Lucki - 4 The Betta Lyrics

Yo, ayy
'Cause I let her, she in these pockets, because I let her
Yo, yo, ayy
Yo, ayy, yo, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Pull out lever, the seats is, uh
Yo, mhm
Yo, uh, ayy, ayy

Pull out lever, the seats is leather, it make me sweat up
'Cause I let her, she in these pockets because I let her
Who do it better? Ayy, who do it? Who do it
Yo, ooh, ayy

Who do it better? In sunny weather, I keep my head up
I'm in a ghost, these niggas haters, want me to let up
I'm off this red, it got me dead, but they want me deader
Dodgin' feds, no fairytale, but I wish for better
From my brothers, I got they mothers, won't break they heart
For each other, these niggas duckers, don't want no parts
I got lovers, in different summers, still got my heart
We gon' fuck up, both say we love her, she think she smart, ooh
Ayy, woah, woah, woah
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Pull out lever, the seats is leather, it make me sweat up
'Cause I let her, she in these pockets because I let her
Ooh, ayy, whah, ayy
Uh, ayy, ayy, woah

It's for the better, they bring me down, but it's for the better
Wrote about it, made 80 thousand, it made me better
'Bout my cheddar, like Shady homie, but who gon' check up
I'm with me, secure the piece, and get your bread up
For the better, ayy, woah
For the, yo, yo, yo, ayy

Pull out lever, the seats is leather, it make me sweat up
'Cause I let her, she in these pockets because I let her
Who do it better? Ayy, me
Who do it better, uh, than me? Woah

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Lucki 4 The Betta Comments
  1. писк

    Just blowwwwww broooo

  2. intellectual ingnoranSe

    Wonder how a lucki and nudy track would sound

  3. FreezingWind

    the beat sounds like a ps2 intro remix

  4. Gramder

    Vic just sent me

  5. 1K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    Vic Bucks stream?

  6. Kevin Grant

    Lucki the new carti

  7. No Kap Dr3

    Literally one of my biggest Influences. He’s the reason I take pride in being called a SoundCloud rapper and Why I
    Love being a part of the new generation underground scene

  8. Syntember

    Came for Lucki; stayed for the animation

  9. Cornell Pradier

    I got omnisphere for sale @omnisphere_plug_ on instagram 30$ ❤️❤️

  10. Melody Gang Records

    Fwm i rap just like lucki

  11. Joshua

    Love this beat. Period.

  12. earny tenorio

    This the shit u bump when you slump af off the henny n blunts


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  14. Patrick Kabongo


  15. Jeso incase u tryna leave earth rq

  16. kyptx XODIA TFO

    ok im reloaded 4 da betta no bretta but a glock, got all the gawp no gum drop but u could get popped! came out the hood 2 day getting the dough! no Pillsbury! but i got pills for da low ! straight barz ! lul

  17. IceWaterK

    I’m in love

  18. kidd HBN

    Best song 2019


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  19. Flosh

    he sound like lil xan

  20. Fuavy

    Who do it betta?

    NO ONE


    Fuavy If you like Lucki click this link of this upcoming star

  21. Lingo Wop GBF

    Lucky please keep yo self healthy & alive . I appreciate this music to much .

    Rip juice . 🖤🖤🖤
    9 9 9

  22. DatBoi Rell


  23. Enlightened_One ॐ

    RIP Juice man, thinking of you as well Lucki. Stay well.

  24. Vlufin


  25. حزين مكتئب

    I wish betta for my brothers

  26. Tec Kyuubi

    Yo yo yo yo aye aye

  27. loneville


  28. Draculapek


  29. Tina Hulse

    Shes miami
    A different person
    Cuban bee
    And she work it
    For a 13
    I hit for free
    My super power
    - the cuban link

    Celebrity -im her Will Ferrell
    White chocolate better
    Thats on me
    Ill be her nilla
    Cause she like wiggas
    Van goghzilla
    Franken bride
    Brought to life
    By the cheddar and
    Life of crime
    She's alive
    Are u a killa?
    She replied
    "Ima ride for
    You in heaven,
    Cause Im the devil
    in disguise
    old me died
    But this is better
    Bonnie, clyde
    We aint right

  30. Goofy Jawthan

    Vic bucks

  31. fking llama


  32. ꀘrome脳出血

    Scout with a 6 is really cool

  33. Future News

    Hoodclips 😁

  34. ylan dlam


  35. siir johnnn


  36. Michael Henderson

    Yung 🐐

  37. Wem Oz

    Tu incredible*^!!👾☮️🔆

  38. DieRod

    Is this ncs???

  39. yahir

    Who here from vick bucks?


    yahir LOL


    100 k nigga

  40. skepta’s plug 3000

    Lucki > Carti
    Argue with ya demons bitch

  41. shockglogang

    love you Lucki,,,, geeked out

  42. D‘ Angelo Drummond

    It’d be 4 the Betta if Lucki gets that recognition he deserves 🍀 💯

  43. Derrick & Derrion

    Everyone listen to lucki now🔥😁

  44. SkiptyDooSir

    Damn, glad I was born in 86 and didn't miss the 90s. some mediocre ass shit, least he ain't mumbling.

  45. Paul


  46. TjGoCrazy

    Vic Bucks PMO


    Vic bucks


    I came from a YouTube ad and heard your song banging so I had to check you out 🔥👍🏽

  49. Lawrence Arthur

    best duo

  50. _john.ps_ _

    Yo do u have instagram?

  51. drummingburnout

    Do you know what timing is?

  52. nickolas barbosa

    Spongebob song video car costumization😂😂

  53. Eldrick

    if u new u still early hop on the wave bfore its started

  54. EMK666

    This is garbage nigga. You sound like a bitch

  55. Kana Beats

    lonewolf and lucki is always fye

  56. nick kramer

    I can listen to this on loop forever..

  57. K Zone 94

    This beat is RETARDED 🔥

  58. posted up

    I’m off this red it got me feeling dead



  60. ItsReign

    God damn 🤭

  61. Starchild Hybrid

    this gon sound like hatin but did twigs ghost write for this dude too? cause he sound totally different in the songs he made w/ her

    Fuck Tooka

    No, you gotta consider how long ago that was

  62. Roshi Flaco

    name someone who do it better

  63. eva holly

    lucki pullin da we ignorant


    Who else came here from a meme?


    absolutely no one

  65. Eric Cash


  66. J.Gomez

    Yo hey!!

  67. Christina Brazley

    Hoodclips brought me here 👍🏽✊🏽

  68. Turles 17

    Came here from IG hood clips 🔥🔥💯

  69. ysnight17

    Who came from hoodclips on ig?

  70. Future News

    Here from HoodClips 🔥🔥

  71. Edinilson Bila

    You got the vibeeeee bra

  72. Notorious_Stonahh

    Bro this shit played in an ad after a song and I didnt realize it was an ad until I grabbed my phone to see the song title. Shits fire

  73. N.B.A

    Vic bucks ?

  74. Edoardo Biasco


  75. dzbenya

    toss Carti we got a new king 👑

  76. kenojflo

    One of the worst songs I’ve heard in my life.

  77. HBK

    Get on this bro

  78. J Joseph

    For Lucki X Lonewolf Vids, YouTube Needa Disable The Thumbs Down.

  79. war

    lonewolf doing some hard drugs i see

  80. Matthew Pomponio

    This goes sooo hard
    Go away goes hardeer

  81. Tristan Anderson

    You two level up every time, it's unreal. Truly a piece of art.

  82. Almighty Gachii


  83. GSN 94

    I like the spooky trap beat

  84. Gerald Skywlkr

    Video dumb hard

  85. Lil Hoe

    We out here

  86. arman1014_

    Vic sent meee ❤️❤️❤️ 2020 , 1mil on god

  87. King Mischievous

    Underground king fuck your top chart

  88. Exotics Fn

    This slaps harder then my dads belt

  89. HEHY

    This great brilliant vibe

  90. SSJCJ

    Tape is 🔥🔥🔥😼

  91. khem1168


  92. Erik Mason

    i got lovers
    in different summers
    still got my heart

    shit gave me chills

  93. khadafi degruy

    Lucki grinding

  94. Batman

    luv u lucki

  95. Hippie Soul IN DA BUILDING

    Lonewolf, Jake, ELEVATOR understand Lucki videos more than the rest bro 🤔🔥