Lucky Boys Confusion - 40/80 Lyrics

Well, it was Friday night last week we got pulled over with an O
53 and Ogden by a condescending po
Tried to fill his quota book
Stopped us no reason just the way we look
We would not let him search the car he said he'd call his dogs
But we were not worried cause
It was under 30 grams of 40/80 shit
Costly, it was good bud though, I admit
But I don't wanna be a part of it
I will not give in
We must change from within… the system
They call us hopeless dreamers
They don't know what we are
Imposing their ancient values
I wonder if they care, I wonder if they care
Then they pulled us out of Cockboy's Caddy—"Hands on the hood!"
But the piggies didn't find it cause we hid it so good
Pat down I knew he had a wood
Touching me only where my girl should
Yeah, to fuck with the system you need much wisdom
But first, but first you gotta work with them
Probable cause has definite flaws
It's up to us to change the laws
Your word against mine is your policy
Now, show me where's the legality
When you use your authority
To just instill fear in me
What's up with your power trip?
It was later on that night before they finally let us go
Off to the donut shop and then we blazed half that O
So tough with your fake authority
Some day you'll learn you’re the same as me

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Lucky Boys Confusion 40/80 Comments
  1. Ryan B

    I drive a taxi now with this on mixtape LBC RPK KMK represent legalize it!

  2. Divining Oil Designs

    53 and Ogden? Lol!! Go Chicago!!!

  3. Katie Sliwa

    Hey Elmer Fudd, it is Lisle. It's Route 53 and Ogden, not 53rd street.  They are from Downers which is right next to Lisle.

  4. Elmur Fudd

    Not to sound like a douchearooo but 53rd/Ogden is technically in Cicero. I know cause I was actually pulled over by there myself! I made a right on red over by 61st/Ogden and there is this like lil alley type thing (its not a full alley; hard to explain) and there was a Cicero cop right there and he got me. I only got a warning tho. And I didn't have any 4080 on me either.

    Christopher Czupta

    Elmur Fudd route 53 and Ogden

  5. Katrina Thompson

    I know, I lived close to Berwyn, which is close to where that is, pretty much my whole life. I love it!

    Divining Oil Designs

    Katrina Thompson Berrrrwwwyynnn! Hell ya bish! That’s my hometown! Grew up there! Went to Morton and I’m still in the old neighborhood weekly. My guy still lives there!

  6. Michelle Schultz

    hahah oh Lisle cops... this song is awesome!

  7. Chris Matsumoto

    Joe Sell is to young...

  8. jen brooks

    lol 53 and ogden!

  9. Appuru

    @chuckles218 just because one of their songs has been played at a "movie preview" doesn't make it "mainstream" lol.. their songs are awesome & i hardly know anyone who knows them except for some friends whom i told about them.
    ppl should stop talking like "it's mainstream - i don't like it anymore...mimimi". ppls music doesn't change just because it becomes known.. some bands just change their style to sell more records and actually earn money (which i obviously don't support). afaik lbc didn't

  10. chuckles218

    commitment could actually be played on the radio and even made it on that one movie preview..please nigga please..just cause you suck on stoobys ween doesnt mean all their music is good

  11. Danger Zone

    @chuckles218 they don't have new shit because they're done as a band. they gave up on going anywhere in life (musically) so they play shows to make the fans happy and to help out am taxi. also, there music hasn't changed much since the beginning and its all good. tell me one song that isn't good. commitment was they're best album.

  12. chuckles218

    man my screen name is the lbc kid, was from these albums, not the mainstream crap they put out now a days.