs

    Rest in Love Dube. Love from Kingdom of Tonga

  69. edmond archillez


  70. Regan Tunduma

    rest in peace

  71. Allef Santos

    desde crianca ouco luke dube sou fam.

  72. Dlamza Dlamza

    U "are the best"l like yr messege when l"m listening yr music " R,l:P bra Luck we always love u

  73. Dlamza Dlamza

    "What more'l wan't when l listen yr music 'u make me cry brother

  74. Viwe Lawrence Klaas

    ur soul is alive

  75. Haji Abeid

    Living in the world where no hungry people...

  76. ryabanje jean patrick

    hello rastaman LUCKY DUBE rest in our blood sophonie the black man

  77. Rhuan Ch

    O cantor de reggae mais romântico do mundo o melhor LUCK DUBBE I LOVE FOREEWER

  78. Betino Antonio Chilundo

    I cry when I listen this music, Lucky u are in my heart ,you are the best  R.I.P

  79. Lucinda Wahkor

    my favorite artists ever RIP

  80. Lucinda Wahkor

    my favorite artists ever RIP

  81. kingsley Nwuneli

    The man of the people you live on dube

  82. mayron silva

    Bom... Um dos maiores icones da musica Africana e Black Music, Lucky era um dos melhores e suas canções inspiradouras!!!
    Amo todas ouço todas e sempre ouvirei!!!

  83. mayron silva

    Bom... Um dos maiores icones da musica Africana e Black Music, Lucky era um dos melhores e suas canções inspiradouras!!!
    Amo todas ouço todas e sempre ouvirei!!!

  84. Siyabonga Chotho

    You best Lucky and I will love your music till the end,  I feel blessed every time I listen to your song

  85. abdoul karim fondjo

    nothing can take your place in my heart coz i love u forever

  86. clive cleaver

    Meaningful music Lucky Dube Rip

  87. Paul Wagbia

    Lucky Dube RIP we all love you and your musics

  88. Ben tiago

    Best of the best!! Lucky you are too much. R. I. P

  89. Beatrice Adhiambo

    Blsd is the woman who give birth to lucky dube we lv u his song mek me stronger each day

  90. Quelqu'un

    Rest in peace <3

  91. michael smith

    I have not seen no reggae man like lucky dube Rip my hero

  92. gerrald

    it feels like i dont belong to this generation. when we lost this talent. i felt that i should leave this world. Lucky Dube Respect

  93. gerrald

    It's truly tragic that this amazing talent has left the planet. The world is still mourning.