Lucki - Freewave Freestyle 8 Lyrics

Green monsters, yeah they in me, they in me
Aye, bitch I'm occupied, I'm not them other guys, aye
Fuck they talking bout
Fuck you talking bout
Man fuck they talking bout
I don't even know these niggas

Bitch I'm occupied, I'm not them other guys
I'm the one that called to give yo ass no love, aye
Aye, got cha cha drama time, every dollar mine
I know them retweets ain't worth catching a slug, aye
Aye, yo man's a bitch, yo man's a hoe, them ain't your homies
Y'all deep as fuck but you probably better off lonely
No sagging extra like Supreme, I got it on me
Bitch I'm a felony, your homie telling on me
And my accomplice, probably Javon, shit
Ain't get the memo, checking demos, what you accomplished?
Boy hush that nonsense, good head like rhyming
Good luck, I socked it
No robber check my pocket, it's good
I know a school, watch me pull up with my knowledge
I know hipsters, weirdos, white boys, call them bond share
Man fuck this rhyme shit, man fuck this rhyme shit
Yo big homie pussy cat inside my lion den
I get you touched you say my name, cerebral violence
You know the game, I'm Triple H, this hammer right here
The next nigga I see move, might leave him right here
I fucked her friend, she missed her turn, you made your right here
Them boys won't catch me, boy I been moving in lightyears
I'll have them telling toy stories, Buzz Lightyear

Bitch I'm occupied, I'm not them other guys
I'm the one that called to give yo ass no love, aye
Aye, got cha cha drama time, boy every dollar mine
I know them retweets ain't worth catching a slug, aye
Aye, yo man's a bitch, yo man's a hoe, them ain't your homies
You deep as fuck but you probably better off lonely
No sagging extra like Supreme, I got it on me, aye
Aye, they telling on me

Freewave, freewave, freewave, freewave

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Lucki Freewave Freestyle 8 Comments
  1. Levi Deep

    oh how I wish the space synth was constantly in the beat, oh well makes it more savory & precious that it's only in like a minute of the song in total

  2. Levi Deep

    at 0:42 when the space synth hits, on me my brain twerks better than my bitch,

  3. Levi Deep

    rollin ,bittin & noddin off 2222222222 hard to this song ,its magically heavenly

  4. Levi Deep

    how do you loop youtube videos

  5. Devmontana

    You had my mans geeking

  6. Devmontana

    Yo fam lemme
    Cop 4 lines rn

  7. actavis hellcat


  8. ayler.G

    Fav rapper

  9. nick


  10. Ray'Quan Chavis

    Still bumping this in 2018

    Luc Boyce

    relistening to fw1 and 2 to prep for 3

    Dr. Goose Duckman: Math Scientist!

    2019 ey

    velt_ official_

    2019 now

  11. Alien Savage

    so fireeee

  12. Fvij Poncho

    this was ahead of time

  13. Geo_TYB

    Bro he needa come to PHX 🐐🙏

  14. Majin

    You know the game, I'm Triple H this hammer right here

  15. Eduardo Esquivel


  16. Evo Flores

    Can't believe I'm barely hearing this rn .... so Fire 🔥

  17. Zzzz

    Every song get old but this never will

  18. FADE

    By far most underrated rapper to live .

  19. Benji Figueroa

    Lucki ain't for everybody. Go listen to your migos or drake lol fuck your hip pop lame goofies

  20. Jay Bosslingo


  21. Zzzz

    The last part 😎😎

  22. Michael X

    how the fuck this only got 100k smh

  23. halfmanhalfshark86

    K Swisha has the best beats.

  24. xS WIF


  25. Dominic Smith

    he went fuckin dummy on dis bitch

  26. Mvrco

    2017 Still bumpin.

  27. Chevron skrt skrt

    lucki sounding nice and K swisha is a real deal paid producer, WATTBA

  28. Zurloko

    where is he from




    u know where exactly? and if he claim any gang


    i don't think he is gang bangin

    Maxwell Weber

    hes from the westside idk what hood exactly hes not really banging just 197 shit

  29. Hotshellz23 Hotshellz

    This song under rated always will be a fan of all his music 💯💯

  30. D Beatz

    Here before he blow up


    you way late, his old stuff even better and tbh he'll probably never blow up

    D Beatz

    Why you think he won't?


    +D Beatz cause his new music isn't nearly as good as his first two tapes that dropped he fucked up

    Frye Guy

    I woudlnt say that he "FUcked up" entirely his new shit is good just no where near as good as Body High or Alternative Trap but his new shit still good as fuck

  31. Guardian

    that supreme Jersey

  32. Anthony Harding

    This is his best shit ever

  33. Josh Robinson

    he slick sound like #lito

  34. barret stanton

    finally, someone who can pull off the supreme jersey

  35. MatthewSavullo

    this song is hella chill

  36. in too low

    mix w/ carti, lucki eck$, father +more.

  37. vincente castaneda

    the ones saying lucki is a lazy rapper are fucking stupid. That's the point. IF you were a real lucki fan, you would know that it's all about the xanax wave shawty

  38. turntsidewayz

    yo yall know playboi carti? is he just copying lucki? cause that guys bout to blow but this be luckis wave hate to see this pan out the wrong way


    Lucki fucks wit carti

    cafeteria fruit

    Carti werent riding his wave

  39. Skyler Moore

    Lucki played this at his chicago show and this shawty was twerkin mi dik off to this song then her frend was bout to puke so she had to dip smh. Lost connections.




    Skyler Moore back when life was simple


    Lmfao damn


    damn imma play this for some freak hoes n see how it go lol

  40. KevMoney2Beats

    Beats + Music Videos on my channel !!!

  41. ChipDie Lark

    He's nice, beat hot.

  42. Damn93

    luckie ecks is a creative rapper- count on me, cocaine woman, he deverse more appreciate

  43. SenSai - Venomous Fringe

    Good to see you doin big things bro

  44. minuteskill

    eat an adderall or snort a line before you rap @ lucki....maybe eat a bowl of honey smacks and get ur sugar levels up.

    Justis Nelson

    +minuteskill lool

  45. BOO YAH

    Fuck mainstream..

  46. Blickey Go Boom

    nigga rappin ass af but the beat nice as shit

  47. Ernest Morgan

    how much you taxin for a video

  48. YFN La'Flare

    took sosa flow

  49. Tino Bino



    Lucki just need to branch out more. Get more features

  51. Rhyland Porter

    i hope every rapper make it frfr, i want everybody have flashy shit...make the police hate them...everyone deserve the best.

  52. Henry Goodburn

    Free Biggavel

  53. Wolf Eaars

    Freewave top three releases this year

  54. GL0RY B0Y

    This my shit he need to do freewave 9 wit carti next


    Lucki had to seen this comment

  55. Splash Man

    I'm occupied I'm not them other guys 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Justin Bratton

    I fuck wit luck heavy , where he from tho?

    dru rile

    +Justin Bratton yeah chief keef and Lucki fuck with each other too

    Justin Bratton

    thats word , lucki got his own wave tho.  He up next fa sho 

    Larry Hoover

    How u fuck with him heavy but dk where he from

    Justin Bratton

    +Larry Hoover cause I just started listening to his music ? Ion dick ride rappers bro

    Jabri Williams

    +Justin Bratton Chicago

  57. Messyy Babyy

    #longliveweezy #freewave 😂

  58. Messyy Babyy

    I Lowkey want him to blow but I Lowkey don't 😂 if anything he's second after chief keef!💯 fuck durk and all that other shit

    Nicholas Brown

    but honestly, he better off an underground artist, they way more appreciated & mainstream lame as hell now. lucki gon be an underground legend

  59. daveb734

    Not to bad, better then some of these no name artist channel promotes, Dude sounded wasted 😎

    Wavy Guy

    off the xans lol


    @Edgar calderon lol


    @WolfFang Fist yep ,like he woke up and had a bowl full of xan mix cerel

  60. Moi

    best freewave yet


    Nah b, freewave 6 baaangs

    Dont Push Blackk

    +Simon Larocca hell yeaaa

    Stressful Boyz

    Freewave 8?


    yall dont sleep on freewave 7

    Joshua Hicks

    no doubt

  61. Larry Hoover

    No dislikes yet? ... Ill change that

    Big Moe fan account

    @LAMAR STYLES 1000...


    Then you a bitch bruh

    Larry Hoover


    Big Moe fan account

    @Larry Hoover You need to drown yourself fam...


    no wonder your username starts with an L ur an ultimate L

  62. fearofsaturn

    Next up


    @Larry Bolin That's cool... I just change it to projects I like at the moment


    +K RASHAWN no way bruh this nigga had so much potential but nowadays he is so fucked up on xans that he just slurs on the beat

    Big Moe fan account

    @camquest1 truth...
    pills are blurring the new talented dudes


    for real man i 100% agree and most of them don't even realize how big of a problem and addiction they have and how much its killing their careers its truly sad man


    foo I see yu everywhere

  63. Chris Gibby

    Kswisha is legit

  64. John Sheehy

    bitch I'm occupied ☔️


    ig caption or.....😂👌

  65. k swisha

    produced by ya boy k swisha


    k swisha yo u be killin fam you got beat packages

    lugubrious Borderboy

    k swisha I need 2 link on god Fwm I shoot you bills


    K backwood


    k swisha good shit🔥🔥🔥

  66. jonathan madrigal

    Best freewave

  67. Kiid Chris

    Please Check Out My Music Im Broke

    Brandon Bischoff

    then go n make you a profit you lame

    GL0RY B0Y

    Broke boi broke boi

  68. Dustin Vaughn

    that shit tight