Lucki - 90 Milligrams Lyrics

Ooh, ayy, ayy

90 milligrams like it's nothing to it, huh
Movin' super fast, I know it's something to it
Paul Wall the way, I'm the champ of the people
Tendin' nonchalant, feel like young Hovito
Really from the 'Raq, I know the reaper on repo
Fuck the badder ho 'cause that lil' bitch hit my ego
New car for tomorrow, only just for safety
My lil' brother excited, put the whip in the video
It's really an honor, I'm with legends at dinner though
Not even a rapper, I'm with scammers and stripper hoes
I did it for nothing, for a dollar the difference, bro
Old nigga ain't never gave me knowledge I didn't know
Them crackers ain't never gave a dollar I didn't blow
This lil' ho ain't yet to name a rapper she didn't know

Ayy, yeah, ayy
Movin' super fast, I know it's something to it, ayy
Movin' super fast, I know it's something to it
90 milligrams like it's nothing to it, ayy, ooh
Ayy, ayy
Movin' super fast like it's something to it, ayy
90 milligrams like it's nothing to it, ooh
What's up

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Lucki 90 Milligrams Comments
  1. Fuwahgerscin gatti

    Lucki ft Quentin Miller would slap

  2. fxckfrxends -


  3. sʜᴇ ᴀ sɪɴɴᴇʀ

    90 Milligrams like its nun to it🌬

  4. nick kramer

    Keep replaying this man. I cannot just listen one time then go to the next song in autoplay

  5. Brandon Jackson

    If u don't like this... Go cold turkey 👎🏽👁️‍🗨️

  6. Reality Check

    Sound like king louie fused with starlito 💪🔥

  7. dre harris

    This song short as shit 😩

  8. Hitler 464

    Beat gives me the blues

  9. TapX ClipZ


  10. Hitler 464

    I did it for nothing a dollar the difference bro old niqqa never gave me knowledge I didn’t knowww

  11. s dothat

    hard af

  12. Yung Zanacks

    This is the first time I've heard lucki off beat

    King Nick

    Not off beat he rapping to a different pattern of the beat tht most don’t rap to

  13. Jayden Dunn

    Been knowing this 🤷‍♀️

  14. Duncan Bee

    Lucki ft quentin needed

  15. Nappy

    How are y'all not fucking with this??????? This shit is GODLY

  16. Enlightened_One ॐ

    *"Really from the rack I know the Reaper on repoooo"*


    Enlightened_One ॐ Iraq**

    Enlightened_One ॐ

    @BROKE BENG Nah dude I have been listening to this song a lot in the three weeks since you have said that and he does not say Iraq.

    Steady VII

    Enlightened_One ॐ He says Raq as in Chiraq

    junior Saenz

    Enlightened_One ॐ ‘Raq (chiraq)

  17. Steezart

    Who got lucki's email?

    i feel like dying

    Steezart you tryna trade?


    @i feel like dying trade?

    i feel like dying

    Steezart trade emails so i get something in return


    @i feel like dying [email protected]

    deep web

    @i feel like dying email me i can trade you some [email protected]

  18. ツ Yung Fxygo

    This shit Fire asf 🔥💯

  19. Lone Wolf

    Best rapper

  20. Jacob Pena

    Lucki hasn’t lost ever

  21. sleepyiguess


  22. Next Up

    I said it before: lucki is next up 🔥🔥🔥

    GC GC

    i mean people been saying this since 2013 but okay

    Next Up

    @GC GC haha probably but yeah

  23. ROWDY//Victor De La Cruz

    This beat is so fire

  24. Jordon Violet

    " Old nigga ain't ever gave me knowledge I didn't know, them crackas never gave a dollar I didn't blow " 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. trapbeezz


  26. Chief Keef

    niggas tweakin talmbout being dissapointed

  27. Mami Mandaa

    2 in one dayy??? 😩😩😩 I cant take it

  28. wayne Exchange

    90mg like it’s nun to it

  29. POPE

    Fye 💯

  30. lupu

    idk if it has to grow on me but what is that ?


    This fye


    he’s off 90mg’s . that’s 3 blues lmao . shits fye

  31. Trapped

    Bruh lucki on fire 🔥

  32. taliban

    name a more consistent mf

    Soky Escobar

    cxmi still tryna bake on YouTube like it’s 2012 😂


    Soky Escobar lmao i was talking to a mans who had replied saying lucki consistently trash , he deleted it tho



    josh Mcdanielson

    carts young thug chief keef the old nba the old Kodak and many more


    @josh Mcdanielson nah they all trash now sept keef! every song lucki drops is lit. them man nah

  33. nonayme

    idk how I feel about this one

    Kenard Johnson

    nonayme he snapping

  34. YD 223

    I believe he was on 90 mg recording this

  35. MegaLakeStar

    this hard

  36. Jesus Manzano

    Y'all pop 90mg and tell me if yall can still rap


    You’ll be contempt nodding off off 90mg. It’d be surprising if somebody could stay awake

    robert navarrette

    @BYTHEKILO i racc out fent, but when i was in the oxy phase 80mg snorted was pretty average dose haha

    robert navarrette

    dont get me wrong, it got me feelin right but wasnt crazy

    Damien V

    I can handle 50mg

  37. nyne dollas

    This song is just okay but this guy still hasn’t dropped a bad song yet

    Damien V

    I expect him to blowup 2020


    Damien V hopefully

    Hitler 464

    Damien V never

    Damien V

    @Hitler 464 you right lmao. He low key trash

    Hitler 464

    Damien V you’re stupid😂😂 ppl over look his lyrics bc of his flow, nobody rapping like him, half of us relating

  38. nonayme

    check out my latest lucki beat

  39. Blorox

    That no 9 clean

  40. loner

    this shit slide

  41. Shaq Gos

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 freewave type shit

  42. DJ Sleepy D of BRASH

    2day is a fabulous day

  43. Frio 2000 x CGONTHEBEAT37

    I mean it seem kinda off but, no hate though it got a lil some going.

  44. Gh0stt

    Chicago my home 🍃💨🖤💤

  45. Ken Smith

    Okay and the first to lesson this ho go hard

  46. Chris glizzy


  47. erik zatrinski

    ☔️☔️ so fucking underrated

  48. Edwin Salazar

    First and I’m disappointed

    Ken Smith

    I was first


    Fuck off yhrn