Lucinda Williams - Lafayette Lyrics

Oh, my sweet Lafayette, how I'm going to miss you.
You feel so good, Lafayette, now I've come to greet you
Tell all my friends I've come back again
I couldn't stay away, I was gone only a day
But I'm comin' back to my sweet Lafayette

I'm goin' down to Lafayette, I don't care how long I'm gone
It's so hard to leave you, Lafayette, now I know where I belong
When that sweet fiddle sounds and Clifton gets down
That music sounds so good to me, I just might dance until three
And I gotta get back to my sweet Lafayette

Oh, those boys in Lafayette, smilin' so pretty
Those sweet boys in Lafayette, they sure do look good to me
We danced all night long to a sweet Cajun song
Drinkin' and jivin' 'til dawn, I could dance on and on
Doin' a two-step in my sweet Lafayette
Take me back Lafayette, way down on the bayou
I'm your girl, Lafayette, I'm gonna hang around you
Eat that gumbo and rollin' and tumble
And do crazy things every night, soon I'll be feelin' alright
When I get back to my sweet Lafayette
When I get back to my sweet Lafayette

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Lucinda Williams Lafayette Comments
  1. Ray Richards

    always reminds me of Bob Dylan

  2. Michael Scourby

    I am seeing Lucinda May 5 in Terrytown, NY


    Michael Scourby I bet that show was awesome.

  3. Dionne deVille

    Timely. Don't give up, Louisiana! We ALWAYS come back from adversity. This flood will pass. And when it does, we gonna pass us a good time. HOLD ON.

  4. Elaine Boggs

    Love,Love, Love this song!

  5. Austin Grappe

    album is called
    happy womans blues

  6. Happy Robot

    Michael Love,do you remember the albums name,I've heard it to and I remember a version of freight train on there as well,I fist heard it about 10 years ago ad for the life of me can't find the whole album?

  7. Michael Love

    What a great song. First heard this on a Smithsonian Institute collection of folk songs. Lucinda became one of my favorite writers

    Terence Boris

    me too. Smithsonian Folkways collection

  8. MolyWend

    love the song, arrangement, and vocals. thanks for posting.