Lucki - 3d Outro Lyrics

I met way too many fans in a day
Ayy, ayy, ayy

I met way too many fans in a day, ayy
Snuck too many Xans on the way, ayy
Still be off the shits but I make twenty-something bands before we came, ayy
Still look at your mans like a stain, in 3D, it's really you, ayy
I was so surprised that you came, ayy
Copped me so many demons on the way, I'm off a 60 in a coupe
Can't look me in my eyes, it's too late, ayy
I spent every penny in a day, like Houdini, what I do
Heard too many lies to my face, ayy
This ho on my line buildin' cases, I got no reason to prove
Heard too many lies in a day, ayy
Still be off my ass in LA, I got no reason to lose
Yo, yo, ain't no more options to do
Yo, I snuck codeine with me too, ayy
I had kicked the cup, but that's a phase, ayy
I know where my heart at anyway, yo, uh, ayy
Heard too many lies in a day, ayy
I snuck half a 30 on a stage, vroom, demon in a desert, ayy
I was high for miles, now I ain't
Guess it's for the better when you came, ayy, woah, woah
Ayy, ayy, heard too many lies in a day, ayy
Met too many fans in a day, whoa, uh
I made twenty-something bands before we came
Still look at your mans like a stain, whoa, ayy
Heard too many lies in a day
Ayy, ayy, ayy
I met way too many fans in a day

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Lucki 3d Outro Comments
  1. Yurhomi 24

    still look at your mans like a stain

  2. prod. Zodi

    Here before the Euphoria Kids lmfaoo


    prod. Zodi fax


    All his songs are good vibes

  4. Manny Cabrera

    Lucki dont need features

  5. PivotFridges

    top ten songs of the year so far!!

  6. Mambaws


  7. Isaiah Langowski

    Lucky out here with Wiardon go harrrd! Feels like crunch time

  8. RussDawgFromJupiter

    The beat😍😍😍

  9. Aaron Alexander

    Heard too many lies 2 my face

  10. sleepyiguess


  11. ipokeherface1412

    No homo but my nigga hella photogenic

  12. juzo fist

    0.75x tufffff 🔥

  13. Nero zonez

    Chill Song. Best Lucki Flow!!! Total Crankage

  14. Juan Gonzalez

    Sounds like the Gameboy color intro 🤔


    Juan Gonzalez you onto something

  15. -phurion

    blessed me w my favorite fw3 bop... thx perfectplug!



  17. VooDoo US1

    I would like to find the one singular dislike.

  18. choose vicely

    he floatin

  19. Dalton Smtih

    This shit is fucking beautiful. Feeel like this is straight out a book a secrets

  20. snowglobal Kid

    Lucki blowing up

  21. loner

    ok aight this became my fav song off the tape real quick

    Manny Cabrera

    chill 2012 summer flame


    @Manny Cabrera fosho but 3d outro my fav tho

  22. Bertie Waldron

    He snapped on this one

  23. nation vlone

    Most slept on rapper smh

  24. sinnxx

    Lucki needs to make a song with Carti

    Daejaunte Marshall

    He has one

    Neil Boston

    He has beam me up ... But I know the type of song u mean... Sadly he doesn't have any like that with carti :/


    @Neil Boston Beam me up with uno and fauni tho lmao he made a remix to sauce by carti tho lol

    adrinna ahumada

    Fr the ONE they made wasn’t enough 🤧🔥

  25. 1of1 Mals

    Lucki up next 🙉🔥

  26. Anthony Hairyson

    Lucki the goat 🌐

  27. Northern Faction

    wiardon spazzed

  28. ITSJAY!

    Fav rapper🔥🔥🔥

  29. adlib


  30. Nick Cordoba

    Whole tape BRAZY!!! 🧟‍♂️

  31. Ace

    Where all these shits comin from

  32. 908keon

    This beat cold asf🥶❗️

  33. hrvzy

    i know where my heart at anyway

  34. mrcs

    Wiardon spazzed on this beat

  35. 7SICKO

    Lucki type beats coming soon 🔥🔥🔥🥊🥊

  36. Aleyounet

    great song

  37. Nick Griffin


  38. すまかすりぴぼい

    Heard too many lies inna day😩

  39. Padro Escobar

    Gameboy startup remix😂🔥🔥

  40. Levi Deep

    " i had kicked tha cup but das a phase, i know where my heart @ anyways"

  41. Kuana Rebel

    heard too many lies in a day

  42. Yakuzo Du’dabi

    Keep em komin 💯🙏🏿 Lucki da goat 🖤

  43. franco450

    He look like nudy in this pic

    Shoe Monster

    He look like lil quill


    Who tf is nudy lol he always mention him

    Shoe Monster

    @MrSodaBelly yo momma


    Shoe Monster YO MOMMA NIGGA

  44. James B

  45. freshk1ng

    what an outro. what an outro.

  46. Dr. Kage

    nice one lucki!

  47. loner

    perfect outro Istg

  48. Ferro Buckets


  49. Durt Cobain

    Big chune

  50. First name Last name

    Shit got me bobbin my head in public, daheatisreal😛



  52. PAQ_Killa


  53. JaysamoreTheAlmighty913TM

    Str8 Heat 🔥

  54. dead already

    his progression has been beautiful to listen to

  55. Milkman Ballin


  56. Yung Steelo

    LUCKI finally gettin the recognition he deserves


    I don't want the mainstream to notice him.. Imagine if he got the same fans as X etc. Would be fucking awful.. Lucki doesn't want it either..

    Isaiah Odunze

    saulgoodman1000 that would suck😔

    Money Man

    Yung Steelo nigga every time lucki drop a song somebody say this. Itz corny fr been hearin this fa years


    Thank god for lucki 💪🏾