Lucki - Freewave Freestyle 4 Lyrics

Aye, man
Aye Sawbuck come get this
Aye, yeah, yeah

It's like 5 am, I'm still rolling
Think I won't shoot cause my shirt deep cut
Tell him he don't know me
Tell that nigga pipe down
Aye, aye, pipe down
Tell yo homie pipe down
Aye, aye, pipe down
Bitch I'm zoning, I'm lonely
Bitch please take me home
Friendly soul, but I'll be Casper in the morning
Cocaine cowboy, bitch I'm Michael Irvin
Call him off my bitch phone, he blocked me, he won't serve me
Pennies in that purse, it's that Xan I finessed working
Keep calling me awkward, dumb hoe, I don't do the flirting
This bitch know I'm wanted and I'm Wesley bullet curving
I been through a college tour, your roommates heard me

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Lucki Freewave Freestyle 4 Comments
  1. Kj Stew

    Best one