Lucky Boys Confusion - Cockboy's Caddy Lyrics

Man, there's a cop behind us man. Adam, Adam, put that shit down. Put that shit
down. I'm not getting busted for this! I don't even do that. Er, Roger Peter
this is unit 187 reporting back. i'm on the corner of 53 and Ogden follwing an
ugly cadillac. mmmm looks like the license plates LBC 4-0-8-0. I think we have
a 420 in progress.

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Lucky Boys Confusion Cockboy's Caddy Comments
  1. ZachBail

    Mandela effect, I very clearly remember " it's Saturday night and the party's calling, can't you hear the music on the stereo bumping" just me? I guess I'm insane now

  2. ZachBail

    Was a huge fan back in high school. Got to meet them in Cincinnati back in the day at some bar they were playing. Paramore was opening for them. Talked to Paramore a bit but was way more interested in LBC.

    Walked up to the guys table and asked if we could get a picture. They said hell yeah and stood up from around the table all at once. We didn't have enough room to all fit in the picture so I jerked the table out of the way and knocked over every one of the beers in the process... they were good sports and still took the pic but I'll always be that guy...


    Just imagine yanking a table over a few feet and all 5 or 6 beers on it falling over and spilling out all at once. Then looking over at your idols and apologizing profusely as they take an obligatory picture with you....

    And you love these guys... yeah that happened...

  3. csmakio

    playing at burger fest tomorrow downtown. fucking 2002 all over again boys.

  4. greenclydefrog

    good old days, used to blast their music in my 88 Toyota Camry

  5. joesfiddy O

    They still play in the Chicago burbs every once in awhile

  6. Clifford the Big Red Burb

    Is this band still around? My brother got me into them as a kid, growing up in the Chicago burbs. Havent listen to them since around 08. I know one of their band members passed, but I'm curious as to how they're doing.

  7. Bazile

    the comment section on this video is like a fucking history book

  8. Owen Mason

    I found them on a whim several years ago. I wish I could have seen them live. Their catalog is so incredible diverse and every last track is a masterpiece. 

    Owen Mason


    Jay Cline

    @Owen Mason amen to that

    joesfiddy O

    They are badass I used to travel all around the Midwest watching them play. the good ol days

  9. KyleCP21

    They sound nothing like are a dumb ass

  10. champsmitty1

    probably because they are no that good, and all of their songs sound alike, or very similar to weezer rip-offs.... just saying.

  11. Jonathan Kerr

    I went to Naperville North. They were from both towns...

  12. Just-living-my-truth

    I heard the first 5 seconds and liked. I love the sound!

  13. collectivelight

    Why is embedding disabled? LBC is one if the best bands of recent times. RIP Joe.

  14. Matt Q

    Oh Joe why is it so?!?!?!?!?!

  15. ThatsRight

    They are pretty well known around Chicago and the burbs.. I dunno about the rest of the country but, they've been missing out for years

  16. SMKPromotional

    Hi lovelies. It's Friday, but I will bump this song anyway. Whoops gtg bottle is calling.

  17. The Fanciest Cat

    Love this band. Love this song. Just embedded on my blog.

  18. Amurana

    i never get tired of these guys

  19. blueguy15

    @dyetryc thats for dam sure!

  20. Raabert Freemon

    FUCK! I remember getting fucking blasted jammin' this shit in highskool. Good times!

  21. jeff n

    @MrJojosmalls this song sucks? are you kidding its sooo good

  22. MrJojosmalls

    wow this song sucks!! "Hey Driver" is still their best!

  23. hckydude1103

    @OhItsThoseGuys yes it's a shame but in the same it's what keeps bands like LBC great. When the music is about the music and not just being made for money, thats when it's got some meaning. Honestly, I'm pretty happy that they just have their following.

  24. Justin Johnson

    @Rockcould agree hip hop = fail.

  25. Ryan Hill

    saw them at U of I and it was a great concert

  26. Christian Cote

    i no dude it took me seven years to look for one of there songs when i didnt know about the band and i found the song today

  27. Ryan Hill

    saw them live at the canopy club at U of I, it was a pretty wild time

  28. Ell Capone

    LBC! <33 they're so underrated! shame because I actually talked to them via email and they say they aren't touring outside the midwest anymore...but I did actually see them live once and they were amazing!! ^-^ Atari was best live.

  29. drakedrg

    They got dropped and blacklisted from elektra. Some dumb contract politics.

  30. blueguy15

    why is it that a band this good aint known so well?

  31. FLPman

    it's funny
    typical with lesser known bands.. we're talking about bands today.. and how this is so much better.. forgetting this song is at least 8 yrs old already.. LOL

    i'm not really into them but Throwing the Game is possibly one of the greatest albumns to have come out that year, and gave a great soundtrack to the early college days.

  32. TurdMcMuff

    band right outta the chicago suburbs represent!!!!!!!!!!

  33. zanariot

    this song sounds kind of ska