Lucki - Newer Me Freestyle Lyrics

Girl I do the dash, I'm maneuvering
Wavy frames, I can't see you, I'm the newer me
Your friend like me, watch her entertain my newer me
If your fans like me for my image you will tour me
Off some muddy, I'm with Sawbuck, He on skrrt skrrt
Supreme shawty, I am looking like a Lookbook
Do the dash, got em stashed, know how crooks look
Don't care who you are, no passes boy your shit took
Man look, now I'm a newer me
Finesse the nigga he on joe line talking bout suing me
New phone, who dis? Another newer me
This bitch talking bout call my phone, what you gone do for me?
Ain't know I had the semi like the newer me
Geeking bitch, I'm in her face she still pursuing me
Three phones, One off, give out that number
I can't talk, too busy, this my trap number
I think I missed my flight being a newer me
Another mood swing just when she thinks she's used to me
Then I switch up with a newer me
Then I hit her with a newer me
Still finding newer mes
Newer me energy
Still finding newer me

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