Lucky Boys Confusion - Cigarettes Lyrics

Cigarettes, cigarettes and cheap champagne
Watching movies in the dark but really listening to the rain
Jealousy, two years of tainted history
Swallowed whole can dig a hole deeper then any cemetery

Can't wear you out cause your solid gold

Cigarettes, old regrets they can't compete
With where we are now counting stars and all the cars out on the street
Don't understand, can't understand just what you see
A pioneer, a vagabond or just a case of charity

If i could just shut up, we could get down
Pretend we're the only ones alive in this town
If i could only laugh, if i could only breathe
If i could only change one thing

Cigarettes, cigarettes and cheap champagne
Watching movies in the dark but really listening to the rain
Don't understand, can't understand why you believe
That piles of bills won't break your will until the day you set me free

If i could only change one thing
I wouldn't have held you from holding me

You belong to me
You're safe right here, you're safe right here
You belong to me
Save your breath, we're the only guarantee

If i could just shut up, we could get down
Pretend we're the only ones alive in this town
If i could make you laugh, if i could make you scream
I shouldn't have held you from holding me

If i could only change one thing

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Lucky Boys Confusion Cigarettes Comments
  1. John Zachacki


  2. Car Noises

    This reminds me of One Direction type of music.

    A.R Pradipta

    James Ting what?

  3. KhaleesiOfTheGreatDairyState

    I think this might be the only love song that they have. They have plenty of songs *about* love and the frustration, confusion, and especially disappointment (both in themselves and the girl in the situation) the comes with it but no others with the message "I heart you." Anyway, story about this song.

    Stubhy, the lead singer, wrote this song about the woman who became wife but then they got divorced and after that he never wanted to play this song again. However, because the song is so popular, it's been a long time that I've been to a set of theirs and they *didn't* play it, the band played it again after Stubhy and his wife separated and everyone sang along with it. So now Stubhy says the song belongs to the fans, and that's why the band plays it.

  4. ryan peppers

    i don`t know about anyone but l.b.c.`s music has helped me get threw tough times along  with most punk rock and hip hop and ska

  5. 180 Productions

    Chicago represent!!

  6. pvtjhon

    At first I didn't like but then it slapped me across the face with awesome.

  7. Cassie N

    My algebra told me to listen to these guys, they are pretty damn good!!

  8. kyle knesh

    Chi* love bitches

  9. Ryan Ward

    This is actually really good

  10. David Fuller

    hey check out my remix of blood drops!!

  11. Heiner Marco


  12. Jo Blaize

    this song rocks!

  13. Kishan Soni

    The first thee words of this statement are false, everything else is correct

  14. Jeff A

    Rip Joe Sell

  15. Chase Robertson

    Nickelback is amazing as is lbc but this sounds like nothing like Nickelback

  16. hannah bennet

    tis song was an important hllight in my first cursh in 7th grade lol

  17. Jessica Hart

    RIP Joe Sell :'(

  18. skyworksTV

    I love this song so much! Amazing beat and everything. Really makes me want to start writing my own songs. But.. I suck at that. XD

  19. Ashley Millar

    intro sounds like far away by nickleback

  20. scott allan

    @NoMoreCinnamonRolls samesies hahah

  21. Bart van der Vaart

    Although smoking is bad,
    this song is AWESOME!
    A shame that LBC isn't that wellknown

  22. KG3N

    Heyyy Sierra Marie!

  23. combat medic

    Going to see them at Penny Road Pub this weekend~!

  24. imlilg

    saw them on campus at ohio state in 2001 been listening every since awsome to bad labels suck

  25. jeff n

    this band should be more famous than any band out today

  26. Flaring Path

    I forgot to press thumbs up on the video :'(, I'm sooo sorry.

  27. kingkonginajar101

    music doesnt have to be sad for it to be emo. emo is a genre, for which the word "emo" is actually just an abreviation. other emo bands are like... my chemical romace, silverstein, the used... and other bands like that.

  28. shootts

    umm...u screwed up it's until were the only ones left in this town not pretend

  29. ciesla113

    LBC will be playing in Chicago at the Subterranean. Fri, February the 19th, 2010. Show start 9:30. Tickets $15. Ages 17+

    Rock on LBC. Represent chicago Suburbs

  30. greenteajunky

    I've been a LBC junkie since the VERY beginning! and I haven't found a sound that I've fallen in love with more than these guys... If I could I'd be a groupie just a distance that seperates me!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! BIGGEST FAN/FRIEND in TX!

  31. ImagineA92

    wow just discovered these guys... and i love it! they have indie roots into a punk song I can't get over it!

  32. ciesla113

    this band rocks. represent chicago burbs!

  33. kingkonginajar101

    one of the best emo/punk bands out there.

  34. Bloodshade

    living near them wasn't the best lol, but that's what dorm life is about.

  35. Bloodshade

    man i knew a bunch of guys that always listened to this song

  36. Allie

    love it [:

  37. ciesla113

    thats awsome got rolled on ogden ave. with a ounce. i love this band even more

  38. MKF4L

    I live no where near them! lol! About half the world away!

  39. John juansayblue

    i live in the same town that they grew up in, Downers Grove IL
    as long as Emo Phillips

  40. Emma Farkas

    i love this song ever since my "brother" just kept playing it!! haha