Lucky Boys Confusion - Bossman Lyrics

Your gravity is strong, it’s now or never
These painted lines go on this road forever
Crowded and broke, didn’t talk for hours
I’m all out of smoke
We’re stressed but getting high, it’s getting better
I wrote a thousand times couldn’t send the letter
On the last line I choked on this air I’m breathing
I’m all out of smoke
Don’t tell me it’s alright
Don’t tell me the past can save me now
I can tell that it’s not right
Is it the struggle that keeps us fighting?
Here comes the bossman calling
Here comes the man right now
Here comes the bossman calling
Don’t let him bring you down
I sit upon this hill try to remember
What about those times made me surrender
Please don’t come around till my feet are planted
Please don’t come around
We won’t let him bring us down

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Lucky Boys Confusion Bossman Comments
  1. Den Sags

    I heard this song one time on our local radio station long time ago. Finally got to google it and here I am. Thank you google. 🤙

  2. Rockesb888

    This song is insanely catchy.

  3. Clivity

    Fucking awesome!!!!!!

  4. Cookie_monster_456


  5. Ali Ramirez

    U. Have the. Best. Song. Ever

  6. Anthony Bellezzo

    This song was written after they signed to a major label for this album so bossman = music excs

  7. Katrina Thompson

    This song brings me back to high school.

  8. SuperHollywood5150

    very catchy song i just stumbled across. check out some of there other songs very cool band

  9. William Banta

    I just found this band looking for a ringtone for my boss. Really dig them.

  10. Crystal Hamilton

    I miss these guys! I wish I could move to Chicago just to still see them play. : (

  11. Mark

    THIS BAND SUX! now that i have ur attention, this band fucking ROCKS!

  12. Michael G

    Dis song is epix!

  13. Jenn Spencer

    LBC<3 i miss you so much i wish you would come back and kill these other shitty bands sigh until then you will be on my replay always <3

  14. 123412341234

    Too bad this isn't punk.

    buc nasty


    Awwww. Cry some more

  15. Kyle Rogers

    hell yea, naperville boys

  16. I5is

    great song (:

  17. TheWalrus28IF

    Is that Mr. Burns who starts singing this song??

  18. Taki

    I like this

  19. CauseAndCatastrophe

    these guys never get old. never